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Dec 03

Dec 03

PlayStation Plus Update: Return To Rapture Free in BioShock 2

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

It may be gift-giving season, but PlayStation Plus delivers gaming gifts all year round, and this week is no exception. While many of you might still be getting acquainted with the PS Vita Plus games, PS3 gamers can welcome BioShock 2 into their Instant Game Collection. Download it for free if you’re a Plus member when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday.

Don’t forget that the Music Unlimited offer is still on as well. You can pick up the 1 year subscription for only $12! If you have questions on the service, you may want to check out this handy FAQ. To take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to subscribe from your PS3 or PS Vita Plus enabled account.

Music Unlimited

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 4th PlayStation Plus Update

BioShock 2 (PS3)
Free for Plus members
Years after the events of the original BioShock, a monster has begun snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. Players step into the boots of the most iconic denizen of Rapture (and recent star of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale), the Big Daddy, as they travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers.
Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 (PS3)
10% off for PlayStation Plus members (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)
An amazing value, this collection features Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. Plus members can enjoy a 10% discount on this new release to PSN.

Puddle (PS3 and PS Vita Versions)
50% off for PlayStation Plus members (PS3 Plus Price: $3.50 $5.00; PS Vita Plus Price: $2.80 $4.00)
Experience a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle/platform game where you must guide a puddle of fluid to its target destination, not by moving the fluid, but by tilting the game world. It’s a unique twist on the puzzle genre and both PS3 and PS Vita versions are 50% off. Please note, this game is not cross-buy or cross-play enabled; so choose the best version for you, or if you’re a big fan, buy both!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s update. Tune in next week where we’ll have another fantastic title to keep you gaming with PlayStation Plus. Head to the PlayStation Plus forums to continue the conversation and find other Plus fans, and make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below. As always, thanks for your feedback and we’ll see you next week!

PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012

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nolo451 said:

December 4th, 4:04 pm

@ DaonkyKongGorilla,

Well I wrote up a quick email to two departments at SCEA, I’ll keep you informed if they get back to me. A sample inherently means that not everyone in the population is part of the sample. I mean do you really want to go into the basic premise of statistics and sampling? Wikipedia is an excellent resource. I’d glady spend more time on this, but I’d feel as if I need to be getting paid to teach people stuff. lol.

I mean look at the presidential election a few weeks ago, they had sample results, accurate around the high 90’s in every state/county by simply asking 500-1000 people. Statistics is an amazing subject, isn’t it? Its crazy how close a sample can reflect the true population. Nate Silver(an intelligent statistician) called every state (IIRC) and pretty much knew who would win and by what percent based on a few thousand people, and that was from a population of around 300 million people in the U.S.

bamahollis88 said:

December 4th, 4:08 pm

Well in my opinion the US didn’t get as good of a deal as EU. NOT because of the games that were giving, but the fact that EU also got the cat woman DLC. They wasn’t going to get the DLC but the EU+ team went and talked to the publishers, and was able to get the DLC added on, They went form not getting the DLC to getting it in less than one day. That just shows how much they care about their plus members, would be nice to get same treatment.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:10 pm

DaonkyKongGorilla? really. anything you say from this point on is invalid…. Proceeding to jokes, thats just sad… And also when someone who criticizes the company gets blocked from speaking their voice, NO WONDER IF IT”D BE HIGH!

nolo451 said:

December 4th, 4:14 pm

……wow its called a typo. Have I resorted to insults before, why would I start now? I just like to call people by their names instead of numbers, since comments tend to get deleted. That was an honest to God accident.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:18 pm

Yeah, sorry but getting a couple letters off IS CONSIDERED A TYPO not changing a whole word…. but anyways proof reading wouldn’t hurt. and it seems only the criticism the really bad ones get deleted…. and people get blocked…. then they email them and never get a response back, that’s really bad injustice

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:22 pm

LOL did you really use the presidential elections as an theory for stats? Yeah because Republican stats showed they were winning by a LANDSLIDE, haha then when they lost they tried to blame it on the fact that caucasion (sp?) people are now the minority, what a load of crock. but yeah your right statistics are the truth man! sarcasm is amazing :D

nolo451 said:

December 4th, 4:23 pm

actually I have to apologize, this whole time I assumed your name read DonkeyKongGorilla, wow, I deserve that, I’m dumb.

