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Dec 09

Dec 09

The Last of Us On PS3 May 7th, 2013: Pre-order Bonuses, New Trailer Revealed

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by

Director of Communications, Naughty Dog

The Last of Us on PS3

It has been a big weekend for us here at Naughty Dog. We revealed a brand new trailer for The Last of Us at the Spike Video Game Awards on Friday along with the most important news for any fan – that The Last of Us will be released on May 7th, 2013!

This is our second trailer release and our first since announcing The Last of Us at least year’s VGA show. If you didn’t catch the show when it aired live or the Spike video stream, you can watch the full, uncensored trailer at the top of this post. We’ve tried to keep the trailer as spoiler-free as possible, while giving you some hints at the tense, emotional narrative the development team has crafted for The Last of Us.

That’s not all – we are also excited to announce details on the bonus content you can get for pre-ordering your copy of The Last of Us. Participating retailers will offer the Sights and Sounds Pack, which includes:

  • The official soundtrack of the game
  • A PS3 dynamic theme featuring the cover art
  • Two avatars for your PSN profile – Winter Joel and Winter Ellie

The Last of Us on PS3: Sights & Sounds PackThe Last of Us on PS3: Survival Pack

We’ve also worked with GameStop to provide exclusive bonus content in addition to the Sights and Sounds Pack. Pre-ordering at GameStop also nets you the Survival Pack, which includes:

  • Bonus experience points for multiplayer
  • A multiplayer melee attack booster
  • Some extra starting in-game cash
  • Special customizable character items for multiplayer
  • Two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign

Multiplayer, wha? We’re not quite ready to talk about it yet, but stay tuned as we’ll be revealing more details on multiplayer before The Last of Us is released on May 7th, 2013.

The team here is pumped to head into the home stretch to finish The Last of Us. We can’t wait to show you more in the coming months!

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B-Riney said:

December 9th, 11:24 pm

The Game looks breathtaking! Great job guys! Just curious as to what the game is rated M for… Other than violence of course.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    December 9th, 11:48 pm

    Actually the game is not rated yet – thanks for catching that! We have to be sure to update the box art image.


December 9th, 11:29 pm

unrelated to the video i have a problem with my trophies they dont apper on screen when i unlock them can some one help me fix this problem

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    December 9th, 11:55 pm

    Try the PlayStation forums? Or the PlayStation support pages – probably a better bet than in these comments. Good luck!

an-inFamous1337 said:

December 9th, 11:36 pm

Multiplayer?! I am not a fond of it anyways but who am i to judge? I hope you guys are giving a bigger focus on SP. I truly cant wait for the game, still though i’ll keep my eyes peeled for more and for the CE for sure. Keep the good stuff up guys! I am counting on you when it comes to this game. My most anticipated IP of 2013!

Vorlord said:

December 9th, 11:43 pm

I gotta hand it to ya Arne, this game is going to be a huge impact on story-driven events, especially for something like TLOU! I’m way too excited for this and I can’t wait til it releases soon. Great presentation at VGA 12 and glad to have met you and your crew down at the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal and at NYCC 12! Hope you can setup some kind of iMax event for this game, like you did with Uncharted 3 in the city, cause that created a huge impression for all of the avid fans of Naughty Dog’s work. Once again, thanks for the memories and keep at what your doing! :)


    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Arne Meyer said:

    December 9th, 11:56 pm

    Thanks so much! We’ve got a lot of time before release so hopefully we can put some events together or appear at events before release too. It was a pleasure to meet you!


December 9th, 11:53 pm

An multiplayer component – good, but for now i’m interested in SP and I would like to know if will be any COOP story additional to Single Player story ? So far so good.

B-Riney said:

December 9th, 11:53 pm

Aha… Yeah I didn’t think it would have been finished enough to rate it.

