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Dec 03

Dec 03

PlayStation Plus Update: Return To Rapture Free in BioShock 2

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Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

It may be gift-giving season, but PlayStation Plus delivers gaming gifts all year round, and this week is no exception. While many of you might still be getting acquainted with the PS Vita Plus games, PS3 gamers can welcome BioShock 2 into their Instant Game Collection. Download it for free if you’re a Plus member when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday.

Don’t forget that the Music Unlimited offer is still on as well. You can pick up the 1 year subscription for only $12! If you have questions on the service, you may want to check out this handy FAQ. To take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to subscribe from your PS3 or PS Vita Plus enabled account.

Music Unlimited

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 4th PlayStation Plus Update

BioShock 2 (PS3)
Free for Plus members
Years after the events of the original BioShock, a monster has begun snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. Players step into the boots of the most iconic denizen of Rapture (and recent star of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale), the Big Daddy, as they travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers.
Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 (PS3)
10% off for PlayStation Plus members (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)
An amazing value, this collection features Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. Plus members can enjoy a 10% discount on this new release to PSN.

Puddle (PS3 and PS Vita Versions)
50% off for PlayStation Plus members (PS3 Plus Price: $3.50 $5.00; PS Vita Plus Price: $2.80 $4.00)
Experience a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle/platform game where you must guide a puddle of fluid to its target destination, not by moving the fluid, but by tilting the game world. It’s a unique twist on the puzzle genre and both PS3 and PS Vita versions are 50% off. Please note, this game is not cross-buy or cross-play enabled; so choose the best version for you, or if you’re a big fan, buy both!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s update. Tune in next week where we’ll have another fantastic title to keep you gaming with PlayStation Plus. Head to the PlayStation Plus forums to continue the conversation and find other Plus fans, and make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below. As always, thanks for your feedback and we’ll see you next week!

PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012

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death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 10:50 pm

“Actually, you just don’t realize just how good I am….It’s not even that much of a challenge to destroy you people’s arguments.”

Then why aren’t you destroying any arguments? You don’t even try to discuss the topic at hand. All you do it thrash around throwing random insults, then delude yourself into thinking that you actually won the argument.

but, never mind. go ahead and continue to lie to yourself if it helps your pathetic self-image.

must really suck to be you

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 10:52 pm

I’m actually starting to pity you

bamahollis88 said:

December 3rd, 10:56 pm

@ PrimeroIncognito

Stop trolling dude, and I’m assuming you’re a troll because you have been here arguing for 5 hours and you don’t even have PS+. So either your here because you are a really big fan boy, or you just like to argue for no reason. Why would you even spend 5 hours talking about something that doesn’t even affect you in anyway? That’s just sad.

Abre75 said:

December 3rd, 11:06 pm

This is great! I was just talking about how excited I was for Bioshock infinite and was thinking how I need to get Bioshock 2 but then BAM!!!! You guys give it to me free :D Sometimes I think i’m linked to sony xD

neuropunk said:

December 3rd, 11:06 pm

Shooters are the scum of video games and they are ruining the video game industry.

Seriously, let this crappy genre die off already!!!!! Seriously, how many times are you guys going to play the same game over and over, since most FPS are all the freaking same!!!! Especially Clone of Duty, since they never ever change. I cannot tell one CoD game apart from another.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 11:12 pm


IDK, I think they have their place…and that place is on the PC. I’ve never cared for FPS’s using a controller

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 3rd, 11:13 pm

@ death_by_wabbit

Not only do you clearly project yourself onto others, you also seem to have what I call the “ostrich syndrome”. Plunk your head in the sand and pretend it’s not there.


I already explained how it “affects” me. You don’t get to tell me if it affects me or not.

And I haven’t been here for 5 hours. I logged off, took a dump, and played a game for a couple hours like I said I would. I came back out of curiousity/desire for more entertainment. Is that cool with you? Should I whine about Plus instead? Would you like me then? Probably. And THAT”S what’s really sad.

