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Nov 16

Nov 16

PlayStation Blogcast 051: One Year Older, 70 Million PS3s Wiser

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

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Firstly, I want to apologize for the lateness of this week’s Blogcast – we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Thursday afternoon publish starting next week. But I’m hoping that today’s show will be worth the wait. Not only does today’s show mark the official one-year anniversary of PlayStation Blogcast (!), it also marks two major milestones for PlayStation 3! This Saturday marks the console’s six-year birthday in the United States. And as you may have heard early this morning, PS3 has officially passed the 70 million milestone.

On today’s double-stuffed show, we celebrate those milestones in style. The always insightful Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment’s celebrated president of Worldwide Studios, reminisces on the challenges of launching PS3 in 2006 and how innovative game development drove the PS3 to global must-have status. Later, SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton stops by to provide a bird’s-eye view on PS3 and PS Vita – and even the launch of WiiU. Then PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen makes her debut appearance to discuss the evolution of PlayStation Store and PSN, even answering some long-requested questions for good measure. All are must-listens!

But we don’t stop there. Tore Blystad, game director on Hitman: Absolution and confessed PlayStation fan, stops by to answer your questions on one of this fall’s hottest PS3 releases.

Stuff We Talked About

  • Hitman: Absolution
  • PlayStation Store
  • PlayStation 3
  • SCE Worldwide Studios
  • God of War: Ascension
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
  • Puppeteer
  • Until Dawn
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    Shuhei YoshidaJack TrettonGrace Chen

    The Cast

    [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    XenonSovereign said:

    November 16th, 3:35 pm

    no more jeff rubenstein :(

    XenonSovereign said:

    November 16th, 3:35 pm

    But glad to see Jack on the blogcast!

    JacobIsHollywood said:

    November 16th, 3:36 pm

    When you say “Very special”, people expect something bigger than 70 million units sold. Can you PLEASE stop doing this crap?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      November 16th, 5:14 pm

      What, Jack, Grace, Shuhei, and 1-year anniversary aren’t enough for you?

    Kchow23 said:

    November 16th, 3:36 pm

    Wow a jam packed blogcast almost 2 hours into the podcast already and plenty of awesome interviews! Sub-real hearing from Grace Chen as well.

    jgrizzle358 said:

    November 16th, 3:37 pm

    Holy Mother of Blogcasts Batman! this is 2 and 1/2 hours!!!!! :O

    lisatsunami said:

    November 16th, 3:38 pm

    Just got the tweet, I’ll listen now. Is that Grace? Maybe all the d-bags will stop ragging so much on her since she’s attractive.

    Congrats on your promotion to head muckety-muck, Sid!

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      November 16th, 5:14 pm

      Why thank you! LMK what you think of the show.

    Butters360 said:

    November 16th, 3:40 pm

    BEAST of an Blogcast. The only thing missing is Jeff and Big Boss Kazuo Hirai-san ;)

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Nick Suttner said:

      November 16th, 5:22 pm

      Jeff isn’t totally missing. ;-)

    Asphaltum said:

    November 16th, 3:45 pm

    Hey guys, great Blogcast, kudos to you all. Your boss sounds like a great guy, you’re all very fortunate. but, can you ask him to stop being such a tight-wad with the PS1 classics and PSP games (one’s we’ve actually heard of), for the PS Vita.

    Now I’ve been there with you guys for all 3 launches (PS1, PS2, PS3, and a few weeks later for the PSP) so I’m a good customer, but I do own an Xbox 360, and I am willing to set in on fire and burn it to ashes and put the video up on U-tube and the PSN forums if you could just release Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain for the PS Vita.

    Come on guys, it’s time. Cheers, and have a great weekend.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      November 16th, 5:15 pm

      Jack’s not in charge of PSone/PSP titles :) What gets published when is ultimately the call of the IP owner, i.e. the original publisher of the game.

    Brink-2-Chaos said:

    November 16th, 3:49 pm


    Seeing_Red_Again said:

    November 16th, 3:56 pm

    Loving the Blogcast, best one yet. Could you guys ever tell Yoshida that so many of us want a Dark Cloud 3? Please!

    MarinoBrea said:

    November 16th, 3:57 pm

    Xbox 360 owned.

    erico316ecw said:

    November 16th, 4:00 pm

    I have a vita problem pls help. Error c1-6427-9 . I cannt play zen pinball and i cann use the the tropy app on the vita at all. I know this may be the wrong post forgive me for it but i been waiting 3 days to get a post that would be near the to my problem.