Vorlord said:

December 9th, 11:55 pm

*correction* the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal Tourney event

DRAQ-520 said:

December 10th, 12:09 am

Great!! the Uncharted games were some of the finest and most awesome experiences in my gaming life, so I’m expecting a lot of this game and after watching the trailer, rest assured you’re making an awesome game again!! the multiplayer it’s not my style, after all I skipped the ones in Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception, however I’m sure the campaign will be long and full of excitement for the ones like me who don’t enjoy it.

Sticky__Rice said:

December 10th, 12:15 am


Whats with hair being pulled back for 90% of the female characters that naughty dog has created? Kinda makes the characters feel a little repetetive. I know I’m nitt-picking, I just really want this to be the best game! And naughty dog is really all about attention to detail. But all in all I’m very excited for this game! Not only me.. my girlfriend as well. Lets hope the game brings hours and hours of enetertainment for us both. Me for playing, and her for watching on the sofa. :)

Yogidestro2 said:

December 10th, 12:27 am

I have always been the type of person to be skeptical about multiplayer this generation, sometimes it feels forced. I was extremely worried about it being put into Uncharted 2 but then they delivered one of the most enjoyable multiplayer experiences I have ever encountered. Made only better in Uncharted 3. If I trust anyone with making a great multiplayer experience it’s Naughty Dog. Can’t wait to see what they do with The Last of Us. All of the excited.

Yogidestro2 said:

December 10th, 12:28 am

@109 I would say that ponytails are only logical for the situations these characters are placed in, don’t what hair in your eyes while you are desperately trying to not die.

Sticky__Rice said:

December 10th, 12:29 am

Naughty Dog should play FarCry3 when they finish up and have some freetime. I strongly recommend it; you guys are gamers just as much as you are developers i’m assuming. Check it out! :)

Sticky__Rice said:

December 10th, 12:34 am

@111 Good point, but even moments of calmness and climax’s; ponytails. Especially with the cast of Uncharted. Look at the trailer, the new female characters introduced look closely similar. Not very memorable. but i’ll stop nitt-picking. Truth is, i’m just a fan who really wants this game this game to be the best it can be. i’m so proud of Naught Dog! :’)

pringles4ever said:

December 10th, 12:38 am

I guess no one wants a non-stop action or non-stop stealth section of 5 consecutive hours. Of course there will be variety, but please please please make this game longer than Uncharted. Please make it so that it wouldn’t cater to these game reviewers or think about people playing this for 10 hours straight BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DON’T!

BuM87 said:

December 10th, 12:46 am

love your games, this one looks awesome, for the next one you should do a coop game, one that DO need cooperation to go on in the game, much like this one but with another players that would make my day, also keep the good work up i loved the boat parts of uncharted with all the dynamic map changing and the fisics for every single detail, all the microanimations of drake when moving make it feel like a movie, make me thing all other game companies with a few exeptions are bums that dont give a F.. about details…

ro-kurorai said:

December 10th, 12:55 am

I’d like to share my thoughts on the MP as there’s nothing left to say for SP. ND games have always been high quality products and the Uncharted series proved that they know how to make an awesome, compelling SP experience. Insinuating that ND would compromise SP for an optional MP elements is asinine.

They handled MP exemplary in U2 (+3). Only 2 Trophies for dipping in, absolutely no grinding required, and separate from SP. I couldn’t care less about MP, just playing the minimum required to get the MP trophies but I am certain that ND won’t compromise SP in anyway for MP’s sake.

They single-handedly introduced story and character driven SP gaming to this generation of consoles. There can be an argument made for NT and Heavenly Sword being the first of this generation but I’ll leave that up for debate.

TLOU looks like their finest game yet (I guess they’re pushing the hardware to the absolute limit; c.f. Rare’s level of quality in Perfect Dark on N64). So I would not worry about the MP compromising SP in any way.
Who knows, maybe you skeptical guys will even end up liking it ;)

Jamesyp00 said:

December 10th, 1:00 am

Uncharted 2 proved that they can create a multiplayer that’s fun and can keep you playing long after the campaign.
The only problem i want to make sure is that the story wont suffer the same problems Uncharted 3 did, with a daft plot and plot holes riddled through it, Has the game been built up around the story this time, and not for each set piece and scenario? Uncharted 3’s daft powers and silly plot really let me down, it was still a fun experience don’t get me wrong, it just wasn’t as great as 2’s.

