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Dec 04

Dec 04

Kat and Emmett In PS All-Stars Details (And New Level Revealed)

Omar Kendall's Avatar Posted by Game Director, SuperBot Entertainment

It’s been a couple of weeks since Seth let the Kat (and the Emmett!) out of the bag, so I thought I’d stop in and give you guys some insight into the philosophy behind putting these two great characters into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The team and I attended an event at the Santa Monica Studios last night where we gave media attendees the first hands-on look at our new DLC, including the unveil of a brand new level, so I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of their moves and show off our newest level, Fearless! It’s all exciting stuff that I’m eager to tell you all about, so let’s get started.

PlayStation All-Stars: Gravity DashPlayStation All-Stars: Gravity Attraction

Gravity Rush landed on PlayStation Vita earlier this year, introducing us to Kat. Her tremendous gravity powers, combined with a really charming personality made her an instant fan favorite, and thus an obvious candidate for PlayStation All-Stars. When looking at Kat’s play style in Gravity Rush two things immediately stood out to us: her reliance on aerial mobility and her arsenal of powerful kick-based attacks. We felt it was important to use these two elements as the cornerstone of Kat’s play style, and as such, her move set in PlayStation All-Stars makes liberal use of both.

For example, Kat doesn’t have a double jump! Instead, she relies on her Gravity Dash, an eight-direction mini-flight mode to move through the air. This cancellable move affords Kat an unprecedented degree of air mobility and attack potential.

PlayStation All-Stars: Kat Level 1

Another example sees Kat using her powers of gravity manipulation directly against her rivals. Kat creates gravity wells, which draw in nearby players via her Gravity Attraction attack. Kat’s playstyle is such that she’s most effective when close to her opponents, and while her air mobility and varying kicks allow her to get in close pretty well, Gravity Attraction lets her pull her opponents directly to her. Success with Kat will require players to use all of Kat’s abilities in harmony, and Gravity Attraction plays a key role in accomplishing that.

I also want to give you guys a look at one of Kat’s Supers. Kat’s Level 1 Super, Gravity Squeeze, is based on her finishing attack so often used to dispatch the bosses in Gravity Rush. Kat leaps at her foe, stealing a giant orb of energy. As she destroys the orb, her victim explodes. If anyone is caught within the resulting blast of energy, they explode too! This is a very powerful Super, but one that will require Kat players to be clever in order to score maximum points.

This year also saw the release of Starhawk, a game set in the wild galactic frontier where the quest for Rift Energy comes with a terrible human cost. Starhawk’s main protagonist, Emmett Graves, is a man all too familiar with that cost, his body forever transformed by exposure to the toxic Rift Energy. Emmett makes wide use of varying weapons based on advanced technology, most notably through Starhawk’s Build & Battle system. It’s this particular mechanic that made Emmett such a compelling character to the PlayStation All-Stars Team.

PlayStation All-Stars: Shotgun Mine

The first of Emmett’s two most important Build & Battle moves is his Aerial M.A.W Rocket Launcher and Tetranite Grenade Bunker move. This allows Emmett to call down a bunker that when used, completely changes his weapon loadout. The Rocket Launcher gives Emmett access to a long range, powerful, aimable projectile. The grenade launcher provides an equally devastating attack, both in terms of AP generation and versatility, and is used primarily to stop the advancement of opponents in front of Emmett. Both weapons are somewhat slow moving, but more than make up for it in terms of sheer firepower.

The second, but equally important Build & Battle move that I want to tell you about is the Union Shotgun and R-Secs Proximity Mine Bunker move. Like the previous Build & Battle move, a separate bunker is brought in from low orbit, this time with ample shotgun and mine ammunition. Choosing this loadout supplies Emmett with devastatingly quick-hitting, short-range firepower via the shotgun as well as excellent space control through persistent mines. Neither weapon offers the range of the rocket launcher or grenade, so good Emmett players will need to be able to master alternating between both loadouts depending on the situation.