I just now read it and see its actually DonkeyKongKilla, I thought you were mad at the Daonky part. Nothing meant by that, I’ll own it, I messed up and wasn’t calling you by your actual name. Didn’t mean anything by it, my eyes just glanced at your name and saw DonkeyKongGorilla when I first read it.

nolo451 said:

December 4th, 4:28 pm

Regarding the presidential stats, Again, the reason Mr. Silver was/is considered one of the smartest statisticians in the world is because of the way he collected his data. AGAIN, the methods of collecting data is KEY. Anyone can make a poll and get results. Whether they are relevant is another thing. Of course they messed up big time, they did not properly do what they were supposed to do in being independent and following proper sampling guidelines. I’m sorry but when your main source of poll respondents are people older than 40 and moderate conservatives, of course they are going to have skewed results in their favor, in this case VERY BAD data which caused them to believe they had the election in the bag.

The New York Times did a great story on why there was such a huge difference in sampling results from the Republicans side, simply put it was because they failed on so many levels, I’m actually quite surprised they didn’t think they would win the election by 90% lol.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:28 pm

Nah its an type of name I just came up with because of the Phrase “its on like donkeykong”

wines05 said:

December 4th, 4:30 pm

is something good to appear in ps plus bioshock 2 free todabia is a game that I have not tried but if he had wanted to jump in and say Thanks hope we ps eu level with high-level games.

BuM87 said:

December 4th, 4:34 pm

i was looking at the EU blog and see a pattern of EU plus suscribers getting better deals every month (only checked 6 months so might be wrong but dont realy think so) so why one region get a better deal than the other paying practicaly the same?

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:37 pm

You can’t really though go based off of something that’s totally different, and obviously their 95% satisfactory is a lie, because take into account everyone that actually has Plus, which is more then likely way less than the whole community. I’d probably say more than 5% post on the blogs about their unsatisfactory, then the person who messaged me was blocked for doing it, so take in to account all the people PS blog has silenced that can’t even get their opinions on here. Hmmm, yeah a lot of sketchyness going around

nolo451 said:

December 4th, 4:38 pm

Ok bro, I don’t want to keep arguing, you seem like a cool levelheaded person, I’ve been taking too much time off work to reply a lot here lol.

Hope they release stuff that you’re into in the following weeks.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:41 pm

That’s cool and you can think that, but I haven’t been given any actual evidence to make me believe what they are saying.

mcbuttz78 said:

December 4th, 4:45 pm

@Dkk.. the teams cannot change sides, i dont think??( lord forbid a eu spy in usa blog) lol but in seriousness they do work together this how we( usa) are getting alot japanese and other titles games get here and vice versa for them. The teams just have a diffrent agenda ‘s and they compete, all the psn stores compete.

I dont even know if its allowed to have the same content everywhereat same time, it has never been that way.To my understanding

vp psn legioniaree group

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 4:50 pm

@mcbuttz but wouldn’t it be just better instead of competing with each other then make it better for everyone everywhere at the same time? I mean Sony is in competition enough with microsoft the last thing the company needs as a whole is everyone within it competing with each other? There is no logic in that what so ever, and how could that be? EU seems to have all the retail games we have plus more? I mean that’s not very logical don’t you think?. I’m just saying it should be equal to everyone sense we are all paying for the service.

aznhero913 said:

December 4th, 5:18 pm

Complete garbage compared to what EU has received. Hell don’t give me crappy/old/dead games like Bioshock 2, RE5, NFS Shift 2 if you’re really that compelled to shaft the US market. Just consolidate those titles and provide one good one. We know we’ll never be treated well here stateside by Sony so just do us a favor and at least try to act like you’re not completely taking a ten pound dump on us and show us a little gratitude for supporting your product and being a member of PS+

nolo451 said:

December 4th, 5:22 pm

LOL Bioshock 2, RE5 crappy? I don’t think PS+ is for you buddy.

OH yeah, done with work, time to play Bioshock 2 in a few more mins!

:) ——> me with a HUGE smile on my face.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 4th, 5:36 pm

Correction, he didnt say they were crappy, he said they were crappy compared to what EU gets. wow miss

nolo451 said:

December 4th, 5:41 pm

*sigh* if you clearly want to do this again….

Whether he meant that or not is one thing, what he typed is another thing:

“Complete garbage compared to what EU has received. Hell don’t give me crappy/old/dead games like Bioshock 2, RE5, NFS Shift 2”

He calls it garbage in his opinion compared to what EU has received, THEN he says that Bioshock 2 and RE5 are crappy.

