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Nov 08

Nov 08

PlayStation All-Stars Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic and Final Boss Unveiled

Seth Killian's Avatar Posted by Lead Game Designer, Sony Santa Monica Studio

Stretching back from my roots as a tournament player to my current gig as lead game designer for Sony’s Santa Monica Studio, I’ve spent over two decades in fighting games, and have been thrilled to revisit so many great memories from my own PlayStation history with the characters and stages of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

I’m here today on behalf of SuperBot Entertainment, Bluepoint Games, and Santa Monica Studio to announce that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has gone gold on PS3 and PS Vita! All of us are extremely grateful for the help from our beta players in testing our networking, and thrilled to see the amazing response from all of you that played the beta, which is just a small slice of the full game.

In celebration of this milestone, we wanted to share something special as a small “thank you!” to all the amazing PlayStation fans who have helped us come so far. Today we’re officially unveiling the opening cinematic sequence to the game. We’ve been pretty tight-lipped about our final boss, but if you hang in until the end you’ll get a glimpse of the villainous mastermind that’s returned from the depths of PlayStation history to pull the strings in All-Stars.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and if your interest is piqued, remember to pre-order All-Stars today! Pre-ordering scores you an exclusive costume for every character in the game, and with Cross-Buy, every PS3 copy comes with a download code for the PS Vita version at the low, low cost of zero!

Thanks again to PlayStation fans around the world for your incredible support, and come November 20th, I’ll see you online — just look for the unbeatable Drake player at the top of the leaderboards. :P

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AmaterasuOkami1 said:

November 8th, 1:13 pm

Great trailer! Makes me super hyped for this game!

Also the song for the cinematic trailer is catchy. Love i!

LX_Theo said:

November 8th, 1:15 pm

@Seth Killian

I’m curious how in depth the story mode will go. It won’t stop me from buying, but I’ve come to like a good amount of story in my games.

AGprodigy123 said:

November 8th, 1:16 pm

Hey,this game looks great and cant wait till it comes out. i hope this game is balanced. SackBoy VS Kratos wouldnt be fair for Kratos because SackBoy looks more stonger. so hope every combatant is balanced and has a fair chance to win :)

Nerroth said:

November 8th, 1:16 pm

Speaking of DLC characters, I wonder if Aveline from Assassins Creed III: Liberation might make for a good choice for the Vita version of the game?

While other Assassin characters (such as Connor from ACIII) could also be options, Aveline as a character is currently a PlayStation exclusive.

(Perhaps her three personas could each have a presence in her various special moves, or something.)

Gamenamebully said:

November 8th, 1:18 pm

I loved the trailer but I am wondering about one small thing.

Is there a Biography for each character and a sound test within the game? I am just curious on that stuff. I always like listening to my favorite tunes in a fighting game after a hard match and I like reading info on each character even if I know them well XP.

So are there any Bio’s and Sound Tests in the game? :3

rodrigo__ said:

November 8th, 1:19 pm

Loved the cinematic specially some of the choices of characters that fight each other ( Jak and Daxter vs. Ratchet and Clank, Nate vs. Sly (thieves), Nariko vs. Dante … ). A bit disappointed for not seeing Crash Bandicoot nor a Final Fantasy character, the reason that many people bought their Playstations back in the 90s . Although, looking forward to see who will join the roster in the future. Keep up the good work.

sycA said:

November 8th, 1:22 pm

You know, I was really excited for this game. I thought I’d finally be able to get to battle with my favorite PS characters. Instead, I got primarily PS3 generation characters with third parties that are just advertising their soon-to-be released games.

Now, while I was hoping to get all the PS3 generation characters (which was delivered) I thought I’d also be able to see a lot of the PS1/PS2 generation characters, but sadly, this has not been met. I have to say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed. This game is not what I thought it would be, having the word “allstars” in the title considered.