PlayStation All-Stars: Rocket GrenadePlayStation All-Stars: Hawk

What better piece of anti-personnel weaponry is there in the Starhawk universe than the amazingly versatile Hawk? As the ultimate Level 3 Super, Emmett takes control of a Hawk in mech configuration, and is able to chase down his opponents with terrifying machine gun fire and tricky floating mines. And when all else fails, Emmett can transform the Hawk into flight mode and rain down a final hail of bullets that’s tough to survive. It’s an impressive Super, befitting of a universe filled with amazing technology.

Before I go, I want to give you all a look at what we have planned for our newest level, which during development has earned the codename Fearless. Fearless is a mash-up level that sees the fantasy world of Heavenly Sword meet the futuristic race tracks of Wipeout. In the short time we’ve been working on it, Fearless has become one of the team’s favorite levels, and we think you’ll see why.

PlayStation All-Stars: Fearless Top

The action in Fearless starts out atop a high column supported by gigantic ropes, creating a scene pulled straight from the world of Heavenly Sword. Our players will battle it out on this high column under the watchful eye of the forces of Bohan. It’s a medium-sized space, free of any platforms, and offers some of the most uninterrupted calm you can find in PlayStation All-Stars.

PlayStation All-Stars: Fearless Bottom

In the distance though, the hum of anti-gravity racing can be heard, and over the course of the match, a familiar floating race materializes. Soon, the battle is interrupted as stray fire from the famous racing ships of Wipeout hits the fighting column, and our fighters come crashing down into a new, more vertical part of the level, the race track cutting straight through the fight space! Any fighter unlucky enough to get knocked into the track or in the way of one of these terrific ships will pay the cost – literally – by receiving a hefty AP penalty. Knowing how to best leverage your character’s moves while avoiding the dangers of the race track are key tools to mastering your fear, and mastering Fearless.

We’ve still got a long way to go to complete Kat, Emmett, and our new level Fearless, but I hope you enjoyed this early look into where things are going. We think these new characters and level fit well into the gameplay already established in PlayStation All-Stars, while at the same time expanding the notions of what’s possible within our fight system. We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on this stuff early next year, but there’s still quite a bit of work left to do before we can call anything finished. With that said, I’ll get back to work.

Add Your Own

Teflon02 said:

December 4th, 10:47 am

Here’s some suggestions, since you guys have been listening
– Allow us to choose what backgrounds show up for the game, I don’t want certain characters being by menu background.
– Updates with more game modes, a good example would be a King of the hill style mode where on the stages there would be a lit up area where you gotta be in alone to rack up points and you battle it out to get in alone etc.
– Add the Rival/Polygon man stage as a pickable level, I would like also if done so if the Polygon man can just stay in the background turning into different things so there are random attacks :). would be a nice stage.
– And a few of my Character suggestions besides Crash of course.
1. Monica (Dark Cloud 2) she uses magic, can turn into monsters, has great acrobatic and swordsman skills she’d fit in perfect, but if not her from Level-5 then Osmond, he’s in both Dark Clouds and White Knight Series.
2. Etna or Prinny (prefer Etna) because Etna can call forth Prinnies, and can fight for herself, so everyone would be happy cause it’s also a next female which people been asking for. Plus Prinny is a pretty known and popular Character Dood

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 4th, 10:49 am

Really enjoying the game! Good job on all the hardwork you guys have put into this game and I’m glad to see there will be post-launch support. I for one will definitely be using Kat when she arrives.
And for a suggestion, can we see a monster or level from War of the Monsters please?

AnaIBlitzkrieg said:

December 4th, 10:51 am

@101 AND SuperBot:

You know that Rival Stage? And you know the song that plays on the stage during Arcade Mode (most of the arcade modes – the same song as the “Here Comes a New Challenger!!) …. Yeah. We need the Rival level with the “Here comes a new challenger” song for the music of that level.

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 4th, 10:53 am

I second Teflon02’s idea for the Polygon man level to be a selectable stage, although I was kinda hoping it was already in as some secret unlockable thing.

