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Dec 04

Dec 04

Kat and Emmett In PS All-Stars Details (And New Level Revealed)

Omar Kendall's Avatar Posted by Game Director, SuperBot Entertainment

It’s been a couple of weeks since Seth let the Kat (and the Emmett!) out of the bag, so I thought I’d stop in and give you guys some insight into the philosophy behind putting these two great characters into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The team and I attended an event at the Santa Monica Studios last night where we gave media attendees the first hands-on look at our new DLC, including the unveil of a brand new level, so I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at some of their moves and show off our newest level, Fearless! It’s all exciting stuff that I’m eager to tell you all about, so let’s get started.

PlayStation All-Stars: Gravity DashPlayStation All-Stars: Gravity Attraction

Gravity Rush landed on PlayStation Vita earlier this year, introducing us to Kat. Her tremendous gravity powers, combined with a really charming personality made her an instant fan favorite, and thus an obvious candidate for PlayStation All-Stars. When looking at Kat’s play style in Gravity Rush two things immediately stood out to us: her reliance on aerial mobility and her arsenal of powerful kick-based attacks. We felt it was important to use these two elements as the cornerstone of Kat’s play style, and as such, her move set in PlayStation All-Stars makes liberal use of both.

For example, Kat doesn’t have a double jump! Instead, she relies on her Gravity Dash, an eight-direction mini-flight mode to move through the air. This cancellable move affords Kat an unprecedented degree of air mobility and attack potential.

PlayStation All-Stars: Kat Level 1

Another example sees Kat using her powers of gravity manipulation directly against her rivals. Kat creates gravity wells, which draw in nearby players via her Gravity Attraction attack. Kat’s playstyle is such that she’s most effective when close to her opponents, and while her air mobility and varying kicks allow her to get in close pretty well, Gravity Attraction lets her pull her opponents directly to her. Success with Kat will require players to use all of Kat’s abilities in harmony, and Gravity Attraction plays a key role in accomplishing that.

I also want to give you guys a look at one of Kat’s Supers. Kat’s Level 1 Super, Gravity Squeeze, is based on her finishing attack so often used to dispatch the bosses in Gravity Rush. Kat leaps at her foe, stealing a giant orb of energy. As she destroys the orb, her victim explodes. If anyone is caught within the resulting blast of energy, they explode too! This is a very powerful Super, but one that will require Kat players to be clever in order to score maximum points.

This year also saw the release of Starhawk, a game set in the wild galactic frontier where the quest for Rift Energy comes with a terrible human cost. Starhawk’s main protagonist, Emmett Graves, is a man all too familiar with that cost, his body forever transformed by exposure to the toxic Rift Energy. Emmett makes wide use of varying weapons based on advanced technology, most notably through Starhawk’s Build & Battle system. It’s this particular mechanic that made Emmett such a compelling character to the PlayStation All-Stars Team.

PlayStation All-Stars: Shotgun Mine

The first of Emmett’s two most important Build & Battle moves is his Aerial M.A.W Rocket Launcher and Tetranite Grenade Bunker move. This allows Emmett to call down a bunker that when used, completely changes his weapon loadout. The Rocket Launcher gives Emmett access to a long range, powerful, aimable projectile. The grenade launcher provides an equally devastating attack, both in terms of AP generation and versatility, and is used primarily to stop the advancement of opponents in front of Emmett. Both weapons are somewhat slow moving, but more than make up for it in terms of sheer firepower.

The second, but equally important Build & Battle move that I want to tell you about is the Union Shotgun and R-Secs Proximity Mine Bunker move. Like the previous Build & Battle move, a separate bunker is brought in from low orbit, this time with ample shotgun and mine ammunition. Choosing this loadout supplies Emmett with devastatingly quick-hitting, short-range firepower via the shotgun as well as excellent space control through persistent mines. Neither weapon offers the range of the rocket launcher or grenade, so good Emmett players will need to be able to master alternating between both loadouts depending on the situation.

