The Drop: Week of November 19th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of November 19th 2012 New Releases

On PS3 and as a Cross-Buy title on PS Vita this week, PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale is a brawler on the PS3 like nothing that has come before it. From Kratos to Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth to PaRappa the Rapper, PlayStation characters from all over the gaming spectrum are brought together in a fighting adventure that’s both easy to play, and hard to master. The game plays out across static and interactive Sony themed environments, and features local multiplayer support as well as the ability to take the battle online for competitive multiplayer action.

On PS Vita and on PSN as a digital download, with an overall Metacritic score of 90 and a multitude of “Editor’s Choice” and “Best Of” awards, Persona 4 stands as one of the finest games ever made, delivering many dozens of hours of enthralling storytelling, immensely satisfying combat, intricate party management, and addicting Persona collection and customization. Now, Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita offers an enhanced and expanded portable version of the highly acclaimed original!

Enjoy this week The Drop.

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

(Also on PS Vita/PSN Download) — PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is free-for-all brawler showcasing the best and brightest of PlayStation’s characters and worlds. From Kratos to Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth to Parappa the Rapper, Sony characters from all over the gaming spectrum are brought together in a fighting adventure that’s both easy to play, and hard to master. Take the battle online for competitive multiplayer action, or go head to head with a group of friends on the couch and prove once and for all who’s really the best!

Hitman: Absolution (Also on PSN) — Hitman: Absolution follows Agent 47, a cold-blooded assassin, who takes on his most dangerous contract to date. Betrayed by those he once trusted — and now hunted by the police — he suddenly finds himself at the center of a dark conspiracy and must embark on a personal journey through a corrupt and twisted world. Boasting a cinematic story, distinctive art direction and highly original game design, Hitman: Absolution combines much-loved classic gameplay with features never seen before in the Hitman franchise.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Also on PSN) — In Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, gamers will play as Mickey Mouse and for the first time ever, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit — Walt Disney’s first cartoon star — in an all-new adventure of creativity and discovery. The game returns Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Wasteland, an alternate world filled with 80 years of forgotten Disney characters and theme park attractions. Now, Mickey and Oswald must join forces as true partners — Mickey with his magical paint brush that wields paint and thinner, and Oswald with his powerful remote control that allows him to command electricity. Unleash the power of creativity in an epic battle to save this magical world of Wasteland and change it forever in this heroic adventure!

Sonic & All-Stars: Racing Transformed (Also on PS Vita Update: PS Vita version hits 12/11) — Sonic the Hedgehog and all the rest of SEGA’s great cast of characters hit the road again in this sequel to the hit racing game. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed offers convertible vehicles, brand new characters, and killer All-Stars moves! Following on from the huge success of Sonic & SEGA All-Star’s Racing, the characters now have their own unique transforming vehicles designed to take advantage of the varying terrain. The line-up on the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed grid sees SEGA favorites — including Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr Eggman and AiAi — return to battle against newcomers that include Gilius Thunderhead of Golden Axe and Vyse of Skies of Arcadia.

Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game — Let your imagination soar in Rise of the Guardians as you play as the all magical, powerful, and immortal Guardians from the DreamWorks Animation film. As North, Bunnymund, Tooth, and Sandman, each player has their own set of upgradable and never-before-seen extraordinary abilities to help you take on the evil spirit “Pitch” and his infectious nightmares. With drop-in-and-out multiplayer for up to four players, cool team attacks, and an arsenal of spellbinding moves, you and your team of Guardians will protect the hopes, beliefs and imaginations of children all over the world!

History’s Legends of War: Patton — In this epic turn-based strategy game you will follow the paths of General Patton during WWII, leading your troops to battle while traversing Western Europe’s devastated land. Gain prestige points and use them to enhance your army, acquiring advanced weapons and gear. Play through four different types of missions: Attack, Defense, Infiltration, and Sabotage. From the French beaches to Belgium, you will have to prove your worth as a member of Patton’s Third Army, and fight for victory!

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (Also on PSN) — Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse utilizes the talented voice cast and writers, authentic humor and subversive spirit of the Family Guy series, giving fans a whole new way to interact with their favorite show. The game features a completely original story that sends the guys back through the Multiverse on a mission to stop Bertram. The game also featuers extra challenge levels, multiplayer maps, costumes and unlockable characters as well as a co-op mode.

Persona 4: Golden (PS Vita)

Persona 4 Golden for PlayStation Vita offers an enhanced and expanded portable version of the highly acclaimed original! Visuals have been beautifully remastered to take advantage of the PS Vita’s crisp, vibrant 5″ OLED display. The game’s aural presentation is better than ever, with 1.5 times the voiced dialogue of the original release. A new online dungeon rescue feature allows users to call on other players for assistance when they are about to die in the TV world. Persona 4 Golden is also overflowing with new content: new Personas to collect; new story events along with an all-new character; stunning new anime cutscenes, which include a new opening animation with a new song from master composer Shoji Meguro; a host of fan-suggested tweaks and changes, and much more! Persona 4 Golden is far more than just a handheld version of an all-time classic: it’s the best way to experience it yet!

