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Dec 12

Dec 12

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Available to PS Plus Members January 8th

Derek Osgood's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment America

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As some of you know, the fine folks at Sony Santa Monica Studio recently opened their doors to members of the gaming press — the first such “open house” event in the studio’s history. In addition to experiencing hands-on time with the upcoming multiplayer beta for God of War: Ascension and two new characters coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, journalists experienced a rare inside look at one of the most accomplished and diverse game production facilities in the world. This is a place where developers of indie titles such as The Unfinished Swan and Journey and big-budget blockbusters such as God of War and Starhawk proudly work shoulder-to-shoulder.

With God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer beta en route, the team at Santa Monica Studio wanted to take this opportunity to address PlayStation.Blog readers with the latest details. Read on to learn more about what’s in store for the beta!

The God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Is Coming January 8th!

It’s almost here! PlayStation Plus members’ chance to ascend online to start destroying each other in God of War: Ascension’s Multiplayer Beta. Today we’re proud to announce that the Beta is officially coming to PlayStation Plus on January 8th. To get you pumped up, you must watch our brand new “Evil Ways” Multiplayer Trailer. It is beautiful brutality.

If you were one of the wise mortals participating in our Rise of the Warrior experience, and belonged to the winning Spartan team for our first team challenge, your early Beta access begins today! If you are a Trojan, though you were defeated in the first team challenge, the Gods have shown mercy and are granting you early access starting December 16th. All your codes can still be redeemed at www.godofwar.com.

God of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta

As announced, everyone with PlayStation Plus memberships will be able to download the Multiplayer Beta beginning January 8th. If you have not entered our The Rise of the Warrior experience, you are missing a truly epic encounter. There are more team challenge rewards coming, exclusive DLC items to earn right now, and an epic story connected to the single-player and multiplayer of God of War: Ascension. Join now!

So the burning-in-Hades question is, what will you play in our Multiplayer Beta? A visceral, larger than life, online combat experience for starters. We are kicking off the Beta with our signature Team Favor of the Gods mode and the yet-to-be-seen Favor of the Gods mode, which plays like Team Favor of the Gods, but without the teams. In both modes, you’ll fight to reach the requisite number of favor points from the Gods, earning points via kills, bonus brutal kills, opening chests, capturing domination points, and, if you’re skillful enough, performing executions using the Spear of Olympus. Check out our Beta page for tips, scoring details and more.

God of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta

The Maps

You’ve seen the Desert of Lost Souls, featuring our massive Titan, Polyphemus. If you were not fortunate enough to experience this map at one of our various events earlier this year, you will get your chance to go head-to-head in this epic map in the Beta.

Only a fool would believe we are stopping there — this is God of War! God of War: Ascension multiplayer levels are broken out into two categories: larger maps, which feature big open environments (like the Desert of Lost Souls), and more compact arenas, which bring the action in tight to test your reflexes as you fight for survival in close-quarters combat. Fans of God of War III will remember the Hercules Arena, one of the Top 5 most epic moments in the God of War franchise, and we’re really excited to introduce our “Forum of Hercules” Multiplayer Arena level!

God of War: Ascension multiplayer BetaGod of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta

The Beta will also provide you with the chance to play through our tutorial level, which is an epic experience in and of itself. You’ll be able to test your might with both Zeus and Ares allegiances, and experience a taste of the player customization options and upgrades that will be in the final game.

God of War: Ascension multiplayer Beta

Keep in mind, this is the Beta stage of our development, and our team here at Santa Monica Studio will be working daily, up until the very last second, to provide you with a truly incredible experience. We value your feedback, and this is where you can help to make this game ascend to even greater heights for our March 12th launch! See you in the Beta!

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goodguy_reuben said:

December 12th, 7:25 pm

I can’t wait to check this out tomorrow.

