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Nov 11

Nov 11

The Drop: Week of November 12th 2012 New Releases

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On PS3 this week, Call of Duty: Black Ops II arrives with an all-new Call of Duty – Black Ops storyline featuring new characters and returning characters. A unique single-player campaign that contains two time periods linked by characters and their actions. As well as Special Strike Force missions, in which the players action affect the outcome of gameplay and the overall campaign, and of course a killer variety of multiplayer modes and play options.

On PS Vita and on PSN as a digital download, bridging the storyline between the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and this year’s highly anticipated follow-up, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified explores original fiction in the series, told through a collection of single player operations. The PS Vita exclusive title, brings classic Call of Duty-style gameplay to gamers on-the-go, offering a console gaming experience anytime, anywhere. And with touch screen and Near features, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified puts the adrenaline-rush action of Call of Duty in the palm of your hands.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

An entry into the blockbuster first-person shooter franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops II brings players back into the shadows for another Black Ops mission assignment. Rooted in near-future fiction, Black Ops II propels players into warfare in an epic single player campaign highlighted by branching storylines and non-linear missions. A re-imagined multiplayer suite introduces players to some of the most cutting-edge weaponry and equipment that 2025 will have to offer. And on the outskirts of the campaign is an all-new Zombies experience running in the multiplayer engine.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells — Bring wizardry to life in your living room on PlayStation 3 in this interactive adventure designed for PlayStation Move and Wonderbook.

Discover exclusive, new and original worlds brought to you by J.K. Rowling that comes to life as you read in Wonderbook: Book of Spells. Over two hundred years ago, Miranda Goshawk drafted the Book of Spells, which can be found in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library. This advanced textbook will assist students on their journey to becoming an accomplished witch or wizard. Read, discover, learn and practice spells such as Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus, as well as discover mischievous notes, spells and humorous anecdotal facts scribbled into the margins by previous Hogwarts students. J.K. Rowling has written a conundrum that leads you through the experience, providing insight into the values a witch or wizard has to learn, and inviting you to journey through the book to unlock new content, rewarding successful students along the way.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified

Also on PSN — Before the future could be won, history had to be written. Exposing that story exclusively on PlayStation Vita, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified explores original fiction in the Call of Duty Black Ops universe with an all-new campaign of Special Ops missions. Optimized for gamers on-the-go, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified delivers the most intense handheld Call of Duty experience to date, including both Special Ops Story mode and Multiplayer combat tailored for the PS Vita.

Planets Under Attack — Planets under Attack offers a surprising depth of gameplay, while its intuitive controls allow even casual gamers to pick it up and feel comfortable immediately. In addition to the addicting gameplay, Planets under Attack is an obvious labor of love.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 — The highly-anticipated sequel to 2000’s legendary Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is being brought to home consoles with all of the action seen in the arcades along with unique content and features that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 delivers new and returning characters in the largest roster ever. Experience the most advanced attack mechanics, ultimate combo move sets and new battle modes. With innovative features to broaden Tekken consumer accessibility, unlimited fighter combinations and multiple ways to challenge your friends, it’s time to get ready for the next battle.

Wicked Monster Blast! HD — Wicked Monster Blast HD is a shooting gallery game for all ages in which you use the PlayStation Move to blast enemies and solve puzzles! Choose your favorite from a cast of crazy characters to take on over 10 crazy missions with up to four of your friends!

SingStar Digital — SingStar’s selection of music ranges from classics over pop to rock, complete with music videos starring everyone from the Village People to Blondie. On-screen overlays display the voice pitch in real-time. Developed by SCE’s London studio, SingStar has grown to become the firm’s most successful casual gaming franchise, selling more than 16 million units in Europe alone.


  • F1 Race Stars
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Planets Under Attack
  • Ragnarok Odyssey

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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Rainwater said:

November 12th, 5:12 am

@Bendok most weeks they’re updating the store with more PSP titles compatible on the Vita. If they don’t list them in the weekly store update post, check the store on your Vita under new releases.

Superstone said:

November 12th, 5:40 am

Reduce prices on Vita games!!!!!!!

Hooligantuan said:

November 12th, 6:50 am

If Black Ops II zombies gameplay is more building barriers over and over again to buy (!?) weapons off a wall and paying to open doors during a zombie invasion, I’ll pass.

Absolutely stupid way to play.

profinblack said:

November 12th, 7:42 am

Hopefully the promised dlc for Street Fighter x Tekken PS Vita problem will finally be resolved for everyone who still didn’t get their content like me. Sony and Capcom have been so quiet about it since the promised day (November 6) passed by.