No Dark Cloud rep.
No Team Ico rep.
No Dragoon rep.
No Crash.
No Arc rep.
No Beyond the Beyond rep.
No FF rep.
No Wild Arms rep.
No Tomba rep.
No Syphon Filter rep.
No Jersey Devil
No Legend of Legaia rep.
No Alundra rep.
No Drakan rep.
No Klonoa .
No Mark of Kri rep.

Honestly, the list can be extended, but I think you get my point. Majority on that list minus maybe 1 or 2, are all Sony published games. What gives, honestly?

MonkeyMagic07 said:

November 8th, 1:34 pm

I’ll admit I’m still a little on the fence on the game (I did have fun with the beta, but I’m not sure about the K.O.s only through supers mechanic in the main game), I did really love that intro and the music behind it. Plus, I do want to at least check out the final version just for the fact Polygon Man is the final boss. A great tribute to the failed PSOne mascot who did suck, although I assume he’s not out on revenge against the PS stars who became famous and for making fun of him. The only characters I’m disappointed that aren’t in are Tomba, Spector, Alucard (although, that’s more Konami’s area, I’d take him over any Dante anyday), Wonderer, and Kevin Butler (I love those ads). I guess there is always DLC.

Either way, I wish you guys the best, and it is nice to get a fighter in this style that actually feels like a polished competitor (most games that take inspiration from SSB have been horrible). However, I’ll take your Nathan Drake, and raise you Parappa and Toro instead.

FORMIK said:

November 8th, 1:39 pm

Great trailer, and if the beta is any indicator how well the game mechanics work, then I am pleased to have this game on pre-order! The story, levels, and yes, people, even the characters, aren’t the main draw of this game to me. It’s how well orchestrated the chaos in this game can ensue while still feeling tightly-knit. If you appreciate this, you’ll realize that just because your one character you wish was in the game isn’t (for now?) that you’ll still enjoy this game.
Also, I’d like to mention that I went into triple overtime with Fat Princess up against two other Kratos’ (the third player left), and the game ended with me being in 2nd place. While people did tend to play Kratos more than anyone else (the Ryu of the PS All-Stars beta) it was funny hearing someone through their mic say “what the hell?” when we hit triple overtime. Also, it’s fun to beat someone with a cake-eating princess who has others do her fighting for her. Good times!

MonkeyMagic07 said:

November 8th, 1:44 pm


They can’t put in everyone, and truth be told they got in a lot of the main characters that have defined the PS brand from Parappa, to Ape Escape, to Jak and Daxter, to Ratchet and Clank, to GoW, to Twisted Metal, etc.

Also, games like Beyond the Beyond, Legend of Dragoon (I’m still surprised people actually like this horrible and shameless attempt to cash-in on Square success at the time), Draken and Syphon Filter really sucked even back then. The only way anyone could look at them fondly is if they were still wearing nostalgia glasses.

SpacePirateKhan said:

November 8th, 1:47 pm

Beautiful cinematic, guys. I’d still love to see the King of all Cosmos (Katamari) as a DLC character. He’d make the game infinitely more fabulous ;D And Katamari is an awesome, unique series that’s seen loads of Playstation exclusive releases.

TomatoDragon said:

November 8th, 1:50 pm

Polygon man was Playstation’s original mascot way back when the PS1 first came out, but he didn’t last too long.

Ultrapieguy said:

November 8th, 1:56 pm

I have to say, I love the game, and I love this intro video, nice work! However, it would be even better if more characters were added, such as: Crash, Spyro, and Emmett. Anyways, keep up the good work. :D

Matrix_Lion said:

November 8th, 1:59 pm

Santa Monica I didn’t know you guys were making this game.