Jet Set Radio (PS Vita) — The government is attempting to silence the kids of Tokyo, but with their Overdrive Magnetic-Motor Skating Shoes, the cops will have to catch ’em first. The Jet Set Radio program keeps the kids unified and inspired to fight for their rights of expression, which includes graffiti art. Grab your spray cans and design your own piece on one of the immense walls in the 3D, interactive city. You might be forced to protect your territory from adversaries that want to take over your neighborhood. Join up with like-minded hip individuals that will help you keep your area the way you want it. The cops will be after you too, so you’ll have to be quick. The 10 cartoon-style characters are pumped up with polygons so they come alive in 3D. Uniqueness is key to these kids and each character stands apart with exclusive abilities and style. They like to show off too, and with 18 missions, there’s plenty of time to impress. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s definitely funky.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning — An open-world action RPG, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is set in Amalur, a rich and deeply immersive world underpinned by 10,000 years history, created by 22 time New York Times bestselling author, R.A. Salvatore. Immersing players in a rich, living, breathing open-world dripping with magic and rife with danger, underpinned by strong storytelling, Reckoning lets players define their destiny as they engage in intense action combat while exploring the huge, vibrant and varied world of Amalur as envisioned by the visionary creator of Spawn and acclaimed artist, Todd McFarlane.

Designed by open-world RPG legend Ken Rolston, Reckoning offers players unparalleled choice in a world of infinite possibility. Together, the visionaries and development team behind Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are creating a game that aims to forever change the RPG genre.

Tom Clancy’s Endwar — From 2011 to 2014, the world enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace as enhanced defense technology eliminated the threat of nuclear war. It didn’t last. By 2020, constant depletion of resources has international tensions at a breaking point. One spark will ignite what no one thought could ever happen … a third and final world war. World War III comes to life in Tom Clancy’s EndWar.

Sine Mora (PS3/Vita) — Sine Mora is an innovative shooter which mixes traditional side-scrolling gameplay with unique time manipulation mechanics. Sine Mora takes advantage of the newest in 3D display technology to deliver an horizontal side-scrolling shoot-em-up experience unlike any other thanks to its unique twist on bending time.

F1 Race Stars — F1 Race Stars is a fast-to-the-fun arcade racing game for all ages featuring official FORMULA ONE cars, teams and circuits as they’ve never been seen before. F1 Race Stars will take players on a world tour of iconic FORMULA ONE locations, including Monaco, Silverstone and the new Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas, recreated as fantastical racing circuits built for speed and wheel-to-wheel competition. Friends and family can share the fun too; F1 RACE STARS will deliver 4-player split-screen racing and 12-player competition alongside an extensive career mode featuring a number of Championships.

Clan of Champions — Clan of Champions is a hardcore multiplayer action game. You will choose from 3 different characters – human, elf, or orc – and take on missions, each of which is different in content and length. You can either play by yourself or with other players in co-op mode, and up to 3 players can play simultaneously online. There is also a 3 vs 3 team battle mode where you can fight with, and against, your friends. There will be a large amount of DLC for additional quests, items, and weapons for the future.

More PSN Downloads

  • The Walking Dead: Episode 5 – No Time Left
  • Elminage Original (PSP/PS Vita)
  • Doom Classic Collection


  • DMC (Devil May Cry)
  • Sine Mora (PS3/PS Vita)


  • Jetpack Joyride

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • @70, luvtoseek – thanks for the info. Looks interesting, and may grab it Tursday, depending on price. Need a bigger Vita card!

  • Oh sorry guys about the source info here it is…I had to go and find it and remind you all of a epic release!

  • Please, give us some news on Guilty Gear…

  • wait i get persona 4 golden since i have ps plus

    Sorry about the delay of the source…I had to go and find it!

  • Sorry aout the double post I thought it didn’t go through!

  • zGrandpaGamer

    On the blogcast they said that the Resistance series was going to be in this week’s update, was it a mistake or was it taken out.Could you please let us know thanks.

  • Getting Persona 4 in the mail tomorrow, and will be buying both Sine Mora and Jet Grind HD on Vita.

    Happy day!

  • zGrandpaGamer

    Oh and Rey they said the collection with all DLC, theres alot of people waiting for an answer thanks

  • joefranco85

    holy mother of god, I need a taste of DMC right now!!
    P4G and Jet Set Radio will be added to my vita library immediately.

  • The_Dukenator

    @96 Possibly Doom 1 & 2.

  • The_Dukenator

    The Walking Dead comes out to disc next month containing all 5 episodes.

  • Will All-Stars have one of those 60-minute trials for Plus members?

  • zGrandpaGamer

    One more question,when is the PSN store going to fix the prices of the games. On average their 20 dollars more expensive than retail sometimes more for example a game like brothers in arms hell’s highway is 30 dollars on the PSN store and at gamestop it’s 8.99 and on a game like dead space 2 if you buy it at retail it’s 12.99 including extraction. I would love to buy games from the PSN and have them on my hard drive but the price difference is way to big

  • hey what about the resistance collection?

