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Nov 29

Nov 29

New PS Vita + PS Plus Bundle Available Next Week

Patrick Chen's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

PS Vita Plus Bundle

PlayStation Plus 1-Year Membership

To celebrate the release of PlayStation Plus on PS Vita, we are bringing you an all new PS Vita bundle just in time for the holidays. The PS Plus Instant Game Collection PS Vita Bundle is a terrific value for those of you who want to take full advantage of all the benefits and features you get with a PS Plus membership. This bundle contains everything you need to get started, including a PS Vita 3G Wi-Fi system, 1-year membership to PS Plus, a Unit 13 game voucher and a 4 GB Memory Card for only $299.99 (MSRP), a combined savings of over $99.

PlayStation Plus is the ultimate service for any PlayStation fan! Your active membership in PS Plus gives you unlimited access to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, a regularly refreshed selection of hit games to play on your PS Vita and PS3. The Instant Game Collection currently features six PS Vita favorites, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048 and more, with new games arriving every month throughout the year. If you already own a PS3, you’ll also automatically unlock 12 hit PS3 titles including inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and many others at no additional cost. In addition, PS Plus offers huge discounts of up to 75% on games and add-ons in the PlayStation Store, up to 2 GB of online storage for game saves (1 GB on your PS3 and 1GB on your PS Vita), early access to betas, automatic updates and trophy sync.

Current PS Plus members can still take advantage of this amazing bundle, since the included 1-year membership can be added onto your current subscription. With so many games and bonuses that you’ll receive with your PS Plus membership, this is the perfect time for you to become a PS Vita owner.

Which title in the Instant Game Collection are you most excited about?

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Nergil said:

November 30th, 9:33 am

And correcting a typo in your post on a blog that has no editing feature is hilarious considering how horrendous your English is.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 30th, 12:38 pm

Nergil, you’re insulting him too. How do you not see that? It blows my mind when somebody does what you do. Insult people, then act like you’re above the other person because they’re “insulting” you, when all he did was call you a troll. Pay attention.

PrimeroIncognito said:

November 30th, 12:57 pm

As for memory card price complainers, Sony can’t just drop the prices just because people claim that they should. There’s costs involved that need to be covered. Prices will always drop WHEN THEY CAN. Believe me, Sony is not just trying to rip people off. That’s just your silly conspiracy theory. They know that the lower the price is, the more likely it is to sell. And they want to sell.

They would love to lower the prices of all their products, but it has to be done at the right time when it wouldn’t affect the bottom line. They’ll drop the prices and cater to the know-it-all crybabies whenever they’re able to. They know they can’t keep prices up after they’re cleared to be lowered because they’ll miss out on potential sales, but they also can’t lower the price BEFORE they’re able to afford it either. There’s a delicate balance that needs constant attention in business finances, and it can be very challenging to juggle successfully. But you non-business type whiny emo brats wouldn’t know anything about that, with your reckless “gimme! gimme! gimme!” attitudes.

You don’t even know what a fair price would be anyway. People just like to think they know everything.

EZaxess said:

November 30th, 3:26 pm

For people complaining about prices…

I bought my PS Vita White ACL Bundle for $199 on release… and a 32GB memory card for $70 on Amazon.ca including taxes and shipping 3 weeks later by keeping watch on its price (drops for a day or two every couple weeks) AND sold the 4GB memory card for 15$ on Craigslist, so basically I got a PS Vita white, ACL and 32GB memory card for $255 (+$29 tx on the Vita). Just buy smart and look at your resources, unless you don’t mind paying full-blown prices.

So my suggestion for you is… don’t buy the memory cards off the stores’ shelves, but keep watching them on Amazon.. they do drop ridiculously low every now and then.

RuffTactics said:

November 30th, 3:55 pm

“+ PCGamer11 on November 29th, 2012 at 9:28 am said:

This is bull crap for several reasons:
1. NOBODY wants the 3G unit, it uses crappy AT&T and can’t play ‘online’ over the network.
2. STILL over priced for what it is and the (lack of) quality of games out .
3. The 4 GB included mem card is dumb, at least put a 8GB one in for all the free PS+ downloadable games available through instant game collection.
How dumb does Sony think we are with their absurd pricing practices /rant.”