Gigidy17 said:

December 10th, 1:05 am

I had my copy pre ordered since february 15 this year.

pringles4ever said:

December 10th, 1:10 am

There is a 31-page thread in the Naughty Dog forums about players unable to play their Uncharted 3 discs that started a year ago.

And after 301 Replies, Naughty Dog has abandoned people like me who spent, just like the rest of the people, the same $60 yet me and hundreds of others could NOT play the game we bought.

There. My PS3 could not even read Uncharted 3’s disc but it reads all other discs. I have tried tweeting to Naughty Dog employees before, but have gotten no reply.

I am not going to buy this game unless they can assure that EVERYONE’s discs will be PLAYABLE. I spent the same $60 as the next guy, and my PS3 definitely is not faulty.

This is not even an isolated issue since hundreds of people experienced it. I had to trade in my UC3 for something else, since I can’t even play it at all.

I just hope Naughty Dog REALLY LISTEN to fans. If a disc becomes faulty in reaction to an official Sony Firmware patch, then please fix it with a patch.

I don’t want to buy a faulty product, that’s all.

pringles4ever said:

December 10th, 1:11 am

There is a 31-page thread in the Naughty Dog forums about players unable to play their Uncharted 3 discs that started a year ago.

And after 301 Replies, Naughty Dog has abandoned people like me who spent, just like the rest of the people, the same $60 yet me and hundreds of others could NOT play the game we bought.

forums. naughtydog .com /t5/UNCHARTED-3-Drake-s-Deception/Please-read-if-spinning-ring-disk-not-reading-U3-stops-working/td-p/36980290/page/31

There. My PS3 could not even read Uncharted 3′s disc but it reads all other discs. I have tried tweeting to Naughty Dog employees before, but have gotten no reply.

I am not going to buy this game unless they can assure that EVERYONE’s discs will be PLAYABLE. I spent the same $60 as the next guy, and my PS3 definitely is not faulty.

This is not even an isolated issue since hundreds of people experienced it. I had to trade in my UC3 for something else, since I can’t even play it at all.

I just hope Naughty Dog REALLY LISTEN to fans. If a disc becomes faulty in reaction to an official Sony Firmware patch, then please fix it with a patch.
I don’t want to buy a faulty product, that’s all.

Thiagots85 said:

December 10th, 1:16 am

Wow…. just amazing…. can’t wait to play this….


December 10th, 1:24 am

nd please release the head that was shown so time ago as a collector edition pleeeae

Gigidy17 said:

December 10th, 1:28 am

@ 119

have you gotten another copy of uncharted 3 after you sold your copy because there has probably been a patch to fix your problem.

rtype909 said:

December 10th, 1:45 am

This looks great and I agree with other opinions re Multi player – ditch it.

h2omasnah- said:

December 10th, 1:45 am

I really HATE how unbelievably greedy, ripping off the consumer and anti consumer video games have become. I HATE how things that should be free are released at a price and how things that could be released at a price are released overpriced. This isn’t my opinion, this is simple common sense and even video game companies have said this.

I expect the “two avatars for your PSN profile – Winter Joel and Winter Ellie,” “special customizable character items for multiplayer” and “wo special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign” DLC to be released for free at a later date because, unless proven otherwise, there’s absolutely no reason to charge for them, it doesn’t cost enough, doesn’t take enough time or manpower to justify charging for that.

I love how most the pre order bonuses aren’t things that should be released free to all users, with the above exceptions, unless they’re timed exclusive than it’s okay. I absolutely hate when preorder bonuses include things that should be free to all.

h2omasnah- said:

December 10th, 1:45 am

I want to say, I have been completely blown away by this game since day one, I just hope it isn’t linear or at least isn’t too linear, that includes scripted, pre determined, etc. In my opinion that would take the game into a completely different level of epic.

