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Nov 30

Nov 30

1-Year Music Unlimited Premium Subscription Only $1 a Month for PS Plus Members

Kristi Fernandez's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment


Hi all – we have exciting news for PlayStation Plus subscribers. For a limited time, our premium Music Unlimited One Year Subscription is available to PlayStation Plus members at an insanely low price of $12….that’s $1 a month and savings of over $100 a year based off the normal price of $9.99 a month. As a Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to every feature of our cloud-based music service and our entire catalog of more than 18 million songs that can be streamed ad-free across multiple devices, including: PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Android smartphone and tablets, and more.

Here’s a reminder of some of the benefits you’ll get with a One Year Premium Subscription:

Music Search

The Music Unlimited service boasts a great catalog of more than 18 million tunes, from classic tracks to the hottest new jams – all with no ads and unlimited skips.

Offline Mode

No Wi-Fi or cellular data signal necessary when you use your Android smartphone and tablet or PS Vita to enjoy playlists.


Explore channels by genre, era and mood. Create channels inspired by your favorite artists.


Add any song or album to your library. Create playlists and listen anytime.

Tons of Devices to Access and Customize Your Music Experience

Your Music Unlimited service subscription goes beyond just your PS3 and PS Vita and includes devices for the home (Mac, PC, Blu-ray Disc players, and BRAVIA HDTVs), and on the go (Xperia smartphones and tablets, other Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPod touch, and Walkman players). In addition, your Playlists, preferences and offline music* will follow you from device to device.

If you’re a Plus member, there’s no better time than now to sign up for Music Unlimited! If you’re not a PlayStation Plus member, the One Year Premium Subscription is still available at 50% off (the regular price of $119.88) at only $59.99. But remember — these offers are only available for a limited time.

Memberships for PlayStation Plus and the Music Unlimited service can be purchased through the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 system. Users can also subscribe and find out more about the Music Unlimited service here.

*Only on select devices

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SpooNManX said:

November 30th, 12:12 pm

For $1 a month it’s worth it, but honestly it doesn’t have some of the biggest bands.

Search for The Beatles for instance and all you will find is some Beatles Tribute albums done (quite poorly IMO), Well aside from Jason Falkner (Ex Jellyfish guitarist). He’s got skills.

You may also find music from “Zed Leppelin”, but nothing from Led Zeppelin sadly. :(

purse317 said:

November 30th, 12:13 pm

Now this is the type of deal PS+ needs to keep bringing I got my $12 subscription as soon as the store was updated. Wow is all I can say.

SpooNManX said:

November 30th, 12:13 pm

I also wish this would be added to the WD Live Media Streaming box.
They have Pandora, Spotify, and a bunch others, but I guess they don’t make deals with Sony or something. Anyway…

Axecution said:

November 30th, 12:15 pm

@51 thats cause old bands like that are cocky and for some reason hate the future of music

GomoGomoNo said:

November 30th, 12:26 pm

Holy **** this is AWESOME!!!! I’ve been using this for months now since I got it on Vita so I can take my music anywhere I go. Its so awesome I don’t have any problem paying 10 dollars a month because it’s totally worth it since I haven’t had to buy a CD this whole year! Trust me, if you listen to music daily and you like to have alot of variety then you’ll love this. Anytime I want to listen to a new song, album, artist or genre, I just search for it and I have it. $9.99 for a WHOLE YEARS is completely ridiculous. Sony is so freakin awesome, they just keep giving me more and more!!!

GGCAN said:

November 30th, 12:37 pm

@ 47 – 48 robertmc8…

From what I saw online…these are the devices you can use Music Unlimited on:

Platforms PC, Android, Xperia, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Sony Tablets, BRAVIA TVs, PlayStation Vita, Blu-ray players, Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

The offline mode work from the device itself.

On my Vita, I go in and select the Offline mode, then I select while I’m online, what channels, playlists, artists, etc that I want to play in offline mode (it will then do a sync to save that list for offline mode).

When you start up the service and aren’t around wifi…it will ask if you want to play in Offline mode and you just select you want Offline mode.

Works very well on the Vita anyways.

lisatsunami said:

November 30th, 12:51 pm

@KidCommando, thanks for the info. The credit card part was keeping from nabbing this steal of a deal, since that is what the said in the post last week.

Kchow23 said:

November 30th, 12:53 pm

I am unable to try the free trial before dropping $12 because I made my account as a secondary account and now that I could be a master account since I am old enough (6 years is a while), there is no way of upgrading/changing unless I create a new account and lose my content.

