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Nov 29

Nov 29

New PS Vita + PS Plus Bundle Available Next Week

Patrick Chen's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

PS Vita Plus Bundle

PlayStation Plus 1-Year Membership

To celebrate the release of PlayStation Plus on PS Vita, we are bringing you an all new PS Vita bundle just in time for the holidays. The PS Plus Instant Game Collection PS Vita Bundle is a terrific value for those of you who want to take full advantage of all the benefits and features you get with a PS Plus membership. This bundle contains everything you need to get started, including a PS Vita 3G Wi-Fi system, 1-year membership to PS Plus, a Unit 13 game voucher and a 4 GB Memory Card for only $299.99 (MSRP), a combined savings of over $99.

PlayStation Plus is the ultimate service for any PlayStation fan! Your active membership in PS Plus gives you unlimited access to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, a regularly refreshed selection of hit games to play on your PS Vita and PS3. The Instant Game Collection currently features six PS Vita favorites, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048 and more, with new games arriving every month throughout the year. If you already own a PS3, you’ll also automatically unlock 12 hit PS3 titles including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and many others at no additional cost. In addition, PS Plus offers huge discounts of up to 75% on games and add-ons in the PlayStation Store, up to 2 GB of online storage for game saves (1 GB on your PS3 and 1GB on your PS Vita), early access to betas, automatic updates and trophy sync.

Current PS Plus members can still take advantage of this amazing bundle, since the included 1-year membership can be added onto your current subscription. With so many games and bonuses that you’ll receive with your PS Plus membership, this is the perfect time for you to become a PS Vita owner.

Which title in the Instant Game Collection are you most excited about?

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Welmosca said:

November 29th, 1:29 pm

@ 86 Nergil – Hunf…if you’re so engaged in complain…why dont you stop wasting your time here in the comments and go play on your 3ds…the one you supposedly say has better games lol…stop trolling and don’t even bother coming here with such pathetic argument.There is no sense to complain here if all you do is compare Vita with 3ds(which is nothing compared to Vita) in no way your comment was an constructive criticism.For real PSBlog has such a great community,but sadly there are always people like you to spoil.

Blackstar131 said:

November 29th, 1:41 pm

indeed bolack ops did suck on the vita,but the psvita needs more better games in stores and digital i perfer instores

saab01 said:

November 29th, 1:41 pm

For $200 I would of bought this bundle right away but that extra 100 bucks is a little too much for me.

shb23 said:

November 29th, 1:44 pm

Echoing previous comments, AT&T is unspeakably awful, the memory cards are prohibitively expensive, and including a 4GB card in a bundle with 7GB of free games shows lack of foresight.

I have the Vita, and love it, but the series of decisions made around it are frustratingly awful.

You made the single greatest handheld console of all time, then endlessly handcuff it after the fact.

cesca said:

November 29th, 1:56 pm

I jus got the ACL bundle from Amazon! Patrick, I don’t have a credit card, so I can’t redeem my free PS Plus months. I already have plus….but it is unfair I can’t take advantage of something I already have because of a credit card. Any way around this?

Kchow23 said:

November 29th, 2:16 pm

I already have a PS Vita and this bundle would be well worth recommending if you guys didn’t cheap out on the memory card. 4GB stick isn’t nearly enough for all the PS Plus content… discontinue the 4GB sticks and focus on 16 GB, 32 GB and add 64GB.

Dark-Twisted said:

November 29th, 2:31 pm

When will you learn, Sony?

People know the Vita is a great system. People WANT the Vita.
They just don’t have the dosh to spend $250 on it, let alone $300- Black Friday proves people will buy something if it’s CHEAP, because it’s the upfront cost that matters the most when you’re spending a whole load.

It’s shameful that you put a 4GB card in this bundle. Every non tech-literate person is going to be confused when they can’t fit all their PS+ games on it, then they’ll have to go buy an expensive memory card on top of the $300 they paid.

THIS is the problem, it’s too EXPENSIVE, value isn’t nearly as much of a factor. People want cheap. I can’t believe you pay people to get that basic idea wrong.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

November 29th, 2:35 pm

Patrick Chen? Is that Grace Chen’s son? LOL

You guys need a tablet/phone SKU with LTE/HSPA models and build in 16/32/64GB of memory. Can still sell the dedicated gaming handheld model, but will need refreshes every couple of years as is usual with tablets/phones. The exclusive, gaming handheld that we had with PSP/GB/DS is DEAD.

PSV did 160K on BF, 3DS did 250K, DS did 275K. ipad mini sold 3 million in 3 days. And those were non black friday days without any deals and the ipad mini cost more than any of the aforementioned consoles. Sure everybody is not apple, but the kindle, nexus, galaxy, and other tablets have gotten great sales as well.

