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Nov 13

Nov 13

PlayStation Plus for PS Vita Available Next Week – Take the Tour

Don Mesa's Avatar Posted by Director, Product Planning & Platform Software Innovation, SCEA

During Tokyo Game Show we announced that PlayStation Plus would be coming to PlayStation Vita in November. We are excited to reveal that PS Plus will be available on November 19th as part of the next PS Vita System Software Update (v2.00).

I teamed up with Ray Bautista, Product Manager of Digital Platforms Strategic Planning to give you a sneak peek at the Instant Game Collection for PS Vita and all of the benefits and features that PS Plus has to offer. Today I’ll walk you through some of the other new features you can look forward to with the system software update, including an email app, the ability to transfer content wirelessly between your PS Vita and PC, and enhancements to the web browser.

With the addition of PS Plus, and such a great lineup of exclusive games launching by this holiday, now is the perfect time to purchase a PS Vita.

As Ray mentioned, PS Plus will offer exclusive discounts and bonus features for both PS Vita and PlayStation 3 members. In addition to online storage for game saves, automatic updates and Trophy synching, PS Plus members will get access to the Instant Game Collection, a constantly updated library selection of games, starting when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday, November 20th.

Once you update your PS Vita to v2.00 and PS Store publishes next Tuesday, PS Plus members will be able to download the Instant Game Collection, which includes PS Vita games Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Jet Set Radio HD, WipEout 2048, Gravity Rush and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!, as well as (PSP) PlayStation Portable hit Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

Don’t forget that PS3 users with an existing PS Plus membership will be able to enjoy PS Plus features and services on both PS3 and PS Vita systems at no additional cost. You will be able to choose between the two subscription options — a three month plan for $17.99 and a one year plan for $49.99.

For more information on System Software Updates, please visit this page, which will provide additional details on v2.00 when the update goes live.

PlayStation Plus on PS Vita

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Sevyne said:

November 13th, 10:08 am

@199: No. It’s FREE this month. How did you get $5 next month out of this blogpost? lol

DaMann22 said:

November 13th, 10:09 am

FINALLY. And we kick EU butts in the content provided. Gravity Rush you are mine!!!

PSN_Tokeio said:

November 13th, 10:11 am

I’d like to know how existing saves in cart based copies of these games (Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and WipeOut) will work with digital copies from PS+. If we install the digital copy (so we no longer need to use the game cart) will we be able to continue our existing game cart based save or do we need to start over?

joefranco85 said:

November 13th, 10:13 am

no words for define my happiness xD
I only have wipeout of this games so is an excellent news for me!! speciale for jet set radio, is a new game so I can’t believe that appears on this list.

DeadKillersRevng said:

November 13th, 10:14 am

Wow! I need a Vita..

Skookie30 said:

November 13th, 10:18 am

Hi my 1st ever visit to your graceful blog guys just to say if I ever get a SCEA plus for my Other PSN account I would buy one for my vita as our SCEE are plain useless we to get only 4 vita games that be 14 games in total per month not even a psp game I been banned too for my criticism with them etc been blacklisted too on EU blog,

So my question to you lot is do you feel the Sony regional system is fair & just & serves your needs? :|

But I can’t join in your plus on my vita as its got Sony’s account locked I’m always talking how good content you have too.

Alxpowrs said:

November 13th, 10:18 am

So much yess!
thanks guys it was totally worth the wait

afr1234 said:

November 13th, 10:20 am

This is the worst offer ever! You are rewarding customers that have yet to buty the games and punishing the ones that have already spent and bought the games at full retail prices, at least make the DLC free so i can get something in return. I know that you are trying to boost the sales of PSN+ and vita but giving away your two strongest titles is not gonna do you any favors in the long run for selling those tittles at retail or for full price and you are going to make a lot of loyal customers feel cheated (because you are not giving me real full retail games: jet set radio and mutant blobs attack is the only thing that i do not own). Please try to give good games that are not as wide in scope and that a lot of people might have missed like mortal kombat, blazblue, escape plan, son on and so forth.

SHeeP_11 said:

November 13th, 10:20 am

Never been much for commenting but just had to log in and say what a great way this was to start PSN Plus on Vita.

Great job guys! You have exceeded my expectations!
Keep up the good work.

gilad_garon said:

November 13th, 10:26 am

Please Sony, add other languages to the vita. We don’t require a full system translation just the fonts so we could read websites, facebook & twitter in other languages (Hebrew for an example)

sagohichi said:

November 13th, 10:27 am


As far as I know, Sony is not stealing games from developer for PSN+ free game collection. They are purchasing volume license or something similar. I believe game developers can make more money from PSN+ contracts than by selling 6-month old games at retail stores.
Also, most of full games have options for DLC purchase. My guess is that they are also counting revenue from DLC purchases from the free game collection.
So I think we are helping otherwise forgotten developers and games by playing the PSN+ collection. If you have favorite but forgotten games, I think you should send a request for PSN+.

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 10:27 am

Hey Don how about improving PS3’s we browser next. its pretty bad right now. Doesn’t load videos properly sometimes and the Google search does work at times either.

