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Nov 15

Nov 15

First PlayStation All-Stars DLC: Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale (For Free!)

Seth Killian's Avatar Posted by Lead Game Designer, Sony Santa Monica Studio

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Kat

What? Me again? Wasn’t I just here to let you know that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had gone gold?

Have you ever wondered what dev teams do after a game goes gold? If all is going well, often times they get down to business with DLC. And in fact that’s exactly what we have begun. I’m here today to announce the first DLC characters that will be joining the All-Stars roster: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Starhawk‘s Emmett Graves!

In addition to the signature weapons you’ll remember from his duels with the Outcasts on Dust, Emmett’s playstyle will also utilize Starhawk’s unique “Build and Battle” system, calling down help from the sky.

Kat’s approach turns gravity on its head with some mind-bending new ways to move as she positions herself for her unique brand of aerial assault. Together, they make up one of the most original duos in All-Stars.

These DLC All-Stars still have a long way to go before they’re ready to be shown off, but we wanted to let you know what the team will be working on now that we’ve gone gold with the main game, and that you can look forward to playing them… for free!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Emmett

Yes, you heard that right. We’re very happy to announce these first two DLC characters will be free to everyone for the first two weeks once they are available for download early next year.

That may sound a little tricky, so let me be clear: once Kat and Emmett are finished, we’ll put them up for download. They’ll be totally free for two weeks. The only limit is that you have a two-week window to claim the characters. Once you have Kat and Emmett, they are yours forever. That may sound like a lot to remember, so don’t worry, we’ll be back closer to their release to remind you of all these details.

Everyone at SuperBot, Bluepoint, and Santa Monica Studio has tried hard not only to make a great game, but also to keep the fans very firmly in mind, offering the most we can wherever we get the chance. So far we’ve offered exclusive free pre-order costumes, an amazing digital version for PS Vita at no cost when you buy the PS3 version, frame-accurate cross-play, and now Kat and Emmett coming soon for free!

We’ll have more information about these characters and more DLC news coming soon, so stay tuned here for more announcements, and thanks again to everyone that has supported us as we prepare to cross the finish line. Come join the party on November 20th as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale launches, and I’ll see you online!

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Jazzmasta11 said:

November 22nd, 11:06 pm

This may be a problem only I had, but I was unaware of the pre-order costumes. Is there anyway you guys would be able to throw those in a DLC somehow? The perfectionist in me hates seeing those costumes missing…

cannibus145 said:

November 23rd, 8:47 am

LOVE ME SOME KAT hope they add raven down the road

bigimpactpooch said:

November 23rd, 5:56 pm

Any chance of seeing Klonoa, crash, spyro, rayman, Abe, Tombi, LaraCroft, Lavant, and Dart since they are Sony characters? Maybe Cloud aswell XD? I’d pay with my monies

chayandiaz said:

November 23rd, 7:56 pm

I hope to see Scorpion or Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat

NestNewt said:

November 23rd, 8:09 pm

I absolutely NEED Aya Brea. Period. Pease please PLEASE!!! But from the first parasite eve, not from PE 2 or the third birthday.

slayerzack1 said:

November 24th, 10:21 am

hey seth for the dlc will there be more costumes

FLAP_Hedge said:

November 25th, 9:32 am

Will we be seeing any of the characters from the PS1 era
such as Dart from Legend of Dragoon, Serge from Chrono Cross, Crono from Chrono Trigger, Glenn from Chrono Cross (aka Frog from Chrono Trigger), Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon (maybe including some of his moves from Shadow Legacy), Gex the Gecko, Croc the Alligator/Crocodile, Aya from Parasite Eve, Cloud & Leon/Squal from the Final Fantasy series
& what about these PS2 era characters
Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Ty the Tigger from the Ty series, Toan from Dark Cloud (or maybe even all 6 characters rolled into one like a tag in/out character which will only change thier weapon move set & maybe thier Lv1 super but thier other move set would be using consumable items such as repair powder & elemental stones), Johnny from Shadow Hearts: From the New World (or any of the other characters from the Shadow Hearts series) ,& maybe Titus from Final Fantasy X
I know that a large amount of these characters are a bit of a stretch but I think that at least half to a quarter of these characters should at least be given a chance

Alastor424 said:

November 25th, 3:35 pm

I’m really hoping for Spyro and Crash.
And I REALLY want the Deadlocked armor as a skin for Ratchet.

One can dream.

championa10 said:

November 26th, 9:37 am

I like these two characters, but i still feel some of the old school characters are missing. Like Crash and Spyro! I hope they incorporate some of them in DLC. And yes, there’s barely any female characters.

Evil cole i think shoulda been how zelda/sheik was in Smash bros. Cole Macgrath should turn into him at the touch of a button. But regardless, I still love this game. Wish more saw it as popular

Toastlad098 said:

November 27th, 7:10 am

Is there any other characters that are in the minds of Sony that’ll be brought into this game, or is it hush hush right now?

iwipemy said:

November 27th, 8:39 am

As much as I love Kat and Emmet and the free download, I would have been much happier if the first DLC characters would have been 2 others. Like; Crash and Sora, maybe even Spiro.