Either adapt, or die.

TwinDad said:

November 29th, 2:49 pm

The price of the vita memory is not consumer friendly. The price would be acceptable if it was to add to the existing memory, but since the Vita comes with 0 built-in memory, the prices are more in line with something that has the name “Ferrari” in front of it.

Nergil said:

November 29th, 3:08 pm

@101 Welmosca….sorry but I don’t care what you think I should do…I can say whatever I want if it’s not offensive…I’m sorry if the truth bothers you…and as you can see by the PLUS symbol by my name, I’m a sony customer too…PS3 is my go to system…unfortunately there are issues that the company doesn’t want to address…I was excited for the Vita because they promised so much more than they actually delivered…the fact that my PSP plays more PSone classics than the vita can is just sad…and if you can’t see that their memory system is a complete ripoff then I feel sorry for your lack of common sense….and yes the 3ds does have better games and I play it plenty, thank you…you see I’d rather play games built for a system…not shoddy mediocre to horrible games that are a shadow of their console brethren…case in point, call of duty black ops, assassins creed liberation, and uncharted golden abyss. Those are their so called system sellers. I can play better versions of all those games on my PS3…sorry, but that’s the truth…deal with it and cry about your disaster of a purchase to somebody else.

MaxMegas said:

November 29th, 3:08 pm

I’m already a plus member since July, if I buy this promo, Will my remaining months be added to this year offer?

    Patrick Chen's Avatar

    Patrick Chen said:

    November 29th, 5:19 pm

    Yes, the 1-year membership stacks onto your existing membership!

XLR8WE said:

November 29th, 3:11 pm

I Got PS Plus Today, Absolutely Love The Free Content! Hope This Bundle Gets Some Sales!

mcbuttz78 said:

November 29th, 3:13 pm

keep up the good work :)

vp psn legioniaree group

mcbuttz78 said:

November 29th, 3:14 pm

@111 it stacks. so yes

TwinDad said:

November 29th, 3:15 pm


All PS PLus cards will add time to an existing membership.

Example. The Amazon bundle gave 3 1 month codes. When you add all 3 cards to your account, they total 3 months until expiration. You can add them all at the same time or wait.

krae_man said:

November 29th, 3:15 pm

Why is this $299, when you can’t even sell Vitas for $249? Remove Unit 13 and make this $199 and you’ll move units.

USRevenge2 said:

November 29th, 3:18 pm

It’s just too much, sony you screwed up with the proprietary memory cards. $150 and I would buy this bundle in a hardbeat if the memory cards weren’t so much, even if I could have a USB cable hooked to my ps3 and use that HDD it would be better then what we have now. I want the vita, I just not going to pay so much for it it’s more expensive then a new PS3 with 2 games and 250gb HDD!!! wtf? you can almost much buy an xbox and ps3 for the price of the vita.

Busca-Cabezas said:

November 29th, 3:19 pm

Wow! This is really sweet!! Now all I need is a 500GB memory drive for my PSVita!! Why? Logic!! I will NEVER STOP PLAYING!! Keep’m coming!! Woot! Woot! :D

MrBob2k7 said:

November 29th, 3:34 pm

I hope Sony is listening to the constructive criticism. This bundle is a good idea, but the implementation seems half baked. This is being touted as a digital package, yet there is only a 4GB card included. Uncharted alone takes up 3.1GB of space. 16GB should be the minimum with this package, if not 32. There is a big benefit to including a bigger card as well. Instead of making your consumers pay for media to store content on, you allow them to spend this money on games instead.

Doesn’t even have to be 3G. It would be so easy to value add to the Vita to make it more appealing. Keep the Vita at $249, include a 16GB memory card and one year of PS Plus. Now that’s a heck of package. As a Vita owner myself I want Sony to do all they can to make the Vita more appealing to a wider audience so the platform doesn’t get dropped.

tusunami said:

November 29th, 3:52 pm

Now this is a very good deal i feel, but for those complaining about the memory card.What you can do is trade in your old games & upgrade to the 32 gb card.An if you don’t want to do that don’t expect Sony to drop the price on the memory cards any time soon too bad.

Avalanche said:

November 29th, 4:28 pm

In theory its a great price with great software and hardware….BUT


Sell the WiFi bundle for $250 with the same stuff and the system will actually SELL!!!!!! and if u REALLY want to succeed, you can sell this for $200

stop shoving the 3g model down peoples throats. nobody wants to pay an additional $50 for a feature that they will use for 1month then realize that $15 a month is just a payment nobody wants when they have all the features on their cell phones.


jmad71 said:

November 29th, 4:56 pm

This is an unprecedented and very generous bundle. Pick whatever console company you want, criticize or laud them however you want, but I can’t think of a more comprehensive offer than this for any new system.