RIC-DIAZ said:

November 12th, 8:22 am

Hey Sony Genius,

Is Black Ops 2 D1D release or what?…your column is very vague on details.

swisstylez said:

November 12th, 8:31 am

Remember that there is something called a contract between Microsoft and activision…

U_P_S said:

November 12th, 8:35 am

Decent Drop, definetly will be playing Ragnarok and NFS demos. PS Plus Vita details you announced it now implement it expand the best deql in gaming! #PSVita Post

Dangisuckatgamin said:

November 12th, 8:46 am

It blatantly says that’s disc only for now. (It’d say “On PSN” by it like every other blog post)

It’s been said it’s Open World now, with more stuff to do than just sit in one little area.

m1x4h said:

November 12th, 8:48 am

No Guilty Gear makes me mad.

zombie9 said:

November 12th, 9:01 am

wonderbook lol How many preorders I’m guesssing may be 1000
I’m just hoping for more price drops on some High priced PSN games got my $20 free dollars burring a hole in my wallet. thank for the free cash PSN team.

jonejungle said:

November 12th, 9:09 am

i really dont understand why a person from sony wouldnt responed to the out cry of the masses all we wanna know is if call of duty black ops will be on the store tomorrow.easy enough bet yet they will settle someone talking smack on he in a heartbeat but yet no release date. one word lame

xxnike629xx said:

November 12th, 10:33 am

Call of Duty Black Ops II
Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified

…That is all.

It’s too bad that I don’t have a Vita system yet, and I’m also waiting to get another PSP-3000 (waiting for price cut), a 500 GB super slim PS3 (waiting for price cut), and the Vita.. (waiting for a price cut on the system & memory card)

PRIMUS_420 said:

November 12th, 10:40 am

Waiting for that ps plus on vita, and please dont offer some junk like little deviants or any other launch title for that matter because i own almost every launch title thanks :)

ChrisMichaels04 said:

November 12th, 10:47 am

to everyone crying about COD having a day #1 digital release or not….just relax. if you’re all that desperate, just go pre-order the damn thing at Gamestop or Bestbuy. I mean really, have some consideration. We all know Activision is in Microsofts pocket, so why would Activision approve any kind of bonus for us? I wish you would all focus that obsessive COD energy on some great SONY AAA exclusives and developers that actually care about the Playststion community. Or appreciate SONY for all of the great day #1 digital releases that they have given us. Last i checked, not even the “almighty” (sarcasm) XBL offers day #1 digital releases.

Oh and FYI…..to all those still on the fence about the Vita and waiting for a price drop….let me re-assure you, the Vita is an incredible gaming device, has a fantastic library of games and is worth every penny…even at its regular price. Ive had my Vita since Launch in February. True i paid $300 for my launch bundle, but the last 9 months of incredible Vita gaming has given me my moneys worth. The longer you wait for a price drop….the longer you go not enjoying the fantastic Vita gaming experiences. Just a friendly heads up.

Nevi901 said:

November 12th, 11:17 am

Please, please! Just update the PSOne Classics, even if it’s one game a week, but dont skip it altogether.

firebringer5 said:

November 12th, 11:38 am

i hate the black ops franchise but we know call of duty black ops2 is going to SUCK. like i have a ps vita i am only buying declassfified to give it a chance. i am going to buy far cry 3 than BALL ops 2 far cry 3 s wayyyyyyyyyyy cooler black ops 2

RedHarlow said:

November 12th, 11:39 am

Hopefully Black Ops 2 includes the Nuketown map. Otherwise I’m buying the normal disc version.
Who would pay the same price for the digital version If you can get the disc version with nuketown?

Bigcalv2002 said:

November 12th, 12:58 pm

@118, I don’t think they have confirmed a digital release for Black Ops 2, so you really don’t need to worry about that.

HellSap said:

November 12th, 2:36 pm

Still no word on Guilty Gear XX…
What is the hold up? Its out on 360 and PSN in Japan, why are you dragging your feet, Sony?

The_Dukenator said:

November 12th, 2:42 pm

@99 Try deleting and redownloading RE5 Gold. Sounds like your download got corrupted. Its 7GB in size.

Elsa said:

November 12th, 2:55 pm

Ok… I’m really confused.
It seems to list Black Ops 2 right under the PS3 header for this week’s drops, and yet everyone seems to be complaining that Black Ops 2 won’t be available on PSN??
Is it available or not?

It makes much more sense for me to buy the digital version as I then get a copy for my PS3 and one for my husband’s PS3 as well… so cheaper than buying the disc version…. but obviously if it’s not going to be on PSN for several more months, then the disc version will be the way to go…

White_JackaL said:

November 12th, 6:07 pm

Decent enough, will be checking out Ragnarok Odyssey and Planets Under Attack… BUT will I never get an answer as to Xenosaga 1-3 coming to the PSN even as classics?

HD remakes would be awsome but just classics would sufices.

