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Nov 12

Nov 12

PlayStation Plus Update: Solve a Quantum Conundrum Free with Plus

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Last week, we revealed that Resident Evil 5 would be free for PS Plus members. Now we’re welcoming Quantum Conundrum into the Instant Game Collection. It’s a ground-breaking title in its own right, so read on to learn a bit more about it, along with another great deal for Plus members. This update’s content will be in effect with the November 13th PS Store Update.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here to get access.

November 13th PlayStation Plus Update

Quantum Conundrum

Free for Plus Members

Designed by Kim Swift (one of the original developers of the classic game Portal), Quantum Conundrum is an amazing first person puzzler which gives you the power to hop through different dimensions, manipulating the very physical traits of the world around you in real time on a quest to save your inventor Uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle! Check out IGN’s video review of the game below to find out why Quantum Conundrum is super clever, a ton of fun, and definitely worth playing.


30% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $6.99)

If you haven’t had the chance to play through this adventure, now might be the time. Machinarium is a point-and-click game that immerses you in a remarkable world to solve puzzles and complete your journey. Find out why it was awarded the Excellence in Visual Art award at the Independent Games Festival and download with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update.

There’s more exciting news for PS Plus right around the corner (hint: PS Vita owners, and to-be PS Vita owners will love it), so stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more exciting PS Plus content coming your way. Until then, I’ll see you in the comments!

11-13-2012 PlayStation Plus Update

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Welmosca said:

November 13th, 8:15 am

@ Cyb3rfr34k-iso – Then why you’re subscribed to plus in 1st place?….stop complaining troll.

BTW:Quantum Conundrum is a great game…its awesome that we’re getting for FREE.

Darewind said:

November 13th, 9:51 am

How about adding some RPGs to the instant game collection.

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 10:14 am

Vita Plus IGC is pretty good. Hope discounts are great as well.

Kolio45 said:

November 13th, 11:03 am

A lot of people are looking for Black Ops 2 digital release, including myself. Is it possible to work it out with Treyarch? ASAP

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 11:07 am

@254 they’ve already said it wasn’t coming to psn numerous times. Not sure why people still think it is.

Asphaltum said:

November 13th, 12:11 pm

@+ lisatsunami

Thank-you so much. You’re the best. :)

Ocktacide said:

November 13th, 1:27 pm

Still waiting for it, (CANNOT WAIT D:) And thanks a lot for this :)

VAMP-_-666 said:

November 13th, 2:01 pm

i love quantum conundrum, and i’m enjoying RE5. awesome!

ScarReaper83 said:

November 13th, 3:11 pm

ps team is so horrible about there updates we should just wait till wednesday to check the store

Armytrixter said:

November 13th, 3:36 pm

So I have somewhat of an odd question. I am about to have my PS3 (along with everything else I own) packed up and moved across the country from Hawaii to Maryland. It will be about three months until I get my stuff and get set up in Maryland. Is there a way for me to “purchase” the games on PSPlus while I don’t have my console?

On a somewhat related note I am looking at getting a PS Vita (gotta have something while my PS3 is packed). Does the PS Store on the Vita include everything so I could use that to purchase the freebies and discounted items for PSPlus?

DrSmoov said:

November 13th, 5:09 pm

When I try to download Quantum Conundrum from the store, enough though it says free, the store is trying to charge me $14.99 for it. Is this just me, or does this new store not work properly?

DonkeyKongKilla said:

November 13th, 5:10 pm

#245 i didnt ask that also i just got my comformation for my money back, i requested it back into my bank account bc that is where it was taken from, i have to wait to see if it went through or not but thanks sony if it worked btw the new game is on the plus screen, DONT DOWNLOAD TIL IT SAYS FREE PLUS, it hasnt fully updated so sony you need to work on the store some more

DonkeyKongKilla said:

November 13th, 5:12 pm

#261 people had the same problem with RE5 last week ( i did) wait til it fully updates and says +FREE

Kedaro said:

November 13th, 5:13 pm

Yeop same crap as last week, says free, but tries to take money…. this is getting a little old now, I am a ‘new store’ defender, and I’m running out of reasons to defend.

Kedaro said:

November 13th, 5:17 pm

it does say free, it isn’t until you try to checkout that it says $14.99.

