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Dec 17

Dec 17

PlayStation Plus Update: Anomaly Warzone Earth Free for Members

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There’s a lot to love with PlayStation Plus in December. Perhaps you’ve already thought of what a great gift a PS Plus membership makes for your fellow PS3 gamer. Or maybe you’ve been diving into the games in the Instant Game Collection with new additions like BioShock 2, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, and Rochard. Either way, you’ve got more great content on the way with this week’s addition: Anomaly Warzone Earth! You’ll also find some amazing holiday deals on games that you might have missed. Read on to find out more.

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December 18th PlayStation Plus Update

Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth (PS3)

Free for Plus members

Anomaly Warzone Earth is an extraordinary mixture of action and strategy in a reversed tower defense formula. Call it tower offense, if that’s a bit easier. The game tasks you with saving a near-future Earth from an alien onslaught. The invaders have captured world’s major cities, building huge turrets that destroy everything in their path. It’s up to you to lead an armor squad through the streets of cities like Baghdad and Tokyo, planning the route and strategically choosing which units to deploy in order to crush the opposition. Download it today and experience this fantastic twist on strategy gaming.

Holiday Essentials Sale

Various discounts for Plus members

You may have seen the announcement already, but this week marks the first week of the PSN Holiday Sale! You can check out the full announcement here, but here’s the breakdown of all the games that you’ll be able to get an amazing sale price on for this week:

Game Normal Price PSN Sale Price Plus Sale Price
Catherine $39.99 $27.99 $19.60
Counter Strike Global Offensive $14.99 $10.49 $7.35
Dyad $14.99 $10.49 $7.35
Escape Plan $14.99 $10.49 $7.35
I am Alive $14.99 $10.49 $7.35
LittleBigPlanet 2 $19.99 $13.99 $0.00
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita $35.99 $24.99 $17.49
M:tG Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 $9.99 $6.99 $4.90
NHL 13 $59.99 $41.99 $29.40
Rayman Origins $19.99 $13.99 $9.80
Rayman Origins PS Vita $29.99 $20.99 $14.70
Resident Evil 4 $19.99 $13.99 $9.80
Retro/Grade $9.99 $6.99 $4.90
Street Fighter: Third Strike Online Edition $14.99 $10.49 $7.35

SEGA Holiday Sale

Various discounts for Plus members

Our friends at SEGA are also bringing more great games to all of PSN at some truly great prices to celebrate the holidays as well. Just like the PSN Holiday Sale, all PSN gamers get to enjoy some price breaks here, but Plus members get the best deals on the following content:

Game Normal Price PSN Sale Price Plus Sale Price
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (Game Only) $14.99 $9.99 $6.99
Sonic 4: Ep1 & 2 Full game Bundle $24.98 $14.99 $11.99
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 $14.99 $9.99 $7.49
Hell Yeah Full game $14.99 $9.99 $5.99
Hell Yeah DLC Pimp My Rabbit Pack $2.99 $1.99 $1.00
Hell Yeah DLC The Virtual Rabbit Mission $4.99 $2.99 $1.50
After Burner Climax $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Crazy Taxi $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Daytona USA $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Crush, PSP $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Sonic Rivals, PSP $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
Sonic Rivals 2, PSP $9.99 $6.99 $4.89

That’s it for this week’s update, and remember that the above updates will be in effect once the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow. See you next week for more on PlayStation Plus!

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While we definitely want you to let us know your thoughts in the comments below, make sure you’re digging in to the PlayStation Community Forums in the Plus space where you’ll find great new information and perspectives from your fellow gamer. Enjoy the update, and see you in the comments.

PlayStation Plus Update 12-17-2012

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xClayMeow said:

December 17th, 12:00 pm

Don’t have a PS3, but do own a PS Vita. Show us some love!

RE_Player said:

December 17th, 12:00 pm

Lots of negative users in the comments. You could offer all of PSN for free and they’d still find something to complain about.

xClayMeow said:

December 17th, 12:01 pm

@146 Anomaly is a great game…played it on the PC.

YogiYahooeys said:

December 17th, 12:05 pm

I’m confused about this idea that LBP2 is “free” to purchase for PS+ subscribers. It’s not really free for purchase. It’s free as part of the subscription. The other games, if bought with a PS+ subscription would be kept even if the subscription expired, but not LBP2. It seems a little misleading to say it’s free. There should be a price available to purchase instead of just renting it.

That said, it’s meaningless to me as my PS3 just YOLD’d and since Sony has no way of accessing the store outside of the PS3, I have no way of making any sale purchases or even getting any PS+ games that will be expiring (I will miss out on Rochard since it was only available for a week) until I can afford to replace my PS3 which won’t be until at least next month…

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 17th, 12:08 pm

Little kids got their brains blown out in Connecticut, their parents’ lives ruined forever… and you guys are crying about PlayStation Plus…

Go to hell, losers.

jwspiker said:

December 17th, 12:08 pm

PLUS has improved some much over the lifespan, and honestly the US blog does a much better job of detailing the games. I spent the weekend going through the US and EU blog, still updating the EU blog’s list, and hopefully sometime later this week this list will be complete. But this should give everyone a good comparision of the different plus sites, honestly US releases are at least on par at times, though recently(last month or so) seems like EU has gotten more day 1 releases.