I seriously hope this game has offline and online co-op and competitive multiplayer because this game looks PERFECT for co-op and on competitive, it’s always better to have co-op and competitive but only when it’s done great and it doesn’t cause the SP to not be that good. Remember though, both offline and online, there’s nothing better than offline multiplayer.

h2omasnah- said:

December 10th, 1:46 am

Lastly, please Sony stop doing greedy, ripping off the consumer, anti consumer practices. Enough with online passes, removing BC just to try and have us rebuy games we already purchased the digital version or rereleased and of course the whole DLC fiasco. You are the company that has the biggest chance of being the biggest and best video game company in every aspect. You’re just missing a few things. I have no problem going to Nintendo if you continue doing this.

crusher915 said:

December 10th, 2:04 am

if there is a collectors edition then it should have that creepy statue you showed of some months ago

gustyaquino said:

December 10th, 2:09 am

I hope there’s a Vita version on the way..

Gigidy17 said:

December 10th, 2:09 am

@126 nothing wrong with online passes its simple buy all your games new buying them used isnt any better than piracy. also if your planning on buying a nintendo product go right ahead sony isnt holding a gun to your head

pringles4ever said:

December 10th, 2:20 am

@124 Check the thread over at the official ND forums. NO SOLUTIONS WHATSOEVER. Waited for at least three months before I sold UC3.

They probably just ignored hundreds of users, because they got millions of others whose UC3 discs work just fine. We may be outliers, but we spent the same $60 as everyone else, meaning our purchase was of the same value to Sony/ND as everyone else’s.

XviViASSACREvX said:

December 10th, 2:21 am

It Looks Amazing Btw! One Word GOTY 2013!

MODEYV2 said:

December 10th, 2:28 am

Thanks for announcing Multiplayer :)

Tevious said:

December 10th, 2:56 am

Any chance of a Day 1 Digital release on PSN? Please!

Also, can you guys get Uncharted 3 on PSN?

C-t-Elder said:

December 10th, 3:10 am

I’d kill for the soundtrack. Yet again, I’m kept from it for simply being in the wrong country. Go global gaming. -.-

Xabdos said:

December 10th, 3:57 am

I’m sorry but I thought it was impossible for NaughtyDog to get any better than they already are. I was wrong.

IrishDude2 said:

December 10th, 4:13 am

The wait feels soooo long :( This game is going to be AWESOME!! 2 questions.

1) When could we be seeing the trophy list?
2) Would you know if there will be a midnight sale?

Id rather do the mightnight sale than pre-order. That way i can sit up all night and play play play play play! :D

shafedog247 said:

December 10th, 4:18 am

You guys just keep cranking out some of the best gaming experiences period. I have been a huge fan since ‘Way of the Warrior” for the 3DO. I have 2 questions…which you probably cannot answer yet lol. 1 on the coop/multiplayer side, will there be 2 or 4 player split screen action? Not everyone play online mp, and split screen gets no love anymore unless its a “party” game. 2 Will there be any kind of Vita support? It would be awesome to play TLOU from anywhere in the country via remote play.Keep up the brilliant work, and can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future…Uncharted 4 on the PS4?

BuM87 said:

December 10th, 4:30 am

@129 since when buying preowned its like piracy you are paying for the game the game its original you are buying it why they punish us for that if games where cheaper and all dlc where free i would buy them day new, every single time. where i live the avarage salary of midclass people is around 750-1000$ a month you pay bills food etc and you got 100$ left if you are lucky, and with the current taxes for imports games are around 100$ so if i have to buy every single one new i will go broke in no time, not every body can pay 60 bucks for a game that most of the times isnt worth it (see resident evil 6, i wont pay 5 bucks for that game…) and why keep games that you didnt like or dont ever play anymore when you can change them for money or other games… im realy pissed at the level of ignorance you seem to have…

MatheusRuggeri said:

December 10th, 4:41 am

Brazilian edition will have this pack too? Or I have to import the American edition?


