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Nov 03

Nov 03

The New PlayStation Store Now Available

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by VP, PlayStation Network

As you may have noticed, the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 is now available in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. Great new features like streaming trailers, improved search, new filter and sort options, as well as improved graphics, more game and video information, and easier access to add-ons are just some of the highlights.

With so much content available, it’s a great time to jump in and check it out. We value your feedback and will continue to make enhancements, so please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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ShinjuX said:

November 3rd, 9:19 pm

Load time is crap, bring back the old blue!!!

kasumakuma said:

November 3rd, 9:23 pm

While the new design is certainly prettier, I’m having a very hard time finding anything in the store. The add on section and the new filters are very confusing. What used to be very simple, search game by title, having a section for each letter of the alphabet is now replaced by a bin that has every game in it and the search function is something you have to scroll all the way to the top to.

Please if it is possible, allow for a classic view or an option to downgrade, because I for one don’t care how pretty an app is, if I can’t use it then I wont use it.

Risaza said:

November 3rd, 9:31 pm

Is the new Playstation store update coming to the PS Vita too or is it just for the PS3?

coldblooded1237 said:

November 3rd, 9:53 pm

After updating to the new store, Sony took 20 dollars out of my online wallet, and did not credit me the 20 dollars from the promotion last month. I’m out 4o dollars now… something needs to be done! I didn’t buy 100 dollars worth of stuff on PSN last month to get 20 dollars of my own money taken away for no reason at all!!! This is ridiculous!

Tipouxx said:

November 3rd, 9:55 pm

Bring the old store back please.

1- Too long to load. (not a big issue, but not cool)
2- It lags a lot.
3- It’s really jerky. It gives me motion sickness.
4- It’s really less intuitive. I gave up on trying to find something today.

Every now and then, I go on the store and spend 10-20$ on some small games, but today, that store made me spent my 20$ on a Steam game instead.

Dr_Awesome81 said:

November 3rd, 10:29 pm

Awful doesn’t even begin to cover it. You took something that had information laid out in an easy to read list and turned it into something almost unusable. Six giant icons per page under the PS Plus section with a useless banner on top taking up half the screen, are you kidding me? It’s slow, it’s ugly and it’s a pain in the ass to use. I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea. Bring back the ability to view each section as a list, or just bring back the old UI. This is the latest example of why after owning every major console since the NES I’m done after this generation. I haven’t made a single purchase on my XBOX since that last awful UI change and I haven’t used it since March, pity Sony decided to follow suit.

pdogg4life said:

November 3rd, 10:31 pm

yes the load time is ridiculously slow. but then again im happy that they tried something new. i had my system for over 5 years now, and it tends to get really boring seeing the same thing over and over again. i wish you can change the whole layout of the XMB, while leaving an option where you can go back to the original if you want. ( In my opinion)

Adelflame said:

November 3rd, 10:34 pm

-Wheres the addon search by game?
-Loading times can be better i guess…
-Change the sound of the store, to something more “smooth”
-Listing game addons by characters, vehicles, weapons whatever, its lame… that kind of options COULD HELP on especific game dedicated parts of the store (Like the resident evil one for example) not on the main add ons page…
-Icons need the VIDEO/ADDON/FULLGAME Tags around the game icons again! (Or make something new to make it more clear! descriptions dont help at all!) Its a mess triying to find exactly what you need without them
-Search function its really messed up, cant find things such as “street fighter x tekken” or “guilty gear” on my top results, make it like the old store! once you type the full word then you get a result, just make the search a bit more broad and add again icons to it, thats a better way to find something than just rather reading and reading and opening descriptions until you find what you want

Adelflame said:

November 3rd, 10:34 pm

-Get back the function to see items sorted as we want it like in the old store, there was an option to sort things just in icons, icons with descriptions, and few other ones… i dont know you guys but i loved the see all the icons together to get the idea off all the things i could actually buy without having to scroll down to get to see everything…Now having to scroll down a list of like 161 addons (SFXT) to get something i might like, its a pain in the ass
Theres another things like a search function or an arrange items function on the download list but im guessing thats one of the first things youll adress of the store. Im hoping you guys on sony are actually listening to all the feedback you are getting , both us the consumers and you guys at sony can create something big out of this store, so dont miss that chance, and make the store 10thousand times better than is now.

busnut33 said:

November 3rd, 11:22 pm

I am a loyal customer for PSN. I have spent hundreds of dollars in the PS store. But now I am very discouraged to shop because of this new layout. Just like youtube why do you have to ruin a good thing? This new layout is 100% HORRIBLE!! I WANT YOU TO CHANGE IT BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Oh yeah, its very SLOW now. Old version was faster. Come on Sony! Give it back! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!! So sick of change…Stop changing.