    SiloEyes said:

    November 16th, 4:05 pm

    Full PS3 game downloads teased for next week with amazing deals… a day after the company I work for decides they no longer need marketing and lay me off :(

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      November 16th, 5:16 pm

      I am very sorry to hear that. I suspect in one year that you’ll look back and see this as the beginning of something bigger and better.

    Katriona said:

    November 16th, 4:24 pm


    Don’t be afraid to contact tech support directly.
    I’ve emailed them about different issues and it usually only takes two or three emails to get my system back in working order.
    That problem sounds like a corruption issue. It’s possible that restoring the system will correct the issue.
    I would still contact tech support because there may be a less drastic option.

    Awesome Blogcast! Well worth sticking around for the full 2.5 plus hours and I could have sworn that I heard a little Jeff in there. ;)

    Pabloo1010 said:

    November 16th, 4:27 pm

    Sounds like that Sale coming soon could be the US version of the Playstation All Star Themed Sale!!! Can’t wait for next Tuesday.

    @13 Sorry to hear that!

    thechrono33 said:

    November 16th, 4:31 pm

    Great shows guys, and thanks! what a great week im having first i got a reply back from jeff and now i have won something! Keep up the great work!

    Godchild1020 said:

    November 16th, 4:38 pm

    @3, JacobIsHollywood,

    The delay wasn’t just about hitting 70 million PS3s sold or shipped. It was about the great guest they had on the Blog cast. The PSN sale and all the amazing this that will happen on Tuesday. Playstation All-Star Battle Royal, Persona 4 Golden and Hitman that are downloadable day one to name a few titles.

    lisatsunami said:

    November 16th, 4:48 pm

    @Sid: you asked Jack about the wii U?!! You have more cajones than I figured. Great interview. & what Jack said is spot on–the value of my PS3 continues to grow, instead of declining like most other consumer electronics. That’s why I have 3, plus 2 Vitas.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Sid Shuman said:

      November 16th, 5:17 pm

      Wow! Glad you liked the interview.

    ultratroll said:

    November 16th, 4:57 pm

    I’m a PLUS user. Most of the content i obtained with PLUS in the past appears as not purchased in the new store. If i try to access some of that content , the store says is not avaliable. Now i only can access it trough the download list, which lacks a search function. It’s a bug ?, i lost ownership of my content even being a PLUS user ?

    I have posted this question, multiple times, since the new store arrived. I have read about more people with the same issue.

    Anyone can answer me or point me in the direction fo someone who can ?

    Jackal888 said:

    November 16th, 4:58 pm

    @Grace Chen, I was looking for an item in the new store that seems to no longer be there. “War of The Monsters” PS2 game. I searched and looked but it is gone. Do we have to jump on titles as soon as they are offered ? For as they fall off the main pages it is difficult to find these titles.

    Jackal888 said:

    November 16th, 4:58 pm

    Grace Chen, I was looking for an item in the new store that seems to no longer be there. “War of The Monsters” PS2 game. I searched and looked but it is gone. Do we have to jump on titles as soon as they are offered ? For as they fall off the main pages it is difficult to find these titles.

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Grace Chen said:

      November 16th, 5:14 pm

      Try going to PS3 Games > Classics and filter by Game Type for PS2 classic. The game will appear there.

    TwinDad said:

    November 16th, 5:01 pm


    You cannot be the head Muckity Muck if you have not finished the game Journey. Seriously, in the spirit of Jeff’s past you must complete the game. Until then you must renounce your game throne.

    Awesome podcast by the way. I’m only 30 minutes in a enjoying the “shoo”.

    thebiglouie said:

    November 16th, 5:04 pm

    “Boss of games”
    Damn, that’s a bad*** title Shuhei should use that as his title.

    lisatsunami said:

    November 16th, 5:14 pm

    @Twin Dad, point well taken. Journey is a lingering experience. But at least he played Unfinished Swan (I think) & that game is also incredible. As Jack said, experiences you can only enjoy on Playstation because they encourage unique games.

    Asphaltum said:

    November 16th, 5:22 pm

    Thank-you Sid for setting me straight. Looks like the 360 will have to live for a little longer. Cheers.

    IXxHIJACKERxXI said:

    November 16th, 5:29 pm

    Is History: Legends of War Patton coming for PSN Store on the 20th????

