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Nov 29

Nov 29

New PS Vita + PS Plus Bundle Available Next Week

Patrick Chen's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

PS Vita Plus Bundle

PlayStation Plus 1-Year Membership

To celebrate the release of PlayStation Plus on PS Vita, we are bringing you an all new PS Vita bundle just in time for the holidays. The PS Plus Instant Game Collection PS Vita Bundle is a terrific value for those of you who want to take full advantage of all the benefits and features you get with a PS Plus membership. This bundle contains everything you need to get started, including a PS Vita 3G Wi-Fi system, 1-year membership to PS Plus, a Unit 13 game voucher and a 4 GB Memory Card for only $299.99 (MSRP), a combined savings of over $99.

PlayStation Plus is the ultimate service for any PlayStation fan! Your active membership in PS Plus gives you unlimited access to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, a regularly refreshed selection of hit games to play on your PS Vita and PS3. The Instant Game Collection currently features six PS Vita favorites, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048 and more, with new games arriving every month throughout the year. If you already own a PS3, you’ll also automatically unlock 12 hit PS3 titles including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and many others at no additional cost. In addition, PS Plus offers huge discounts of up to 75% on games and add-ons in the PlayStation Store, up to 2 GB of online storage for game saves (1 GB on your PS3 and 1GB on your PS Vita), early access to betas, automatic updates and trophy sync.

Current PS Plus members can still take advantage of this amazing bundle, since the included 1-year membership can be added onto your current subscription. With so many games and bonuses that you’ll receive with your PS Plus membership, this is the perfect time for you to become a PS Vita owner.

Which title in the Instant Game Collection are you most excited about?

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lyfestory said:

November 29th, 9:24 am

I do like the Vita and what it can do, but i agree with most everyone else.. .the memory cards/prices are a joke… you can barely fit anything on them with the digital dowloads… it drives the price of the system up that much higher and makes it harder to justify owning… Sony is not Apple, they can not have proprietary things like memory cards and expect people to eat it up like homemade apple pie… get with the program…

saintaqua said:

November 29th, 9:24 am

This is a great deal, but as someone who does own a 32gb card I would really like to see a price drop so my friends can upgrade and use plus to it’s fullest.
By next year there should be a huge cut on memory prices and maybe a larger size for people like me.
Also, up the one hundred app limit on Vita, that’s so annoying! I have tons of games downloaded that I can’t use, (most minis that I don’t care about) but I have some PSone and PSP games I want to add as well.

Monterossa said:

November 29th, 9:25 am

I’ll buy it if it allow me to connect to TV and play on large screen.

PCGamer11 said:

November 29th, 9:28 am

This is bull crap for several reasons:

1. NOBODY wants the 3G unit, it uses crappy AT&T and can’t play ‘online’ over the network.
2. STILL over priced for what it is and the (lack of) quality of games out .
3. The 4 GB included mem card is dumb, at least put a 8GB one in for all the free PS+ downloadable games available through instant game collection.

How dumb does Sony think we are with their absurd pricing practices /rant.

aro52 said:

November 29th, 9:31 am

Instant Game Collection + 4GB memory card = DOES NOT COMPUTE

Well played Sony; well played.

letherclad said:

November 29th, 9:36 am

4GB is not enough space if you’re going to have PS+, so people are probably going to be frustrated with this bundle.

I’ve had my Vita since day one, I happily bought the 32GB memory card and I love it, it was worth every penny for me but you guys really need to rework the pricing for the memory cards to make it more accessible.

FORMIK said:

November 29th, 9:38 am

This is a good bundle…but would be great if it:

– included at least an 8GB card, but come on – just make it 16 or 32. Most everything portable these days worth its weight in salt has at least 16GB, and they don’t run games as their primary function.

You could break even by offering the WiFi version, and even holding off on Unit 13. It’s a good game, sure, but could be released later on PS Plus and besides – there’s plenty of solid games offered with the year of PS Plus service.

BlueBl1zzard said:

November 29th, 9:38 am

I also got my vita day one and love this thing so much! Anyone saying there’s a lack of quality software on the vita must have not played one or even knows what one is. I do believe sony may be including only a 4GB memory card to try to boost sales of their other cards (knowing people will have to upgrade). But I do agree with most of the other commenters that they need to at least lower the prices on them, I didn’t even see black friday sales for them :(

Yuranium said:

November 29th, 9:41 am

nice bundle. with the free games and ps+ it save anyone enough for a 32gb memory card. or yet get a 16 gb. i bought my vita since day 1 and been happy with it since. i manage to grab a 32gb memory card on amazon for $70. just add to cart and save for later and check back everyday to see if the price drop.