Teflon02 said:

December 4th, 10:55 am

3. Rayman he started on PSOne and is a pretty popular name, also seems Ubisoft and Sony have a good relationship so it shouldn’t be to hard to do hopefully.
4. Megaman (prefer X) self explanitory though this maybe impossible with the way he’s been handled in recnt years.
5. A Final Fantasy Character, My personal choices are Zidane (FFIX), Rikku (FFX) I’m a Rikku fan thats why :p, or Lightning (FFXIII) eslecially with the new game releasing soon.
6. Sora, or any of the main characters from Birth By Sleep.
7. Journey Character
8. Persona Character, I believe the Persona 4 Director or someone important for the series said he’d Love Teddie in All-Stars and to bother you guys to make it happen cause its up to SuperBot. I really hope you guys do this, cause Persona 4 is one of the best rated RPGs of All time and Golden for Vita released same day as All-Stars So it would be nice support for each other!!

AnaIBlitzkrieg said:

December 4th, 10:56 am

This game does NOT need:

-Anime characters. Ew.

Teflon02 said:

December 4th, 10:59 am

@103 Ohh heck Yes!! Are you talking the Hip-Hop style beat that plays most of the time against new Rival Challenges!! I love that one and also love the Polygon man track would be nice it it randomized between the 2 if the stage becomes selectable, I was hoping it was a secret unlockable, But I’m sure I would have had it by now

AnaIBlitzkrieg said:

December 4th, 11:03 am


I most certainly am talking about that one! :)


They should have a RIVAL level AND a POLYGON MAN level (separate ones)

The rival one:
-Plays the “Here comes a new challenger” music
-Has no hazards, like in the Arcade mode

The Polygon man one:
-Should be ‘darker-purple’ as it is in the Arcade Mode
-Should have RANDOM hazards from the other level
-Should have Polygon Man in the background, but NOT interfere with the level – Just have him saying things like “Power is an illusion…” and his other quotes, and have the hazards appear as he disappears


MegaRayIII said:

December 4th, 11:04 am

Hey Mr.Omar, i must admit, i wasnt exciting about this game till the characters leaked (spike,ratchet,sackboy and others) i played the beta and the full game and its really fun, spike and sir daniel specials need to be buffed but other than that GREAT WORK GUYS :), there two things i want to ask about: (hope u still F5’ing :D)

1.since this game a brawl game, cant guests sign in by there USERS? in other word, Local Users :)

2.since square enix greedy (cus they dont want to give us a FF char) , cant u guys ask disney to give u sora (from kingdom hearts)? i mean i would buy him even if he cost $5 dollars or more!

Thanks in advance, and thanks for this AWESOME game, really deserved the wait.
BTW this two-three weeks are the best weeks in my whole live, i really had fun in this game, and even some people who disliked the beta are having fun in here. the roster is AWESOME (even without crash,cloud and sora) but still, Looking forward for the DLC characters :)

Teflon02 said:

December 4th, 11:08 am

Thing is I said All video game Characters, Some happen to have spawned into a anime, but are still originally video game characters. I would never be like, Hey put Goku from Dragonball or Natsu from Fairy Tail or Ichigo from Bleach. That would just be dumb. But fact is those Character apart from Rayman and Megaman and Sora are all Pretty much PlayStation All-Stars, Dark Cloud was a Big Name and Level-5 has a great relationship with Sony. Prinny and Etna are Important too, everyone likes Prinny dood FF, don’t have to explain that, Journey don’t gotta explain, Persona, is a really popular series and It would get alot of interest in Japan, which would be a good draw for japan. Megaman, and Rayman, Rayman was started on PSOne and Megaman X was a series that jumped to playstation, and even has number 1 remade for psp but he is a but subjective i guess

Teflon02 said:

December 4th, 11:09 am

@Anal 108, actually that would be perfect!! Hopefully they do soo!!

Setsuna1292 said:

December 4th, 11:18 am

Now we just need Raven from Gravity Rush to make it perfect. I would even pay up to $10 for her alone.

