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Dec 03

Dec 03

PlayStation Plus Update: Return To Rapture Free in BioShock 2

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Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

It may be gift-giving season, but PlayStation Plus delivers gaming gifts all year round, and this week is no exception. While many of you might still be getting acquainted with the PS Vita Plus games, PS3 gamers can welcome BioShock 2 into their Instant Game Collection. Download it for free if you’re a Plus member when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday.

Don’t forget that the Music Unlimited offer is still on as well. You can pick up the 1 year subscription for only $12! If you have questions on the service, you may want to check out this handy FAQ. To take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to subscribe from your PS3 or PS Vita Plus enabled account.

Music Unlimited

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 4th PlayStation Plus Update

BioShock 2 (PS3)
Free for Plus members
Years after the events of the original BioShock, a monster has begun snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. Players step into the boots of the most iconic denizen of Rapture (and recent star of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale), the Big Daddy, as they travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers.
Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 (PS3)
10% off for PlayStation Plus members (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)
An amazing value, this collection features Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. Plus members can enjoy a 10% discount on this new release to PSN.

Puddle (PS3 and PS Vita Versions)
50% off for PlayStation Plus members (PS3 Plus Price: $3.50 $5.00; PS Vita Plus Price: $2.80 $4.00)
Experience a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle/platform game where you must guide a puddle of fluid to its target destination, not by moving the fluid, but by tilting the game world. It’s a unique twist on the puzzle genre and both PS3 and PS Vita versions are 50% off. Please note, this game is not cross-buy or cross-play enabled; so choose the best version for you, or if you’re a big fan, buy both!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s update. Tune in next week where we’ll have another fantastic title to keep you gaming with PlayStation Plus. Head to the PlayStation Plus forums to continue the conversation and find other Plus fans, and make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below. As always, thanks for your feedback and we’ll see you next week!

PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012

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Dubloon7 said:

December 3rd, 12:25 pm

utter garbage AGAIN!

Just bought Bioshock 2 at Target for $3.

THREE DOLLARS, it’s that wattered down of a game throughout retailers that they practically give out for free.

In Sony’s case, F U!

Seriousaly, why would i download a game that costs only $3?!

I won’t.

Is it possible to CANCEL my PLUS account and resume anytime i want? Say in 2 years when the PS4 actually becomes something worthwhile, unlike all of this PSN garbage?

drGiggless said:

December 3rd, 12:27 pm

US PS+ retail PS3 games since IGC started

Infamous 2
LittleBigPlanet 2
Saints Row 2
Just Cause 2
Warhammer 40000: Space Marines
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Starhawk (single player campaign only) trolololololololololol
King of Fighters XIII
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
Bioshock 2

EU PS+ retail PS3 games since IGC started

Infamous 2
LittleBigPlanet 2
Motorstorm Apocalypse
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines
Saints Row 2
Just Cause 2
Dead Space 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Red Dead Redemption
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
Crysis 2
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
Batman: Arkham City

It’s not even a contest, Europe PS+ wins by a landslide!! I may have even missed some of the EU games because it’s hard to keep track of all the amazing games they’ve gotten. And that’s only the retail games, the PSN games they get are way better too. Keep this post alive so everyone can see how much us PS+ subscribers in North America are getting ripped off!

Dubloon7 said:

December 3rd, 12:28 pm


PS3 is given free games practically every week, but WHAT THE F is going on with the Vita?

Giving up on it?

Some Plus promotion for Vita, when it doesn’t change for a month.

boomstickbhg said:

December 3rd, 12:30 pm

Since Plus is now just a rental service, with a few less % than before discounts thrown in, why is it that the rare time we get a full ps3 game to RENT it’s ancient? (RE5 or bioshock 2 arent bad games, but they are old and very cheap games…)

Why is the EU renting much newer games, but the NA Plus is only renting out the old ones?

Makes no sense, we don’t get to own the game either way so why can’t NA get more recent rental titles?

