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Nov 20

Nov 20

PlayStation All-Stars: The Battle Royale Begins Today!

Omar Kendall's Avatar Posted by Game Director, SuperBot Entertainment

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3 and PS VitaPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3 and PS Vita

Throughout its almost 20-year history, PlayStation has allowed us as players to explore new worlds, triumph over adversaries, and realize our dreams of rapping superstardom. Three years ago, SuperBot Entertainment, BluePoint Games, and Sony Santa Monica Studio set out to create a game that pays tribute to the amazing memories we as PlayStation fans have all experienced together. Today is the day that we’re able to share that game with you. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has arrived!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a celebration of the PlayStation history: its characters, its universes, and most importantly, its fans. And what better way to celebrate that with some good old-fashioned butt-kicking! In PlayStation All-Stars, up to four players can simultaneously control any of the 20 great PlayStation characters featured on our roster, including Kratos from God of War, Nathan Drake from UNCHARTED, Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Big Daddy from BioShock, and Dante from DmC Devil May Cry, and fight it out brawler-style on one of our 14 levels, each one created by mashing up two PlayStation worlds — like the topsy-turvy world of LocoRoco mixed with the war-torn battlefields of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

While our Versus Mode, which pits player against player (against player, against player) will undoubtedly provide endless memorable experiences, venture into Arcade Mode to find out what brings all of these great characters together into one crazy world. And if you’re strong enough, discover what it’s like to face the oldest and most powerful PlayStation All-Star, Polygon Man. Or, head over into the Combat Trials Mode to learn the ins and outs of the Battle Royale combat system. Insight into the various fight mechanics and individual character instructions come together in the form of a fun yet educational mode. And when you’re ready, jump online to challenge the world in either our Tournament or Quick Match Modes, which offer what we feel is an online multiplayer experience virtually indistinguishable from offline play.

Available on both PS3 and PS Vita (digital and retail), PlayStation All-Stars takes full advantage of the interconnectivity between the two platforms via Cross Play, allowing players to battle it out against one another on either device. Owners of both a PS3 and PS Vita can even transfer their saves from one machine to the other, allowing PlayStation All-Stars to be played wherever the fans want to play it. And best of all, if you purchase the PS3 version of the game, you get the PS Vita version at no extra cost! There’s no reason not to take advantage of such a great deal. As a friendly reminder, in order to redeem your digital PS Vita copy form the PS3 on-disc benefit, you’ll need to ensure your PS3 system is updated to the latest firmware, version 4.31.

Today marks the start of a great adventure for us – one in which we as developers get to celebrate with you as the fans. We couldn’t have made this game without you, and I hope you all enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it. See you online!

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ProjectSeoul said:

November 20th, 3:42 pm

Seems like people still didn’t see how to resolve the costume issue but if you look at my post 78:

@ Anyone having problems getting their pre-order costumes via digital pre-order.
Go to the store, find the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal Pre-Order page. Click Add to Cart. Select the version that is “Free” so that you can add to your cart again. From there go through the purchase flow and you will see the costumes in your download list!

LshadowsK said:

November 20th, 4:00 pm

some one please help!! i pre order in the ps store in saturday and i get the special theme and the ps vita version and the ps3 version BUT!!! i pre order for the costumes and i dont have any code or something and im not the only one what do we need to do to get the costumes help please /:

bocahfooty said:

November 20th, 4:03 pm

@ProjectSeoul that only worked to add the Vita version to my download list. Tried it again and still no costume, so no.

ProjectSeoul said:

November 20th, 4:18 pm

Hrmm, that worked for me and everyone else so far. You purchased before 11/20 12AM EST correct?

igorkop said:

November 20th, 4:24 pm

I don’t have access to the costumes yet, I ordered the game this morning around 9AM EST for the Vita through the PSN.

I thought we also get the costumes if we order the game through the PSN on the day it comes out.

treeus123 said:

November 20th, 4:27 pm

Im pissed of!!!! I pre-ordered my vita version and tried to put in the costume voucher and it WILL NOT LET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody Better help!!! AND QUICK!!!! #PISSEDTFO!!!!

bocahfooty said:

November 20th, 5:15 pm

@ProjectSeoul yeah I preordered it a week ago from the PS3 Store. Do you have a Vita? Probably your solution only works for the costumes in the PS3 version?

ProjectSeoul said:

November 20th, 5:25 pm

@ bocahfooty

Yeah I pre-ordered via the PS3 and downloaded there. I have a Vita, after I ran through my PS3 store again it added the costumes to my download list for both my PS3 and PS Vita.

I think my buddy was having problems as he only has Vita but pre-ordered at a work PS3.