DarkHowl said:

December 4th, 11:24 am

Just read the article for Kat and Emmett on here and on Polygon. Really glad to see how both are shaping up.
Also love that you guys made a Dorothy kill (Dropping a building on the enemy) one of Emmett’s supers. :)

Suggestion: Would it be possible to have Emmett’s alternate costume be one of the factions from Warhawk? :D Would love to see a costume to shout out to Warhawk (I know that you guys have a Hawk spawn in Time Station but it seems rather rare to see).

Teflon02 said:

December 4th, 11:25 am

and I’m just realizing that Kat looks even better in this then she does in gravity rush!! thats amazing

jeffsmither said:

December 4th, 11:32 am

Why isn’t there a replay mode for the endings?

Insider15 said:

December 4th, 11:33 am

Sounds nice I like the look of the new stage though

Dei_Enyt said:

December 4th, 11:34 am

Impressive. Most impressive indeed. Emmett’s play style in particular sounds like it’s right up my ally, especially with what sounds like a stance system. Gotta love mixing up the play style on the fly to keep the opponent on their toes.

Not gonna lie, though. That Heavenly Sword/WipEout mashup struck me as something from Shadow of the Colossus at first glance, has me longing for some Team Ico series love. Yeah, I’ll likely get buried under the hundreds of other people throwing character names out at random, but I don’t care. I’d love nothing more than soemthing/someone from Ico or SotC to appear in this game in some way, shape, or form. They’re to great to leave out.

Malcowright said:

December 4th, 11:36 am

I freaking love Playstation All Stars Battle is truly a great game (I have leveled up Good Cole to 313).

Is they any possibility that we could be see Warhawk x Uncharted stage that was showed of in the Concept version of Playstation All Stars?

clupula668 said:

December 4th, 11:40 am

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, even if it wasn’t the answer I was looking for. It still means a lot and definitely makes me more likely to pick this up sooner than later.

Now, Imma let you finish.

francesco734 said:

December 4th, 11:42 am

Hi Omar! I’m a die-hard fan of Playstation All-Stars and the Playstation universe as well! I have a few question for you:
1-What about a Chimera as a future DLC? Any chanche?
2-Raiden is a pretty cool character,but aren’t we forgetting about Solid Snake??
3-Can you forgive my bad english? I’m Italian!

By the way,thanks for this fantastic game,it’s my favourite so far! I talked about the game to a few school-mates,and they really appreciated it! Is’n t this great?? All-Stars will rule the entire world!

Excalibur0123 said:

December 4th, 11:45 am

Awesomeness so far, I love Fearless that stage just looks like it’s oozing out awesomeness :P. Ok I have two questions for you though.

1. How did you guys end up choosing who was who’s rival before the game was released?

2. Do you guys plan to show anything off at the VGA’s? Possible New DLC Challenger?

Thanks and I would also like to say congrats to you guys cause you guys made a great game.

O-EXTRA said:

December 4th, 11:50 am

Great stuff Superbot! I can’t wait to play as Kat when the DLC releases. Hey Omar, I was wondering how far apart can be expect the DLCs (assuming and hoping there will be more) to be apart? Weeks or months? And also I want to know if we’ll ever get to see a Street Fighter and/or Soul Calibur rep in PSASBR? Both games had PS mascots in them at some point so I was thinking maybe the same could happen in reverse?

Jon_Mclane said:

December 4th, 11:50 am

Just wanted to say thank you for nerfing sackboy. I play Radec and I gottta work hard the entire round to build up for that level 3, most of the time coming up just short, and it hurts me to see a sackboy spamming and getting rewarded with at least 1 level 3 every round sometimes multiple level 3s. Every time I saw a sackboy in game I knew I was gonna lose and changed my goal to just make sure sackboy doesn’t win, I usually failed. The patch cannot come out soon enough.

Also wanted to ask about something. Is crouching useful for anything? The tutorial has you crouch under a stage hazard to avoid it but nothing in match seemed like it could be crouched under. I think you should be able to crouch under some of kratos’ attacks since they’re mostly impossible to punish on block. Specifically Forward Square. Actually can you already do that? Now I have to try it out.

spocar said:

December 4th, 11:52 am

guys, you planning in making a level that is about sir daniel from Medievil? one idea for the map can be the ghost ship level :P.