Owlstein said:

December 12th, 7:32 pm

already got beta code today

angelspawn77 said:

December 12th, 7:45 pm

MP looks great, but I thought this beta would be coming this month, did I remember wrong because I could have sworn that you guys said December…..oh well, at least its only a month away. Can’t wait to try it out and you guys have really been greedy with your single player haven’t you? :P At least give us a trailer, we haven’t even had a proper single player trailer.

kb4983 said:

December 12th, 7:47 pm

Can anyone help me? I was granted an early access beta code for being on the Spartan team but when i try to install the beta after downloading it i receive error code 80010038. It appears the file for the MP Beta my PS3 downloads is corrupt or something? Any help is appreciated!

hypersk_us said:

December 12th, 8:11 pm

Hey, I downloaded and installed the Beta with no problems, but when I try to play it, it asks me to download the 1.05 Patch.

However, when I try to download the patch i get disconnected from PSN and this error number 80710723…

Anyone having the same problem?

BlaqMagiq24 said:

December 12th, 8:30 pm


If you have no interest in God of War why did you even bother posting on here?

On-topic: I got my GOW Saga Plus voucher still unused so on Jan 8 this is exactly what I’ll be doing.

GalatasarayEken said:

December 12th, 8:51 pm

I should have my new TV by then, January 8th is good on my terms

Stewie Voice – Excellent-

Dookykong said:

December 12th, 9:11 pm

Pretty Good for a Beta enjoying it alot

Kchow23 said:

December 12th, 10:31 pm

The multiplayer is awesome! can be chaotic but there is certainly some strategy to the madness.

Vcheese said:

December 12th, 10:42 pm

Im glad i was on the spartan team! … Downloading

destruction1983 said:

December 12th, 11:36 pm


John-Shooter said:

December 13th, 12:48 am

i think i’ll be sitting on the sidelines for this one.. so sad to see another great franchise ruined by the addition of multiplayer..

im glad they scrapped it for bioshock infinite too even if they did have the time and money it would have sucked just as bad as bioshock 2..

Shadow_Dancer said:

December 13th, 12:49 am

Well I’m a Plus member but I’ve already got a code for the beta ;) Just have to download the update now..

ManuGoW said:

December 13th, 3:04 am

Warning screen for me too. After all downloads (beta and updates) freeze on warning screen and I have to reset my PS3. Hope have something to fix soon, cant wait to play! Already played de Demo on Brasil Game Show and love it!

Mateus-Webber said:

December 13th, 6:08 am

Health WARNING freeze still here.
I’m tired of reseting my PS3…
Why u no fix it?

Manigamer said:

December 13th, 8:02 am

well im ps+ member too but couldn’t wait since im a huge gow fan so joined the rise of the warrior game and got myself the MP beta early ! dlding just 1.5gb w00t w00t

Welmosca said:

December 13th, 8:09 am

17 Ghost-of-SpartaX – It has already ruined when they announced the MP.

Ok this is getting on my nerves…..this is the worst time to be a die hard GoW fan for real…whats going on?…I’m glad that you guys isn’t throwing spoilers of the game but for real stop with this MP thingy already and let it die…thats the only way for you guys see the biggest mistake of your lifes.Because of this damned MP I can’t get excited with an new game of the greatest franchise of all times being released.

YungShep said:

December 13th, 8:32 am

@67 read @48.

and Ghost-of-Sparta is a hater with a capitol H, lol. I have fact that proves he’s not even buying this game, so why worry or comment on the mp? he should change his psn name…this is one guy who i knew would have GOW back…as passionate as he is about Kratos….trust me, ive seen reactions..

and before any of you pass any judgement, you should try the online before you send slander on the brand. GOW is part of the reason Playstation even exist as a company. Don’t let your imagination of mp not working on GOW taint your previous thought and passion for the series going forward..

seriously, how can any of you look at the first sp gameplay trailer and “FEAR” the game is going down the tank solely because of mp..

last i check Uncharted 2 did extremely well with the implementation of online play..it spawned Uncharted 3..

3-12-13 <3

Welmosca said:

December 13th, 8:55 am

@ 48 Just–Tank – Oh hi mister…thanks for the comment regard the single-player but I would like to get the chance to ask you something now that you wrote that comment…”not because we ever took anything away from Single-Player”…even the time to beat the SP..? the longevity…I mean will we have at least an SP as long as GoW 3?..thanks.