Its really unfortunate that they don’t really respond very well after the first page…

cman199 said:

November 20th, 5:58 pm

Im having sound issues all stars has no sound and the volume in options is turned all the way up

Rigglie said:

November 20th, 6:10 pm

Omar, what would you think of a character from Persona 4 in Playstation allstars battle royale as DLC?

PrinceofXIII said:

November 20th, 6:10 pm

will wait for Complete Edition :P

tusunami said:

November 20th, 7:14 pm

Yes I have my digital copy can’t wait to play game on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BALBINO1592 said:

November 20th, 7:18 pm

I hope you guys don’t make something like Capcom launching Super Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 after many fans bought the first versions of the games launching new characters and other things. I really hope you do that with DLCs, it’s less painful.

ProjectSeoul said:

November 20th, 7:25 pm

I hope Clockw0rk or someone makes a guide book w/ frame data, combos, and some advanced tactics, then i’ll be a really happy camper!

Carlos23 said:

November 20th, 8:36 pm

I bought the Copy o. pre Order and didnt get my costumes… Only a PS Allstars PS3 THEME…. :/

Also the GAME is AMAZINGLY FUN… Congrats superbot for the great job.

I know there are a LOT of characters that are not in the game. this is your First game, Now you know it worked and that people loved it. For PSAllstar 2 i hope we get Final Fantasy characters and Alucard from castlevania and the rest of the Sony crew character that are missing…. More Stages and a more Polish menu and a Good Character story Intro scene like the one we get at the final Rivals…. I dont mind the drawing for the story but if you are going to go with that then i guess that the “”iNFAMOUS game Comic Book Drawing style”” really suits the game design Better. At least on the Story of the game for each character…. TAKE NOTE ON THAT SUPERBOT!! ;)

Carlos23 said:

November 20th, 8:37 pm

Also a Mission Mode would be pretty sick in the game, besides the Arcade story, Make Mission Modes where you use each characters and start playing like a mini game(2D Metroid Style) defeating robots and enemies, passing levels and unlocking new gatgets for the game ITEM Fights…..Etc.

You have the Formula… Now just expand it…. All the team used the time to develop the Formula… Now for PSAllstars 2 you can use the Time to EXPAND Ideas, Perfectionise… Add more CONTENT to the game…


Pukerat said:

November 20th, 9:04 pm

I’m going to have to pass until I see a game of the year edition. I just can’t bring myself to buy the game when I know more content is coming at a later date. That’s why I hate DLC. I’m already spending money out the arse for college. It’s nothing personal against the game or the company–it’s against the idea of DLC.

Plus, I’m not terribly impressed with the roster. I’ll talk with my money once a game of the year edition comes out. If a GOTY doesn’t come out, then I’ll put my money elsewhere.

NotoriousGamer said:

November 20th, 9:13 pm


Read it Mr Kendall. Are you guys at SBolt serious???? leaving out Solid Snake in a PlayStation all star brawler???? Ridiculous. I refuse to play the game.

Thanks for Raiden though (slap to MGS fans).

You guys are soooooooo unbelievable. Even Nin had solid snake in theirs. You guys are silly.

KazeEternal said:

November 20th, 9:23 pm

How do you Transfer your game save from the PS3 to the Vita. The Users manual has no information and I can’t find anything that seems to jump out and say “HEY STUPID SAVE COPYING HERE!”

KazeEternal said:

November 20th, 9:36 pm

allright scratch that last one, just sign in and all is well. However my trophy data is different between the two versions now ><.

Zezzler said:

November 20th, 10:52 pm

Thank you SuperBot and everyone involved in this marvelous game.
I’ve been playing it for a few hours straight now, and still want to play more!

The amount of content in this game is baffling, and a pleasant surprise. I’m also a big fan of the tournaments/seasons mechanic, although, I would love to see it expand into 1v1 somewhere along the line too.

But my very, VERY minuscule issues aside, this a fantastic game, and anyone who enjoys video games (not even just PlayStation gamers) should play this game.

You’ve all outdone yourselves and deserve massive praise.
Rest well heroes, you’ve done well in the world.


November 20th, 11:39 pm

Im havin a BLAST w/ the game right now (especially for free on my Vita!!) So i just wanna thank the team and everyone who pitched in on making something for the fans.

Im born and raised PlayStation, starting with the Interactive CD Sampler back in 97 lol :) It got me hooked and ive been along for the ride ever since! I know these characters and franchises more than anyone i know and cant wait to see whats next…

Would be cool if we could unlock dev inteviews or classic footage of where these rich and diverse characters came from for nostalgic purposes, or mini game trivia at load screens. I just want everything that means PlayStation all in one place! :)

Thanks again guys, now back to the game!