    Kaddyshacks said:

    November 16th, 5:47 pm

    Great blogcast, guys. Lots of big names on here!

    Some feedback to Grace about the store:

    1) The sound effects aren’t as pleasing as the prior store’s. I think everything from the start-up sound to the select and return sounds were more ‘chirpy’ before, while they sound muddled, somewhat unsettling, lower tone in the new one, which can subtly effect the purchaser.

    2) I like the new search function, but I think it would be great to have the alphabetical sorting return in some form (if it’s there, I missed it). I used to look through the store by looking at the alphabetical listing categories (A – M, N – Z) but now it just lists everything in one long page, which makes it hard to find titles I may not recall the name of, or to see titles at the bottom. Some great titles could be overlooked because they have names lower on the alphabet.

    Otherwise it’s a great store design and feels very modern. The search function, the layered, flow-like display, and add-ons/etc. being included on each game page are terrific. Looking forward to the future!

    Robbie_G_lrish said:

    November 16th, 5:57 pm

    You can really tell that Shuhei Yoshida is passionate about games and their developers. I think The Puppeteer is really going to be something special. It was cool to hear that it’s going to be in 3D as I don’t think that had been mentioned before. Also, the more I hear about Until Dawn, the more interested in it I get. I think the game that it reminded Sid of was Obscure. I played Obscure: The Aftermath on PS2 and it was hilarious and fun. I couldn’t listen to the whole Blogcast though, it was too long for me.

    Sangetsu-II said:

    November 16th, 6:10 pm

    What I really want to know is whatever happend to the PS2 Classic Need For Speed: Most Wanted, that game completely dissappeard from the old store and the new store…what happended to it?…I would appreciate the answer.

    camiwaits_us said:

    November 16th, 6:14 pm

    In general i quite like the new store, however i still have not been able to figure out how to check out the weekly sales, something that was pretty easy with the previous store.

    StealthReborn-- said:

    November 16th, 7:43 pm

    Hey Nick,

    You mentioned having dinner with Mr. Yoshida, who picked up the bill? I’d imagine you spilling water on him sealed the deal for your wallet. Just teasing you! =P

    A big thank you to Grace, Jack, Mr Yoshida and everyone else for taking there own time to be a part of this awesome 1 year blogcast!


    BlueBl1zzard said:

    November 16th, 8:11 pm

    Wow really great episodes and good interviews too. And thanks Grace Chen for clearing up many of the questions/misconceptions about the PS Store, hopefully people will now be a little more appreciative and patient with these things.

    drakenbutch said:

    November 16th, 8:16 pm

    just wondering if black ops 2 come to psn store soon or maybe sometime next year?

    BlueBl1zzard said:

    November 16th, 8:19 pm

    Oh yeah Listener Question/Suggestion too:

    Can I suggest you guys add a PSBlog.Share Idea of the Week? There are many good ideas on the site that I think many people don’t know about, and featuring one on your show every week could get them some well-needed exposure. You could either choose one yourselves, or have listeners email the idea/and or their PSN ID to you guys, so people can just search for the idea or name and vote for it.

    PharmBoY044 said:

    November 16th, 8:27 pm

    Hi Grace,
    Thanks for answering all those user queries (:P). It’s really funny to finally know that there actually is a publish button that someone presses to push out the content.
    I’m glad you guys addressed the preloading functionality. As that’s already available on the EU PSN store, hopefully that makes it over to the NA PSN store very soon.

    As you requested, I have one question for you.

    1). With more and more functionality that is being pushed to the mobile and internet space, I wanted to know if we would ever be able to access and buy PSN content from a website or maybe even from a mobile app and have it pushed to the PS3 that is associated to the PSN ID that purchased that content?

    mcbuttz78 said:

    November 16th, 8:28 pm

    grace i doing wonderful job.:). di you ask the hit man dev to aloow his game to day 1 on psn. that is must.

    diibo22 said:

    November 16th, 8:51 pm

    Great cast guys!

    If there’s any way it can be looked into, I’d LOVE for my PS3 to play the “Blogcast Song” on boot up.

    Let me know?