Elvick_ said:

November 29th, 9:42 am

Drop the price of memory cards already. That is your real issue. Drices up the price of the system too much. Include a 4GB with all Vitas. Take the hit, it can’t be worse than failing to gain ground.

CrusaderForever said:

November 29th, 9:42 am


Great post!

Elvick_ said:

November 29th, 9:42 am

Drives* up

WilburMonkey said:

November 29th, 9:44 am

The value on this bundle is high, and I’m glad to see the 2G getting some more attention! I was beginning to think maybe SCE was giving up on 3G features. I have the 3G version but haven’t found a compelling reason to maintain the data plan. On that note, I would love a data plan that is data limited instead of time limited (i.e. “pay as you go”). Let me buy a block of data (say 1 GB) and have a reasonable amount of time (say 6 months or a year) to use it up.

I also wanted to add my voice to the throng decrying the 4GB card, and the more general problem of memory cards that are too expensive! I just upgraded my PS3 to a *terabyte* for the price of a 16 GB vita card. 16 GB SD cards are routinely under $20 these days.

At current MSRP a 32 GB vita card costs over $3 per gigabyte. So in one sense, a the digital version of a 3+ GB game (like Golden Abyss–before becoming part of the instant game collection) costs *more* (even with the PSN discount) to have around than the physical card.

onslaughtree said:

November 29th, 9:44 am

Loving my Vita right about now. I have an 16 Gig stick and have Uncharted/ Street Fighter X Tekken/ NFS:Most Wanted/ Wipeout/ Sunflowers/ Jet Set Radio/ Powerstone/ Montezuma Blitz. And that will stay my rotation untin I finish Uncharted and replace it with Gravity Rush…I do agree with most here that the 4 gig stick is not enough, I 1st had a 8gig stick and went up to my 16 Gig now….The system is awesome and so are the games. LBP is a must have for Vita owners. C’mon sony, lower the price of the memory sticks.

WilburMonkey said:

November 29th, 9:44 am


The vita is an amazing device, and this bundle (as well as the spectacular black friday bundles) make it more compelling than ever. The games are there (okay, still missing a great FPS), and several of the best are FREE with PS+. The one part of the ecosystem that feels “anti-gamer”–even exploitative–is the memory card pricing.

Get rid of the 4GB card, drop the price of the remaining cards by half, and bring in a 64GB card at the current 32GB price point. Then, in my opinion, you will have the perfect mobile gaming platform, ripe for success!

YungShep said:

November 29th, 9:51 am

@65 ohhhhhh 64gb :) that would be B3YOND!

GhostMachine1 said:

November 29th, 9:53 am

Best deal ever!

ALIEN-gunner said:

November 29th, 9:54 am

I love my Vita but this bundle shows how out of touch and greedy Sony can be.

This model is only a 3G because that model is being discontinued so they want to liquidate it any way they can. Also, and the most ridiculous, including a useless 4GB memory card is insulting to their customers. What would a person put on such a puny card? Unit 13 and maybe one other game you get from PS+? Hell, Uncharted will barely fit on that stupid card by itself.

At the very least this bundle should of included a 32 GB card. And why those memory cards cost so much I’ll never understand beyond Sony wanted to price gouge us.

Wake up Sony!

WilburMonkey said:

November 29th, 9:55 am

Blog feature request: I want to be able to edit posts, so I can fix the “2G” (should have been “3G”) in the very first line of my post (@63)

sagohichi said:

November 29th, 9:58 am

Most of complainants are right. Why didn’t you just bundle 16GB card instead Unit16?
PS+ is a great service. No one is complaining about it. However, what Sony is doing to promote the service IS ridiculous and inconsistent.
Sell Vita with PS+ 1 yr member ship with 16GB card at $250. This shows a required initial investment to a new customer.
I just wonder if Sony is realizing that PS+ is a gaming version of Netflix. It’s like playing a porker without knowing cards in their hand.

ItaChu said:

November 29th, 10:01 am

you should discontinue that 4gb memory card

ItaChu said:

November 29th, 10:06 am

and its been almost a year AND NOBODY KNOWS what the slot between the volumen and vita game card slot is for and Remote Play? almost non-existent … come on Sony! STEP IT UP! Please and make more shooters for the vita … but good ones not crashy like “black ops” thank you oh yea and more apps please

darktorns said:

November 29th, 10:17 am

you what will make Vita successful? More high quality games.. AND Lower the damn 32GB memcard to $39.99 and maybe even release a 64GB for $60. Storage is the main problem

ItaChu said:

November 29th, 10:17 am

YungShep they do need to do something about the battery i have to charge my vita 3 times a day that is not cool! and they need to make the usb cable in better quality i already had to buy another one

TooTall19 said:

November 29th, 10:20 am

Day 1 Vita owner. I hope the 32 GB goes on sale sometime soon. I have a 4 and 8GB card and it isn’t enough. There are games I want to play but have no more room left. It’s hard deleting a game you still wanted on your card.