I could have rented the last 4 Full PS3 games for less than my 3 month plus subscription, plus had a physical version so no downloading required…

If the focus for Plus is on giving us some rental games, at least rent us something new please, it’s not an unreasonable request.

eddieanton said:

December 3rd, 12:33 pm

Oh look!!!… another fps!!!… and it’s ancient too!!!… *i renewed my plus act yesterday… some people just never learn*

GibbShift said:

December 3rd, 12:35 pm

Update is anemic compared to SCEE’s PS+ update of the month.

Tsupi_Az said:

December 3rd, 12:35 pm

It’s only been like 2 weeks since the start of the Vita’s IGC which was 6 free games. Not every week we can get free games, give them some time I am pretty sure they will have more content this month. But also the Plus is
Based on the PS3 mostly the Vita is a bonus at no extra cost. Now if a Vita is all you got then I guess that would be unfair to not have a Vita based plus service for those people. Also remember the Vita games do not effect the amount of PS3 games given every month.

spideyal said:

December 3rd, 12:36 pm

Guess who’s going to replay Bioshock 2? THIS GUY. I only was able to play this by renting it when it first came out since I didn’t have the money for a full purchase (especially after buying Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands), and only had the chance to play it through once.

So I’m absolutely happy we’ll be getting Bioshock 2 through Plus. I’m going to give that game the time and dedication it deserves (of course that’s after I finish my backlog of games, and my Mass Effect Trilogy playthrough…. but then!..).

Interested in seeing what else you guys have in store!

Ashilyn said:

December 3rd, 12:37 pm

I think all the people complaining should just give up their PS+ subscriptions, because obviously it’s not doing them any good. I, for one, am excited to play BioShock 2 again. Conversely, I don’t really care about Arkham City, because it’s one of the most overrated games I’ve ever played.

Seriously, guys. Free games. Lots of them. You can’t get bent out of shape over what another territory gets because it’s completely different marketing, licensing, red tape, and publishing agreements. Not to mention you guys are all getting in a tizzy about them getting all this stuff over one month when we just had ONE WEEK announced.

Further more, the people demanding Vita stuff – we just got a whole bunch of Vita games that I really doubt you’re all completely finished with yet. It’s seriouslly been two weeks. Give it time.

And finally, to the people saying that they “disregarded” us wanting monthly updates, it’s been made clear that that’s not something that happens over night. Learn to have some patience. I mean, jesus, seriously. It’s appalling.

nolo451 said:

December 3rd, 12:40 pm

Its pretty laughable how many people here are complaining about free stuff and “threatening” to cancel.

You know you can cancel your subscription, right? You guys make it seem as if someone is forcing you to stay subscribed, Vote with your wallet if you are displeased, cancel your membership, instead of making threats to cancel, Actions speak louder than words (Which I doubt many of you will even do, even though you say you will).

D-Squad3 said:

December 3rd, 12:41 pm

Okay I know we get Bioshock for free when we buy Infinite but why give us 2 for free instead of 1 first?

passivefamiliar said:

December 3rd, 12:44 pm

Ps+ you never fail me. I never got around to getting bioshock 2. Just…no reason. And now. FREE! Freaking awesome! But, i still hate the new store. Still to slow and cumbersome. But it’s a small price to pay.

So when will playstation make some official poll where we can request games? Not freebies. I mean to purchase. I have a grocery list of things i’d like to waste money on that i’ve already played. Dark cloud for one. Maybe orphen. Or the kingdom hearts in a collection. The list is…pretty lengthy. But in all reality, HOW do you decide what makes it to the store for older games? (Belated thank you for some classics like shadow/ico. Okami. And the good old FF games)

Ashilyn said:

December 3rd, 12:45 pm


lol 2010 is ancient? Seriously? So by your insane troll logic, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Vanquish Darksiders, Resident Evil 5, and some of the other games that people have DEMANDED to have because the EYU had them are also ancient and thus not worth our time. Also, we’ve only had one other FPS, compared to th EU who’s had four or five.

Seriously, if you’re going to troll, at least try and not look like an idiot doing it.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 12:46 pm

Morgan Haro on December 3rd, 2012 at 9:26 am said:

EU shows their content monthly; so naturally it’ll appear to be more than how we show it via weekly updates. We’re also looking at monthly updates as well, but there are a number of considerations to review before moving forward with that outlook too. Thanks for the feedback to everyone on that note!