Obiwan_Timobi said:

December 17th, 12:09 pm

You know what would be really GREAT? You guys should find a way to give plus members a significant discount on PS Vita memory cards. And I don’t mean a crappy 4gb or 8gb card. This is the biggest hindrance to my PS Vita so far. Free digital content is nice…but not when there’s no space to download it! There’s no way in hell I’m gonna pay the prices you’re asking for those cards. Just my 2 cents.

leslein97 said:

December 17th, 12:10 pm

Touche marketing folks, I know as soon as I click Purchase for Rayman Origins it will be in the instant game collection for Plus in next week’s post.

Sneeches said:

December 17th, 12:11 pm

Anomaly… seriously? This game is utter dog s**t. Nothing for me this week.

narkura said:

December 17th, 12:16 pm

I hate that when ever I look at the list theres always someone complaining about Vita games or the fact that the game that they hope for isn’t on the list… People they can’t please everyone! try doing anything with customer service and you’ll understand how terrible and annoying customers can be. I’m not trying to hate on people Im just trying to say appreciate what they are giving and don’t give them flak for not releasing your title.

Try saying: “Great list, maybe next list could we see a super awesome PS Vita title added to the extensive list of games I can already choose from!”

BossmanCCrowder1 said:

December 17th, 12:17 pm

For me i might pick up the Sonic 4 bundle.

ExHaseo said:

December 17th, 12:18 pm

I’m surprised at the number of comments with people wanting more free Vita games. We just got 6 free games, all at once. I have yet to even beat them all yet.
There’s also the fact that their competition doesn’t release any free games. We should be thankful for what we’re getting.
Keep up the good work Playstation.

dh4645 said:

December 17th, 12:19 pm

never heard of anomaly before todays blog update.

cant hurt to try it

i like some tower defense. i really liked pixeljunk monsters

nolo451 said:

December 17th, 12:19 pm

wow @ Sneeches,

I ALMOST feel embarrassed for you, using words like that, but I guess if you didn’t people would take you seriously and not ridicule you.

I bet your parents must be proud.

dh4645 said:

December 17th, 12:21 pm

@159 i agree. i still have yet to even start jetset & wipeout. barely played gravity rush. finished uncharted before it was free.

finished mutant blobs the other day.

Nergil said:

December 17th, 12:22 pm

@153 primerincongnito
It’s in pretty poor taste to even mention that…let alone use it to prove your point on a videogame blog.

D3m0n__89 said:

December 17th, 12:22 pm

Dude… Really.. Another disappointing game for PS+

It’s just amazing to see how you would implement a poll of what we thought was released…And not pay attention to us…

Why not place a Poll with the games that are on the list to be released for the following week and make us choose what we would like?

You guys keep failing very week man… It blows my mind!

Seems likes you just have a bad taste in games… I can guarantee you 75% of these comments are negative towards the games that have been released this month since most of us are comparing it to EU.

“But again, if someones doesn’t like a game? Not much I can do there =)”
^^^ that just made you sound like you simply don’t give .

You guys need to communicate and listen to the community who are loyal customers…

Seems like you haven’t done much for a while just repeat yourself over and over again…

“Stay tuned for the next weeks update” “Wait till you see next week line-up”

Step up your game and listen to the community !

soulmonkeyrhythm said:

December 17th, 12:25 pm

Thank you, Sony. Thank you.

TheMART said:

December 17th, 12:27 pm

“+ YogiYahooeys on December 17th, 2012 at 12:05 pm said:
I’m confused about this idea that LBP2 is “free” to purchase for PS+ subscribers. It’s not really free for purchase. It’s free as part of the subscription. The other games, if bought with a PS+ subscription would be kept even if the subscription expired, but not LBP2. It seems a little misleading to say it’s free. There should be a price available to purchase instead of just renting it.
That said, it’s meaningless to me as my PS3 just YOLD’d and since Sony has no way of accessing the store outside of the PS3, I have no way of making any sale purchases or even getting any PS+ games that will be expiring (I will miss out on Rochard since it was only available for a week) until I can afford to replace my PS3 which won’t be until at least next month…”

Uh… Didn’t Sony just release a PC/Mac store access??? So you can get them through that I guess. Haven’t tried it myself, so check it out.

coperoYpeleador said:

December 17th, 12:28 pm

what’s in the SEGA Heritage Collection? if it’s Sonic Adv. 2, Nights and Jet Set Radio, the price doesn’t add correctly, it’s 10 each, so the $36.95 can’t be the normal price, unless the bundle was modified.

RafaMN said:

December 17th, 12:28 pm

I think i’m gonna get Rayman Origins, very good discount for a very very good game! :)

boomstickbhg said:

December 17th, 12:29 pm


I understand that game preference is up to people’s taste, and whether you own a game or not is going to vary widely from person to person.

The part you’re ignoring or not replying to for some reason when it comes to EU vs NA plus isn’t the type of genre of game, it’s the QUALITY and AGE of the games.