Su-Qing-Xin said:

December 4th, 12:00 pm

Hey there Omar!

Glad to see you’re actively reading and responding to these comments!!! SuperBot is freaking awesome :)

Just some quick questions! Somewhere down the line, will there be a possibility of allowing multiple users on the same PS3 to play locally in a versus match? To elaborate, I know that if you wanted to play local multiplayer on a game like LittleBigPlanet, the second player was allowed the option to either play as “PSNuser(1)” or as another user on that same console.

Also, the ability to level up characters when they’re played as second, third, and fourth player. I know there might be an issue if the same character is used by multiple players, but I think that might be an easy fix by implementing a mechanic that takes the experience of the player who got the best score with that character, or simply add up the experience of everyone who used that character in that match. Just some thoughts :)

Thanks for listening, SuperBot! Ya’ll are awesome :)

Gintoki-w said:

December 4th, 12:07 pm

Thanks guys for supporting the game :)

Kat seems interesting , can’t wait to try her .

Even if its hard but I still hope you add Specter as playable character , it will be great if he share rivality with Dr. Neferious , competing about who is the greatest villain :)

I still have faith in you guys :)

Can’t wait to see more classic DLC characters .

Best wishes .

Gintoki-w said:

December 4th, 12:10 pm


ShadowKirby87 said:

December 4th, 12:11 pm

Will Nathan Hale and Ellen from Folklore be in dlc in the future?

Gdgt-Wdgt said:

December 4th, 12:12 pm

Hey, Omar. If there are more stages planned, I’ve got a couple suggestions that could help liven the choices up (most are wishful thinking though):

Traverse Town- (based off Kingdom Hearts and Heavy Rain)
Ubar- (based off Journey and Uncharted 3)
Limbo (based off inFamous and DMC: Devil May Cry)

I’m still trying to think of more, but still, keep up the good work, Superbot! I’m enjoying every ounce of this game!

taoxadasa said:

December 4th, 12:14 pm

Hi Omar, this may be a silly question, but will the DLC characters and stages become randomly selected as enemies/levels in Arcade mode, or if you select random in versus? Some games will leave that out for some reason.

Also, will they be getting their own menu themes? And a good thing to add would be the ability to choose your favorite character for the menu, instead of forcing it to be random.

Last thing I need to ask, is there any possibility of having Robbit from Jumping Flash! as a downloadable character? :-)

Thanks for the awesome game you guys gave us, and I can’t wait to play as Kat and Emmett!

tyzhev said:

December 4th, 12:15 pm

kat sounds like magneto in umvc3 and that new stage is awesome

Zunja said:

December 4th, 12:17 pm

Looks fantastic. Kat is great and the stage is great.

I’m actually looking forward to Emmett the most. I’m worried that you just made him Toro but he switches guns. I want him to build turrets, walls and more. Let me drop them on players for damage!

Gon403 said:

December 4th, 12:20 pm

when the pre-order costumes will be on store ? I want to buy them !

RickDanto said:

December 4th, 12:20 pm

This is looking really good!

What are the chances of seeing other forms of DLC in the future like more gameplay modes or an online spectator mode? I would love to leave my PS3 on and just stream some matches over Twitch or even run online tournaments.

JDawq said:

December 4th, 12:24 pm

Hey Omar! Really loving All-Stars so far, and can’t wait to make Kat one of my mains! Just one thing that I hope you guys have taken note of, and that’s Jak. Jak needs to be buffed in so many ways, and I hope you’ve seen that through your fancy move tracking system, forum posts, etc.

He can’t combo into his supers, his AP gain is AWFUL on nearly all his moves making most of his moveset 100% useless (and some moves have other issues as well, like Needle Lazer and Mass Inverter). As an example on his poor AP gain, just look at Peace Maker. It gives 5 AP, what’s up with that?

So yeah, thanks for this awesome game and hope you buff up my man Jak soon. Cheers!