@Morgan I would suggest maybe going with monthy updates since you can change the weekly ones around and I think you might be getting tired of doing the weekly plus updates.

@49 Same game, just the disc isn’t required to play. I have the disc here, but wouldn’t mind the free Plus digital version.

@151 $3? Was it on Clearance? I got it for $12 from Gamestop months ago.

@152 Interesting list, but how many of those games still a Plus offer? I kinda missed out on getting Borderlands since I didn’t get Plus till late Oct.

@159 Agreed.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    December 4th, 8:40 am

    Weekly updates are important to keep people knowledgable on Plus and discussing it as well. Also, I get paid for my work, so I’m not getting tired of writing posts, lol. =)

    However, I think a monthly outlook is a good discussion point for the group which we’ve been reviewing options are, but nothing is set yet. We’d need to make sure it doesn’t impact a few other factors that aren’t publicly viewable, but still nonetheless important. stay tuned

SalamanderKnight said:

December 3rd, 12:46 pm

@145 If you ever read this, it’s Arkham City, not Arkham Asylum……Big different believe it or not. City is like 30 dollars, not 10 like you said. But to be honest, I am happy that we didn’t get it as I bought Arkham CIty GOTY for 20 dollars on BF.

I agree that people are being whiney though….it’s funny because the EU Store is whining about the games we got, although it’s a lesser number than the American whiners, but still…I guess people aren’t gonna be happy.

xXtheicon67Xx said:

December 3rd, 12:49 pm

hay morgan is ther aney changes of haveing mw2 as a free ps plus game ???? i all rady own the 2 bioshock games ther awsome can’t wait for bioshock infinte :)

spideyal said:

December 3rd, 12:50 pm

Oh, and on the topic of renting (courtesy of boomstickbhg aka comment @154), why not make 1-hour Full Game Trials available to all PSN users and upgrade the PSPlus version to a 3 day rental of all games on the PSN (only 1-use per game)?

You could even have different tiers of 3-5-7 days depending on how old the games are. For example, 2 year old games would be 3-day rentals with only 1 use, 3-5 year old games would be 5-day rentals with 2 uses and anything older would be 7-day with 3 uses.

By “use(s)” I mean chances to activate your Plus Rental on any given game in each tier, AFTER the 5-7 day rental period has expired (of course this wouldn’t apply to the 3-day Plus rental).

A fantastic platform for this would be Gaikai. Since they could even run small ads during loading screens or whatever to make back money on a game that someone might not end up fully purchasing after the rental. It’d be a win-win. Gamers would be ecstatic for a feature like this, and Sony would still make money from ads and PS+.

Oh, and I’d submit this to Blog Share, but, as you can tell, it wouldn’t fit. I’m sure this is a long shot of anybody noticing but Sony should really take note.

zombie9 said:

December 3rd, 12:51 pm

Nothing for me this week all ready have BS2 and I hope someone else has fun playing it. I check back next week for sure.. out with the old in with new. and Im still not buying a VITA :0

Alaann said:

December 3rd, 12:52 pm

to the people who want an eu ps plus account you can get 1 go to the left on your ps3 xmb create new user you dont have to delete your main account then create an online account with an address in IRELAND if you want euros or britian for pounds as your currency to get an address type in smyths its a shop then pick store locater then use an address it has shops in both countries (an address only needs to be your home adress if your using a credit card you will need to use eu psn cards) you then need to buy psn cards in euros or pounds I use pcgamesupply but ebay does it too then when you have your card numbers put the money on to your account buy an eu ps plus I do this and have plus account in us and plus is on sale right now and if you buy before wed in eu you will get nov ps plus content crysis 2

eddieanton said:

December 3rd, 12:52 pm

Also.. the games aren’t free… hence the fee that you pay to be on plus… and i made a mistake… i’m complaining against shooters in general… you’d think it’s the only genre that exists in the playstation universe…

xXtheicon67Xx said:

December 3rd, 12:52 pm

Batman: Arkham City is uk for ps plus why not us ps plus?????!?!??!?!?

freshprincepbg said:

December 3rd, 12:55 pm

Woooo great choice!! I hope to see more awesome updates like this throughout the month. Even though I still think EU’s updates are a ton better, since you guys started Plus on Vita, Plus has gotten to such a great value that I can’t really complain.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 12:59 pm

@171 Who knows? We might get it…eventually.