Solidus0101 said:

November 21st, 12:02 am

Having a smashing good time as Drake and Heihachi. Got a question thought: How do I share my progress between the PS3 and the Vita?

vonhammer said:

November 21st, 3:59 am

Found out more MP info,and it sounds ok.

I did have an idea after reading it.Doubt it’ll be patched,but if there is a sequel it could be a fun mode.

It would be a Kill Zone style Warzone mode.
For example if you set it to stock mode,every life lost by a player would change the game mode.So you could start with a 4 player FFA.Then it switches into 2v2 with low AP and a high weapon count,but the only weapon is a fish.Lvl 3 kills only with high AP.Into a 3v1 assassination mode were the 3 get low AP no weapons vs the one with a weapon.


November 21st, 4:19 am

I have not purchased the game yet for ONE reason and it is major where is the love in the presentation. This is a Sony game not Nintendo. This has to have the love and care of Grand Turisimo. I am so disappointed with the videos that I have seen. Look I saw Max (Yo videogames) do his tutorial and was appalled. Please patch this game immediately. Sometimes you think that this was done because maybe there are not enough fans in house at Superbot. Look Mario is nothing. He has no character, no depth… no nothing. You have characters with actual stories and real universes that tell tales. Sony has games not mascots so you have to give proper fan service. Where are the covers for all the games in the gallery with the 3d models with the dates of each game in the respective series. Where is the love? We should have known that if Crash was not in the game that this project would be mailed in from a FANS point of view. As a designer from what Max showed this games gameplay is sick. But where is the love for the fans?


November 21st, 4:28 am

Also on the Nintendo front Link and Mario have Miyamoto gameplay attached and that is what makes those games special and stand out NOT the characters. No one cares about Mario in a deep way it is the gameplay that people are so fond of. Look the PS characters have way more personality almost all are voiced save Crash. Japan is not going to really go for this and I know that is why Kat is ready for launch there for sure to help this game overseas. Crash is the only Sony character that sold well over there so he needs to be in by then. The menus, fonts etc.. need to be stylized and up the resolution on everything from what I have heard. The Japanese logo should have been the real logo for this game and more Sony gold standard ala PS1 start up screen presentation for this game. You cannot give this fighting game regular generic fighting game stuff like barebones UMVC3 this has to be the Grand Turisimo of fighting game presentation. This game represents the whole of Playstation.


November 21st, 4:41 am

This game should shine like gold. Every character should have a 3d model which can be viewed like Tekken, UMVC3 and the like BUT you should have a developer write on the character. the covers of all the games in the series in HD, press a button to see taunts that have been unlocked etc… Music from respective franchises should be in the background for each character. Omar you said that those were not the final menus for the game so…. what happened? We expect classy stuff from Sony look at any of their games and you can see pure care put into every aspect of the game from loading screens in GoW, KZ2, Uncharted, Resistance,Sly, Infamous, Ratchet, Jak to music, to voice acting. Here is the thing, who is the forerunner in production values this generation of the console makers? Hands down Sony can’t be touched in overall quality of first party titles. Remember that this is a Playstation game not some UMVC3 barebones endings or MK Arcade mode barebones {story mode made up for everything :)}. This is Sony’s fighting game. The ingame is not all there is EVERYTHING especially for this game matters and MUST shine.

Symbiote-22 said:

November 21st, 6:11 am

Hey all,

I bought the Playstation Vita version today and im having a blast with it.
After a few hours of offline smashing and bashing i tried to play online but when i try to connect i get this error message:

An erro has occured.

After i press oke i get the message that i haven’t accepted the usertermsagreement and because of that all online fuctions have been disabled.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

PS: My systems language is set on dutch so this is just a translation, hopefully a good one :P

pscoolman said:

November 21st, 7:29 am


MookyDuzIt said:

November 21st, 8:32 am

Does the disc benefits give me the costumes?

I don’t have a vita so downloading the disc benefits would be obsolete otherwise.

Can anyone give me a hand with getting the DLC costumes? =S

KidCommando said:

November 21st, 8:37 am

Played the game a lot yesterday and it is mad fun. There are a bunch of characters I haven’t even tried out yet.

This game is on fire!

Tekn0tize said:

November 21st, 10:23 am

Just a quick update. The UK PSN store still does not allow downloading of the Alternate costumes for PS3 (allows for PS Vita though).