HIhi2442 said:

November 13th, 10:28 am

Guess I’m gonna go pick up a larger Vita memory card and a $20.

Kchow23 said:

November 13th, 10:29 am

Wow the content for PS Plus on the PS Vita is a knock out! Looking forward to it even though I already own Uncharted and Gravity Rush but the rest of the games are still great.

I was hoping that the new firmware update would bring folder functionality, An update section in the PS Store which would give us a place to see and set to download all the latest patches instead of opening each app to look for a patch and a far improved Near app that syncs automatically.

jimmyfoxhound said:

November 13th, 10:30 am

This is nice, I’ve really enjoyed PS+ on the PS3 and this will def encourage me to pick up my Vita a little more in the coming months!

Ashilyn said:

November 13th, 10:31 am


You… you’re not serious? Right?

I already own a few of the games in this list. Is this still a fantastic update? Hell yeah. This is the initial launch of IGC for Vita. It is as much to entice people to get the system – particularly with Black Friday and Christmas around the corner – as it is for us folks who already have the system. It is as much a marketing tool as it is a way to reward subscribers. Not every update is always going to completely appeal to you. That’s true for anyone. And just because it doesn’t doesn’t mean it’s a bad update. Three FANTASTIC, full Vita games that at least one of which most people probably haven’t picked up, a fantastic PSP game, a good PSN game, and a day one freebie of a Dfeamcast classic?

If that’s a bad update to you, previous ownership or not, you should probably get off plus because you’re just always going to be disappointed.

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 10:31 am

@185 i couldn’t care less about wasting extra money just to show some superficial support. Sony is paying them to put the games on the collection and thats good enough for me. All i care about is getting the game free.

If you care that much about ‘supporting’ them, then either buy the retail disk version or wait for it to leave the IGC and pay for it. Sounds silly to me though, but whatever.

race2winnet said:

November 13th, 10:32 am

One word… AMAZING!! Thank you so much!

Ryumoau said:

November 13th, 10:36 am

@206 EU still has the two good games in the IGC Vita colection (Gravity Rush and uncharted) and a way better ps3 Plus collection. So i would still say your service is better. We have too many lame psn titles in ours. :/

spoptinator said:

November 13th, 10:36 am

Welp, you just sold two Vitas.

GP-02A-MLRS said:

November 13th, 10:37 am

lol, really a great line up. I have to say I am glad that I didnt buy any game when I got my ACL bundle edition vita earlier this month. Guess I will sort of hold on buying NA ver vita games in the future, will focus more on JP exclusive games as that wont be on the free list XD. Just joking.

ojha_cojek said:

November 13th, 10:38 am

I own a ps vita. I have just filled my wallet with 50$. Will i be able to buy plus trough vita with money from my wallet or will i need to buy another ps plus card?

chicago1152 said:

November 13th, 10:39 am

i just bought a vita on the 3rd for my bday ,looks like its just in time.

djth3pp said:

November 13th, 10:40 am

Looks like it’s time to pick up a 32gb memory card :)

Death-Denial said:

November 13th, 10:41 am

Recently got the AC liberation bundle. I don’t have a PS 3 though, contemplating on getting PS + right now >.<

Anyone in the same boat? lol

GrayFox2510 said:

November 13th, 10:42 am

I KNEW that either Gravity Rush or Escape Plan was going to end in this list.
Still, was not expecting this volume of games. Glad I waited out on getting Jet Set Radio.

My only regret is buying an 8 GB card…

dragoduval said:

November 13th, 10:42 am

Damn i already have Final Fantasy Tactic, and the others look…. Yea put Tactic ogre or Samurai Warrior next Time !!! No seriously thanks for the putade, tweeting, gmail and online storage are all cool :D

chicago1152 said:

November 13th, 10:42 am

and stop the maddness if u already own the games on the new update ,for those who just bought a vita or ps 3 its just good timing.

Kchow23 said:

November 13th, 10:43 am

I am still glad that an email app, improvement to the content manager and HTML5 are finally here. I would also like to see the ability to download HD videos from the PS Store, some UI changes such as highlight the current game inside the PS Vita, Background firmware updates and PSP DLC support.

Satnamji said:

November 13th, 10:43 am

Now that’s the definition of an Instant Game Collection: six games waiting for you the second you turn on a new system (if you don’t have a Vita yet).

afr1234 said:

November 13th, 10:44 am


Uncharted and gravity rush values have just plummeted (Just try to sell one on ebay or see how many copies of them can walmart sell for 40 each), distributors and previous customers are not gonna be happy. Its about finding a middle ground. Giving away free games that were just released a short time ago is just retarded because in the long term people (i will not be buying ps all starts, ratchet and clank new game nor sly 4 because its basically guaranteed to be for free on psn+ on the next year; i was gonna buy them at full retail on releasde but they are teaching me HOW NOT TO BUY GAMES) will learn that you should not buy the games because they will come for free on plus. Releasing things like crysis 2, resident 5, infamous 2, etc is a good marketing move because those old games are hard to move and are older than a year. We are talking about games that were released 8 months ago. I fully undertsand the purpose of this (to move vitas and psn+) stuff but its impossible to ignore that they are giving me the middle finger.

foxzler said:

November 13th, 10:46 am

Tks Sony! At last you surprise us !!!