Since BioShock 2 still has audio bugs that are similar as on 360 & PC, I consider those machines to have been damaged by the splicers, rather than 2K Games not willing to fix them. Think about it.

Btw, the game isn’t really that bad. Look at Duke Nukem Forever for comparison, just be glad that isn’t a Plus offer.

chaoszilla said:

December 3rd, 1:00 pm

I am so dissapointed in the u.s. plus program. Biosux really??? Eu gets batman but we get a walking drill. Epic fail sony. I have sent money to a friend to set up a shared account so I can be a eu plus member. I will let my us plus expire and will not renew. I hope others do the same till you fools get it right

eddieanton said:

December 3rd, 1:01 pm

I would take any of the killzone games over bioshock 2 in a heartbeat.

AXE_420 said:

December 3rd, 1:01 pm

Can you please comment on how the updates Games at PS+ Vita Launch are good and all but I got my GF PS+ for her Vita and we have all but the jet set game. I was under the impresion that Vita plus was going to be the same as PS3. So are games going to come weekly or not? Need to know or might cancel the GF plus. Also maybe try not saying thins like “I think you’ll find that we’ll have plenty of content to match EU this December!”. I think it may be best to just let the stuff come out without trying to hype it up, because you probebly will not match EU content in any way and just upset people. PR 101, dont say more than you have to.

UnholyBahamut said:

December 3rd, 1:03 pm

I know you read this a lot and you must be tired of this but a lot of people say it because it’s true, EU gives more recent games than US.

Batman vs Bioshock 2…..
Crysis 2 vs RE5…..

How are the new PS+ releases selected?

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:03 pm

@176 Plus Vita will be updated the same as PS3, but might not always be the same games.

purse317 said:

December 3rd, 1:04 pm

I like many others today find myself very upset the EU blog seems to be getting some great deals with + and my US deals are a little lacking. Why do they get different games for their plus account (many I would prefer) and I don’t see them for download for me.


The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:04 pm

My god. No wonder I have balls of steel to answer these comments.

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

December 3rd, 1:05 pm

+ Morgan Haro on December 3rd, 2012 at 11:37 am said:
I’m afraid there’s not really a solution for ya at this time. Auto download does not auto download free games in Plus at this time. In the past, I’ve had a family member log in on their PS3 and download content for me on my account so it’s tagged in my download list, but you’d need to really trust that person as you’d be giving them your login stuff.


I’m sorry for being blunt, but this is a horrible work around. Why, instead of doing that, don’t you develop a web portal where one could simply to the site and buy content and put it on their queue on their account? Then, that person would simply download the content once they got to their ps3?

I would add an app for vita, android, iOS, WP8 that does the same thing, but that would be asking for too much.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    December 4th, 8:42 am

    Didn’t say it was a great solution. But we have that ‘gap’ in our e-commerce very much top of mind internally to remedy.

purse317 said:

December 3rd, 1:06 pm

I’ll probably let my membership expire to if I don’t see drastic changes this s unacceptable. At least streamline the deals so they match up for crying out loud.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:08 pm

@181 That reminds me of what Xbox used to do 4 or so years ago. Their 360 would auto download new arcade games and I think it was also for demos. I think they removed it due to changes and issues with it.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:15 pm

@182 Just wait and see. The point of Plus is trying out new games and some old ones.