MarinoBrea said:

December 4th, 12:26 pm

@ Omar Kendal

You already have “life” bars. It’s THE SUPER BARS! Why don’t you create a mode where you win when you achieve a set number of super bars? Also, in versus/quick matches there should be an option to set the SUPER LEVEL allowed, that way we could have a fight where you can only win with that specific Super. What do you think? And about the “More bars wins” mode, you could make the Supers non-lethal but make you lose a whole Super Bar instead (being hit by a level 1 makes you lose 1 bar, by a level 2- 2 bars, and Level 3 all bars) What do you think?

Augustus_04 said:

December 4th, 12:27 pm

Hey Omar my friend. first of all I want to say thank you for the game (it was a dream for me, since Im a gamer), also thank you for the free DLC. Kat and Emmet are cool characters, and I cant wait to play with them… I hope you guys will make more DLC, I would buy everything.

I have two questions, and it would be cool if could answer them!!
Here are they:

1. Is there a chance to get Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series or the little redhead Tomba in the game? Kazuma is in my opinion one of the biggest PlayStation Allstars, and Tomba is an oldschool PSone era character like PaRappa and Sir Dan.. What do you think?
2. It would be cool if you guys could make a “Prestige” mode for the character.. i heard the maximum level is 999… so if a character is lvl 999, we could put them back to 1, and could level more. The “Prestige” number should look different.. this would be nice, because leveling is fun!

PLS answer Omar :D!!

Omega932000 said:

December 4th, 12:27 pm

Hey Omar, I think we definitely need some sort of Resistance character in this game. Since there’s backgrounds and icons from the popular FPS shooter in the game already. Maybe a Chimera?

Also it would be super cool if you could add the DLC characters into the AMAZING intro somehow. Maybe that’s not possible i guess :/

Do me a favour and thank the Superbot team(including yourself obviously) for creating an awesome game! :)

RickDanto said:

December 4th, 12:28 pm

Adding to the gameplay modes and spectate mode suggestion from my previous comment

Is there any possibility of adding some of the challenges settings as options in Versus Match?

Stuff like the multipliers or AP resets. I found those really fun and would love to see them added as an option.

Jrange378 said:

December 4th, 12:38 pm

Omar I hope all is going well with you and your team and have further success in your endeavors with this game and further projects! This game is great, I enjoy it immensely.

I just want to also say that I’ve read a couple people say they want Abe from Oddworld, and you like him as well. I think it would be great because Oddworld is one of the most under appreciated franchises, and they could use some advertising as they are releasing some new stuff I hear :D

And one other thing, I know you all are hard at work on Kat and Emmett, when can we expect an announce for other DLC? Does it depend on sales of this game (Which I hear is good)? I will happily pay up for characters beyond these. Like take all my money.

WhiteSenji said:

December 4th, 12:43 pm

Sigh i really hate when i dont get answers :(

jtir123 said:

December 4th, 12:51 pm

Omar, are you guys considering adding content to the single player modes as well? Like king of the hill, or even adding more content to the arcade?

Just a thought I had, but it’d have been awesome if before the Polygon Man fight, it began with a PS1 startup, which starts to glitch out revealing Polygon Man being behind the whole thing. Would’ve been a cool transition, ah well, maybe sometime in the future.

Anyways, thanks for all the work you guys have done! (Personally wishing for Robbit from Jumping Flash to find his way into this game hehehe).

KazukiTheHero said:

December 4th, 12:55 pm

Hey Omar. Gotta say, I love this game and look forward to these new additions, as well as what you guys have planned for this game in the future. But here’s a question: Has The SuperBot Team ever considered adding a health based Gameplay option to PS All Stars? I have friends who are interested in playing, but are ultimately turned off because they feel that the whole “use supers to kill” mechanic is too cheap, especially when you get to the lv 3 supers. Upon thinking about the addition of a heath bar, I kinda think it would be an interesting addition to the game, especially when combined with the already featured modes, like stock and “killament.” Is there any hope for such a thing to ever be added into the game?