  • Hi, just noticed the arrival of Doom Classic Collection on PSN… They will have a separate trophy list from the BFG Edition of Doom 3 (wich includes the classic games, and they have trophies)??

  • zGrandpaGamer

    @dover12. You know that he is not going answer that’s Rey’s M.O. they will say later that releases are subject to change bla bla bla we will have an update as soon as possible.

  • BlackOpsChampion

    Yes, Sony you should come out with Uncharted collection on the network, a lot more sequels too, the killzone trilogy I don’t see yet, but I know it’s in the works. The Resistance collection should already be in the PSN already, there’s alot of good titles all over playstation you can use, like some of the games that’s already out in stores you’ll already have in the PS store (that say disc only), you guys could have put them in the PS store to expand the new PS store, I know you’ll can do it. By the way I love the new PS store, but you guys need to look at the prices in gamestop and lower your prices to meet their’s, pre-owned prices at gamestop should go to playstation plus users, Why not corner the market :)

  • Sine Mora for Vita finally!!! AND Jet Set! really awesome.

    Now if we get some news on Warrior’s Lair, I’d be a happy cookie :)

  • onslaughtree

    Resistance collection is slated for a 12/4 retail release…..Killzone collection is already on retail shelves, so is God Of War Trilogy. I think sony stated before that because of the size of the collection game files, they see it better as to release those on a retail Blu-Ray….

  • The_Dukenator

    @They might use the same trophy list as in Doom 3 BFG edition.

  • zGrandpaGamer

    @116 On the blogcast they stated that the Resistance collection was being released on the PSN tommorow with all DLC listen to the blogcast and see for yourself.

  • pauloeladio

    Where is the pdf/kindle reader app for ps vita? What’s the problem with Sony?

  • King’s Field for PSone Classics PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  • NashTheSlash

    Wow, that is one monster release week! Persona 4 is a must buy. I will probably buy AllStars and at least one other based on demos/videos/etc.

  • Where is Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath for the Vita? Not to mention how about making all the Crash Bandicoot games playable on the Vita!

  • @122: Japan has the Sony reader app. Or it was at least announced while ago. Not sure if it came out yet..

  • MrWellingtonBR

    Jet Set Radio :)

  • @125: Follow them on facebook (Oddworld Inhabitants or Just Add Water), they talk about it and tend to answer questions asked on their pages.

  • Persona!!!

  • Can we get a single detail about the digital version of Black Ops 2 if one is planned… at all… ?

  • YorlecmNwahs

    Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get Patapon 3 PSVita Compatible”

    Click on the second result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • Great update!!! I’m definitely getting the new Hitman game i’ve been waiting for it a while now and i might pick up the Family Guy game too,hope theres a demo for it so i can try it out first. Hope you guys will have black friday deals on psn

  • Here we go Hitman…can’t wait….oh a demo of the fail DmC….gotta check that out.

  • so hitman absolution on psn network tomorrow?


    cant wait for hitman
    speaking of hitman sony should re-release all the hitman in hi-def that would be epic :P

  • xxnike629xx

    Sony! Can you bring Grandia II, Grandia III, and Grandia Xtreme to the US PS Store?

  • Kingdoms of Amalur. YES!

  • PrinceofXIII

    i was actually planning on getting HItman Absolution, but i canceled my order since i still have a lot of games i need to finish.

    PSABR hmm will wait for complete edition.

    Persona 4 Golden and Jet Set Radio Vita get HYPE!!!!,

    finally Sine mora is here and DMC let’s see if you can walk the talk Ninja Theory

  • iluvwobbuffet

    The Walking Dead. That is all. <3

  • Growllanser

    Wow! What great games! Just kidding. I’m mad. I’m darn mad. Where the hell is Guilty Gear? November is almost over and you still haven’t given the green light to put it on the network. What gives? I just might set a PS3 on fire in order to make a statement. Gun Flame!

  • Yes again 2 more PS Vita games incoming I’m so happy to see the games coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A mistake on my recent post, Yes again 4 more PS Vita games incoming I’m so happy to see the games coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oops it’s 5 PS Vita games coming out.

  • what gives sony. i thought PSASBR was supposed to release at 12:01(EST) for those who pre-ordered?

  • Iteration7294531

    P4: Golden (also have the Solid Gold edition on preorder) and finally, finally Sine Mora. For me, as good of a deal as PS+ for Vita is, and as much as I was looking forward to the announcement a few weeks ago, I think the imminent release of Persona 4 AND the out-of-nowhere announcement of Sine Mora trumps it.

    Also, Dungeon Defenders is amazing. Glad this is free for PS+, as everyone needs to play this game.

  • skylitxrogue

    If u buy Playstations all-start battle royal for the vita, would i also get it for the Ps3?

  • Will hitman be available for download the same day?

  • ok psn lets see last week your blog didnt define if black ops was on the store but this week it say that hitman will be up on the psn but yet if you go check the actual store it says disc only?what gives?

  • danielfelipe360

    Why is Hitman sayind DISC ONLY?

    I thought it was gonna be on PSN, already bought my PSN U$60 cards!!!

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