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Nick Suttner said:

      November 18th, 6:45 pm

      That would be amazing! Not that I know of, but we should at least provide a ringtone.

    procion said:

    November 16th, 10:01 pm

    Question for madam Chen: CAN WE PLEASE HAVE OUR OLD BLUE STORE BACK? PURLEASE? Or at least the option to either stay old skool with what was once a place to hang out in alone when Home was closed, or the option let it all hang out & go new-app with this new store(the new store has queues to wait in just like the post office(not good(plus I keep getting lost in this new store, and I can’t find anything)))? PLEEEEEEEZ?

    procion said:

    November 16th, 10:31 pm

    @ Bluebl1zzard
    Well I have an idea that PS3 and the PS4 both need URGENTLY: RINGTONES OR SELECTABLE TRILLS FOR INCOMING MESSAGES. Why are you looking at me funny, it’s a good idea. Ever noticed you missed an important invite to play online because you were diverted playing City/Castle/Chef/TheVille on your Alienware R4 Aurora brand spanking new desktop and didn’t see that msg arrive six hours ago just after your daily fb social games chores/session began and now your only real friend hates you for perceived snubbing? No? Well I did…daily.
    Ever been so intent racing that the grey box incoming msg notification looks like your one friend logging in & out instead(& if you risk looking up to check that box you’ll crash & die)? Jam. I have the solution. Chimes for incoming msgs that push&push around until you finallyget it. & selectable different chimes for if you have more than 1 friend. Now just who wudda thought of that?

    dustyjack_ said:

    November 16th, 10:47 pm

    Grace Chen even made the blogcast late. She’s clearly evil.

    CZ4200 said:

    November 16th, 11:27 pm

    is the blogcast now a friday post? for the past two weeks it has been posted on friday instead of the normal thursday

      Sid Shuman's Avatar

      Nick Suttner said:

      November 18th, 6:46 pm

      Thursday is always the target, it just gets delayed some weeks due to extenuating circumstances. Such as this week’s massive guest line-up.

    twiztedwicked1 said:

    November 17th, 12:10 am

    First of all let me say kudos to SONY for finding the time to allow us a chance to leave comments via our ps3’s. Second, I was told red dead redemption was coming free to ps+ members this month by a game stop employee. Is there any truth in that? and finally, WHERE IS KEVIN BUTLER? WE WANT KEVIN BACK!

    twiztedwicked1 said:

    November 17th, 12:12 am

    o and the video reads “Problem Playing Media
    You may need to update your browser or update your Flash plugin or the media format may be unsupported by this player.” the PS3 is long over due for a flash player update

    CZ4200 said:

    November 17th, 12:18 am

    oh and if you feal like doing the math 365/7 is aproxamitaly 52 weeks starting to lean to 53 weeks

    Elvick_ said:

    November 17th, 12:31 am

    @41: Sued by Sony. Don’t expect him back.

    Nerroth said:

    November 17th, 1:13 am

    Great way to mark the Blogcast’s anniversary; it’s only apt that, since I started tuning in after I got a Vita earlier this year, that I’m typing this comment on a certain type of OLED screen!

    I have to agree with one contibutor to the blogcast in particular; Valkyria Chronicles 3 would be quite welcome to see in the US (and up here in Canada, too).

    Not least since it would go well with the Complete Artworks book for VC3 which UDON will be releasing in North America in the not too distant future…

    Elvick_ said:

    November 17th, 1:14 am

    Well, thanks for saving me money. Tired of getting errors trying to buy stuff in the pos store. Can’t be arsed. Adios impulse. Hope PSN sales tank because this trash store update. Fix it.

    BlueBl1zzard said:

    November 17th, 5:58 am

    @procion That’s not a bad idea, if you didn’t already submit it to blog.share you should

    Carl-G said:

    November 17th, 6:00 am

    I bet you Micro$oft will now say the Xbox 360 has sold 80 million now :D :D :D Well done SONY anyway;) It’s been a hard time getting there with all the internet hate against SONY & the brilliant Playstation brand. Thank god most people still have a brain & can see the PS3 is a brilliant games console just like the PS1 & PS2 before it! :P

    ProfessorAnatil said:

    November 17th, 6:39 am

    @40 (CZ4200) The very first sentence states that it’s going to be back to it’s regular day of Thursday starting next week. “Firstly, I want to apologize for the lateness of this week’s Blogcast – we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Thursday afternoon publish starting next week.”

    The last 2 being pushed back are perfectly understandable, Jeff Rubinstein’s last day and then the one year anniversary for the blogcast.

    I know this show will be great, just have to get the time to be able to listen to it. Here’s to at least another year of PS3 and the blogcast.

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