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Nov 09

Nov 09

So, Today is My Last Day at PlayStation

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Jeff Rubenstein

After five years, 5,995 blog posts, and 10,888 Tweets, today is my final day at PlayStation. We’ve accomplished a lot together: we’ve built PlayStation.Blog into one of the most influential blogs in the world, amassed the largest Twitter following in the industry and the 8th most fans in the world on Facebook (watch out McDonalds!). I mention these stats not to brag, but because I continue to be amazed at the enduring strength of the PlayStation brand and its fervent fans, whom I’ve been lucky to serve as Social Media Dudebro since 2007.

Jeff yells at people a lot

PlayStation, specifically SCEA, has been very good to me. I’ve been sent to gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, PAXes East and Prime, Comic-Con, and E3 many times over. I’ve gotten to personally put PS Vitas into fans’ hands for the first time at Social Club events. I’ve gotten to share exciting news, first looks, and big reveals with you, then relay your feedback to the teams that created them. Keep telling us what you think; it really does count!

Most impactful of all, I’ve met thousands of great people — gaming industry, media, and PlayStation fans — some of whom have become true friends.

Jeff just pretends to play games

Now, I’m actually looking forward to jumping back over to the fan side of the fence. Working through my massive backlog of games (starting with The Unfinished Swan this weekend). Buying The Last of Us at a midnight launch. Actually being surprised at E3.

It’ll be a big adjustment for me — but not for you. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve done here at PlayStation is surround myself with people more talented (if not better looking) than myself. Sid, Rey, and Justin are the reasons PlayStation.Blog is as informative, entertaining, and influential as it is. None of that will change when I walk out the door this afternoon. And I guess that’s why I’m at peace with moving on; my work here is well and truly done.

Play with me on PSN (JeffPS) and/or follow me on Twitter (@jeffrubenstein). I’m practicing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale right now. Bring it, my Radec is ready.

TL;DR I’ve really loved working with, and for, all of you.


Jeff eats like a girl

P.S. — Confession time: I’m the one who spilled coffee all over the break room on October 15th, 2007. I didn’t know how to operate the coffee maker. I regret the error.

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Gorvi said:

November 11th, 5:20 am

I just heard on the Blogcast, this is sad news. I wish you the best of luck!

Carl-G said:

November 11th, 5:53 am

Sad to see you go :( Good luck in the future;)

God-Of-Lyf said:

November 11th, 6:51 am

Is he whizzing on the Playstation sign? (We all would like to do that sometimes!) (*New PSN Store*) Wondering, with leaving unexpected, have you joined the Darkside perhaps?

mikedo2007 said:

November 11th, 8:52 am

Oh man, so sad when I read this. I remember meeting you at the Playstation Move event at Washington DC a few years back. I’m going to miss see you on PS Blog. Good luck on your future job, Jeff!!!

But_Honestly said:

November 11th, 9:37 am

Farewell, Zombie Blognak. We’ll miss you and the wife tirelessly making Minis for us. :)

ichigoNkurosaki said:

November 11th, 9:43 am

:'( I will miss you! And your replies/topics/posts!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

MARCAO2010 said:

November 11th, 10:12 am

NNNOOO!!!! Jeff come back!!!!
Hehe! Well good luck for you!!
I will remember all events I saw you like E3 and I talked to you, gave me your autograph hehe and talked about games, playstation etc.

Turk-Askeri7 said:

November 11th, 10:30 am

It’s not easy to replace Jeff Rubenstein so I hope they find a good replacement, we and yes I do mean WE as in the Playstation Community are going to miss you Jeff, I wish you the best in your future endeavours :)

Bye :'(

twistedfloyd said:

November 11th, 12:40 pm

Farewell, Jeff. Always appreciated the work you did here. Good luck on your next venture in life, and thank you.

babybluedb said:

November 11th, 1:06 pm

Wow this is sad.. i know your gone by now but you’ll be missed.. i remember when you first came i was like who’s this jeff character.. lol but good luck on whatever your moving on to