Mattotastic said:

December 3rd, 11:24 pm

I just played the demo of the original BioShock a couple days ago and I really enjoyed it. The whole eerie atmosphere and story (as deep as the demo goes) of the game really caught my attention even though I’m not a huge fan of horror survival-type games. I’m glad I get to snag the 2nd one for free as I’ll probably buy the first one pretty soon.

Pretty good week for me. Thanks Morgan & Sony.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 11:26 pm

Think whatever you like, whatever makes you feel good about yourself, I can totally afford the charity.
but we’re done here. I’ll not help you poison this topic any further

bamahollis88 said:

December 3rd, 11:29 pm


Yea, I didn’t read through all of your troll post so I don’t know what excuse you came up with that made it “affect” you but I’m sure it was just a bunch of BS anyway. The reason I don’t like you is because you’re a troll, the first post you made 5 hours ago started off with name calling and let’s face it that’s what trolls do, and you get entertainment out of arguing which is further evidence that you’re a troll. You’re not here to add any real thought or ideas to this blog, but instead your just trying and argue with people.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 11:30 pm


It’s more of a steampunk FPS than survival horror. the protagonist is too powerful for there to be any real scares. It’s a lot of fun but was way too easy IMO. I finished it in less than 8 hrs

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 11:34 pm

just ignore him, he’s already beaten. He just wont admit it and it seem that he has no problem with locking up this topic for as long as we are willing to pay attention to him

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 11:36 pm


My problem is that I think that I can get anyone to see reason if I just find the right combination of words. But there is just no reasoning with some people and sometimes it take me a while to remember that

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 3rd, 11:36 pm

Goofball ^^^

Shall I show you how you project yourself? Observe:

“All you do it thrash around throwing random insults”

That’s what you’ve done.

“then delude yourself into thinking that you actually won the argument”

That’s what you’ve done.

“go ahead and continue to lie to yourself if it helps your pathetic self-image”

That’s what you’ve done.

I should point out that the latter 2 are old, boring debate “tactics” that became stale the instant after someone tried them for the first time. Decades ago. There’s no point in saying either one of those things. They’re absolute dead-ends. Do you see it? Neither one of those statement provides a proof. Yet you still have your nose in the air… hmm. Yep. Projection.

Zeniselv said:

December 3rd, 11:39 pm

I personally havent got a game that i would had bougth on PS plus IGC, nonetheless i consider i already gotten the money of the 1 year subscription i purchased in barely 2 months in. Certainly in comparation with EU we are getting less popular games, and the unequality in both regions service can give the feel that we, with the US service are getting the short end of the stick, but objectively we are getting more than our money worth, and that EU is getting more popular games dont really mean we are getting bad games, even if like people have said, bioshock 2 can be bought for 3 dollars, those are 3 dollars out of the maximum 6 you are paying a mont for plus.

if something i agree with the complaints,it’s with morgan telling people to be excited for next week, or saying next week is going to be good, specially when he repeatedly replies that preferences are subjective,knowing the long-argued issues of EU getting more widely acclaimed games, this just drive the blog in the direction it isnow.

in the end, to playstation; i can only say: thank you i enjoy the service and plan to keep doing so.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 3rd, 11:40 pm


Hey genius, did you realize you’re doing what you just said trolls do? Calling me a troll is name-calling, and that’s (according to you) what trolls do. Then you say I’m here to argue with people, but you only posted to argue with me. Sheesh. Hypocrites everywhere, I tell ya.

I always add thoughts and ideas to the blog. It’s not my fault you don’t see them. Hell, you even just admitted you didn’t read all my posts! Could this get any sillier?

I mean, I understand you think you’re better than me, but can you prove that?

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 3rd, 11:45 pm

“just ignore him, he’s already beaten”

When did that happen, and who did it? Was it you? I bet you think it was… Heh heh…

Good lord, some people… dude, you’re really boring.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 3rd, 11:58 pm

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

MatheusRuggeri said:

December 4th, 12:22 am

Morgan, please, what is the correct price for Puddle (PS Vita Version)?

If are just $ 2.80 I will buy, but before I need buy one PSN card.