I’m sorry to say we, as gamers, tend to be complainers by nature and, yeah, I can quibble with one detail or another, but I tip my hat to Sony.

Good & thoughtful bundle, fellas.

… *Now if it only came in white* ;)…

PapaGamer66 said:

November 29th, 5:10 pm

The 4GB memory card is an insult. I just got the AC3 Liberation bundle and I’m already trying to find somebody with a sale on the 32GB card so I can hold more than a couple PS+ games at one time. (Uncharted: Golden Abyss fills up the 4GB card all by itself.) I love the Vita and I love the IGC on PS+, but Sony really needs to lower the price of the memory cards. This bundle effectively costs $100 more than the listed price because you have to get a bigger memory card to take advantage of PSN and PS+.

EvolvedMessiah said:

November 29th, 5:22 pm

I picked up the Infamous bundle on black friday. I’ve been a big Xbox fan this gen, and over the last week I haven’t even turned it on. PS+ is the single best gaming service I’ve ever had the pleasure of using(it also makes me feel stupid about paying for Live for so long). I was going to sign up for Gamefly again to play all the great exclusives I’ve missed, but I subbed to Plus instead. I really can’t put into words how much I love my PS3, and I plan on staying with the service for as long as it’s around. Honestly, I had absolutely zero interest in the Vita, but seeing how many awesome games Plus has for it, I’m probably going to pick this bundle up. Really excited for cross play as well.

So congrats, Sony. You got me!

blakseed said:

November 29th, 6:05 pm

You guys are making it an easier choice to get a vita. It’s just those memory card prices…

Aevanilla said:

November 29th, 6:52 pm

They need to lower the prices on these stupid memory cards. After talking to several friends and from what a lot of people say, the memory card is the single biggest reason they don’t want to get a Vita. It’s a “hidden” cost that’s dragging down a great system (even with great deals and bundles). I bought an 8gb and that’s not nearly enough for anything. Get a clue already Sony!

Welmosca said:

November 29th, 6:55 pm

@ 110 Nergil – Yes I saw the PSPlus symbol on your avatar…Sony did and still do a lot of mistakes with Vita like the memory cards price…but there is no handheld to be even compared with Vita,the problem is that people don’t see this.And you are so ignorant that you’re seeing just one tree and not the whole forest…you talk about games that you can play on PS3 rather than on Vita but What about Gravity Rush,Sound Shapes and a lot of great games that were born on Vita?…but I understand that…people who want to bash something just see the negative points.Anyway you are a troll and thats the truth and you are the only one who gotta deal with something and thats your own person.

Welmosca said:

November 29th, 7:02 pm

@124 EvolvedMessiah – Hey man…welcome to PS Family…thats the deal.No matter what you do don’t miss Uncharted 2…see what I did there?

ichigo-kushima said:

November 29th, 7:44 pm

This is a great bundle. Great way to start getting people interest in the Vita.

lobotomies4free said:

November 29th, 7:51 pm

How thought out is this? I don’t think you can even fit gravity rush and uncharted on the included 4GB card at the same time. I mean including the instant game collection/ps plus without enough storage to even have two games at once on it just doesn’t make sense

Nergil said:

November 29th, 8:02 pm

@127 Welcomosa
It’s always great when people resort to insults when they can’t get their point across…that’s fine…I won’t resort to that because I think I made my point quite clear. Not to mention, MOST of the comments on here are saying almost the exact same thing I am…and the sales of the Vita further back my claim. Keep thinking what you want to think…whatever makes you happy. By the way, I played sound shaped on my PS3…funny that you’re misinformed as well as rude.

Nergil said:

November 29th, 8:05 pm

Also, the Vita is a beautiful piece of hardware…but I personally don’t like to feel like I’ve been ripped off. There’s all kinds of promises they haven’t kept…it is far from the “ubiquitous experience” they touted before launch. I’m sure when the inevitable price cut comes, I’ll buy one as well…which is basically exactly what I said in my first post. Read, my friend, read. Don’t just pick the parts of my post that pushed your buttons and concentrate on it.

materclobber said:

November 29th, 8:14 pm

@ 48
u forgot nfs

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 29th, 8:31 pm

After thoroughly evaluating this bundle and the included bonuses, I think the price is just a notch too high.

$279.99 would be more appropriate, and more appealing to potential buyers like me who weigh all the particulars before making a purchase.

But for everyone who’s crying about memory, you guys could just delete games off your memory card after you’re done with them. Download another one. Finish it, delete it, download another. If you ever want to play one of those deleted games again, you can always re-download them from your list. And that’s only for the larger games like Uncharted. Many others can all fit on the 4GB card together. Jeez.

I remember the PSP being the same price as the Vita when it launched and memory was even more expensive. I remember buying a 1GB Memory Stick for $89.99! Now you can get 32GB for the same price! Memory prices really aren’t bad at all in comparison to those days.