But cheers anyway! :)

iwipemy said:

November 27th, 8:40 am

*Spyro. Sorry, typing in the dark.

Robotfan987 said:

November 27th, 5:20 pm

Kat as free DLC? You just sold me a copy here guys. Would love to see a Raven costume for her if you can swing it.

Jaypete18 said:

November 27th, 9:33 pm

Hey! Quick question; Will there be 2v2 in versus matches in the future? I don’t think there is now but i wouldnt be suprised if i just didnt know how to figure it out haha!

Also I think War or Death from Darksiders would make great additions to the game (just a thought) :D

Finally I just wanted to thank you for communicating with us; I think it is really cool that you take the time to answer our questions!!

Ripsilver said:

November 28th, 12:41 pm

I have a question regarding the exclusive costumes for pre-orders. Will it be possible, maybe in the near future, to be able to download/purchase any of these costumes? I know most people weren’t able to pre-order the game, and would like to be able to have a chance to grab these costumes.

FLAP_Hedge said:

November 28th, 6:00 pm

I just thought of (possibly) 2, 3, or 4 KH’ characters that could make it into Battle Royal
The three main Key Blade Wielders of KH: Birth by Sleep; & one of the main villians from Birth by Sleep;
the main 3 were only playable on that PSP only KH game and the same goes for all of the fights with Vanitus
I will just let this one sit for a while

okay that was long enough
Terra would mostly have melee attacks, melee commands, & some earth spells (maybe gravity & some dark commands)
Aqua would have some melee attacks, some melee commands, & a lot of spells (mostly water & bubble spells)
& Ventus would be more balanced with melee, melee commands, & spells (mostly wind, light,& air magic)
they would mostly have commands that R unique to each one of them like Terra’s dark raid (or something, it has been a while since I played so I am not entirely sure)

Pengu97 said:

November 29th, 1:43 pm

I love how Sony actually listens to fans and follows up with FREE 100% DLC after initial sales. The fact that they are ok with taking time to make us more content that wont make to much profit show just how amazing these people are! Fantastic job Seth and the All-Stars team!!!!

Pengu97 said:

November 29th, 1:45 pm

And just a little hope, in a reply earlier, Seth you responded to these to being rivals with “Hmm…” Does this mean 2 more might be released with these 2, as characters were revealed in groups of 4 before! Just a hope :P

chayandiaz said:

November 29th, 7:39 pm

Hopefully scorpion from mortal kombat will be in a dlc

Drageath2 said:

December 1st, 2:43 am

This dlc looks awesome. Small question about the preorder costume pack, could that be released as a payable dlc pack, as I know many people would like that…

SolidusSnake01 said:

December 1st, 6:00 pm

Aya Brea needs to be added as a DLC character. She’s a PS exclusive and an icon on Playstation. Please Superbot, pursue her as a character. Someone pass this along to them so maybe my favorite PS character will get added to this game.

MegaRayIII said:

December 2nd, 12:19 pm

Hey Seth, i must admit, i wasnt exciting about this game till the leaks came out (spike,ratchet,sackboy and others) i played the beta and the full game and its really fun, there two things i want to ask about:
1.since this game a brawl game, cant guests sign in by there USERS? i mean i want to play on my user since i want to lvl up, but then my friends wont!
2.since square enix greedy (cus they dont want to give us a FF char) , cant u guys ask disney to give u sora (from kingdom hearts)? i mean i would buy him even if he cost $5 dollars or more!
Thanks in advance, and thanks for this AWESOME game, really deserved the wait.
BTW this two weeks are the best weeks in my whole live, i really had fun in this game, and even some people who disliked the beta are having fun in here. the roster is AWESOME (even without crash) but still, Looking forward for the DLC characters :)

FLAP_Hedge said:

December 3rd, 10:19 pm

I was wondering if Michael Bay Movies are all about EXPLOSIONS & BLOWING **** UP
and Ratchet & Clank games are all about EXPLOSIONS & BLOWING **** UP
the same can be said about Mythbusters
would putting Insomniac, Mythbusters, & maybe Michael Bay together = a great movie about are favorite Lombax & Robot duo (provided that Insomniac is involved with the majority of the story & that Mythbusthers handle the majority of the special effects if they are necessary while Michael Bay just gets to be duck taped to a chair while having to whatch Quark’s infomerchials for even looking at the script with an intent of changing it)

BigBoyJayUSSC15 said:

December 8th, 8:47 pm

I cant wait to play with some EMMETT…. dont let us down playstation! But for other new releases, i would love to see AGENT 47 from Hitman! He would make a great character. Also i would love to see maybe a character like Cloud or Zack from Final Fantasy, or maybe a character from Ninja Gaiden, or maybe even the relentless SNAKE! And some more stages, we want this game to keep us coming back to play more and more!

BigBoyJayUSSC15 said:

December 8th, 8:51 pm

Or maybe even a character from Resident Evil!

ZeroTabitha said:

December 11th, 5:35 am

Awesome news! I loved Gravity Rush and I am so glad people love it too. Hope for more DLC characters in the future (hopes for Spyro, Crash, and Laura Croft).


December 14th, 4:50 pm

I would want to see Crash,Demios(As Character)and Solid Snake in a DLC I think playstation fans would enjoy it

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