StrykerINF_1_23 said:

December 4th, 12:38 am

The same can be said of RPGs. Aren’t they almost always turn based, about a group of people or a lone hero attempting to stop some evil force and going on long fetching missons?? I can’t stand RPGS. I tried to give FF7, FF8, Crisis Core, and some Tactics game and I just played each of them once and then deleted them. Taking turns in combat is not realistic at all! Who punches someone and then waits for the other guy to take his turn. My opinion is the supreme opinion and if you don’t like shooters you will get cancer! Thats what you sound like.

No seriously, I don’t like RPGs but I don’t go around saying they suck and they need to die because they are all the same. Stop hating on shooters. Yes COD is weak, but that doesn’t mean superior shooters don’t exist. And missing out on Bioshock is a great loss. Bioshock 1 is easily a top 10 game for me and is a game that I can replay over and over. It has a great atmosphere and villain.

StrykerINF_1_23 said:

December 4th, 12:39 am

PrimeroIncognito just ignore the trolls. Doesn’t matter what game they get for free, they will find something to yap about. They get off on that.

StrykerINF_1_23 said:

December 4th, 1:00 am

The same can be said of RPGs. I mean aren’t they all the same with a group of people or some lone hero battling some ancient evil. Don’t they all have hours and hours of text and long, boring fetch quests? Seriously taking turns in combat? Who does that in real life?

Lol no seriously, I’ve tried quite a few RPGs just to see what the fuss is about and I just can’t play more than half an hour without getting bored and wondering where my life went wrong. But I don’t go around saying RPGs need to die and that anybody who plays them should catch a disease.

Stop hating on shooters, and especially Bioshock. That game is easily a top 10 game for me and it will be an all time classic. You are missing out on a great villains, characters, atmosphere and storyline.

gujokju7 said:

December 4th, 1:39 am

Bioshock 2 played long time ago. It’s just an old game. EU can play Batman Arkham City, Vanquish, Limbo, much newer games than one, old game. And, finally, 3 games, not one. Once again, disappointment, huge disappointment.

Morgan, can you tell us, all ps+ subscribers, in few simply words, why there is huge difference between EU content and US content? Not one update, not one game, EU get better games regularly.

The_Dukenator said:

December 4th, 1:41 am

@457 Might as well hunt down the disc since it might be cheaper.

@471 Licensing. Its not that old.

Beckanno said:

December 4th, 1:54 am

There are no “free games.” You pay for the service, which has lost or decreased the frequency of their former offerings for “rented games.” I have no problem w/ a rented service but I do w/ the current Plus.

Just make two different Tier services for Plus. One IGC, one Classic Plus. I’d love to pay less for more discounts & avatars. Even if we no longer get Qore in either Tier it’d be better than the current state. Instead of getting forced into a program change I didn’t agree to. The IGC killed Plus for me, I already have the games I’m interested in playing from those offered. The majority were extremely disappointing however. I no longer see the point in buying games with them being given out for “rent” either. Specially when they aren’t even being announced the same day.

I’m no Fanboy or a Corporate Thrall, so Id criticise any company that dissatisfied me as the costumer. Honestly, the need to defend a business baffles me. I suppose thats a sign that the “corporations are people” agenda is really being driven into consumers. They dont care about you. They only care about your money.

EggySong85 said:

December 4th, 2:45 am

Nice! I didn’t think I’d ever actually play Bioshock 2, but now I might even get to play it before I have a chance to buy infinite with Bioshock 1 bundled in… I’m kind of inadvertently collecting the whole series, I guess. I have no complaints! Thanks guys!

Sevyne said:

December 4th, 3:30 am

Stop, just stop? I’m not even close?

Not even close to what? You aren’t even responding coherently. I tried being civil with you here, but you ARE seriously just trolling so screw you you miserable piece of trash. You go ahead and enjoy being a pathetic loser with nothing better to do than belittle people over the internet. From this point on I’m just going to pretend you do not exist. You cry about people complaining yet you are much worse than every single one of them.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 3:51 am


Seems like you’re in the minority here…not really looking to argue…but it doesn’t look like this is the ideal community you seem to think it is…if most people here don’t agree with you, seems like this isn’t the community that likes to keep the good times flowing or whatever it is you said (just paraphrasing). Honestly, I think people are entitled to their opinions, be it negative, positive or neutral…I guess you don’t feel that way…I hate to break it to you but people disagree with each other all the time…there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they’re diplomatic and civil about it…attacking people for attacking a service seems kinda petty but to each his own I guess.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 4th, 4:27 am


Not even close to being right. Regarding anything you’re talking about. Especially when it comes to me.