Davenport said:

November 29th, 8:37 pm

wow… only a 4gb memory card?!?! brilliant one, Sony. drop the ridiculous price on the 32gb memory card and give new Vita customers a card they can actually fit the instant collection on.

SacredxSaber said:

November 29th, 8:42 pm

i would have gotten a vita but having to getting a memory card that can hold only one game is the lamest part of the system.Having to constantly delete my games just to play other is not fun and going broke after buying it doesn’t help me trying to get a bigger memory stick.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 29th, 8:43 pm

Whoa, scratch my last comment. I thought this was the Wi-fi only model for some reason. Now that I see it’s the 3G/Wi-fi model, it’s actually a fairly priced bundle.

If you guys really want a Vita bad enough, and want a large memory card with it, you’d see how this bundle offers good value for all included items, and you would just buy a 16 or 32GB card and be happy with it. The savings you receive from the bundle helps to offset the cost of buying an extra memory card.

All those free Vita games you get with the Plus sub, as well as future discounts on other games… and if you also have a PS3, accessing the IGC and Plus discounts there increases the value of this package even more. Good stuff.


November 29th, 8:59 pm

finally jumped on the vita couldn’t resist the great black friday deal in addition to ps plus it was time to pull the trigger.


November 29th, 9:03 pm

I have a problem with the price of the memory cards sony if you give so many great ps plus games don’t you think
consumers are going to need more space on their vitas come on dudes.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 29th, 9:12 pm

+ PCGamer11 on November 29th, 2012 at 9:28 am said:

“STILL over priced for what it is”

What’s that supposed to mean? The Vita is a beautiful high-tech piece of hardware! I wish I could afford to add one to my gaming collection, but I just can’t do it yet. I sure enjoy playing other people’s Vitas though… :)

EmperorKorea said:

November 29th, 10:22 pm

$300?! if it won’t sell at $250…

juanjocrema said:

November 30th, 12:37 am

b4 i bought da vita i knew its gonna be good but after i bought it was 100 times better than i thought ,i got 32gb & ps+ so I’m super happy with my vita & my faves games are uncharted ,rayman & wipe out, super good & fun games & i have my faves movies also everything i need anywhere i go. psvita is da best thing u can buy.

PrinceofXIII said:

November 30th, 1:23 am

awesome bundle :D

blokken said:

November 30th, 4:29 am

It’s actually pretty smart of Sony to put out full games in the PS Plus. It makes people buy memory cards.

Nithorias said:

November 30th, 5:50 am

sorry but I think I’ll pass, still not tempted to buy the vita. I want a bundle with Persona 4 or something and $300 is still kind of expensive for me lol

PatricioUSA said:

November 30th, 6:34 am

I have my VITA since release date and i love it. For the people who didnt buy yet. Here is your chance, that bundle is the best bundle ever made compared to any other console.

Elvick_ said:

November 30th, 6:39 am

@144: I’m not buying a single memory card until they drop in price. And I’ve been out of space on my 4GB that came with my first edition bundle for many months.

Sony isn’t getting my money on those memory cards. I’ll deal with the tedium for years if I have to, because those prices are unfair and ridiculous. Everyone knows it. Sony knows. Consumers know it.

Yet here we are. Nearly everyone has something to say about it, but still no movement on the pricing for the memory cards. If Sony were smart, they would have dropped the prices in the summer on the cards when people were still whining for a system price drop that wasn’t going to happen.

EggySong85 said:

November 30th, 7:06 am

Lol. Here’s Christmas dinner and a cup-saucer to eat it all on! Did I mention full-sized plates cost $100 a piece?

Welmosca said:

November 30th, 8:27 am

@ 131 Nergil – You’re clearly a troll…I don’t need to resort to anything because my point here is to point out that you’re nothing but a troll…who don’t have any but the feel to troll and do negative criticism.Also like I said you see one tree and not the whole forest….Sound Shape”S” was made for Vita and later on announced to PS3 too with cross buy,so isn’t I the misinformed here.And I’ve read all your pathetic comments…unfortunately I did waste my time doing that.I see lots of people here doing positive criticism like the stupidity of Sony making this bundle with a 4gb memory card that can’t hold half of whats offered on PSPlus…but you just do negative criticism and compare Vita with the poor 3ds.Since the announcement of the prices of memory cards people started to complain and Vita has almost 1 year now and almost 1 year of people complaining …there is no point to keep it…Sony will low the prices when they think its time to low.

Nergil said:

November 30th, 9:26 am

@149 welcomosa
keep using insults, it is after all the tool of the ignorant…all you’re doing is proving the my point for me….you can reply if you want…I have better things to do so I won’t be listening.

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