Ryumoau said:

November 29th, 10:20 am

good deal but still only giving out 4GB? Surely people will need a bigger memory stick for all the free games they’ll get with Plus.

JimmyHACK said:

November 29th, 10:21 am

People are better off getting Liberation bundle and a year of plus on the side for the same price. and you know Unit 13 gonna show up on Plus prolly soon being a first party game that is done selling.

Heavenly_king said:

November 29th, 10:38 am

Dear Sony, people want cheaper prices, and more AAA games, and not value bundles.

Also if you release a bundle it would be better if it includes a 16gb or 32gb memory card.

Heavenly_king said:

November 29th, 10:40 am

@76 thatis the purpose of the bundle. They get money with the memory cards sales. Basically they are trolling the new users XD

Fx_Mack said:

November 29th, 10:42 am

this is what you bring into the new store in November and where the games are free for psn + ………….. a total fraud hopefully put something good spaña going to give 5 free games for psn +

EStan locos esto es para noviembre a los paises de latinoamerica le van a dar 5 juegos gratis a los que son psn + que fraude con sony de estados unidos donde esta la igualdad !!!…..

YungShep said:

November 29th, 10:58 am

@74 i do agree about the usb cable! mine is halfway ripped apart! ill have to get another cord soon, im just trying my best to hold off as long as i can! lol

Alnuk1 said:

November 29th, 10:59 am

There is no doubt left sony u are pathetic, this bundle is just stupid 1 voucher game maybe with 30 days of wait, like with super stardust at launch, 4gb memory with 7.1+ gb in ps+ games just to trick people to buy more of the expensive memory cards.

i really hope that the next big company closing doors is you. u deserve it

zombie9 said:

November 29th, 11:10 am

The system and games are at a good price point but whats stopping me from buying one the price of memory cards. and also you giving out 1 free year of plus with this system and you got a 4 gig memory card well Uncharted alone is 3 gigs so I guess you would have to go out and buy a bigger card with this one. making the price over $400 or a little under if you get lucky.

whyaskdouknow said:

November 29th, 11:13 am

the 3g seems like a waist just get the wifi one and turn on the hotspot on your cell phone

Nergil said:

November 29th, 11:23 am

LOL…Sony has absolutely no common sense…or they think their customers are the dumbest people on the planet. A 4GB card with 7 games that need downloaded onto it? What’s the point? No wonder this thing is a failure…I’ll buy one when the price of your ridiculously priced memory cards goes down or you reduce the price of the system to make up for the fact that I need to spend 100 dollars on a 32 GB memory card. Seriously, what a joke!

Nergil said:

November 29th, 11:26 am

I bought a 16GB memory card for my 3ds (which has a ton of better games by the way) for 10 dollars. I have 4 full games and nearly 30 downloadable games on that card right now. See…that’s how you make a handheld…easy to use, portable, and FUN.

play23 said:

November 29th, 11:29 am

first thing Super Glad ps Plus is on VITA :) great work… but u guys should get all the games u can from ps3 plus and put it on the VITA!! only makes sense like SONIC, and other ARCADE CLASSICS, like x-men, TMNT, Streets of rqge, PAYDAY The Heist & gotham Cify Impostors. You guys gotta turn up the heat and Force everyone to b interested in tye Vita… AND BRING REAL APPS TO IT! PS APP?? FLASH PLAYER ? HELP PLEASE.

devilmosh said:

November 29th, 11:34 am

If a larger memory card was bundled rather than a game, it would grab my attention a lot more, Sony. You’re already being so generous with games on the PS Plus front, which I appreciate. If you can make that happen, then not only would I get a Vita faster, but I’d be buying Vita games, I’m sure.

U_P_S said:

November 29th, 11:47 am

Folders on Vita please!

Godchild1020 said:

November 29th, 11:52 am

Congratulations Sony on selling 525,000 PS3 and 160,000 Vita Black Friday week. I’m sure the inclusion of Plus had a great impact for the Vita sells and hopefully this bundle will do the same. Price goes along way and what other console can get you 4-20 games a year for 299.99. This is always a great way to sell your memory cards. Now just market the bundle.