I AGREE …. wake up Sony I want to buy one but these memory card prices are a joke

PS make a Wifi Bundle with PS Allstars and 8 gig card for 199 and I might bite.

Kouteisama said:

November 30th, 4:28 pm

I read through a majority of the comments regarding pricing and I have to agree. I support sony I bought the Original psp, PS vita, and my ps3 all on launch day but a lot of the time I feel like i’m getting burned, most recently with the over-priced memory cards for the ps vita.

XxDG3K_ALL_DAYxX said:

November 30th, 7:07 pm

So Sony when are you going to drop the price of the 32gb memory card? I refuse to pay all of that money for that -_- we aren’t rich you know!!! Also bring out one with more memory seriously we need it since Ps Plus now gets vita games for free. Maybe bring out a 64gb or even bigger then that but make the price reasonable stop trying to rip us off.

ambrosiaJam said:

November 30th, 11:38 pm

I was about to buy this and then I saw the pricetag! lol wow. especially since the Black Friday sales were even available online. Sorry but 250-300 for a handheld is very high, even with ps+.

Also, Like everyone else just said: the memory card offered is too small, it only fits like 1 or 2 games on it. I know you can re-download them and save your info on the cloud, but who has time for that?

Zabuzakaryo said:

December 1st, 3:37 am


People would MUCH RATHER HAVE the added bonus be a 32 GB Memory Stick instead of a free game, playstation plus, 4GB memory stick, and 3g version of the console. How about you release a $250 32GB PS Vita Wifi Bundle!

PS Vita Wifi ($250) / 32GB Stick ($100). So $350 value for $250.

PS Vita 3g ($300) / Unit 13 ($40) / Playstation Plus ($50) / 4GB Memory Stick ($20) / 3g functionality ($50). So $460 value for $300.

Not only does it cost LESS to bundle in a 32GB stick (according to the MSRP values), people would actually buy more of the PS Vita 32GB Wifi Bundles than they would of this bundle (especially existing PS3 owners). And you know what the first thing they would do after they got a $250 32GB Vita? THEY WOULD BUY INTO PLAYSTATION PLUS. (to be continued)

-Sony Fan For Life

Zabuzakaryo said:

December 1st, 3:38 am

Part 2:

I picked up a $180 Vita on Black Friday (amazon!), but I would have rather had a 32GB stick than Assassin’s Creed ($40) / 4GB stick ($20) / 3 months of playstation plus ($18).

Honestly, people don’t want to pirate your system now that Playstation Plus is such a great deal (and a great idea IMO; you are the netflix of gaming right now!). Please, please, please give us Vita 32GB Wifi bundles, lower the prices of your memory cards, keep releasing awesome content, and we will BUY BUY BUY this system and all of it’s accessories/games/subscription content up.

Thanks for reading.

-Sony Fan For Life

Khaye said:

December 1st, 12:29 pm

Just got a 3G/Wi-fi w/ 8gb card and free game dl. While more memory would be awesome, how many games do you need on the system when you walk out the door? Seriously, I have a handful of games on my Vita (thanks for the Vita plus update Sony, just when I thought Plus was a better service than live, you made it even better!) and it’s honestley more than I need for the day, I can have any different games sitting in my PS3 waiting for when I get home. It really doesn’t take long at all to transfer a game to the Vita that way.

Really, you don’t need all your games on the Vita at once, just take what you want for the downtime for the day.

Kid_Grim said:

December 1st, 2:47 pm

I would get one of these bundles, but the memory card has held me back every time, I really love Sony and all it does, but sometimes a good deal isn’t really a good deal, ps plus is great I’ve had it for ps3 almost since it came out, but having to buy a super expensive memory card just to experience the full impact of a handheld is just crazy. Especially on black Friday, it took all my willpower not to get the Lego or assassin creed vita bundle but with only 4gigs i might as well not buy one. I can’t play the games I would want to with that amount of space. And still no backward compatibility for my psp games, or download voucher for them. Still dropping the ball on that. Guess i’ll just keep waiting for that perfect bundle that will never come.