MarinoBrea said:

November 13th, 10:49 am

THIS JUST MIGHT SAVE THE VITA. However, you desperately need to lower the price of those memory cards, and release bigger cards! A 128GB one would be ideal.

diibo22 said:

November 13th, 10:49 am

Well worth the wait, guys! Keep up the good work!:

Spazgadget said:

November 13th, 10:50 am

Absolutely fantastic. Plus is, by far, the best investment of my gaming dollar ever. You guys rock!

blu_unclegh said:

November 13th, 10:52 am

This is a fantastic selection. Thank you Playstation for all this fantastic service. Been Plus from day 1 and have not regreted it for a second. Keep up the great work

superfunstudio said:

November 13th, 10:52 am

I take it back… This is great news for my favorite platform! Clearly worth waiting for. Thank You!

Milagres_ said:

November 13th, 10:52 am

Wow, excellent uptade sony! You’ll get a lot of Vita sales after those free games (I might get one myself…)
Anyway, I hope plus for the PS3 share the same quality (and I have faith it will. Y’know, not that isnt good, but our fellow brothers in Europe got the upperhand so far)

Wolverick said:

November 13th, 10:53 am

So if I wait until next year to sign up will i still get PS3 and VIta content for 49.99?

Sephir007 said:

November 13th, 10:54 am

Well I’m really happy for the new games on the Vita side of Plus, thank you! and I hope the browser improvements are significant, since in it’s current state is slow.

Misbik said:

November 13th, 10:54 am

Fantastic lineup! At this point the only thing preventing me from grabbing a Vita is the horribly overpriced memory cards! They could use a drastic price drop!

DracoLovesRi said:

November 13th, 10:55 am

Holy mother of pearl. But then, I expected to be impressed. I figured this to be the avenue to getting every + subscriber buying a Vita eventually.

Megadrixfire_24 said:

November 13th, 10:56 am

wow holy sh**!
was expecting a little cross ps3 psvita game for psplus vita and sony gives us like 3 full psvita games and 2 normal ones, best of all i dont have any of them!

will renew my subscription asap.

WoundedUnderwear said:

November 13th, 11:00 am

Glad I waited to get a Vita. Now is a good time for me to buy a Vita. Uncharted: Golden Abyss & Gravity Rush are mine soon. The other 3, not really interest in them. I do have backlog of huge PSOne Classics on PSN that are been waiting to be played.

saskamazon said:

November 13th, 11:00 am

what an incredible package ! this is fantastic news, especially to get Vita sales moving …. I never thought UCGA or GR would be among the IGC … I own all of these games but Jet Set & FF …. I was hoping for discounts on things like Virtua Tennis & DLC – the interstellar bundle, the GR add ons …. anyway, thrilled for the news of Vita + perks … & hopefully holiday sales will vastly increase, as for new owners, this offers AMAZING value …. jaw dropped by the bounty of offerings ! a sale on the memory cards would be well timed, & for early adopters, a welcome treat …. thanks Sony – bet there will be a lot of happy folks Christmas morning !

mpainer777 said:

November 13th, 11:01 am

Great news – now i have to go and get some more memory – Thanks again Sony

TwinDad said:

November 13th, 11:02 am


Yes. One price, Two systems. Next year, however, what games are in the Instant Game collection will (hopefully) have changed.

Joey-Wan said:

November 13th, 11:02 am

Does the Cloud save work with PSOne classics? Just beat Castlevania: SOTN for the first time. It would be awesome if I could get that backed up.

    Don Mesa's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    November 13th, 4:33 pm

    I’m afraid the cloud saves only work on PS Vita Game Save Data

jasonstreet said:

November 13th, 11:03 am

I know you probably cant answer this but I am actually having trouble buying a ps vita. I try to support local businesses and have gone and trade in a ton of games at my local comic/gaming store over the last month and built up enough credit to buy a ps vita. I tried to buy the assassin’s creed ps vita bundle but was told they lost the warehouse to the superstorm sandy. I called sony and was told im sorry but go to gamestop they will have it. Now im being told that I cant get the call of duty ps vita bundle because small businesses are being blocked out by big places like best buy that buy up all the copies so they can use it to drive business for black friday. Is there anything sony can do to help me and smaller stores get ps vita or do i just need to spend my store credit on comics and have to start building credit at stores like gamestop that i dont even like to go to?

Skookie30 said:

November 13th, 11:04 am

You get more games then us not just plus content but basically all of your PSN store output is rather better to ours they are ping ponging content between the 2 region you got our content RE5 and we had your R&C 4 in one you have our borderlands too.

It took SCEE 5 years to get the all 3 resident evil games, it took 5 years for SCEE to get all tomb raider games even though you have it on yours for ages & even though it was made in Britain. ExCore designs.

We was promise parity with you lot so I pursue you get parity with us lot. Getting content. :D

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