Take that as you will, but I’m going on what he wrote. so score?(opposite of miss?)

Pixie_Stix_88 said:

December 4th, 5:59 pm

Would really like to see MONTHLY UPDATES! Not annoying weekly ones.

And can we please get some good games for the PS3 (i like the vita selection). If you guys had more games similar to EU then i sure Plus membership would go through the roof.

BuM87 said:

December 4th, 6:00 pm

re5 its pretty crapy in my opinion, not as crappy as 6 thanks god… its not deserving the resident evil name but it was prety fun when played in coop with a friend back in the day in 2009 when it relesed 3 year old games wherent bad but eu its getting batman and that game was awesome i know becouse i played it, and it is much more newer, i didnt played vanquish so i cant give an opinion but also is newer and looks much more well made and if its directed by shinshi mikami (real resident evil games director not the shity ones) so i am feeling pretty robed by ps+ seeing how much more love they get in EU… (sry for my crappy english by the way, its not my first language…)

Bergen75 said:

December 4th, 6:14 pm

I still have the email that says Puddle for the PS3 will be $3.50. Why is it all of a sudden $5.00?

If Sony messes up, and advertises the wrong price, why won’t they honor that price?

death_by_wabbit said:

December 4th, 7:09 pm


I am glad that you are so happy with it, I really am but wouldn’t you be happier playing Batman AC? Or Vanquish? I agree that Bioshock 2 is a good game but it;s getting pretty old. Most everyone who wanted to play them already have, I already have a copy of it on Steam that I haven’t played in years, they didn’t even think enough of us to give us the ultimate edition.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 4th, 7:12 pm

Personally, I’m more excited about the Ni Ni Kuni demo than anything on offer from PS+ this week

BuM87 said:

December 4th, 7:20 pm


same hear

Yugi_Fishie said:

December 4th, 8:30 pm

Is anyone else having trouble getting Bioshock 2 for free? Despite still having an active subscription, the store is still wanting to charge me for it despite going directly into the PS+ section. I feel like I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what it is. If anyone else that’s had the problem had that resolved, how was it done?

Dr-Jones104 said:

December 4th, 8:34 pm

Hey I am a playstation Plus member as well and it shows BioShock 2 $19.99 instead of being free. Whats up with that? Any way to get this resolved?

omahagoose402 said:

December 4th, 9:02 pm

i was charged the full price of bioshock 2 at $19.99 when i am a PLUS member and it should have been free,i called the 1 800 sony number for help and they looked into it saying i am right that i should not have been charged. the charge broke down into a immeadiate $18.33 withdrawl from my bank account and the remaining $1.00 and some odd cents for a total of 19.99 when it should have been FREE,as u can tell im pretty pissed about the situation and as i said i called the 1 800 sony number and the reperesentive said i was right but unforatnely all he could do was send a request in and i should get a response to my refund request in about 10 – 15 days and thats just to get a response as to yes or no,from there i have to wait til my bank releases the money back to me which could take up to another whole billing cycle…… its blantantly obvious i should not have been charged at all,i am plus member til january of 2013 and then i have to renew my subscription,so why do i have to wait that long for a response just to get my money back and why was i improperly charged in the first place???

omahagoose402 said:

December 4th, 9:03 pm

and then theres another problem that is not solved,how do i know i will not be charged again for another “FREE” Game with this “PLUS” Membership,heres an example…hypthetictally lets say you release another free game next tuesday’s update on 12-11-12 and that game is priced at $19.99 but “FREE” if You are a “Plus”member…am
I going to be charged again 19.99 when it should be free ???…the guy on the phone at the 1 800 sony number said there was nothing he could to fix that issue for right now remove my credit card from the system and someone will look into it…. ????????so i f thats the case how am i going to renew my “PLUS” membership in Jan 2013 ??? and how am i going to get free games if i am being charged for them ?? whos going to fix this mess ???

death_by_wabbit said:

December 4th, 9:45 pm

@ Yugi_Fishie
@ Dr-Jones104

I just downloaded got mine a couple hrs ago and had no trouble. maybe you should contact customer support

Cesar_MgC said:

December 4th, 10:08 pm

Waiting more contents!!

creperey22 said:

December 4th, 10:42 pm

Hey Morgan, why don’t you guys enable multiple accounts on PS Vita just like it works on PS3, I would love to suscribe to both US and EU regions to get all plus content, but its so annoying to restart the Vita and the memory, every time I want to swtich between accounts, I love the way it works on PS3.

