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Nov 13

Nov 13

PlayStation Plus for PS Vita Available Next Week – Take the Tour

Don Mesa's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA

During Tokyo Game Show we announced that PlayStation Plus would be coming to PlayStation Vita in November. We are excited to reveal that PS Plus will be available on November 19th as part of the next PS Vita System Software Update (v2.00).

I teamed up with Ray Bautista, Product Manager of Digital Platforms Strategic Planning to give you a sneak peek at the Instant Game Collection for PS Vita and all of the benefits and features that PS Plus has to offer. Today I’ll walk you through some of the other new features you can look forward to with the system software update, including an email app, the ability to transfer content wirelessly between your PS Vita and PC, and enhancements to the web browser.

With the addition of PS Plus, and such a great lineup of exclusive games launching by this holiday, now is the perfect time to purchase a PS Vita.

As Ray mentioned, PS Plus will offer exclusive discounts and bonus features for both PS Vita and PlayStation 3 members. In addition to online storage for game saves, automatic updates and Trophy synching, PS Plus members will get access to the Instant Game Collection, a constantly updated library selection of games, starting when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday, November 20th.

Once you update your PS Vita to v2.00 and PS Store publishes next Tuesday, PS Plus members will be able to download the Instant Game Collection, which includes PS Vita games Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Jet Set Radio HD, WipEout 2048, Gravity Rush and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!, as well as (PSP) PlayStation Portable hit Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Don’t forget that PS3 users with an existing PS Plus membership will be able to enjoy PS Plus features and services on both PS3 and PS Vita systems at no additional cost. You will be able to choose between the two subscription options — a three month plan for $17.99 and a one year plan for $49.99.

For more information on System Software Updates, please visit this page, which will provide additional details on v2.00 when the update goes live.

PlayStation Plus on PS Vita

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seraph979 said:

November 13th, 8:45 am

wow! excited for gravity rush and being able to view emails!

1. how does the online file sync work? does it also work for pictures?
2. am i able to stream content from a file server like how my ps3 does?

now let’s also get an RSS feed reader please.

Robbie_G_lrish said:

November 13th, 8:45 am

This is about as good of a list as anyone could have imagined. I’m very impressed.

m_ruiz said:

November 13th, 8:46 am

I don’t have any of those games,so I’m pretty pumped…and Finally happy to get Jet Set Radio on my Vita. A little Vandalism before clockin in for work,thats the business xD

bagybagog said:

November 13th, 8:46 am

Cool starter PSVita games, but could morgan please anwser my questions:
1- is there going to be ps vita free content on ps plus?
2- if you dont have a ps vita can you add content to the download list and download it later on?
3- is there any news on Final Fantasy X HD?
4-can you download content in 2 PS3 and 1 PS vita?
5-where is the monthly update?

ChaseHammerJ said:

November 13th, 8:46 am

CRAP! Now have to go get a bigger memory card. lol

Is there a PS Plus sale price for those? haha.

TheGrimHeaper said:

November 13th, 8:46 am

Fantastic update, SCEA! I have half the games and it’s still a great deal.

Greyline108 said:

November 13th, 8:47 am

As somebody who remembers asking for some Vita PS+ love a few months ago, I have to say, you knocked this one out of the flippin park.

keltepekio said:

November 13th, 8:47 am

Wow, impressive list.

DrPhiill said:

November 13th, 8:47 am

Awesome! Can’t wait for the new update! Thank you Sony for making PsPlus even better!

RoBo_O_G_2 said:

November 13th, 8:48 am

Simply amazing. You guys knocked it out of the park with vita +. take a bow guys!

ROSSONERO_8791 said:

November 13th, 8:48 am

If I don‘t have a Vita yet can I add it to my download list from my PS3??

    Don Mesa's Avatar

    Don Mesa said:

    November 13th, 2:16 pm


gus_xl said:

November 13th, 8:49 am

I do not own any of those games. I’m going to need a bigger memory card.

jasoncourt said:

November 13th, 8:50 am

I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, I’m just gonna come out and say that seeing this post actually made my eyes water with happiness. I am so pleased that Sony and PlayStation have made my loyalty as a customer something to be really proud of. I can’t wait to have PS Plus on my Vita next week.

Thanks, and keep on rockin!

Sparkz92 said:

November 13th, 8:50 am

WOW!!! O.O

This has to be hands down the most impressive update in PSN history!

Glaukon said:

November 13th, 8:51 am

I rarely post in here, but i do read most of the articles, comments and replies. Well today i glad log in to say THANK YOU. I bought my vita on day one and havent play it as much as I wanted to, but come next week i have no excuse. Again thank you, and rest assure that if you continue on this track, you will have me as member forever. Cheers and LONG LIVE PLAY!