Heavenly_king said:

November 30th, 1:14 pm

If I am not in the US I can not use the service, so no buy for me :(

hjason1 said:

November 30th, 1:17 pm

This isn’t worth it.
I have a free 5 yr sub, an you can’t listen to anything.
You have to pay to listen to anything.
Why give a 5yr sub out when you make us pay to listen to listenanything anyways?
I deleted it right after i tried to play music since it is a music app…

Squiggle55 said:

November 30th, 1:19 pm

Hi Kristi,

My one question: Could you please describe the formula that Music Unlimited uses to choose what to play for you?

I believe Pandora and Spotify start to play songs that users with similar tastes have liked. I ask this because it truly seems like it doesn’t matter how many songs you “like” or “dislike”. The stations don’t seem to be getting any smarter at guessing what I might like to hear. And sometimes they’ll even go ahead and play songs I’ve already said I dislike. If there’s one thing that Music Unlimited could improve upon, improving the custom radio stations is it. I don’t get the impression that anything is being customized for me unless I’m building a playlist, but that defeats the purpose of the radio station. I paid for Music Unlimited and I love the giant library, but I still use Pandora’s free service when I want a randomized radio station that actually plays songs I like.

A description of how it’s suppose to be getting smarter would be very much appreciated.

Squiggle55 said:

November 30th, 1:31 pm

I hope this constructive criticism finds the right people!

PS3 App: You cannot shuffle a playlist on the PS3 that you have built. Because the holiday station is so bad (seems to really want me to listen to Hanson Christmas), I made my own playlist of a lot of good Christmas music, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to listen to them in the same order every time.

Iphone App: Is it a known issue how unstable this App is? Is it just a problem with the Iphone 3? Are Iphone 4 and 5 users noticing these issues as well? My App crashes randomly and often. It often takes a long time to start the next song after one is finished. If I’m listening to a station it often plays a few songs and then plays the exact same songs again in the same order. Making a playlist or choosing a specific album to listen to is seemingly the only effective user friendly way to use this App.

Most importantly, I would like to get the feeling that some radio stations are really being customized to my tastes. Any advice on if you think I’m doing something wrong would be great. But no matter how many songs I “like” or “dislike” on a favorite artists station I just get song after song after song of artists and songs I’ve never even heard of.

nobopyon said:

November 30th, 1:39 pm

Is there a way to access to japanese music unlimited library??

teradome said:

November 30th, 1:41 pm

“Could not download some content.
A connection to the server could not be established.”

Would be nice if offline playlists really worked. At least streaming works fine.

plaztiksyke said:

November 30th, 1:45 pm

Until they improve the audio quality to be competitive with Spotify, I’m not interested. Spotify’s value proposition with 320kbit/sec Ogg is just too good to pass up, even though the suggestions/recommendations are crap. Right now, Music Unlimited has both noticeable inferior audio quality on my PS3 than Spotify, and the recommendations are as bad.

Can you tell us any plans to improve the audio quality or recommendation engine? If there’s a target quarter for improvements in those areas, I’ll renew.

Squiggle55 said:

November 30th, 1:50 pm

@plaztiksyke I completely agree. I tried the Spotify trial recently too and it seemed just as bad as Music Unlimited at recommending music. Pandora has proven to be the smartest in my opinion. I’d love to hear about plans for improvement as well. Just having access to the vast library is a real steal for $12 a year, but there’s no chance I’ll continue subscribing if the “customized” stations don’t get any better at recommending music.

Heavenly_king said:

November 30th, 1:59 pm

make the application to not detect IP and I will pay for it.

fam_varela said:

November 30th, 2:23 pm

I would love to have this “app”, but such a lot of contents is not available for southamerica,My humble suggestion is that you should start to show some interest about southamerica,because there is a lot of people that want to have access to apps and they will pay for them.

that-acmilan-guy said:

November 30th, 2:25 pm

I have a US PSN account which I use, however I don’t live in US. Can I use this service?

Zoidzerg said:

November 30th, 2:47 pm

Offline mode?

Not sure what this entails but my biggest turn off to the service was not being able to listen to stuff on my Zune. I suspect this is the case though, will have to research this.

GuZ_707 said:

November 30th, 3:14 pm

I just bought it for 12 but i opened the app and checked my acvount and it says starts 03/07/2012 and expires 11/30/2012…why does it start until march? Or can you guys explain why it says that please.

SpooNManX said:

November 30th, 3:15 pm

@ Axecution : Old bands like the Beatles have EVERY RIGHT TO BE COCKY.. Though they never were.