Senor_Shmellow said:

November 12th, 6:43 pm

i dont think theyre gonna put BO2 on psn right now
I was hoping for it but if you remember BO and MW3 they were put on psn long after their release dates

zlMeLo-- said:

November 12th, 6:58 pm

Will Call of Duty Black Ops II Come out in the playstation store?


November 12th, 7:33 pm

World at War is a + for me the only COD ill play i love the slow tanks and the big layout it has. i no it will sell on the PSN so just put it and stop holding back.

kjohn09 said:

November 12th, 8:52 pm

When will Crash Bandicoot and Spyro come to the PS Vita ps one games this is crazy that a psp had it day one and ps vita take over year to add two simple and fantastic games!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on sony and stop procrastinating on games people really want and keep putting out crap they dont want.

RyRincon17 said:

November 12th, 8:59 pm

No mention of Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Trilogy?

Shield_Of_Aiur said:

November 12th, 10:13 pm

well since there is no release date about plus coming to vita. i shall leave my 100 bucks on my psn account and now i am going back to play ninja gaiden sigma plus

money-cuz said:

November 12th, 10:21 pm

this is cool but we need more upgrades and up-to-dates

pauloeladio said:

November 13th, 3:30 am

Good morning, Gutierrez. Can you please tell me when will Sony finally release the pdf/kindle reader for vita? I’ve been waiting for that app since I bought mi ps vita. What’s keeping Sony from releasing it?

The_Dukenator said:

November 13th, 5:51 am

@129 It is coming, but there is no set date.

@128 Hmm? The Anthology you mean? Not coming to US at this time.

WilHiteWarrior said:

November 13th, 10:23 am

Lame drop this week… oh well

kingsting5150 said:

November 13th, 10:49 am

will we be seeing RE 4 as a free down load for PS+,

ChadNice said:

November 13th, 1:19 pm

It’s kinda funny how there are less and less people complaining about Guilty Gear not being in the store already as the weeks go on. I’m sure by the time it comes out, everyone will have bought it elsewhere or just stopped caring. Whats the hold up? I want to give you money PSN, but you wont let me.

maheho_a said:

November 13th, 2:55 pm

Really tempted to get a Vita, with all the new Plus content.

Bendok said:

November 13th, 10:28 pm

Hey Morgan,

I asked this last week, maybe it got lost in the comments.I was wondering if you could give me some information about PS Vita’s PSP compatibility, or push me in the direction of someone who can.

Will the Vita get anymore compatibility for PSP games?

Back when the Vita was first released, I bought Wipeout Pure (a Sony published game) because I had heard that it was compatible on the Vita. Turns out, it’s only transferable on European accounts, not North American accounts. Since then, it has sat on my PS3, waiting to be transferred (I no longer have a PSP).

Should I keep holding my breath? Or consider it a wasted twenty-something dollars?

At this point, any info at all would be helpful, though I have to wonder why this Sony-owned game is available in one region, but not another (obviously, the hardware is the same).

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot!

kirki24ss said:

November 14th, 11:15 am

When will Black Ops 2 come out for PSN

Simmer121 said:

November 15th, 2:05 pm

Yeah, its been a few days now and Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 is still not uploaded to the PSN store. For future blogs at least release when it will be coming out. Kind of disappointed but if its up by tomorrow then i’ll be happy.

MaGee911 said:

November 15th, 3:27 pm

Warning DO NOT buy Black Ops Declassified, It has all the issues that Resistance has and much harder to get into a match since the patch. Also since Resistance is still all but broken don’t expect COD to ever get properly fixed, WORST online experience EVER!!!!!

giovanni_zeas said:

November 16th, 4:14 am

can anyone please confirm if black ops 2 will be available on the psn, i’m really disappointed that it isnt yet available on digital version.

Simmer121 said:

November 16th, 5:30 am

Yes i’m not sure, i want to give you my money but your not letting me SONY

Skipper104 said:

November 16th, 11:30 am

Pardon my ignorance, but are older PSP games no longer going to be released on PSN? I was hoping for Megaman Powered Up or Legend of Heroes: Tears of Vermilion.

RyosukeFC3S said:

November 16th, 3:35 pm

I know this is a little old school, but are there any updates/news on the missing course pack DLCs for Gran Turismo 5? It’s been missing since the PS Store layout update a few weeks ago. Thanks!

DonkeyKongKilla said:

November 18th, 1:42 am

ok last 6 posts an this guy replies to two things FIRE HIM. we have questions THAT WE’D LIKE ANSWERED!!!! on that note, maybe make the updates sooner it’ll only anticipate our desirers more to have to wait for it… last minute updates SUCK, id like to be informed, GEE i get more informed on game informer then your own blog, THATS SAD.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

November 18th, 1:44 am



November 18th, 10:05 pm

it sucks that black ops 2 is not in black Friday like what the hell i wish it was on black Friday

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