SprO-- said:

November 3rd, 11:38 pm

Very happy with the store!

mainkster said:

November 3rd, 11:47 pm

where is the discount area or price drop area , they used to have this in the old store ,

USRevenge2 said:

November 3rd, 11:49 pm

much slower then old store, check
looks like it is meant for an ipad, check
harder to find what you are looking for check
people already wanting old store back check.
sony screwed up with the new store -.-


November 3rd, 11:55 pm

I hate the new store. I used to frequent the old store, so much for that. :(

TLove92 said:

November 4th, 12:00 am

Got love it people kept crying about they want new store, Well we got one and now they don’t want it give me a break. I use the new store, I have no problem with it and people say it is slower they are just dumb as hell. Great job sony.

ccanfield1 said:

November 4th, 12:00 am

I like the new look. It will take a while to get used to the new layout though. I did notice that when I was first browsing, it didn’t show what items I had already purchased. It did eventually show my purchases, so maybe it just takes a while to update that info.

mainkster said:

November 4th, 12:01 am

you know what u forgot to add trophies lists or at least if the game has trophies

sesephiroth said:

November 4th, 12:26 am

I honestly like the new ps store….way better layout and speed…only issue I have is that it is a little tedious when it comes to check out…Example: I’m a ps+ account holder so I get free games amongst other things and it goes through long check out just to confirm that I want the particular item. I think it would be nice if the store itself new the difference so you could go straight to download with having to confirm a $0.00 purchase.

Aside all that…I think a great addition to the ps store layout would be move compatibility or camera/body recognition compatibility, especially since we know the ps eye can do it…And that was proven with the game kung-fu Live.

but all in all…..9-10


November 4th, 12:43 am

I love the new store. It was long overdue for a much needed overhaul so good job Sony. As a user of both of the HD consoles of this current generation I can tell you that the “other guy’s” store has always been better…until now.
By far the biggest improvement is the new “Go to game page” feature. Finally all related content for a game is in one place. Demo, screenshots, video, add-ons, avatars, themes etc.

It was freaking ridiculous that I couldn’t view screenshot or video previews of games from their demo pages before without backing out and going to their paid pages. Or to find a theme or avatar for that same game, I’d have to search for it under those separate categories. I also love how the screenshots for avatars are larger now so you are able to see more detail. The fact you can actually stream some video instead of downloading it first (even though you can stream a lot more on the 360) is also a plus.


November 4th, 12:44 am

Not sure why it’s slow for some people? The initial time loading took about a minute but now it maybe takes 5 seconds to start. Every page loads pretty fast and it doesn’t take long for the items to populate. I’m just on a standard DSL connection running my PS3 on Wi-Fi. Now just allow us to sort the download list and it’ll be even better.

GASMASK95 said:

November 4th, 12:49 am

IT SAYS ” An error has occurred with application. To continue,please press the PS button to close the application.
After you close the application, you can select the application icon to launch the application again”

Kchow23 said:

November 4th, 1:32 am

Every video should have a full screen option, I’ve notice that some of the videos do not allow you to go into full-screen such as the Skyfall trailer. Moreover, there should be more streamable videos and don’t make dynamic theme videos the top video.

JROD0823 said:

November 4th, 1:03 am

I know that I’m not supposed to be a jerk or anything, but I think Sony will let this one slide…

I have never seen so many ungrateful, whining, self-entitled morons in one comment thread in my life!

Any small issues can and surely will be ironed out, just be glad that Sony is trying to make our gaming experience as smooth and awesome as they currently can, even if it isn’t quite perfect just yet.

I for one like the new store.

Kchow23 said:

November 4th, 1:09 am

The PSP and PS Vita channels need some more work… there are items are listed wrong on the new store such as Gravity Rush being a bundle but it is actually the demo and the full game or games being listed as PS Vita games when they are PSP or PS1 games. I am looking forward to being able to sort my download lists soon and I find it confusing that downloaded content appears as purchased such as a demo of a game.

Kchow23 said:

November 4th, 1:11 am

Overall, I think it is a great improvement and I could only hope that the XMB would get an update similar to this. However, I would like to see an update store for PS Vita soon as well and possibly a PC or smartphone/tablet app.