PlayStation All-Stars: Rocket GrenadePlayStation All-Stars: Hawk

What better piece of anti-personnel weaponry is there in the Starhawk universe than the amazingly versatile Hawk? As the ultimate Level 3 Super, Emmett takes control of a Hawk in mech configuration, and is able to chase down his opponents with terrifying machine gun fire and tricky floating mines. And when all else fails, Emmett can transform the Hawk into flight mode and rain down a final hail of bullets that’s tough to survive. It’s an impressive Super, befitting of a universe filled with amazing technology.

Before I go, I want to give you all a look at what we have planned for our newest level, which during development has earned the codename Fearless. Fearless is a mash-up level that sees the fantasy world of Heavenly Sword meet the futuristic race tracks of Wipeout. In the short time we’ve been working on it, Fearless has become one of the team’s favorite levels, and we think you’ll see why.

PlayStation All-Stars: Fearless Top

The action in Fearless starts out atop a high column supported by gigantic ropes, creating a scene pulled straight from the world of Heavenly Sword. Our players will battle it out on this high column under the watchful eye of the forces of Bohan. It’s a medium-sized space, free of any platforms, and offers some of the most uninterrupted calm you can find in PlayStation All-Stars.

PlayStation All-Stars: Fearless Bottom

In the distance though, the hum of anti-gravity racing can be heard, and over the course of the match, a familiar floating race materializes. Soon, the battle is interrupted as stray fire from the famous racing ships of Wipeout hits the fighting column, and our fighters come crashing down into a new, more vertical part of the level, the race track cutting straight through the fight space! Any fighter unlucky enough to get knocked into the track or in the way of one of these terrific ships will pay the cost – literally – by receiving a hefty AP penalty. Knowing how to best leverage your character’s moves while avoiding the dangers of the race track are key tools to mastering your fear, and mastering Fearless.

We’ve still got a long way to go to complete Kat, Emmett, and our new level Fearless, but I hope you enjoyed this early look into where things are going. We think these new characters and level fit well into the gameplay already established in PlayStation All-Stars, while at the same time expanding the notions of what’s possible within our fight system. We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on this stuff early next year, but there’s still quite a bit of work left to do before we can call anything finished. With that said, I’ll get back to work.

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enitsuj said:

December 15th, 3:07 am

extra character great and all but would be nice if they fixed all the bugs/glitches the current patch made just today i had to hard reset my ps3 4times thanks to lock ups during and before matches and yeah a lot of people want crash activision owns him so yeah that will probably never happen

Craftsman1967 said:

December 15th, 3:10 pm

Awesome!I cant wait till it comes out!! :D

Leon-ZX said:

December 16th, 1:23 pm

Seems like they are doing a fine job!

I’m just dreaming that they will someday add Sora (Kingdom Hearts) to the game, I wouldn’t have any reason to play another character! Hahahaha…

Leon-ZX said:

December 16th, 1:26 pm

Oh! Can’t forget, Alucard from Castlevania and Alex Mercer from Prototype would be some sweet additions to the game as well!


December 19th, 6:33 pm

Make More DLC Characters for PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale, ok Superbot

vampaneze_lord81 said:

December 20th, 7:54 pm

Hi, I was wondering if you could even out the characters in all-stars and give others a bit of a buff up for example the ones that need a power down are: raiden, Kratos, and radec they all have cheap attacks or long combos and radiens level one is much too strong, unlike big daddy and sir dan who’s lv 1’s barely hit anyone so i hope that a new update is out soon and make the characters evened out also raiden’s can snag 3 kills with ease which is kind of annoying :/

snakebos303 said:

December 21st, 11:12 am

Omar can you tell us if Old Snake is coming as dlc? I have been looking daily (not exaggerating) to see if Snake will be added to the game but i have not found anything yet :(

Please tell us if Snake will be coming to Playstation Allstars battle royale i would pay definetely up to 20 dollars if he does come out as dlc no questions asked and i dont think im the only one who would do that.

