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Nov 14

Nov 14

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2

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New Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Here it is.

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four24twenty said:

November 14th, 10:20 pm

(continued from earlier dog rant)….In the words of Ivan Drago “If he dies, he dies.” I will have to visit a pet store and purchase another if I like. This will form a stronger emotional connection against those damn thugs.

nielkainama93 said:

November 14th, 11:01 pm

Mind blowingly fantastic!!! cant wait to get my hands on it!

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 15th, 12:47 am

@ Nick930930

Sleeping Dogs is awesome. I’m playing through it right now.

It takes a little while to get into it, but when you start acquiring weapons, new melee maneuvers, and get further in the game to the more exciting missions, the brilliance of the game really starts to shine. The story is compelling enough, a few head-scratching moments here and there, but mostly interesting. It’s good enough that it makes you care about the characters and their welfare. Not as deeply as in Red Dead Redemption, but I wouldn’t expect any game to match that. The hand-to-hand combat sequences are satisfying, controls are responsive, and the soundtrack is amazing. My eyes lit up when I hopped on a motorcycle for the first time flipped through a couple radio stations, and DevilDriver started playing… :O

Anyway, this trailer for GTA 5 is cool. I’m looking forward to the game. :)

capice2003 said:

November 15th, 1:39 am


biggunner7 said:

November 15th, 2:20 am

Big GTA fan If you guys do a beta please invite me Love giving feedback on good games like GTA

Welmosca said:

November 15th, 4:49 am

@ BlueBl1zzard – Yeah you’re right…and I always had that in my mind too…problems with lawsuits and everything could be the major reason why they never made animals and childrens…but there are always people trying to say this and that about GTA you know what I mean?…I think they wouldn’t have problems with animals and childrens and plus would bring a lot of more reality to the game.

Nynja said:

November 15th, 7:03 am

clap clap clap clap! [ with big grin ]

The new footage looks great! Saw one of your replies saying it was all in-game footage – no pre-rendering. An amazing job for current generation of consoles. Well done on the trailer, great angles and camera work.

If I may ask, which version was on display? PC or console?

saab01 said:

November 15th, 11:15 am

Cant wait for this game Day one Purchase. I Will be at the midnight release.

california_Teddy said:

November 15th, 1:13 pm

So Far I Hear No Fat, Thin Like GTA San Andreas… :( Hopefully there will be the training centers where you can learn fighting and finishing moves. I missed that in GTA 4 also I enjoyed the many schools from driving, boating & flying. These added more style to the game. But regardless Rockstar ALWAYS sets the standards of gaming titles with open world enviroments. Thanks Rockstar! I can’t wait…

Chrish1235 said:

November 15th, 5:02 pm

Can’t wait until it comes out

Bcrazyman said:

November 15th, 5:12 pm


tusunami said:

November 15th, 8:05 pm

I just started playing gta4, never played any gta games before. All I have to say is saints row can’t touch this.

A104049 said:

November 16th, 1:12 am

Will the cars be able to be customizable like from San Andreas if not its still and awesome game and Ill still b getting a copy?

Bcrazyman said:

November 16th, 7:38 am

hey ROCKSTAR? will this game be like GTA: VICE CITY?

EL_TOPO said:

November 17th, 12:48 am

Please Addition the screen shot of the first person, and the function of a single-lens reflex camera.

GustavoGomesVR said:

November 17th, 9:21 am

Rockstar could tell us if Grand Theft Auto V will have subtitles and translations into Portuguese as in Max Payne 3?

kingunchartedudc said:

November 17th, 4:37 pm

Hi, i was wondering is gta5 going to be day 1 digital download

california_Teddy said:

November 17th, 10:36 pm

Have been reading everthing i can about this game and gettin’ all hyped up can’t wait… Read that it will mock the 1995 movie HEAT awesome movie. Hopefully this game will make use of mask and costumes as well. Ha Michael even looks like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino could be Trevor Phillips. Would love to see a GTA movie but it’s even better playing it out. Thanks again RockStar!

killerpeas187 said:

November 18th, 12:50 pm

this will be the best game 4 the nxt five years

kingunchartedudc said:

November 29th, 3:22 pm

is their any news about a new red dead redemption starn jack or 1 of his kids if he hve anyway but im really exitd 4 gta. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 FOR NEXT GEN CONSOLES.

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