Would be cool if SuperBot/Sony fix this issue for EU PSN users too! :)

Delfos28 said:

November 21st, 11:15 am


mickmaxamizer17 said:

November 21st, 7:38 pm

Im the best with Colnel Radec and Sly Copper wondering who you are best with Omar???

mickmaxamizer17 said:

November 21st, 7:39 pm

Delfos its on the recpiet cant spell today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick_Rinke said:

November 22nd, 1:47 am

I LOVE THIS GAME! Thank you so much SuperBot for making a fantastic game! I will not stop playing this game it’s so much fun.

antper08 said:

November 22nd, 9:37 am

Hey Omar Kendall,

I’m having some issues with the PS3 and Vita version. In the PS3 version when playing online ranked match the game becomes slow, meaning that it takes longer for characters to enter the arena. Also, when I launched an attack it takes longer to do it and sometimes it doesn’t even do it. Characters disappear from the screen, and when the battle ends it takes longer to get to the score screen. It’s like some kind of glitch I believe. Oh not to forget that the clock in the battle flickers a lot and doesn’t quite show the remaining time of the battle.

For the vita version so far I can’t access a player’s profile in the global leader board, and if accessed with luck the game freezes.

ALEX87PS said:

November 24th, 2:22 pm

I can’t seem to get my pre-order costumes for my VITA version.

Can you help me?

I preordered my PS3 retail copy and got my free VITA version, and my PS3 pre-order costumes work fine, but no VITA pre-order costumes :(


November 25th, 1:41 am

I hope that Superbot is not ignoring these posts because the complaints above still stand. Please patch the game to make it a more professional release. I bought the Vita version and do not understand what the unlocks are for. I mean minions make sense and LARGE CHARACTER art that can be seen would be nice but lo and behold it is some lo res little picture that I can barely make out. PATCH THIS GAME. Character models cannot be seen and the bios are seperate from the character taunts etc…. I don’t know this game needs a menu overhaul and the pictures need to be hi res so that we can pinch and enlarge and gawk at our unlocks. I mean seriously. We would love to see the costume enlarged on the Vita take cues from Tekken 6 PSP model viewer or even SFXT Vita especially.


November 25th, 1:50 am

Now for the encouraging Way to go on the gameplay side of things. Superbot you made a fantastic fun fighter. Really works in 1v1 too which is a feat that you should be commended for. Outstanding job on the ingame models, music, stages, powerups just really well done and up to what we would expect from SCE studio. This game is back to SF2 and Tekken series where each character just plays so different and you have to make decisions on how you plan out using your supers effectively. I will be spending alot of time on this game and I know that my first platinum will come from this game because I do find the game a lot of fun. However, Superbot overhaul everything for the Japanese release. Who cares about the cover on the game box? Upresed art that can be zoomed no matter whether it is a icon title or background whatever let me see it up close. Overhaul on the bio and combine the bio and the customization of characters because it does not make sense them being seperate at all. Zooming in on and rotating characters in customization.


November 25th, 2:01 am

Personalize the lettering for the various characters in the game for their respective stages and names so that it looks like you guys actually tried. Upres the character tiles in the selection screen and make it more appealing visually. Game fonts for all the characters names in the game and when their stages come up. Put some effort in the little things because yes the biggest thing was nailed but for what we got from what was said seems like you guys did not have the time or something to put in the polish. I did support the effort however we the fans want this game to do well because gameplay wise it is good but the presentation is amateurish for a game that represents the PS brand like no other game before it. This is not for you guys to do better on the next game. You sometimes only get one shot. We want to flood message boards of popular review sites and state that largest issues have been addressed. ALSO, Crash, Spyro, Snake, Cloud, Lara and Yuna or Lightning would be great for Japanese launch of this game January 31st presumably. Also having the sheen put on the game for release is NECESSARY.


November 25th, 4:59 pm

I cannot let this go. LOL! Please look at the presentation in Sonic and Allstars transformed (which I will get for Vita later this year). THAT is how you do menus and presentation in a game. Beautiful and lively. CG in PSABR fantastic and the best opening sequence I have seen and HEARD in gaming this year bar none. However, the total let down after that. Look at the amazing look of Sonic and Allstars, I mean I am a former Sega fan and they nailed EVERYTHING even in the first game look that up too. They are releasing the game on 5 platforms to boot. Please don’t look past these posts. I don’t want you guys to go down and not get sales and interest that you deserve because the ingame, intro and rival sequences are and have the type of polish that any PS fan can get behind. PATCH the GAME. GT5 did several menu patches and content patches to improve the user experience this game CAN be just as big or bigger with some refinement and EFFORT. THE LITTLE things matter. This is just like a sports team that just does the little things that make them always beat the competition. PLEASE do this for YOURSELVES and the fans. One shot is all you guys are promised believe that this is a sales driven business.

Bannen said:

November 26th, 5:41 pm

I have to tell you guys at Super Bot, I’m LOVING All-Stars so far. It’s excellent. I have had a weird thing happen a couple times, where when I’m playing an online match I end up as a character I didn’t choose, but other than that, it’s been flawless.

I’m excited about the DLC characters too. I’m not going to suggest any, but I hope there’s more where Kat & Emmett came from. Thanks again, guys.

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