DaRyno said:

December 25th, 4:17 pm

Hey congratulation on making a great game, I was wondering since there have be several developers who been opened about having one of their character in the game like NiS, Atlus (about a persona character), Just Add Water, what are the chances that you guys could try a make a deal with them because I would love to have a rep from Persona, Disgaea, and Abe in this game. Thanks

Netherwolf6100 said:

December 26th, 7:32 am

Everyone at Sony and those who worked on this game I do want to say thanks. It was a really fun idea that did receive a lot of flames due to its comparison to Nintendo’s SSBBrawl but you guys really pulled it off and it truly is a fun game to play with friends. If the DLC does stop here I do hope that you’ll make another addition to the series and keep it coming with many more character and stage designs. Also, I do hope that the DLC of Kat and Emmett are free for and from the Playstation Vita as well. Its the system I have and like most of us who do have the vita, we hope not to be left out of the loop when it comes time to play because Kat is a favorite of mine. Anyways keep up the good work and can’t wait for more updates. ^_^

IllustratedDEO said:

December 27th, 9:26 am

I’ll just leave this here most of these characters should be able to avoid copyright.
Ned Cortex, Laura Croft 2012, MGS : Ground Zeroes Big Boss, Nathan Hale Resistance 1 & 2, Nero , Zack/Angell &/or Sephiroth ff7 : Crisis Core, King of all Cosmos : Katamari, Aveline de Grandpré : Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Isaac Clarke : Dead Space, Lightning ff13, Klonoa, Ryu Hoshi/Chun Li, Asura, Hero Prinny : Disgaea, KOS-MOS : Xenosaga, Niko Bellic

godzillafiend54 said:

December 28th, 3:03 am

I really hope Nariko’s supers get a bit of a boost. Her level 1’s blast area is god awful weird (looks like it’ll hit and…. nothing) and her level 2 is WAY too easy to avoid (just camp next to it and roll everytime she pivots). A slightly fast pivot speed on her level 2 and a larger blast area on her level 1 would be greatly appreciated (and, considering she’s getting a stage, now would be a REALLY good time to implement those changes). Also, bit of a gripe, it’d be nice if you DIDN’T come back as a bubble from Sack’s level 3, or at least be able to move fast as bubble. That’s an EASY 6 kills for Sack.

Ramnok said:

December 29th, 7:10 pm

I had a monumental post for you all but due to the site’s limited posting policy I cant post it in it’s fullest, and it needs to be in it’s fullest as even when chopping it down it was still well over double the limit. Is it possible I can forward this on to you directly Omar?

I’m just a huge fan wishing to help my new favorite studio to continue doing what they do best, making games and having fun! Let me know if you’d like me to send it on to you as I’m sure everyone at Super Bot would love to read more praise 8)

Guitar_Genocider said:

December 30th, 2:00 am

hey SB, i would like to ask if you could, after kat and emmett are ready, to try to release playstations original blockbuster characters Crash and Spyro.

Guitar_Genocider said:

December 30th, 2:47 am

hey superbot i have to ask if you guys can, after all dlc characters are in, add like a story mode. you know bring old enemies and bosses of multiple games all the while trying to fight the big head guy in classic. add encounters. fight scenes and of course the option to co op the story

TWOSHOES50 said:

December 30th, 11:05 am

Can’t wait for The New DLCs but I ask…. Could you add Black Rock Shooter In The Game as well… if you can great if not at least the thought counts right? though I do hope possibly another tekken character appears like yoshimitsu…. “which he is in soul calibur as well” or jackie estacado from the darkness or something like that

though these are the characters i would like to see

1. Black Rock Shooter “Demanded across the globe even in the US”
2. Ragna the Bloodedge “Blazblue series”
3. Jackie Estacado “The Darkness and The Darkness II”
4. Alex Mercer “Prototype Series”
5. Yoshimitsu “Tekken/Soul Calibur”
6. Jin Kazama “Tekken”
7. Cloud Strife “Final Fantasy VII”
Those are a few Possibilities
though hope to see the release date for the DLCs for Kat and Emmett soon

fatterthanyou said:

December 31st, 8:24 am

This game is a blast! It is very well done! Along with others I can’t wait for even more characters to be available via DLC. I hope you all take into consideration either Kain or Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series, also you do a level from one of the games (possibly the Abyss from Soul Reaver) as a background threat or level hazard you could have Turel lanching his telekenisis at the players! That would be sweet!! Again great job!!

Sonich4b said:

January 1st, 3:23 pm

Hey there. Just wondering, have you guys considered adding some more villains?

Also, it’d be epic if there was some representation of Journey and Katamari, even if it’s just items or stages, though the Prince and the Journey character would make for some awesome and unique fighters.

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