MarcusSoul said:

November 8th, 2:02 pm

Hey Seth! Quick question. If DLC characters would have their own Acrade Story and Rivals like you said, doesn’t that mean that each DLC would have to have 2 characters in it to support the whole rivalry? Even if you can’t answer can you at least acknowledge that you read this? Please? A “Stay tuned” would be fine. :)

ratchet6009 said:

November 8th, 2:18 pm

I’ve heard that this game will only have 20 characters is this true? sorry but thats just not enough, at least 30 then i would buy

dorkgeniuz21 said:

November 8th, 2:21 pm

WHats up Seth Killian.We met briefly at the La beatdown event.I just have to once again congratulate and thank you guys for working so long and hard on this game.This is the only game ever that most of us have been this excited about and have followed development form beginning to end.So glad to actual hear dlc confirmed for both levels & characters.The only 2 questions I have is are 1.How will you guys choose those dlc characters, what is the best way for the fans to let you guys know who we want most (assuming you guys havent already done such.Do petitions really work or no?My second question is just about the rivals.Most of us were still kind of confused as to whether there’d be 10 rivals in total or 20 rivalries altogether.Like whats the difference when playing toro’s arcade mode vs Heihachi’s in terms of their rival?

angibri2000 said:

November 8th, 2:47 pm

Can’t wait for this! Also, can Mr. Killian inform us when we can pre-order our digital copies please? Thanks and great job on this game. I loved the Beta.

sekaniy said:

November 8th, 2:49 pm

Great time with beta. I pre-ordered immediately. I think you guys did an excellent job. There will always be the negative people, but you have a lot of support and fans out here. Listen to the constructive criticism and don’t stop supporting the game.

Wolf-Evil-02 said:

November 8th, 2:53 pm

the final boss is ugly and is called Polygon Man, I did not like the final boss, having such good characters and putting a waste of sony as boss

Freshh23 said:

November 8th, 3:01 pm

Polygon Man being the final boss sounds great and spot on.

Some of the rivalries look off.

This game has to have at least some unlockable characters, I assume it does because one of the Replies and the two question marks in the character select screen.

Small DLC like characters, stages, items, costumes, all things like that have to be free. If you charge for it it would be extremely greedy and anti consumer and I won’t support this game anymore.

This game should have a perfect amount of items/weapons, the lack of weapons available in the beta is scary.

I think this game should be more “everyone” friendly, Kratos being in the center of the box art, the shot gun at the end and the chainsaw for example seem to be the opposite of that.

Freshh23 said:

November 8th, 3:02 pm

Of course, characters in the game, unlockable and DLC characters have to be characters that are most important to PlayStation. Fat, Princess, Big Daddy, new Dante, Raiden and Nariko are not -_-, Nariko falls in the second level of importance, the other four are in the third level, meaning not important.

Some characters missing are:

Final Fantasy character
Silent Hill character
Resident Evil character
Lara Croft
Team ICO
Gabe Logan

Just to name some.

No Assassins Creed, no Gravity Rush, no unimportant to PlayStation at the moment characters.

X-FLIP-X said:

November 8th, 3:13 pm

Hey Seth.

I would like to say that I really enjoyed the beta. All characters were tons of fun to use, the gameplay is addictive, and the graphics are awesome.

Will PS Plus users get PS All-Stars DLC for free day one? I think it would be great for the current PS Plus users to be able to get content for free and I also think that non-PS Plus users would want to get PS Plus because of the ability to get free content from PS All-Stars.


Heatseeker125 said:

November 8th, 3:18 pm

Clever final boss. Polygon Man must be so furious about getting an early axe by Sony execs and he’s going to take it out on all the other PS mascots. So funny.

S-A-Z-A-R said:

November 8th, 3:33 pm

Well I can’t really say much I never really got to play the beta cause it keeps freezing everytime it trys to find other players. But that ant going to stop me from getting the game. The Cross Buy feature is a real nice touch. And the character roster is nice. I am slighty disappointed that some of my fav’s didn’t make the starting list (Mostly just Snake) But that leaves room for DLC characters

Charcter of interest: Cole Megrath. Whats yours?

ElpresidenteNM said:

November 8th, 3:39 pm

Holy Crap… That was one of the most BADASS Trailers I’ve seen this year.

hestar434 said:

November 8th, 3:54 pm

I’m really happy for the existence of this tribute for the Playstation brand which I’m sure we all grew loving since the original PS, but it really saddens me that you didn’t take any of the fans’ wishes under consideration such as putting some of the ICONIC characters which helped making the Playstation what it is today and sure I’m talking about Snake, Crash and Spyro. At least you should’ve commented on this matter! Hope you will someday.