JoeCamNet said:

November 13th, 8:54 am

Two questions.

1.) Will the update allow us to have more than 100 icons on the system? Perhaps add folder capabilities? Between Minis, PSP games, PSone Classics, PSN downloads, and my Vita library, I’m pretty much out of space for new icons. I’ve already had to delete items and I hate doing it.

2.) Will we see any larger Vita memory sticks? Believe it or not, I have a 32GB stick, and with all of the stuff listed above, I’m out of space. Trying to clear space for Uncharted is going to suck and I’m not looking forward to losing a LOT of titles given how large that file is.

Hopefully somebody can give some answers to this and my comment doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

November 13th, 8:55 am

Great selection of games and features. Browser is getting a much needed boost and an email app is very welcome.

Also, finally adding CC to movies. Will that also be on PS3? Say, if I buy a movie or tv show and play on vita and then wanna watch it again on PS3, can I put CC on both?

Any ideas for when folders are coming to the vita?

When is PSMobile getting out of beta? I’m sure there will be people who will create some useful, free day to day apps there.

WilburMonkey said:

November 13th, 8:57 am

That colllection is nuts! Might be time to trade in my Uncharted, WipEout and Gravity Rush carts for a big memory card!

Seriously this is an awesome start!

JonJonXD said:

November 13th, 8:58 am

so happy i just got the 32gb vita card and just re-upped my plus subscription.

I was also going to buy jet set radio….wow.

This is amazing.

Keep up the great work!

ResistanceGTA said:

November 13th, 8:59 am

Thank you for posting this. Really looking forward to after Christmas when I have my Vita. Now everyone, stop complaining about the lack of Plus Vita stuff. You got it.

chernobyl77 said:

November 13th, 9:01 am

Awesome for the PS VITA! I need to get one right now. And too bad for the next week game on the PS3 :( Dungeon Defenders it´s pretty boring.

sagohichi said:

November 13th, 9:02 am

Wow. It’s not just a 6-game pack. those are very best lineup you could possibly have for Vita. Personally, I am a bit disappointed that I already have all of them, and played them to fullest. But it’s OK, having many Vita friends is more important for me.

Kedaro said:

November 13th, 9:04 am

Awesome! my daughter and I were interested in trying Gravity Rush, but not interested enough to buy, perhaps if it’s a hit, sequels will be in our ‘to buy list’ Sony you’ve truly thought this out, haven’t you -.-

ghamdikh1 said:

November 13th, 9:04 am


jonjon0890 said:

November 13th, 9:05 am

will i be able to access ps plus vita content from ps3 store and transfer it 2 the vita?

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 9:06 am

Already have FF tactics and gravity rush. the rest are pretty meh. Please tell me we still get discounts on games as well? I would trade all those free games for a discount on Persona 4 Golden.

Jak23ft said:

November 13th, 9:06 am

Wow! I didn’t think you’d have the balls to give us games like Uncharted!
If you can keep giving us great games like that, *cough*Europe*cough*, then I will have forgiven you for the worst 5 months in PSPlus history.

fester420 said:

November 13th, 9:07 am

Great, now can you release a 64GB and 128GB stick to hold all the things I will be downloading?

JROD0823 said:

November 13th, 9:07 am

It’s me again Morgan. Please send this suggestion off to your superiors, these are great ideas. PS Vita memory cards should NOT cost more than $1/GB of storage, and a 64GB memory card would be a nice option to have. These two ideas WILL sell more Vitas, memory cards, AND games. It’s a win-win situation.

Hanazawa88 said:

November 13th, 9:09 am

This is a perfect rebound for the past abysmal releases you’ve guys made for plus (for the last 3 months at least). Looks like taking the gamble of renewing recently was a good idea.

Good Job.

Misbik said:

November 13th, 9:09 am

Very nice update! I am not currently a Vita owner, but I’m very tempted to become one now! I’ll definitely download the Vita offerings so I have access to them in the future should I decide to grab a Vita!

fester420 said:

November 13th, 9:09 am


You’re crazy. Sure, it’s a little dumbed down from the PC version but still a great game with a cult online following.

Rainwater said:

November 13th, 9:11 am

Wow! Solid looking update! Looking forward to JSF and FF tactics (I have the others). Thanks Sony :)

snakeman07 said:

November 13th, 9:11 am

This is bananas! So, if I have PS+ for PS3, I have it for Vita as well… so when I get a Vita I’ll have all these games at my disposal :)

Tjoeb123 said:

November 13th, 9:13 am

Jet Set Radio? You mean for PS3, right?