“They hate the future of music”?. Justin Beiber, Gangnam Style, AuTO-TuNE, vocal tracks <<<WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?!

By the way that was not sarcasm, but only because I don't consider it to be real music.

GuZ_707 said:

November 30th, 3:27 pm

My bad i messed up it says 03/07/2012 and expires 11/30/2013..sorry forget the question

Megadrixfire_24 said:

November 30th, 3:34 pm

I downloaded the normal app and it asked for credit card so im asking will i need a credit card if i buy it?

mcbuttz78 said:

November 30th, 3:42 pm

Not bad at all. Why not try to bring something like to video unlimted, I understand you guys are having an amazing year on psn up 257 % from last year 450% is very good and impressive. I think you deserve alot of praise in every department for listening and sticking by the psn & sony gamer.

i would like asked huge favor , if possible try give south america and canada these deals as soon as possible, becuase they do deserve alot of better thing than waiting last to get stuff the majority of the time. I get alot gripe from that with friends and alot ideas from the fourms do come those two section the majority of the time. i do they deserve alittle more attention with nice things 1st.

Thank you mr fernadez & happy holidays

vp psn legioniaree group

Train1999 said:

November 30th, 3:55 pm

The Unlimited Music is by far the best deal on PS+. You save over $40/year on the Music Service. I like it. I have their app on my IPhone and I can setup playlist for any music I’d like to play. It’s the sweetest deal ever.

GhostMachine1 said:

November 30th, 3:56 pm

What a deal. Getting this for sure. When does this offer expire?

buffpotato said:

November 30th, 3:58 pm


I’d say music unlimited is the better service. It works on more devices. Unless your super ingrained into the Windows ecosystem it kinda stinks. It only works on WP8,Windows 8 and RT and Xbox 360 but only if you pay for gold too. You need to be on the bleeding edge of Microsoft stuff to use it. Meanwhile MU works on PS3,PSP,PS Vita, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices and basically any computer with a reasonably modern web browser, so while MU has less tracks I can actually use it. And why would I want to buy a track when I got streaming tracks for $12

tusunami said:

November 30th, 4:09 pm

THis is a great deal & i did pick this up a couple of days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icurafuse said:

November 30th, 4:18 pm

Honestly, I stopped using this only because it stops working when I’m working overseas (Vita version). I spent about half of my time on contracts outside which doesn’t work on Music Unlimited or netflix for some reason. I’d be happy to sign-up again if that was fixed.

For anyone else who is interested, the iOS version ignore locations, but I don’t want to use the iPhone version on my iPad. So, why restrict customers on your own hardware?

Squiggle55 said:

November 30th, 4:44 pm

On my Mac computer marking a song “dislike” doesn’t automatically skip the song. On the PS3 you can’t shuffle your playlists. These are merely examples of many little things that need to be cleaned up and consistent across all devices.

Dyoxen said:

November 30th, 5:00 pm

I tried this service about 8 months ago and it was such a train wreck that i gave up on it during the free trial. No way in hell i was gonna pay 10 bucks a month for something that sorta, kinda sometimes worked.
I decided to try it again since paying 12 bucks for a year is hard to pass up and if it was still a buggy mess i could live with losing only 12 dollars and see how the year went as far as Sony getting their act together and delivering the service the way they describe it.
I must say that overall i’m happy with it now. I can actually sync my own music with no problem now, a feature that was beyond busted before, and it seems to be much more stable on all my devices than before. I still have occasional problems connecting and using the offline mode on my android but for 12 dollars i can deal with it.
Now the balls in Sony’s court. You have the next year to improve the service and get it working reliably if you want me paying full price for it when it comes time to renew.

Talgron said:

November 30th, 5:47 pm

I really wish offline mode worked on the ps3, sometimes I don’t want to sign in or I want to use the web browser. Maybe i’m missing it but i’ve accidentally liked and disliked songs and there doesn’t seem to be a way to undo the decision, ive also disliked songs and its told me I can’t dislike the song? What? I agree with people above the music it picks for me is terrible. I’ve just been ignoring all the channels and just searching for stuff but I will say this everything I have searched for has been there except Metallica and thats probably because Metallica are digital haters. With all that outta the way I really do like this and it is an amazing deal. I just wanted to give some constructive feedback.