ManU_Fan10ne said:

December 4th, 11:08 pm

Can people stop complaining, please. The US has weekly updates about what new games are coming for each week. EU does it all at once, just be patient.

The_Dukenator said:

December 4th, 11:44 pm

@683 Yep. Note the earliest comment asking about doing monthly for US.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 5th, 12:42 am

Yeah, but monthly updates wont solve the problem, just allow us to know right away how badly we’re getting scr*wed

The_Dukenator said:

December 5th, 1:18 am

@685 Think EU PS+ users complained about this as well? I know Major Nelson, of xbox, does bi-weekly updates on his blog. I don’t recall if users complain on there since I don’t always check the comments.

As for BioShock 2, I know the mp kinda died out after awhile. Seems this bought new interest to the multiplayer. modes.

Alemic92 said:

December 5th, 1:59 am

Am I the only one that the store still wants to charge $20 to even though I have playstation plus? I have never had this problem until now….

The_Dukenator said:

December 5th, 3:33 am

@687 + Morgan Haro on December 4th, 2012 at 6:07 pm said:

It may be a store update hiccup. To avoid complications; try emptying your cart and adding the game in there later on. I did it on my end now and it’s working fine, but again, may have been an update hiccup that gets resolved within an hour or so.

Texas_Warlock09 said:

December 5th, 6:01 am

I signed for 3 months for this. I thought we were getting Batman AC and Mortal Kombat. us.playstation is letting us down, and Europe gets 33% off plus membership. Why does Europe get 12 deals of Christmas and we get nothing. Come on us.playstation give us what we deserve.

death1292 said:

December 5th, 6:04 am

bioshock 2 is a good game hope people give the mp a try since the community is kinda dead now in over all im happy with ps plus is has gotten much better than when it first came out. keep up the great work and the great games coming

kaka_campolongo said:

December 5th, 6:21 am

Great Update , great game

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 5th, 7:13 am

@ Yugi_Fishie
@ Dr-Jones104

Its a flaw in the new store, you have to wait til it fully updates, or turn off your system then turn it back on, it might help i’ve done it last few times…


@omahagoose402 – Its same issue people been having sense they released the new store just before RE5 came out for plus. they have bugs to fix in the store nevertheless I got my money back in about 7 days for RE5 so just be patient on that and it should happen, JUST MAKE SURE CHECKOUT SAYS $0.00 EVERY TIME FOR FREE THINGS FROM PLUS. then it will be fine.

sab_krit said:

December 5th, 7:19 am

I dont want to store my credit card details in their server. I always buy the playstation card from amazon and use it. Safe and no such hassles.

sab_krit said:

December 5th, 8:23 am

@670 he didnt say crappy, he said crappy/old/dead Bioshock 2 is ofcourse a dead game and RE5 is old and NFS Shift 2 is crappy. you miss (opposite of score) :)


December 5th, 8:38 am

I am a little disappointed. EU plus is way better this month: $45 worth of sweet games for free. We get a $10 my girlfriend already owns on that other console. Come on SCEE. That’s kind of messed up and I hope you make up for it somehow.
Playstation Plus is a great value, but this months sucks!

sab_krit said:

December 5th, 9:18 am

@696 SCEE or SCEA?

Xx_Crisco_xX said:

December 5th, 9:59 am

@680 People who work for sony are not very bright ! They had me delete all my save data , after I told the girl it would and she said it wouldn’t ! Then I ask for an explanation and all I got was sorry there is nothing we can do ! You think when someone destroys all your hard work of 1000+ hours , they would’ve had a better answer ! Guess not !

sab_krit said:

December 5th, 10:14 am

@ You can have the back up of your saved games in an external hard drive or in the cloud storage of plus before deleting your 1000+ hours of hard work.

Yugi_Fishie said:

December 5th, 11:21 am


That may have been it. I waited until much later to download after my last post and it eventually did let me have it for free. Odd hiccups, that they are. I suppose I should wait until Wednesday or Thursday before checking out Tuesday’s PS+ updates to make sure the free goods actually are free during that time. I shouldn’t have to, but oh well, I’m happy I got Bioshock 2 free after all. Thank you for your help, good sir.

At the moment, my only consistent gripe with the new store (other than that) would be how DLC is handled. I much preferred having DLC organized by game rather than category. ‘Twas much easier to browse through, that it was. I doubt that’ll be fixed anytime soon, but what I ~will~ do is enjoy what I can get, yes indeed.

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