linkdude said:

December 4th, 12:56 pm

My big question is why isn’t there an option to add Time to a Stock match? It feels like that would be the go to type of match that can be play in tournaments for both 1v1 and 2v2. While the game is fun, Stock matches can go on for too long without time being added into it. It will also make people play differently if they are down a stock with time running out. Also, adding a team attack option will make it easier for a solo vs a team of two actually manageable whenever a teammate is eliminated. Throwing opponents into each other in order to create space will give the solo enough breathing room in order to actually stand a chance and two others will have to pick their spots carefully, requiring more communication. Also, why can’t you share stocks with dead team mates? If a team mate with 3 stocks with an eliminated team mate is against 2 others, sharing one will be preferred.

Freshh23 said:

December 4th, 12:56 pm

The franchises/games priorities included in this game aren’t who we would like to see or who our favorite characters/franchises/games are or anything like that, it’s who actually belongs and needs to be in this game. Who are those? Characters/franchises/games that are most important to PlayStation. Who are some of them?

Legend of Dragoon
Gran Turismo
Team ICO series
Jumping Flash
Dark Cloud
Syphon Filter
Arc the Lad
Wild Arms
Jet Moto
God of War
Twisted Metal
Parappa the Rapper
Ape Escape
Hot Shots
Jak and Daxter
Sly Cooper
Ratchet and Clank

Those are just some and they are all 1st party, owned by Sony so there’s no excuse.

3rd party and no longer owned by Sony include:

Tomb Raider
Devil May Cry (original)
Metal Gear Solid (Snake)
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Final Fantasy

And more.

Freshh23 said:

December 4th, 1:00 pm

If you want to keep giving Superbot or Sony money donate money to them, don’t tell them to do greedy, dirty, ripping off the consumer, anti consumer practices like charging for DLC that should be free like characters, stages, items and things like that. The reason why so many bad practices and things have happened and are still happening in video games is because of people like you.

If they ever charge for any characters, stages, items or anything of that sort I will not buy this game until the “Super PSASBR” comes out because they shouldn’t charge for any of those things. That is just greedy, dirty, ripping off the consumer and anti consumer.

Sony screwed up by having not important to PS characters like Big Daddy, Raiden, new Dante and Nariko, Kat Emmet and definitely Fat Princess and not having characters that are important and essential to PS.

Joku_9 said:

December 4th, 1:01 pm

I doubt anyone who could make this happen will see this, but I think it would be a FANTASTIC idea to make a Devil May Cry level that transforms (like it would when going into limbo) into an inFAMOUS 2 crossover with Bertrand in his monster form terrorizing the stage. He could shoot those green balls on the stage and such.

Freshh23 said:

December 4th, 1:02 pm

s long as all those type of DLC, characters, stages, items, etc are free always than it isn’t such a bad thing having the initial amount characters, stages and items this game has. On top of that, characters, stages, item and things like that should always be free and there’s absolutely no reason charge for them.

The HS/WO stage seems like it could be awesome and so far I seem to like it.

Kat and Emmet still aren’t priorities for this game since they aren’t part of the most important characters to PlayStation or even runner ups though. I’m still shocked and extremely disappointed that characters that are more important to PS are still not announced for this game like Dart, Alundra, a Team ICO main character, Robbit, Captain Blasto, a Dark Cloud main character, Nathan Hale, Gabe Logan, Arc, a Wild Arms main character, a Gran Turismo inclusion, Socom inclusion

Jrange378 said:

December 4th, 1:02 pm


Theres a lot of 3rd parties that are interesting choices:

Silent Hill (Pyramid head)

Of course theres Crash and Spyro and Final Fantasy but I think the above is more interesting. I don’t think we will ever see Crash so i’ve moved on.

SmokeAdellic said:

December 4th, 1:02 pm

Love the game…just want more characters and stages!
A lot of people you can throw in there.
Tommy Vercetti from Vice City
Faith from Mirrors Edge
The Sorcerers Apprentice from Sorcery
John Marston from Red Dead
An Assasin from Assasins Creed

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