Great update nevertheless. Even though Uncharted could’ve looked a lot better, I can’t wait to download all of these games to my Memory Card (which I wish was 32GB….sadly, it’s not. It’s a 16er)

That reminds me – have you made any updates to the way save files are managed? Like, if I delete Uncharted after beating the game (which takes up 3 valuable GBs by the way), can I still keep my save file without having to first transfer to a PS3 or PC?

erapago said:

November 13th, 9:14 am

What an incredible service. I own three of these already, but as a new Vita owner, and new member of the PlayStation seeing so much value in a relatively cheap subscription fee is really heart-warming. You’ve won yourselves a new fan for life, Sony.

Chidori_93 said:

November 13th, 9:15 am

Great update but we need FOLDERS, FOLDERS Everyware
in Music , Videos ,Photos etc.

ShugoWah said:

November 13th, 9:16 am

Absolutely fantastic, I’ve never been happier to be a PS3/Vita/Plus owner~

Just one request, please! I’d love if in the next update you guys allowed sound sources to be selected while using a Bluetooth headset, like on the PS3.

I’ve got an official PS3 Bluetooth earpiece and I literally can’t use it with my Vita since I’m forced to send ALL system sound through that awful little speaker! It’s fantastic for voice, but less than optimal for everything. Fix this so I can comfortably voice chat in All Stars next week and I will love you guys forever~

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 9:17 am

@135 i agree. They need to give us an option of manually transferring or copying just the save data of Vita games. Not sure why we cant access that.

Deekman said:

November 13th, 9:19 am

Any news on more PSP functionality with firmware 2.0?

zzamaro said:

November 13th, 9:20 am

I have a copy of Uncharted: GA, and I haven’t finished. With the digital one, will I be able to continue my progress?

aelurio1980 said:

November 13th, 9:21 am

Amazing !!!!! SONY I LOVE U \o/ auehauheaheu

saab01 said:

November 13th, 9:22 am

Uncharted, Gravity rush, and wipeout 2048 now this makes me want to go out and buy a Vita. And it looks like next week us PS3 owners will get Dungeon Defenders.

What other useful things does the Vita do other than handheld gaming ???

Dubloon7 said:

November 13th, 9:26 am

Super awesome update! BUT i have a feeling this will be the only good update in a long time as Sony will only entice new users to buy the vita with this temporary instant collection.

I get this feeling since we will be getting 6 great games instantly all of a sudden, and there’s no way they can keep up this instant collection catalog by offering more and more great games; the Vita has very few grreat games, IMO, so expect to see a bunch of PSP and PS1 games going on sale and/or free before we see any more vita games.

Thankyou for these games Sony!

I can’t wait to get these listed for FREE:
Little Big Planet Vita
Escape Plan

blackgndrf said:

November 13th, 9:26 am

Really nice update, Thanks! :D

The vita content could be activated through PS3 and downloaded later on the vita? I need a PS Vita :(

niner4life9 said:

November 13th, 9:31 am

Sony really needs to drop the prices of the memory cards. I only have a 4GB card and there is no way I will be able to download these free games.

detictiveconan said:

November 13th, 9:32 am

Holy Crap! Other then Uncharted it’s like you picked the IGC straight from my Wishlist! :D

I promise I won’t complain about Plus ever again! (or a least a year and you can hold me to this, If say anything bad about the service other then “Blah,another shooter” just remind me about this.)

Question though, I assume we’ll be able to move PS Mini and PS1 saves to the cloud and pick them back up on our PS3. Is this correct?

Also what about Vita game saves that are tied to the game.
For example take Cliff Diver, If you delete the game you lose your save. Will we be able to back up that save to the cloud so if Cliff Diver was deleted and then re-downloaded the save could be restored?

felipesayaman said:

November 13th, 9:33 am

nice, and i, with my brazilian acount, we dont have plus and i cant use 2 acounts in my vita, nice sony, thank you for forgeting us

Major_Hoare said:

November 13th, 9:33 am

This is a nice start for PS+Vita. I’m even more happy that I bought Resistance:BS for $10 a few weeks back thinking that it may be destined to be available for free in a few weeks. That purchase was dice roll at the time; based on knowing that PS+ was coming soon to the Vita.

PS: Does Vita have enough games to rotate in a new title every other week into the IGC?

Budapesti said:

November 13th, 9:33 am

Wow! That’s some into to PS+ Vita.
Nov 19th is my birthday too! :)
Already getting Persona 4: Golden (and the P4G animation box set) but that doesn’t come out until the day AFTER my birthday, so thanks for thinking of my on my special day, Sony. :)

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