KingBlade82 said:

December 3rd, 1:20 pm

BIOSHOCK 2 not as good as 1 but i still love it and if u havent played it i suggest u do problem is i already own it hell ive been a plus member and have owned most of the past retail games and it sucks oddly enough i dont own most of the games EU gets just the ones US gets they copy my game library if u can avoid giving these games lol


any Rockstar game (got them all on black friday)
God of War, Rachet and Clank, Sly Cooper (game collections) also from black friday

any game that isnt too well talked about i doubt i have give us those please :) and i need monthly updates i paid u a year in advance the least u can do is keep ur promise we voted to have it

MarkakaJin said:

December 3rd, 1:22 pm

Nice. I was thinking of getting Bioshock 2 but this is even better, getting it for free! I still own my copy of Bioshock 1 and it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played. Another game to look forward to for tomorrow.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:24 pm

@185 Should’ve gotten Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

KingBlade82 said:

December 3rd, 1:28 pm

@187 i did lol $25 cant pass it up

DazeOfWar said:

December 3rd, 1:29 pm

IS this a joke? Why do we keep getting old a$$ games that most of has already bought when it came out or when you did a sale on it not long before. You’ve already done 2 sales on Bioshock 2 for Plus members. It’s getting really hard to want to renew my membership when it expires. Now the Vita stuff was great but that system is still pretty new so a lot of the games people wont have.

I love Plus but it seems to be losing it’s heat in the US and the horrible digital sales we get I’m trying very hard to see why I should renew. You really need to give us better discounts and better games. You also need to start making the updates monthly like they were before. I hate waiting to see what we get and then be disappointed like I’ve been lately.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:30 pm

@186 I have both BioShocks on disc.

T2Death said:

December 3rd, 1:36 pm

I knew this was going to ps plus since bioshock 1 is free with infinite.

JohnnyBras said:

December 3rd, 1:37 pm

I’m still mad Bioshock 2 was a prequel. It was originally slated to be a sequel. They totally left us hanging at the end of Bioshock 1. But, I never beat BioShock 2 (only played it on hard), so another run wouldn’t hurt.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:38 pm

@188 I wasn’t gonna get 360 games like I did last year. Thus got Most Wanted and Sly Collection for Black Friday, picked up Dead Space (same night) on a whim as I got Plus instead of the game back in Oct.

AmaterasuOkami1 said:

December 3rd, 1:41 pm

Bioshock 2 was awesome, but I already own that game, so :(
Wish Puddle was a cross buy game though. I’ll probably just get the Vita version since it’s cheaper and portable.

JohnnyBras said:

December 3rd, 1:42 pm

@DazeOfWar you mad bro? PS+ members are lucky! XBL members pay what we pay and get no games for free. Sony could just charge us for access to Neflix, Hulu, etc. if you would prefer that instead. The chances that Sony gives you a game you don’t have every time is slim to none. 2 games a year that you want is still pretty fair. Since, June alone, I have over 30 games. Some I would have bought, some I wouldn’t have. But, after about the 3rd game, the PS+ subscription was worth it. Dude, if anything, just do month to month or the 3 month.

The_Dukenator said:

December 3rd, 1:44 pm

@191 Yes. But I already have BioShock 1 on disc.

gm914 said:

December 3rd, 1:47 pm

That’s the clincher!

My US PS+ 1 year sub died a lonely sad death last week. Looking at the EU + month tells me I made the right choice buying UK PSN cards yesterday.

UK Plus here I come! Innit.

Feel sorry for those still getting the ol ‘ SCEA shaft. :(

hrcrowley said:

December 3rd, 1:47 pm

Nice on the Bioshock 2 (for me at least). I’ve been wanting, nay, desriring the Bioshock series for a while. Looks like I’m snagging the first, playing through this one and by then the newer title next year. Once again thanks Morgan/Sony!

AizawaYuuichi said:

December 3rd, 1:48 pm

Hooray… another horror-shooter…
This makes 7 straight PS+ updates for PS3 where I haven’t had any interest in the free game(s). And lately the discounts have been on games I already have or don’t want, either. Seriously starting to reconsider if the auto-update and trophy syncing is really worth the $50/yr…
Maybe give us the option of a PS+Auto feature for $20/yr that just does those two things. I’d be down for that.

SocialClimber_85 said:

December 3rd, 1:49 pm

Bioshock 2 is not a good game, I quite hated it.
Why not bring old favorites like Heavenly Sword back into the fold?

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