And now look what you did. You made the same mistake all the other fools did.

When you combine “miserable piece of trash” & “pathetic loser”, and follow it up with “nothing better to do than belittle people over the internet”, it’s like stepping right into a trap right after you’ve set it.

And this comes after you’ve done nothing but bicker with other users and persistently bash Sony, Plus, and the blog team FOR MONTHS. Other than Ryumoau, you’re probably the most critical. Just because you laid low for a while doesn’t mean I forgot, and neither has anyone at Sony who reads this blog. Stop trying to act like an angel so suddenly.

I hope you do pretend like I don’t exist anymore, because then there will be one less fool addressing me that I have to put back in his place. Good riddance.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 4:36 am

@470 StrykerINF_1_23

You’re super ignorant and there are not enough words on here to explain how wrong you are. They don’t even make proper turn based games anymore since your shooter games mucked up the entire video game industry. I’m so sick to death of your casual bare bones gameplay and shallow games with nothing to them aside from aim some stupid cursor at some stupid enemy or explosion thing. It’s old and stale and needs to die. You Call of Duty games are among the worst games I have ever played. I also have tried Bioshock and that is just another generic trashy shooter. Sucks that shooters cannot be more like Metroid Prime and Half Life, no, they have to be watered down for dumb gamers like yourself.

And you expect for an RPG to pick up in the first 30 minutes? Holy crap, talk about unreasonable. You should go back to your ADD meds if you cannot handle a game not having explosions every freaking minute. You are everything that is wrong with the video game industry and your type makes me sick.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 4:36 am

Plus you know nothing about RPGs so you should just shut up about them, I think the steroids have infected your brain and made it shrink. Dudebrofratjocks just cannot handle anything other than mindless shooters, so your opinion is trash.

LOL @ you thinking they still make turn based JRPGs (my favorite type of game that I’m pissed off that Sony and other companies have abandoned). Makes me so mad that Sony mostly focuses on sucky shooties these days. I used to love the PlayStation, but now I’m starting to hate it.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 4th, 4:37 am


“Seems like you’re in the minority here…”

Of course I am. Cowards are rampant these days. I’ve been in the minority for a long time.

“people disagree with each other all the time…there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they’re diplomatic and civil about it”

The problem is these spoiled snobs on here are NOT diplomatic and civil about it. That’s the whole damn problem! You must have not been here long. They are beyond disrespectful. Ungrateful and selfish. Calling for Grace to be fired, for Morgan to step down, among other things… and for what? VIDEO GAMES?!?!

“attacking people for attacking a service seems kinda petty”

It’s not about them attacking the service, it’s the way they do it. As I just stated, it’s the disrespect. That’s the problem. They complain about not getting $100 worth of content every month for their $4.17 investment, I complain about their disrespect and their destruction of the good vibe around here. Ask yourself, who’s complaints are more legitimate? Hope you understand.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 4:41 am



Although I agree with the whole shallow gameplay thing, that’s a pretty passionate response, lol…made me smile a bit even if it was a bit over the top…kudos for mentioning the possibly the 2 best FPS/FPA games of all time though (Metroid Prime and Half Life). Sometimes it’s fun to just shoot at stuff and not think for a while though…no??

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 4:45 am


You’re right, I haven’t been here long…just seems like a lot of people are dissatisfied…I guess maybe SOME of them could be a little more pleasant about it. But in the end, this is a faceless corporation they’re attacking (not counting the ones screaming directly at Morgan of course…poor guy). Consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction in this case, is part of every business…I’m sure Sony has heard much worse.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 4th, 4:54 am


Did you get your ass kicked by a football player or something? I don’t like shooters that much either, and I agree with you that Call Of Duty (and ALL war-themed FPS) games are the bane of the industry, but you put a lot of extra… stuff… into that post of yours.