TJF588 said:

November 29th, 11:58 am

Really, Sony? PlayStation Plus’s Instant Game Collection, a game download, and…a 4GB card.

I…I just don’t know, Sony. I just don’t know aboot you.

etur0 said:

November 29th, 12:04 pm

@ PCGamer11 but yet when they announced the system at the price everybody was cheering it was only when Nintendo lower the price of the 3ds is when people started to complain

the vita is worth every penny and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even own one but ACTUALLY knows what it is capable of and it is far more powerful than the 3ds and has way more uses

fyi it took the 3ds awhile to start getting a decent library and the vita had a much better library at launch that what the 3ds have even now

TJF588 said:

November 29th, 12:26 pm

@92 etur0 – I haven’t a Vita yet, and looks like I’ll keep waiting until they’ve got the 3G model out of rotation, but I got a 3DS at the tail end of the Ambassador Program. WarioWare, Metroid 4, Minish Cap, some Fire Emblem, and more just from that. Game Boy titles (really want to try Sword of Hope II someday). the DSiWare library (which, yes, has heaps of shovelware). Premier 3DS Downloads, such as Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, Sakura Samurai, VVVVVV (on 3DS or PC, PLAY THIS). Heck, 3DS tie-in for Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 (which the 3DS has fully compatibility with NDS titles, unlike the incomplete PSP Legacies). I’ve blown 80+ hours into Theatrhythm (coming off the excellent Elite Beat Agents), Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure plays more like a good ol’ 3D platformer on this handheld, and the short but sweet Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! was all the nicer on this generation.

TJF588 said:

November 29th, 12:27 pm

3DS has been good to me. For Vita, I’ve eyed Gravity Rush (again, I urge you, play VVVVVV), Escape Plan, and my Solid Gold Edition of Persona 4 Golden (and, yeah, Mutant Blobs Attack). In the meantime, I’ll enjoy fully clearing Birth by Sleep and replaying Crisis Core on my Ghost-of-Sparta-coloring PSP, complete with microSD memory that doesn’t cost me a third — heck, half! — of the system.

PhillyTheCat said:

November 29th, 12:27 pm

4GB puny puny puny…

Yes, the 4GB should be discontinued indefinitely.
The existing 8 16 & 32GB price dropped….and
Introduce 64GB memory sticks @ 64.99.

By the way Sony..I’m loving my Amazon deal Assassin’s Creed Vita
Bundle for a very affordable $179.99!!

jimmyfoxhound said:

November 29th, 12:30 pm

I just wish the Vita had a better battery, it’s just awful and knowing the hassle I’ll have to go through to get it replaced when it won’t hold a charge anymore is just so annoying. Stop being like Apple and give me the option of upgrading to a bigger BETTER battery like the old PSP. (I know, they did this to help lock the hackers out but still it’s so annoying…)

Alastor424 said:

November 29th, 12:41 pm

Just bought it 2 weeks ago. Now I’m regretting it because I just paid this much for less.

spoonTRex said:

November 29th, 12:42 pm

@ etur0

People started complaining about the $250 price when it was announced that there would be proprietary memory cards for the system. They started being quite vocal when the prices announced, and we’ve seen the enthusiasm people had for a beautiful hand held system with TWO analog sticks disappear since that E3 announcement.

Wolokowoh said:

November 29th, 12:56 pm

Great 3g model bundle. I already have Wi-fi Vita and PS+ though thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday deal. Unit 13 is a great game but I agree with the consensus. A larger card would been better suited for the bundle considering the year subscription especially when one full game is 2gb or larger.
The price of memory is also only worth half its current cost so pricing so reflect that. As I said, I have a Vita. I want a 32gb card but I cannot justify paying for it when I know it’s not worth it and my money would be better spent buying let’s say buying God of War Ascension, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3 or any number of titles coming early next year.
Nearly everyone who commented here is plus member and nearly everyone here addresses the 4gb card as the major issue with bundle and/or go to complain about the price so obviously its an issue. We’re just being patient and dealing with it, but it is also an issue preventing people from even buying a Vita. These people are looking at as one cost which with this bundle would $400. Pretty hefty for a handheld. PS+ obviously helps but it’s not a defined value.

Welmosca said:

November 29th, 1:14 pm

Man this is awesome…I may end buying this bundle…this box is so sexy…awesome.It’s a shame that Vita still is underrated…such an amazing piece of Hardware,no doubt its the best handheld out there just like PSP was until Vita got released.For real people who still dont have,dont know what they’re missing.

    Patrick Chen's Avatar

    Patrick Chen said:

    November 29th, 2:35 pm

    Glad you’re excited about the Instant Game Collection Bundle

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