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Dec 05

Dec 05

Persona 4 Golden is PS Vita’s Top-Rated Game

Robyn Mukai's Avatar Posted by Marketing Manager, Atlus

It goes without saying that PlayStation.Blog readers are the some of the savviest, most informed gamers out there. So it almost seems silly to tell you that since its launch on November 20th, Persona 4 Golden has held the honor of being the highest-rated PS Vita title ever according to Metacritic and Gamerankings. Are you surprised? Of course not, because you know P4G’s immersive 100+ hour adventure backwards and forwards. You know the grounded, relatable characters that are at turns emotional, then hilarious. (Trial of the Dragon, anyone?) You’re more than proficient at finding, fusing, and customizing all the best, strongest Personas to handle Kanji’s steamy bathhouse boss battle. You’ve memorized the list of upgrades and new content that have helped bring Persona 4 Golden to even greater heights of critical success than the beloved PlayStation 2 version it’s based on. We know you know all this and so have no desire to pump this blog post full of extraneous information. HOWEVER, as you may have a few less sophisticated people in your life (and let’s face it, don’t we all?), friends who may not be as familiar with the Persona series, we’ve prepared the following highlight trailer to give them a glimpse of some of the amazing experiences that are awaiting them if they’ll only smarten up and be like you! Persona 4 Golden is now available in stores exclusively for PS Vita, so be a pal and pass the news along. And hey, buy a few copies and impose your good taste on others. It’s the spirit of the season, ya know.

But enough about us! We know that plenty of you have been getting to know Persona 4 Golden over the past week. What’s your favorite quest so far? Any particular character tickling your fancy? Drop your thoughts in the comments below – we’re curious!

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superfunstudio said:

December 6th, 5:08 pm

The only problem with this game is that I have my face glued to it at every opportunity. Is that a problem really? I also sing the songs in my head all day with the wrong lyrics. I’d just barely gotten rid of the “Hooo yeah. Da-da-da-da. Da-da-da-da. Baby, baby!” from P3P. You’re welcome.

MikeGold said:

December 6th, 5:40 pm

Thanks to this game probably I’ll have to start wearing glasses. I’ve finished it a year ago on PS2, now I’m playing it again on Vita. I have to say that it’s one of the most amazing reeditions I ever played. It’s simply overflowing with new content. Yes, I’m one of those people who bought Vita for Persona.

If it comes to patching the game I have only discovered one error so far. Sometimes when I turn on the game and it asks me if I want to play online, buttons are not working and I have to restart console to be able to go further on, but otherwise it is just perfect.

On the side note I’ve got to say that Atlus could really make some good money by releasing Soundtrack and “Persona Music Live 2012 Mayonaka TV in Tokyo international Forum” BD. It was really an amazing concert, and in my opinion way better than the one in 2009. Give fans some neat merchandise!

To get some rare items I had to purchase them on Yahoo Auctions Japan. It would be nicer/easier to pay in US without struggling with Japanese language.

Greetings from Europe ;)

onionman- said:

December 6th, 6:21 pm

Just came to say Persona 4 Golden is fantastic. I picked up a Vita on black friday just to play it and I’m hooked. Glad to see the critical consensus is there, and with any luck this will encourage Atlus to get cracking on the next Persona ASAP.

xMoondoggie said:

December 6th, 7:47 pm

Im so pumped up for this game. I would be playing now but gamestop sold my premium gold edition to someone else. Hope they are having fun… ;_;

MarkakaJin said:

December 6th, 11:34 pm

The theme song for the secret laboratory dungeon is currently in my head right now. I like to say that this game’s gameplay is a huge improvement. It should be like this for the next Persona game but even better of course.

PrinceofXIII said:

December 7th, 12:53 am

and they still won’t add dual audio.

damn it Atlus USA.

congrats, but they really should do their fans a favor and add dual audio from now on.

we are willing to buy it, so show us some love as well

kenushkakun said:

December 7th, 2:02 am

I’m no gamer—but I decided to buy a PSV later today simply because of this game. My first experience with the series is P3P, which I extremely enjoyed. I’ve no doubt that this game will do the same.

What I would like for this game to do or later releases, however, is to include an online-gaming experience. For example, a battle-system against other players and trading-system (items and personas). Also, I think that character customization (clothing, accessories, etc.) would be awesome.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if social-links transcends the game? That is, wouldn’t it be cool if friendship with other P4G players affect in-game status?

Anyway, I can’t wait to play this game. Unfortunately, finals for school is next week and I have several essays to write. Perhaps several hours of gameplay today won’t hurt, though.

shady965X said:

December 7th, 4:27 am

bought it on day 1 , having a blast with it ♥ , and to everyone who complaining about not having a duel language , Atlus USA is the best out there when it comes to dubbing ! they have great voice actors !

ShinFrank said:

December 7th, 5:47 am

Would really like to have persona 4 released on ps2 classics to any chance of that ever happening?

Elratauru said:

December 7th, 11:58 am

And still no dual audio, even with the limitations removed in terms of size because of the Vita cards :<

I'm still gonna buy it but the US voices are not the same, It's nice to have them because these are so high quality…but as someone that's learning japanese and can understand spoken japanese, it's a shame I don't have the option to play it like I'd like to.

brawlbull said:

December 7th, 1:00 pm

Great Job once again Atlus. U doth officially taken the crown from SQURE Enix (For me at least), and I’m willing to shower you with more of my hard-earned cash if you decide to port Catherine and P4A (with some more P3 characters like Junpei, Ken, Yukari, and Metis) to the Vita. I Also wouldn’t mind playing yet another version of P3 FES (with female alt) that’s similarly enhanced.

The only Vita game that looks anywhere near as good is final fantasy type-0, but its not looking like that’s gonna ever see the light of day over here so long live Atlus lol.

brawlbull said:

December 7th, 1:38 pm

Also If you guys really really REEEEEEEALY want da musq, do what I did.


it can be a bit expensive but, but its nothing like playing some cross tekken or SSF4 to dem Persona tunes not to mention jammin out on my iphone while workin.

BroSwagonist said:

December 7th, 3:19 pm

@shady965X They may or may or not have good dubbing, but it bothers me and I’m sure a fair amount of other people that Atlus USA RARELY includes dual audio or original voice acting just because the people who want it are the “vocal minority”.

I understand they have to license it and whatnot but if you think about it…this is their biggest release of the year. If they were going to splurge on ONE dual audio release it should have been this one (IMO). At least throw the fans who want it a bone from time to time.

TheGerbieDip said:

December 9th, 1:36 am

I have never played a JRPG before. I’m not crazy about the anime stuff, basically all the Japanese stuff. Would i be able to look past all the cutsie anime and stuff and still enjoy the game? Because i am super tempted to buy that for my vita and give a JRPG a try.

LQuas said:

December 9th, 11:36 pm

Great game. Can’t play anything else. People are really missing out if they don’t have a Vita.

Ageguyera21 said:

December 10th, 3:23 am

Agh! Everyone in the world loves this game so much. I’m trying so very hard to like it, but I’m not enjoying it. It’s driving me crazy. Maybe I’m just losing my taste for RPG’s. I’m 6 hours in. I know some people get 200 hours out of it. I just don’t want to wait that long when I have SO MANY other games to play I know I’ll have fun playing.

Dytus said:

December 25th, 4:15 pm

I’m Gonna play this game again. :D

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