Dantes_Ragnarok said:

November 8th, 3:55 pm

My only complain is that the new Dante was chosen over the original design.
but, the only one to blame here is Capcom, not you guys <3

btw, is it possible to pre-order through PSN and get the alt costumes?

NewYorkNative28 said:

November 8th, 4:13 pm

Please be good. I really would like to have fun with this on my Vita and PS3.

Does anyone know if the trophies share between the PS3 and Vita versions like they did with Motorstorm RC and Sound Shapes?

DrApollo said:

November 8th, 4:19 pm

I would really like to see some more female fighters. 2 out of 20 is not a lot. I’m still getting it. Loved the Beta. Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles, Jean D’ Arc, Etna from Disgea just to name a few.

Grayfox2k8 said:

November 8th, 4:38 pm

Kat, from Gravity Rush also need to be in here. <3 Kat

Enosius said:

November 8th, 4:40 pm

Looking forward to bringing the pain as Sly Cooper against the full roster. Let’s rock!

androx11 said:

November 8th, 4:42 pm

I don’t understand, I’m throwing money at the screen but the game is not downloading?!

In all seriousness though, I was fortunate enough to be part of the closed beta and the open beta, as well. For that, I thank you guys, thank you for letting us be a part of this. You might think stuff like the beta is not appreciated, but it is. You have a great creation on your hands and I really hope it shows.

I will be showing my support day-one by buying the digital PS3 version.

sycA said:

November 8th, 4:47 pm


I have to disagree. Syphon Filter has always been a great series, even if it has fallen on short times recently. The first 3 on the PS1 were must haves for shooter/stealth fans, especially #1. I don’t know why you’d think they were crap.
Regarding Beyond the Beyond, and Dragoon; all these JRPG titles arguably defined the PS1 outside of Crash & Spyro. They are great games, I don’t know your taste, but you don’t seem too fond of JRPG.

MakoSOLIDER said:

November 8th, 4:59 pm

lol nice job title change at the top Seth. U fixed it!

JEC94 said:

November 8th, 5:14 pm

The fake Dante instead of the real one?


Khrysller said:

November 8th, 5:15 pm

Hi Seth, I know (some part of) your work and enjoyment in the FGC for all those years. It’s good to see that knowledge in this game. I really enjoyed the beta, I had so much fun with it. But there is one thing in the game dat didn’t catch me, its the interface. I see the beta version is different than the final version, but i didn’t see BIG differences. I know Santa Monica’s reputation and I was hopping to see a much better overall interface.

design interfaces is one of my hobbies and part of my work, so I am not random talking about interface… I know its not possible at times time to make improvements… but i was really hopping that.

Don’t read this as a bad thing, but it should have more hours that it actually had.

Pashmina626 said:

November 8th, 5:29 pm

Just wanted to ask on how much game data will it take on my PS3 as I have 53GB out of 111GB on my system at the moment so I thought that I should ask.
Also can’t wait to play this as alot of my favorite old school character Spike is going to be in it as Ape Escape was my very first PS1 game that I ever played.

GamistTH said:

November 8th, 5:30 pm

I Must Say,

That was a great trailer. good choice of song too.

cannot wait to get my hands on this game. pre ordered already.

and also cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeves in future games :D

dorkgeniuz21 said:

November 8th, 6:23 pm

The people who made this video should work in Sony’s marketing department.

gtagod said:

November 8th, 6:46 pm

For everyone complaining about the small choice of characters. Did you ever stop to think that SSB had a ton of hidden characters? Just think about it :)

Dantes_Ragnarok said:

November 8th, 7:41 pm

ok, what I really wanted to say is that I fully understand that you had to use the new DmC Dante instead of the original (those were probably the terms arranged by Capcom).
however if theres any change to add the orignal Dante as a future DLC please dont hesitate.
not as a costume, but as a new character (if there are 2 Coles why not 2 dantes with totally different styles) something like what we saw in MVSC3. that would be extremely appreciated. it’s improbable but I wanted to leave that suggestion :D

MonkeyMagic07 said:

November 8th, 9:07 pm

@ 134

Sorry, but those were awful games back then (okay, SF may have not been as bad back then, but I don’t really remember it that well), and they are awful games now (especially those JRPGs).