This is almost a Quantum Conundrum… or something…

… seriously though, If you guys need people, Hire some of the fanbase to do this stuff.

maybe we can prop up fans in the server room or something.

oXx-JD-xXo said:

November 13th, 5:20 pm

I´m having the same problem, the store tries to charge me $14.99 at the exact moment I try to checkout, hope this problem gets resolved fast.

ziggurcat said:

November 13th, 5:26 pm

quantum conundrum says it’s free, but when you go to check out it asks for $14.99… so is it actually free for PS+ members?

Linklex7 said:

November 13th, 5:30 pm

I hope that Sony gets around to fixing the PS Store cause it’s been a pain to deal with. It wouldn’t even let me download the free games yet saying I wasn’t a PS + member when I still have a subscription. I keep getting error messages, and it loads up so slowly. I know this isn’t a internet connection as the old store when by fast as a breeze for me. I’m sure Sony will get to fixing this soon. I have faith in them.

JellyJamStudios said:

November 13th, 5:45 pm

The store is trying to make me buy it though I have Playstation plus :(

Desastreger said:

November 13th, 6:15 pm

I have been charged U$S15 for it and I’m a PlaystationPlus member. I would like to know where to write to in order to get a refund.

Thank you.

PS: Haven’t tried the game yet.

eternalunderdog said:

November 13th, 6:18 pm

The store tried to charge me earlier, I went back just now and it is fixed and registered as free.

saskamazon said:

November 13th, 6:18 pm

same here … says free for + & then wants me to confirm the $14.99 purchase, which I won’t …. not sure how to get it out of my cart even …. also, Machinarium isn’t showing up for me under discounts. guess there are some difficulties on Sonys end of things …. anywaym hopefully it can soon be figured out ….

Daxam said:

November 13th, 6:19 pm

same here also, i went to grab it and it says free until checkout and it wants me to purchase it for $14.99

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:20 pm

wtf.. i was just on support for a half hour and the dude said he sent my request to get a refund for quantumn but there is no guarentee i will get it. wtf am i paying for ps plus for then? this new store sucks. not to mention he said 3 to 5 business days.. grrrr.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:22 pm

It’s your fault. Why did you click purchase when you saw the price?

The store isn’t officially updated yet. These things go into effect with the store update. Morgan even posted that above: “This update’s content will be in effect with the November 13th PS Store Update.”

It’s not Sony’s fault that you didn’t read.

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:23 pm

iwould like some answers. not to mention compensation for all the time i spent on customer service before they knew they had a problem. the guy didnt know what i was talking about at first for the first half hour. i’m really dissapointed. i have been a ps plus member for a long time now, and never has this happened before.. i understand it might be the new layout or whatever, but making me wait 3 to 5 business days just to find out if im even gonna get a refund for a problem you guys made is ridiculous.

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:24 pm

i clicked purchase because it said free it always shows the price and then 0 dollars, so i just skimmed thru and kept pressing x. how was i supposed to know even though it said free it would charge me 14.99.

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:25 pm

#275, the store is updated i can see all the new stuff. it said free right on it. im not stupid..

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:28 pm

Almost everyone else seemed to notice the $14.99 and didn’t click purchase…

It’s just you and that one other guy…

The bottom line is that Plus updates do not go into effect until the store updates. It’s always been that way. You should have known that if you’ve been a Plus member as long as you say you’ve been.

Tsupi_Az said:

November 13th, 6:29 pm

I just downloaded Quantum and it came up free all through the checkout process. I recommend restarting your PS3 and restarting the store after the update I think it worked for RE5 last week for others. just a thought.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:30 pm


No, the store is NOT fully updated. Some things are available, some are not. All the kinks have not been ironed out yet. There is no blog post yet.

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:32 pm

the 14.99 is definitly gone from my wallet.. as for 279, like i said before, the ps store was updated.. i saw machinarium and re 5 etc quantumn counundrum said it was free and there are so many windows now just to download even a stupid demo i just kept clicking x because i wanted to get to the dwnload page as quick as possible. if it says free, it should be free simple as that. anyways yes it was my fault i guess for not reading the checkout, but i have never had this problem before so it never occured to me that it could happen. anyways. moving on..