GMFCO311 said:

November 4th, 1:13 am

OMG, what a bunch of cry baby posts! Better stock up on some bulk Kleenix at Costco to wipe away the tears! The new store is great. Everything loads up faster and is sleeker. The only slow down I ever got was when I entered the new store for the very first time and the reason being is probably cause everyone was accessing it at the same time and made it slow down, understandable on a new release. After that it worked fine.

Anything new takes some getting used to, Take a deep breath and chill. Windows had XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8. People are going to complain about change no matter what! Get over it already!!! Geez!.

Kchow23 said:

November 4th, 1:15 am

I have also noticed that the Mirror’s Edge Full Game Trial isn’t on the store anymore for PS Plus, but I haven’t used it yet.

thugnlove said:

November 4th, 1:53 am

I would like to access the newly PS Store, but it is saying that there is a network connection error when clearly I’m signed and my connection way above fine. Need to update or something, I can’t even go to download games, demos or even check out the new designed store -___-.

Yohmaru_EX said:

November 4th, 2:56 am

i want my old store back!!! I hate the new dlc space, its a mess and shows all game dlc together!!

The old store was great, the problem was the download list that didn’t have some kind of filter. Now it’s worse.

budabaga said:

November 4th, 2:58 am

Overall I dig the new store. The only concern I have is with the add-ons section. Being able to search for add-ons by game would be great. Great job for the most part.

Kchow23 said:

November 4th, 3:02 am

Another thing that I would love to see on the PS3 and mainly on PS Vita is a Update section where I can see all the latest patches for all my apps and games much like the App Store and download them as well as adding background downloads/installs. Long shot but, I’d like to see Digital Copy support for Blu-Ray movies to PSN and the ability to upgrade from secondary to your own master account.

The_Dukenator said:

November 4th, 3:57 am

@233 Digital Copy for Blu-Ray movies to PSN? I’m confused.

jvddavid1991 said:

November 4th, 4:16 am


supvic said:

November 4th, 5:32 am

HATE IT! what the f were you people thinking? the old store was PERFECT! now you’ve gone and ruined it for everyone, and for what? for what?!

supvic said:

November 4th, 5:34 am

try finding songs for music games, they’re ALL bunched together into one massive folder with no way of separating. For example; if you play Rock Band, be prepared to rummage through songs for all music games including Guitar Hero just to find the songs relevant for your game. The avatars section is the same too.

BassMechanic said:

November 4th, 5:54 am

PLEASE go BACK to the old store!!! I can’t even get this one to work at all! It loads (eventualy) but then once open it just sits there. No inputs from the controller or the BD remote do anything except for the PS button that brings up the menu that alllows me to quit the BROKEN ASS EXCUSE FOR A STORE!!!!!



Logan22 said:

November 4th, 6:05 am

The Sales & Price Change section is gone. Overall, I just want there to really be a total “What’s New” section like before that showed everything that was new including updates on old stuff like Closure sale. This new store is a disaster without a one stop shop for everything new on Tuesdays. If you gotta go through so many loops and categories just to see everything new, something is wrong. And I shouldn’t need to have a store update Blog post open on a tablet or computer just so I can go through and get everything I want through the various categories or search in the case of Closure. I should be able to jump into the store knowing everything new is there without looking at a Blog post.

Elvick_ said:

November 4th, 6:12 am

The new store is horrendous, and you should be ashamed of how terrible it is Sony. You really should.

Crashes when I try to install a theme that’s a good few MB so takes awhile since PSN is so slow and you can’t background download.
No remote play support.
Things in the wrong place, things labeled improperly. Pretty sure there is no basketball game on the PS Vita at all, but you would get the wrong impression from this store.
To view all new content, you first have to go to “New on PS3” lol. Did the person who organized this POS flunk out of school? Because that is stupid.

Among other stupid fails.