KnightRid said:

December 10th, 4:44 am

When will we get to see an actual gameplay footage video? It is pretty with the cutscenes and such but I want to see actual gameplay.

If it plays more like God of War or Fallout 3 type games I might pick it up.

For the people saying about Gamestop – who cares? You want to complain about crappy freebies? Why not complain about games costing $60 and then never getting proper fixes (BETHESDA ARE YOU READING THIS? *COUGH* FALLOUT 3 PS3 *COUGH*)

Multiplayer – don’t care one bit unless it has co-op. Multiplayer is ruing todays games because developers think adding it in makes the game more valuable and then they can skimp on the single player portion. MOH, COD, and the list goes on. Running around shooting people online requires 0 intelligence. I would rather focus on a full blown out SP campaign than anything online that is the same as every other MP, run and shoot, capture a stupid flag, find an object, blah blah blah, how boring.

Like I said, once i can see some actual gameplay footage to see how the game will truly look then I will decide to buy day 1 or wait for sales or never. I also want to know how long the SP campaign is.

IrishDude2 said:

December 10th, 4:50 am

You think it’s bad sony does online passes? Take a look at the xbox 360 games and you will see they also have the online pass. From what I’ve seen only ps exclusive has the online pass but I have seen a few xbox 360 games (which is also out for ps3) that have the online pass which ps3 doesn’t. There’s a reason for it. If you can’t afford games, then just buy ps+ and maybe someday it will be free. They need to make money too especially with all the work they done. Only the retailers are making the extra money with pre-owned games. Without the online pass it’s a win-win between costumers and retailers but a loss to Sony and the developers

EHKOS said:

December 10th, 4:50 am

Recently I’ve taken the nostalgia goggles off and realized Naughty Dog is not the same studio that made Crash and Jak. Andy and Jason are no longer there. That’s why Uncharted felt so odd to me. I’d rather have a polished single player experience than multiplayer, especially another third-person one. Please take a page from Irrational and drop it.

usaofamerica said:

December 10th, 5:01 am


ThreeLeggedFreak said:

December 10th, 5:22 am

I hope the multiplayer is something like Day Z and not COD/Uncharted straight up deathmatch. I’m sure there’ll be different modes and deathmatch will probably be there regardless, but a DayZ mode for us hardcore gamers is a must.

George-Allan said:

December 10th, 5:24 am

As an artist working in games I’d love to see more “making of” videos on the disc. Especially if it covers character and environment art, lighting etc in detail. I know there’s a lot of other games artists and devs out there who can’t wait to soak up TLOU and pore over every detail. GamesRadar did a really interesting tour of ND and I’d love to see more content like that. If you do a behind the scenes video, please don’t fill it with mocap spandex! Too many focus on that side of it. UC2’s making of vids were good. I’d love to see even more technical stuff like in the few GDC presentations that are available…I’m sure many regular gamers would find that stuff cool.

tapantaola said:

December 10th, 5:41 am

Should we expect a Multiplayer beta this time around?

killercroc119 said:

December 10th, 5:47 am

and now you make us wait 5 months for it.. :(

im iffy on the multiplayer though. as long as the story kicks ass im happy,
like uncharted 2 story rocked multiplayer meh for #3 it was reversed for me story meh multiplayer good.

Excalibur0123 said:

December 10th, 5:48 am

Hey Arne, I do have a question for ya, what exactly has the game been rated M for? Thanks in advance

subadictos said:

December 10th, 6:01 am

Hi, Arne. Well, I live in Chile so I can´t buy your game on Gamestop, Amazon or whatever shop you have there on USA. Will we have here the chance to have access to your pre-order bonus?

I mean, PSN would be the obvious choice for this. If companies like Bethesda and Ubisoft can put their games on the PSN Store in day 1, I can’t think on a good reason why Naughty Dog couldn’t do the same thing.

Now, about the MP discussion… I’m not a great fan of MP, but it doesn’t bother me if the single player is amazing, like every Uncharted was. I hope this time you do it amazing again.

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