November 11th, 2:58 pm

Have a good one Jeff, when the blog started I tried to add you on fb as a friend, you declined, I tried to add you on psn, you declined but when I had issues with my posts taking a week to show up on the blog, you got it fixed, when my login ended up being mixed up with anothers, you got it fixed, when the hackers hacked the psn and I said I had info, you made sure the legal department knew I was calling. when People needed help on the blog or wanted our hard thought ideas put into the ps3, you nagged the bosses, I will miss ya from here as will many others. we find we dont get the same quality from the others that you gave with 110% of yourself. i guess with your lil one growing up and the time you spend away, it is a career move not only for you but for your family to spend more time together. Games are great but family is the most important part of any life. I never got to go to any meet ups, I never got to E3 but I plan to apply for work at Sony and back in 09 when I first said that, you sent me the link to the hiring page. Thanks Jeff, through it all you were always there, Like a soldier guarding his company.

Wartech said:

November 11th, 4:49 pm

This very sad news. Last year we lost Veronica. Then Qore shut down its doors. Now PlayStation The Official Magazine is closing and now you’re leaving. I honestly can’t say I’m happy about this. But as my friend Octavia used to say life is change. Good luck and thanks.

HongoXIII said:

November 11th, 5:50 pm

Best of luck on your future endeavors, Jeff.

I was actually shocked to read the headline when I visited the site earlier, it kinda made me bummed, but it is what it is.

Either way, like I said above, best of luck.

JonJonXD said:

November 11th, 5:55 pm

You will be missed.

I enjoyed reading your posts for the last few years.

Good luck!

JEC94 said:

November 11th, 7:46 pm

First , Kevin Butler then the Qoute girl then Christina Lee and now Jeff…… Damn all the cool people left…….

BlindMango said:

November 11th, 8:06 pm

Wow, I am going to miss the face of the PlayStation Community! You were awesome and went out of your way and answered many of our questions and comments, I salute you for that, thanks. =D I hope to see you have as much of a great impact wherever you go now, best of luck in the future and thank you so much for your major contribution for PlayStation and the PS community over the past few years Jeff

JEC94 said:

November 11th, 8:07 pm


BlindMango said:

November 11th, 9:39 pm


Qore* lol

angelspawn77 said:

November 11th, 11:12 pm

Sorry to hear you’re leaving Jeff, I recall meeting you at the MAG event in Las Vegas, you were a really cool guy. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. It will be weird not seeing you doing interviews for the blog or e3 coverage anymore. I’ll miss your sometimes awkward interviews :P

BiezulbubBill69 said:

November 12th, 5:48 am

This is horrible news PLEASE don’t leave Jeff! :(

hulkrock said:

November 12th, 5:59 am

Thanks for all the postings dude. And the laughs.

quasar338 said:

November 12th, 5:59 am

Well Jeff, It has been a great 6 years or so since you started and my hats off to you. It’s Rob Gamerindepthclub host. You’ve made and the rest of you my work at the gic so much easier and the info is great. I hope your future is awsome and your life is blessed greatly. I have a feeling you’ll be missed greatly by alot in the office and out here. So, Congrats on a job well done . Good -Bye my friend . Yep a friend , one whos hard work informed so many.

FUNKYbyNature said:

November 12th, 7:41 am

Good Luck Jeff !!! I always liked your work. You seem like a very nice guy and a true gamer ! Good luck again !

Jackal888 said:

November 12th, 7:58 am

Jeff thanks for shaping a community out of consumer group that was scattered and disparate. I love the blog, videos and interviews. You leave it in good “Farm Fresh” hands. I hope your next venture is as fruitful.

Spacerac said:

November 12th, 2:00 pm

I’ll miss you jeff. it was your blogs and sid’s that motivated me to get off my rear and work to get a ps3.

GokuOfHeaven said:

November 13th, 4:01 pm

Jeff, as much as we all enjoyed listening to you, we know wherever you end up they are getting someone special. Good luck to you and your family. And now, It’s time to be one of us. Enjoy and Happy Holidays.

LUGIEZ said:

November 18th, 12:01 pm

Sad to see you go Jeff, I have read many of your posts, and enjoyed all the information you disseminated to us Playstation gamers…I appreciate all the work you’ve done and wish you the best in the future man. Thanks man!

Pokemon_Mew_24 said:

November 25th, 1:31 am

Wow, Mr. Rubenstein. That’s sad to see you go. :( You made lots of awesone posts and I will miss you dearly. We all love you! See you on the PSN! :D

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