And for the love of god can it stop auto playing Gangnam Style when I turn it on and quickly go do something only to come back and be greeted with it playing!

ojodevidrio said:

November 30th, 6:25 pm

@78, I agree that this deal is a Steal for sure. But XBOX MUSIC is FAR superior to MU. You pay 99.90 a year for the subscription and you get to use the music offline on your computer, Zune, WP, and so forth. As a matter a fact I have an older Sony MP3 player, to which I can transfer my XBOX Music to, without issue. I can’t do that with Music Unlimited, even though it’s made by SONY. it’s an X series 32GB FYI. Heck, I need to use the browser to access my music. Not so for XBOX MUSIC. I can use the Zune or XBOX Music app to access it. Oh, and did I mention you can stream music videos if you have an XBOX 360 for free, right from the XBOX MUSIC APP, so no youtubing and trying to get the best quality or official video, bc it is integrated into the app itself, without ads mind you. Plus the XBOX MUSIC APP(AKA ZUNE APP EVOLUTION) is and has been superior to any music app around. Although I think the Vita app is ok, I feel the PS3 app needs an update. Again, however, I think for 12 dollars, this is the best money can get.

mar425 said:

November 30th, 6:50 pm

Hey there. I happen to have a GS nexus with 4.2 and I have noticed the music unlimited app to run very sluggish. Any word if there is an update to fix this in the works?

sciteach said:

November 30th, 7:09 pm

so will it be available on the iPad at all?

Grexotic said:

November 30th, 8:26 pm

signed up & love it but it only works on my ps3 and xperia play. i had reinstalled (including updates) it on my vita twice but gives me “an error has occurred please close app” any troubleshooting tips?”

AltairBioshokero said:

November 30th, 10:14 pm

Hey how about an update on the december content for the US? Europe is getting Arkham City and LIMBO! I want some of that too!

RAWBRTzx said:

November 30th, 11:45 pm

If these music services were something I used I’d be all over this deal.

Dago314 said:

December 1st, 12:00 am

Music Unlimited is useless, Qriocity -Sony Computer Entertainment shouldn’t be charging PlayStation Network users for a service that should be free, There are things like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and many other sources where to get this music. PlayStaion Network, Sony is pretty popular, Is a service to brag off, because unlike Microsoft XBOX 360, PSN users don’t pay to play online. But Sony Computer Entertainment would get more people into this great company is they used their heads a little bit more, Get serious, How many of the people out do ya think actually buys songs, or pays for streaming. Paying for Music Unlimited is insane. Remember and always keep in mind, A PlayStation 3 Symtem is not the ONLY electronic device that the users possess, The got many more electronics, In which they can look and download songs for free or just stream them while playing PS3, Having the service free on the console would just make you guys cooler, But is pretty pointless to charge for it. Movies i can understand, but think about the music.

cybershinigami87 said:

December 1st, 6:36 am

Gotta say I like the service. Surprising the amount of current music it has though I’m a little disappointed some of the back catalog. All in all if you have PS+ you can’t do much better than this deal. If you don’t you still can’t do much better for what you get.

shawtymann said:

December 1st, 6:41 am

I’m gonna subscribe to test it out. You can’t beat $12. I currently use Spotify to stream music mainly because it can scrobble tracks to Last.FM. If Music Unlimited supported Last.FM i would subscribe every year. Make it happen Sony :)

Elvick_ said:

December 1st, 7:24 am

@90: Please speak for yourself.

ACtripxl said:

December 1st, 9:47 am

Bought this last week, AWESOME service and for $12 this is a STEAL. I have been hearing new things that I would have never heard before, anyone holding back who loves music needs to have their head examined.

Mo-Teur said:

December 1st, 11:07 am

Does it requires a credit card to have an account even if i pay with pre-paid Card?

Istyle318 said:

December 1st, 11:33 am

App doesn’t support my nexus 7

gold5225 said:

December 1st, 12:01 pm


gold5225 said:

December 1st, 12:02 pm

Sorry for Post 97, I was checking to see why I couldn’t get the offer for $12 on the music Unlimited Website, and thought maybe it was because I was no longer a PSplus member.. But I am!

Bogg1000 said:

December 1st, 12:48 pm

The only way i’ve found to shuffle play on a ps3 is to goto My library and pick shuffle all songs. But I haven’t found anyway to do a shuffle play on when using the playlist.

FeistFan said:

December 1st, 1:00 pm

So if you’re NOT a Plus member, you can pay $60…or you can buy a 3-month Plus membership and then get it for $12, for a total cost of under $30!?!?!

Why not just offer three or six months of Plus free for people who aren’t Plus subscribers and buy the $60 deal? I hope you’re encouraging them to buy a Plus membership instead, when they select the $60 option.

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