Welmosca said:

December 13th, 9:09 am

68 YungShep – I ain’t saying that the SP will be bad…I trust in St.Monica regard the SP of GoW and I ain’t saying that the MP will be bad as well…all that I’m saying is that the SP will be shorter….which is the major problem.GoW is all about SP and everyone know that.And MP take away space that could’ve been used for SP…I agree 100% with UC2…but UC2 is a TPS and a MP was welcome also there wasn’t worries about the MP when ND 1st announced to UC2.But GoW isn’t a shooter…thats where is my worry.And a biggest problem is the balance between SP and MP…UC2 has this balance…good and reasonable SP in terms of longevity and a superb amazing MP.

SilentShadowX2 said:

December 13th, 12:44 pm

Its looks boring

surfrider78 said:

December 13th, 1:51 pm

Please ,please ,please….can you do something about all the hacking on MW2?I believe I´m speaking in behalf of thousands of pleople who still enjoy playing the game online the way it´s supposed to be , no hacks and no advantages other than the perks you choose!!!It could be our Christmas present ; ) P.S. If you want PS Network ids they can be provided they To whomsoever it may concern I thank you in advance for updating the software or whatever it needs to be done to end this huge inconvenience which is taking the fun out of the game Big Time!!!

k4shmoney623 said:

December 13th, 2:08 pm

Pretty sure I just played a dev (who else would be named “GOWA_DEV4”)

I got one kill in :D

Olxy said:

December 13th, 2:55 pm

The Game Freezes in the health warning right in the beginning,
I want to play

SelmonnBr said:

December 13th, 6:15 pm

To fix the Warning freeze at the beginning, you must change the language of the console to English (USA)

Para que o jogo deixe de travar na tela de Warning, você deve mudar o idioma do videogame para Inglês (USA)

daBamBZ said:

December 14th, 1:58 am

Tee hee… I feel pretty special now. Now I’m starting to feel the Plus is worth while.

YungShep said:

December 14th, 4:08 am



YungShep said:

December 14th, 6:39 am

the servers are up guys! if you were wondering, occasional connection problem, but nothing that cant stop you from leveling up!


December 14th, 7:43 am

Even with the hint of SelmonnBr (valeu parceiro, mas não deu certo aqui), the game is still freezing on the warning screen.

I re-downloaded and tested the 1.00 version. This version don’t freezes on warning screen. It’s only the patch 1.05.


December 14th, 8:05 am

Done: I deleted the gamedata and the gamesave and put mais xmb in english (usa). Now is ok!

Olxy said:

December 14th, 3:07 pm

thank you


December 15th, 9:43 am

We’ve had GOW: Ascension CE reserved for some time now, but with all this hype about the multiplayer we’re definitely curious to see how it plays.

CrownedinTerror9 said:

December 17th, 6:00 am

What a bunch of bull! You told us IN THE GOW SAGA case that we’d get the beta back in damn november. Now we’re expected to wait for it as a normal PS Plus subscriber…wtf is that!?!?!?

mikey_day said:

December 17th, 11:00 am

I am logged into my Rise of the Warrior and i still haven’t received my beta code. Whats the problem?

DaftandDirty said:

December 17th, 5:22 pm

I tweeted just for this. I logged in and no code. Do you still want us to log into twitter for help.

OPS_GEAR107 said:

December 19th, 2:43 pm

I already have it thanks to Gametop on Facebook.

asthral said:

December 20th, 4:06 am

can’t wait to play this game

auskye said:

December 22nd, 6:33 am

Courtesy of Gamestop’s beta codes I think the multiplayer is incredible!

RizzAwakening said:

December 23rd, 4:40 am


BLOGDotTV said:

December 23rd, 5:35 pm


God of War Scension Multiplayer BETA – Extreme BRUTAL – Training Walktrough – Gameplay PlayStation3


Thank you for watching

Nebu_Thomas said:

December 27th, 9:04 pm


DanGerOuS-DrUiD said:

January 3rd, 2:57 pm

god of war ascension will be only in us store?

asthral said:

January 7th, 1:36 am

a few days to go for the beta to be available to ps plus


January 10th, 9:30 pm

Regrettably I will be unable to partake in this beta as I am not a PS+ subscriber at the moment and would prefer to wait for the final game.

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