RiceRocketMatt said:

December 1st, 4:00 pm

I hate to beat a dead horse buuuut…..day one purchase, wifi only vita $299, starter kit with 4gb card $50, Uncharted $40, mod nation $30. Do the math, great deal. And there is nothing wrong with microsoft’s price points.

shrimpdude said:

December 2nd, 10:44 am

I have a Vita and I like it, but I have to agree with what everyone’s saying about the memory cards.

I would have bought one at launch, but because the memory was so insanely overpriced, I bought one used at a huge discount. So, Sony could have priced everything more reasonably and gotten some of my money, but instead they got zero dollars from that hardware sale.

An SDHC-compatible hardware revision would be brilliant.

PiperVsPiper said:

December 2nd, 11:37 am

I have to agree with many others here, Sony should really include more memory. Overpriced proprietary memory is the sole reason I haven’t purchased the Vita. 8 Gig should be the minimum for all bundles, ESPECIALLY if trying to promote downloadable content on PS Plus. Additional memory is a necessary purchase, that automatically makes any bundle AT LEAST $280, and up to $350! Yowsah.

I know it’s apples and oranges, but for $200 I could have a 7′ tablet and have portable games…PLUS myriad other possibilities with Android. I’ll settle for less robust games, and add an e-reader, etc…

TwoWay_FngerBang said:

December 2nd, 5:22 pm

Sony could you guys please get us some better ports if that’s all we are going to have for now?

Start porting PS2 titles.

That alone would sell TONS.

daBamBZ said:

December 2nd, 7:57 pm

I’m a plus member and got the Vita last week. I must say I’m loving Uncharted and Gravity Rush. I can’t wait for the upcoming games free games that would come out of Vita.

On a side note; I do agree with some people here stating that Vita should have come with an 8gb card and completely scrapped the 4gb(because in todays standards that is just sad). Especially when Sony is going on the path of digital distribution. $100 for 32gb card yikes!. You can get Micro SD’s for $40 with that much storage.

JOtheHOBO said:

December 3rd, 9:58 am

I like how this Patrick Chen guy has nothing to say about the memory card problem with the vita. Thanks Sony!

SPC-AR said:

December 3rd, 11:37 am

Sony have just lowered the prices of the memory cards again at their online store so the 32GB is back down to $80 while the 16GB is $48. Like many on here, I think the cards should be a bit lower. If Sony doesn’t want to lower the cards even more before Christmas, than can I offer a suggestion? Perhaps include Plus codes with each card purchase. Get 1 year of Plus if you purchase the 32GB card, get 6 months of Plus if you purchase the 16GB card and get 3 months of Plus if you purchase the 8 gig card. If that is too much for Sony to offer, then perhaps lower the free months to something like 6, 4 and 2 for the 32GB, 16GB and 8GB respectively. Maybe even put a date on it saying that the codes are good until the end of this month or January.

SPC-AR said:

December 3rd, 11:47 am

Also, you’d be able to offer the codes by email sort of like how it was for the Amazon’s Black Friday deal so you don’t have to wait until you change the packaging of the cards to offer the codes.

Bcrazyman said:

December 3rd, 3:58 pm


GameSmacker said:

December 5th, 1:42 pm

Is this bundle going to be a GameStop exclusive? I don’t see it being listed on Best Buy or Target etc.

ponskippaa said:

December 6th, 10:24 pm

great bundle, ive had my vita since week 1 xD i love my vita so much i bought anither one and handed one to my brother. looking forward to whats next! Ps for life

sent from my ps vita


December 23rd, 8:45 am


Renegade-X2 said:

December 25th, 1:00 am

Why cant i activate my free membership trial

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