Desastreger said:

November 13th, 6:33 pm

Actually PS Store tried to charge me for Final Fantasy V when I downloaded it again and I got it months ago with Plus and it didn’t charge me anything. That’s why I clicked ok.

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:33 pm

i dont check the blog post, i was playing black ops 2, went to the store and saw it had the new stuff, so to me it was updated. i dont come on here first to check.. anyways like i said moving on

marsel777 said:

November 13th, 6:36 pm

is anyone else playstation 3 plus not working? as soon as i sing on PSN my playstation plus icon disappearing can anyone help me ?

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:36 pm

Good for you. Sony thanks you for your business. Have a nice day. :)

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:40 pm

Hey, I won’t deny that the new store has been a major letdown thus far, but I do see it getting better. Some of the initial problems have been sorted out already. But it still appears that the store team may have jumped in to this new venture a little too soon.

From now on though, you guys just shouldn’t be clicking things until you know for sure that the store is fully updated. Just be patient. Do you really have to have it right this second?

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:43 pm

like i said before it was like 8 o clock or somethign when i got it, i had no idea the store was still in the process of updating how am i to know? i saw the new stuff, and i downloaded it, i wasnt in any rush. but i dont like the new store either way.. too cluttered.. hope i get my money back,.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:47 pm

Well, you seem like a nice guy so I hope you get your money back too.

But still, now you know. Check for the blog post first. ;)

saskamazon said:

November 13th, 6:48 pm

I didn’t confirm on Quantum even though it said free, b/c never before with the freebies did it then have a price at the checkout … after reading about so many folks being charged last week for RE 5, I was careful …. I went back just now & both Quantum & Machinarium worked …. was just charged the $6.99 …. looking fwd. to giving them a go ! looks like there are kinks to be worked out with this new store .

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 6:50 pm

i never heard about the re 5 incident till today.. if i knew i’d have checked too. like i said, this never even occured to me it could happen, its been a long time i have been doing this, never had a problem till today. will definitly be more careful but still sucks..

marsel777 said:

November 13th, 6:51 pm

Is anyone else playstation 3 plus not working? as soon as i sing on PSN my playstation plus icon disappearing can anyone help me ??

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 13th, 6:56 pm


Every once in a while, my avatar doesn’t load for whatever reason. Just one of those things. It’s not a problem. You’re still a Plus member. Your Plus symbol is showing up on this blog. So, don’t worry about it.

scottfernaays said:

November 13th, 7:01 pm

I feel your pain bluedragon77 , I managed to talk to customer support and get my claim started for a refund.
Store said free , placed it in the cart and …… im missing 14.99 YAY … and for those who know so much and have so much free time to give advice .. its hard to know if the store is completely updated or not if there is no communication saying this. I recall there being a process before that the store was offline until updates completed then they would bring it back up.

marsel777 said:

November 13th, 7:02 pm

thanks man now i can feel better ;)

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 7:04 pm

yeah like i said, i dont have all the time in the world to first come online check if its updated, then go on ps store and download.. i just went to the store, saw the new stuff and downloaded it, which is the way it should be.. but this just sucks, cuz i had enough money to buy a full priced game and now i don’t. also psn gave me 20 bucks and this was basically it.. so my reward for being a valued customer is gone.. hope it gets sorted out, im definitly gonna be checking from now on..

scottfernaays said:

November 13th, 7:08 pm

well contact support
im sure they can see the date and time of purchase and also that you have a giant yellow plus symbol next to our names .. should be easier for them to figure out then how to get the store to work lol

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 7:09 pm

i did already as i said before.. i put in a claim and there is no guarentee they will refund it they said. gotta wait 3-5 business days to even find out if i can get a refund.

scottfernaays said:

November 13th, 7:17 pm

Its called determination… i will contact them endlessly until I have a resolution that I approve of.
I own 4 of there systems and over 400 games across all of them. Ive been with plus from the beginning. The least they could do is give me back 14.99 and as far checking a social networking platform before I do anything..
thats a bit ridiculous Its like sitting at a traffic light ..seeing that it is green and then checking twitter to make sure that it is.

bluedragon77 said:

November 13th, 7:22 pm

exactly, thats what i was thinking.. i work at walmart. if a sign says 5.99 and its really 59.99 we have to honor that.. so it should be the same.. what games do you own.. add me, i have a lot of games as well.

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