TheSargentGamer said:

November 4th, 6:33 am

Honestly I think the new Playstation Store looks good except for the games and videos being mixed, I would like it if you guys seperated them like the old Playstation Store. I also notice that I get lag on the Playstation Store, not much but it is noticable especially when I’m sitting on the download screen waiting for a game demo to download. I think its my PS3 and I might have to rebuild its database, but have any of you guys in the forums been having that problem?

sem126 said:

November 4th, 7:02 am

its absolutely horrible this new store ..keep it simple ppl. !!!!!! why ppl always need to change a good thing….just put the energy in making things work properly in HOME ….I spend a lot of money in there and nothing works at it shud..!!!!!

dcskinz21 said:

November 4th, 7:19 am

metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty hd edition is not in the new ps store help sony

rmroeun said:

November 4th, 7:22 am

1/2: This layout is too similar to Xbox Live interface layout. Did you guys hire the same guy who did the layout for xbox live? I use to go on xbox live a lot when it was simple, then they changed it I canceled my xbox live account a year ago. I know you guys are trying to make things more appealing and heading for changes and want something new. I admire you guys for that, this is something new, and I love the way you guys care for your customers, you guys showed it during the hacking, and made up for what happen by offering free games, you guys are way better than Xbox Live, you don’t rip off your costumers. But however, this is making me less desire to go on PSN store. It’s too complicated to use to now. It just takes so much longer to navigate, and harder to find stuff, it’s not as organized as the original layout which was more simple and appealing. It’s taking me too long to find something (I had to mention this again so you guys can get it). – Continue

rmroeun said:

November 4th, 7:23 am

2/2 (…..Continued) I really don’t like it. Seriously you guys, you need to fix this, it’s less appealing. Take it from a graphic designer, we know that it’s about being simple and easy for people to get. This is just too much stuff everywhere. Listen to your consumers. We are speaking our voice. We are your bread and butter. Show us you care, don’t be like Facebook, Capcom, and Xbox live, their customers complain 24/7 and hates them for all the changes that complicates things. Please fix this, and that’s saying a lot from a guy who has bought close to two thousand games, videos, and DLC from your store since I got on psn about 3 years ago (you can look up my account transaction for proof), and never gets on this thing to comment on anything. Thank you, and again for the third time, please fix this, go back to what worked, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. You guys are better than Xbox Live, let’s keep it that way! – rmroeun

Matrix_Lion said:

November 4th, 7:38 am

I can’t buy anything in the new PlayStation store all I get is an error occurred.

dasolidproof2012 said:

November 4th, 7:40 am

I love the the store, it’s fast for me. A few hiccups here and there, but give time it. My only complaint is that I can’t purchase anything off the network with my credit card. :(

kulitmed said:

November 4th, 7:43 am

It’s really strange because most of the comments say that it is slow and takes long but when I logged in, the store was a lot faster for me, a lot better than the old store because in the old store, there was a significant amount of delay and lag that I had to endure every time after I pressed downloaded on any item.

Also, I found typing in the search much faster now and intuitive because, really, all you are looking for are certain items in the store so there is no need to have letters or numbers that are not going to come out with results. I don’t need to have the letter Z in my letter options because there are no games that start with “Thz”. In other words, it saves time!

I got through the whole store 5x faster than I did in the old store! Obviously I don’t go through the repeated tabs because that’s just silly and the whole sorting of the price list makes things easier to spot games in my price ranges.

kulitmed said:

November 4th, 7:43 am


Only problem I had was that after all the changes and everything…… Why didn’t you guys fix the download list? It is STILL difficult to go through 800+ items. I can understand if it is a technical issue; so please, I will stop complaining if you would just tell us, why didn’t you fix it?

Anyhow, thank you for the efforts and content you have provided. More power to you all. Live and learn :)

DaGimp13 said:

November 4th, 7:52 am

new store works great, few minor bugs to be worked out, but great for most part. to those saying it steals funds, doesn’t doownload properly, I say BULLOCKS. Always add your funds via XMB, and you should NEVER have that issue of missing fundage…same for downloading from new store. take the time to learn the new store 100%, not just a quick skim through. can you imagine if everyone just skimmed through a smartphone when they first came out, and never learned them??? smartphones would have died off as a fad, but instead they flourished…it’s because as consumers, we took the time to learn the device/software, as we knew what they were capable of in comparison to basic flip phones…now there’s a new smartphone coming out each week it seems.

ok, so now that we’ve dealt with those basic facts, I’d like to share a few more…
1) get this people, the Earth is….wait for it….ROUND
2) jesus was married

Matrix_Lion said:

November 4th, 7:53 am

Now I can buy stuff in the new PlayStation store : )

Khaye said:

November 4th, 8:01 am

Any chance you guys can start testing before releasing bugged out code? When I dl Infamous from my dl history, the file will only install on a PSP or PS Vita. Did Infamous even come out for either of them? Here is my 2 cents. QC before you release. Is it so hard to put out functioning code? I mean MS put out the same ugly garbage, but theirs WORKED AT LAUNCH! Come on Sony, college graduates can’t be THAT much more expensive to hire!

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