Stryker actually comes across as one of the smarter and more sensible people around here. And no, not just because he took my side… I’ve noticed his posts over the past few months. He seems to have his head on straight. Which is rare in this day and age.

Dr0lettt said:

December 4th, 4:55 am

Just asking why eu people get stuff like batman arkham city and we get bioshock 2 that is a way older game than batman AC. In november they got crysis 2 + resident evil 5 gold + borderland + just cause 2… Not saying that bioshock 2 is not a good game but .. it’s not fair and just asking why ?

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 4:56 am


When everything is a shooter, nothing sets them apart or makes anything special. Only shooter I play is Uncharted 3 online, but I am starting to hate it because of sniper and shotgun spam. Other than that, just Deus Ex HR, Fallout, and Skyrim is ok, but the combat sucks. Demon’s & Dark Souls are the very two best video games this generation though.

It is a passionate response since the NES was my first console and have been playing RPGs for over 15 years, and Mario RPG was my first and FF7 was my 2nd. PS1 had me hooked on RPGs, so did PS2, etc., and now it’s like Sony got us hooked and then just yanked them away. I have been waiting for great JRPGs on PS3 for over 6 years, and the Final Fantasy XIII series is absolute freaking trash. Tales of Graces F and Valk Chron are the best the system has to offer, but what else for JRPGs? And a few WRPGs are good, but they do not replace my love for JRPGs, and Sony as a Japanese company have taken away my Japanese RPGs and spat in my face, only to give me these crappy freaking shooter games that suck and have nothing to them. They are linear watered down and dumbed down, and don’t have puzzles, no quests, no good story, no towns, no exploration, etc. etc.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 5:02 am


I think you and I have very similar taste in games…Skyrim I couldn’t get into, even though Fallout 3 was amazing (hated New Vegas)….Dark Souls is my baby and I just bought Tales of Grace f…I’m hoping Ni No Kuni breaks the cycle of a lack of JRPG’s with substance…have you tried Dragon’s Dogma? It’s not too bad and pretty original. And yes FFXIII is garbage, I agree….I do like the occasional action game though…I like variety…Far Cry 3 is pretty great so far if you want a shooter that’s a bit different than the norm.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 5:04 am

What the hell do you expect from the king of JRPGs having tons of great RPGs on PS1 and PS2. JRPGs are my favorite types of games. I have been waiting PATIENTLY for JRPGs, but nope, they are not coming, just a butt load of crappy pewpewers. So many JRPGs this gen like the Atelier games have pedo crap in them. Pretty sure Chris Hansen shows up at their door if they play any of that over the top silly loli anime crap.

I have been waiting 6 years for good JRPGs on PS3. The best games are Dark & Demon’s Souls (I consider these WRPGs tho), Tales of Graces F, and Valkyria Chronicles. The best traditional JRPG this gen is Lost Odyssey. That is what I was expecting from the PS3. Not Fail Fantasy. Not this Hallway Fantasy, can’t control your characters, no world map, no airship, not turn based, no traditional FF elements. The Final Fantasy series used to be my favorite, but now the Final Fantasy sucks super bad, Final Fantasy as much as it pains me to say is beyond horrible. No words can describe how horrible they are or how angry I am at the video game industry for killing off my very favorite subgenre. The PlayStation brand is supposed to be filled with Japanese games but instead it’s filled with generic western crap.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 5:10 am

Dragon’s Dogma is too bland and sorta unpolished, generic, and the combat is sorta clunky, sorta like third person Elder Scrolls type combat. I also don’t dig on the story.