I especially can’t call those good JRPGs on the same system that gave us Suikoden, Vagarent Story, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy Tactics, Lunar SSSC and Azure Dreams to name a few. I’d go into more about why I couldn’t stand Dragoon, but I think this review captures everything I hated about the game even at the time of release:


Although, if I had to sum it up, LoD has worse CG backgrounds than FF7, but came out in the same year as FFIX. It has the slowest battle system ever, the worst JRPG soundtrack in history, and the most god-awful and generic characters and story ever conceived.

However, I will agree with picks like Tomba and Alundra, as those were awesome games (although, I do think they have enough sword fighters in the roster).

itzhammatiem said:

November 8th, 9:09 pm

has polygon-man ever been featured than simply 1 ad? i did a search on him. and i only found one ad where he tells the reader he takes the part of the pinata in a role-playing game,

srhuff22 said:

November 8th, 9:35 pm

Antone remember Threads of Fate? (http://www.examiner.com/article/square-enix-s-ps1-action-rpg-threads-of-fate-coming-to-playstation-network) If not links here… Nut if so i think it would be great to see these characters enter the PSABR

KingOfThieves said:

November 8th, 9:48 pm


I know this isn’t the right place to say it but I didn’t know where else to leave this comment/problem.

After downloading the latest update for Facebook on my Vita, it has become unstable. At first it would not load any of the notifications. The bars continue to blink but nothing ever loads. Now for some reason it has started to load but when I try to view comments, it launches the browser.

Near has not worked for me since the day I purchased my Vita. Every time I try to obtain my location, it tells me I am not connected online even though I can sync my trophies, play on Facebook, browse the net. and everything else online.

Thank you for looking into this matter :)

TurismoM3 said:

November 8th, 10:16 pm

Cool video. Nice work. Looks great in 1080p.


November 8th, 10:19 pm

So you won me over… fine you guys win. HOWEVER, DLC requests will be mounting the more fun we have with the game when it releases BE PREPARED as in get models ready for:

Kat, Raven too please, Cloud and Tifa and Sephiroth and Lightning if not then we will have to take Auron and Balthier and Fran or Zidane and Garnet, Dart AND BM Rose, Jaster Rogue and Kisala, Dark Cloud 2 both protagonists, CLASSIC Mega man (though I doubt it. lol!), Tomba, Gabe Logan AND Snake (though I have a feeling a cameo….) and Aveline and Altair or Ezio or Connor.

Last but certainly not least the character that would have ended the mario tyranny or would have split platformer sales. The character that actually sold well in Japan and was the mascot FOR PLAYSTATION. The character whos kart racer slayed the plumber in gameplay. The character who’s game is full of characters that would fit this game. CRASH BANDICOOT. Sony should not work out a deal for this game alone, oh no, THEY NEED TO BUY THE RIGHTS BACK. Crash PS1 numbers are probably second to Gran Turisimo in success. Keep Crash alive Sony for the fans and PS future success. Let Ready at Dawn make Crash Vita. CRASH and SPYRO please and thank you. See you online on the 20th or November 2012!

sovietprince said:

November 8th, 10:42 pm

seth hope your still answering question for us late poster

1. I noticed you said if we “DID” dlc characters does that mean we can see some dlc add on real soon?

2. are you close to getting crash in the game ?

DRAQ-520 said:

November 8th, 10:56 pm

Can we get Cloud Strife, Solid Snake and Crash as DLC, because none of the day one third party characters in the game are exciting to me, but still buying due to the beta being good and Drake/Cole/Kratos/Sackboy appearing, still mad at the roster but you guys can fix it don’t you?

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