Tales of Graces F is fantastic and the closest thing to a real JRPG on the PS3. Plus, IT ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE YOU’RE PLAYING A JRPG! (Unlike FFXIII which feels like playing a crummy action game)

I will download the Ninokuni demo tomorrow. I’m going to remain skeptical, because whenever a JRPG dev tries to “innovate” a new combat system into a JRPG, 9 times out of 10 it ends up sucking. I just want normal turn based ATB combat like FF7-10, Xenogears, etc. with a fully controllable, fully customizable party, with 3-4 characters, non linear, world map, vehicles, preferably mature characters, updated graphics but unlike those untalented hacks at Squeenix, not emphasis on graphics or cutscenes (substance before flash). Square (soft) used to make my favorite games, but I would not trust Squeenix to make me a sandwich.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 5:11 am


Forgot to mention Resonance of Fate…very underrated game…you should check it out if you haven’t already.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 5:12 am

I’ve always loved the Tales series…good to hear Tales of Grace f doesn’t disappoint.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 4th, 5:13 am


Sounds like you should design your own game and show them how it’s done. I’m not kidding. If you’re that passionate about it, become a game designer. MAKE the game you want to play.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 5:21 am

Game designers (not indie) do not choose what games to make, the publishers do. But I do not want low budget 16 bit sprite game, I want an HD FF7-10, Xenogears (Xenosaga series sucked), Chrono Trigger, etc., quality JRPG with current gen graphics, much like Lost Odyssey, but the turn based was good, but really slow and tedious, the battles lasted a lot longer than classic FF games. Lost Odyssey is the best traditional JRPG this gen.

There’s still millions and millions of people around the globe who adore JRPGs, turn based ones, who want more, and these companies refuse to give us more, but shooter after shooter after shooter, and I can’t take it anymore. I bought a Wii U and 3DS (since N games are my favorite aside from JRPGs) and I’m done with Playstation next gen if they won’t give quality Japanese games anymore, like they used to. Final Fantasy 7 was the game that dragged me into the PlayStation in the first place.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 5:24 am

Japanese companies stopped making JRPGs because they didn’t sell. Well, guess what?

RPGs DO NOT sell on the ShooterBox, unless they read something like: Elder Scrolls, Fable or Mass Effect.

At the start of the gen, Xbox had JRPG exclusives and it messed it up for RPG fans and I’m so angry. All I wanted this gen was a real Final Fantasy game and some good turn based JRPGs to go along with it.

Well, let’s see, Japanese games on an American console that the Japanese refused to buy, and I do not blame them for not buying a crappy Shooterbox 420. I especially do not blame them since M$ has no good exclusives aside from Lost Odyssey.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 5:30 am

You could learn Japanese and import some awesome….sure it’s a time investment…but learning a new language definitely has some benefits…Since you have a Wii U now, maybe Last Story…and hopefully 3ds will get Bravely Default eventually.

neuropunk said:

December 4th, 5:35 am

I have been to Japan for two months and have taken 3 years of Japanese in college. I am rusty, but I can read and write hiragana and katakana. That does not mean I can understand the meanings though, just know the letters. Also, my Japanese is rusty since I have not used it in years. I have thought about importing, but I just do not think it is worth the hassle.

Well, let’s hope Ninokuni actually feels like playing a traditional JRPG, as opposed to most of the new crappy RPGs coming out these days. You asked about Resonance of Fate, I personally hate that game, it’s too weird. Cool if you like it but I think it’s really bad. I want a traditional JRPG experience, and so do millions and millions of people, so it does not make sense that all these companies are ignoring JRPG fans so much.

Player1Winz said:

December 4th, 5:40 am

Well I understand that’s it’s weird, but that’s what I liked about it…it was pretty addictive once I got into it…but I definitely get why you wouldn’t like it (RoF)….anyway, the fact that I’m having trouble giving you any valid suggestions pretty much proves your point…there’s not a lot to choose from….that’s unfortunate, but I’m staying optimistic for NiNoKuni…the art style is awesome, and I hope the gameplay matches it….I guess Star Ocean is the only game I haven’t mentioned that was halfway decent and I have my problems with that game so there ya go. Oh well, here’s to hoping the industry goes back to making a larger variety of games, JRPGs included.

RMattos said:

December 4th, 6:18 am

I don’t agree with weekly updates,
EU shows it right ahead and this update is simply frustrating, Bio2 really? Xmas is slow this year for PS+ US.

The_Dukenator said:

December 4th, 6:30 am

@484 BioShock 2 came out in 2010, Batman Arkham City came out the year after.

@497 There’s more planned for the future.

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