EU plus gets a lot more Full PS3 games. They also get much more recently released PS3 games, most of the games we get in NA are the 5-10$ bargain bin games. EU is getting games that still cost 40-60 retail.

I understand that you can’t satisfy everyone when it comes to the genre/type of game, or whether or not people already own it.

But can you at least tell us why (finally please someone answer) the EU gets higher quality games, regardless of personal taste a new game is a new game and an expensive game is an expensive game. They get newer more expensive games for their Full PS3 selection.

Why do we get the much cheaper, typically much older games? That’s not taste/preference/what we already own, that’s a major disparity in the quality of Plus between regions.

Ashilyn said:

December 17th, 12:30 pm

People complaining about Vita games: Six games. Less than a month ago. I’d be amazed you’ve played or finished them all. Month still has a week left (Christmas!) that we normally don’t get a ton on, but probably will this year. Cool your jets and wait and see instead being all GIMME GIMME GIMME NOW NOW NOW MINE MINE MINE.

Spyderzzz said:

December 17th, 12:30 pm

Playstation Plus subscribers have the best deal on video games across the board…hands down, no one can argue any different. After reading the comments, they also seem to be the most greedy. I’m stoked for the new update…as always!


December 17th, 12:31 pm

nothing for me
i just want KINGDOM HEARTS.
please put it on psn

chernobyl77 said:

December 17th, 12:33 pm


To reply you in something you say in this post.

People are not complaining cause they don´t like the games. The games are great! And anyone will be stupid to complaing about something like that. They complaing cause if we compare the EU games with the US we feel like it´s all a joke. Batman, Crysis 2, Limbo, Vanquish can´t compare to Bioshock 2, Street Fighter. That´s the point, they are great games too but for example Batman and Crysis 2 are from last year!

If you give at least the same stuff as in Europe, I can swear that people will stoy complaining. For example, if they give Batman: Arkham City, try to give that same game! or at least another one from the same year and the same quality: Portal 2 for example. I have both games, but that seems fair.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 17th, 12:35 pm


No it isn’t. All these spoiled selfish twirps disgust me. All they ever say is, “what about me me me!!!”

The point is to think about other people for once, and stop being so self-absorbed. Can you guys do that? To make it even worse, the demands here are for nothing more than video games. Not food, not health care, not shelter… just… video games.

Anyone who whines about a VOLUNTARY entertainment program that costs 14 cents per day, is truly pathetic.

Fourteen cents per day! Even a homeless guy could afford that by picking a few pennies out of his cup of coins!

palermo1886 said:

December 17th, 12:36 pm


PhillyTheCat said:

December 17th, 12:37 pm

If you like puzzle games & funny relationship drama, by Catherine on sale.
Great game, definitely worth noon sale price IMO.

ImaFREEZEtheRoom said:

December 17th, 12:44 pm

Im confused please answer: LBP2 is free for just being a plus member? So even if I run out of PS+ I get to keep it for EVER?

KidCommando said:

December 17th, 12:45 pm

@ boomstickbhg


They are separate territories and they were never advertised as having similar content.

bam, done. Why is that so hard for some of you to understand!!!?

Now will you answer my question:

Why EVERY week do people care about what EU gets when there was NEVER any reason to believe the content would be similar?

Do you also compare how many chocolate chips are in your cookies compared to cookies purchased over seas from the same brand?

What about EVERYTHING else you purchase in the US, do you compare it to how the rest of the world buys things?

think about it…..but don’t hurt yourself.

Heatseeker125 said:

December 17th, 12:45 pm

Thanks for the holiday sale, Sega. But I’m sad Valkyria Chronicles 2 isn’t on the list. :(

Breakfuss said:

December 17th, 12:46 pm


Dude, give it a rest, Sony isn’t taking on any new interns. Customers have the right to voice their opinions. Take the advice you keep giving and move the hell along if you’re so bothered by everyone’s petulance.

Sony needs to be less ambiguous about what their intentions are with the IGC, PS+, etc. Set the expectations and people won’t have as much room to complain. Instead replying with the same, tired “you’re gonna love next week’s update”, the PR team should be straight forward. I think it’d also help if you guys cut out the weekly PS+ update nonsense.

TriangleOffense said:

December 17th, 12:47 pm

Yawn….. Really hope this improves soon but while the US is lacking any decent PS+ Content Ill continue to enjoi my EU Plus account with actual games worth playing.

KidCommando said:

December 17th, 12:47 pm

@ ImaFREEZEtheRoom

LBP2 is only FREE while you are a Plus member.

The only content you get to keep if your subscription runs out is content that you payed actual dollars for.

MatheusRuggeri said:

December 17th, 12:47 pm

Good update, but I want spend a lot of money in holiday sales :D. We will have more next week?

I don’t know if is hard negotiate discounts with producers, will be cool if every week the PSN give us a determinate number of discounts, like 6 or 12.

CrimsonDream24 said:

December 17th, 12:48 pm

Though I’m waaaay back on the list of comments and I don’t really expect you guys to read this far back…

I just wanted to say that regardless of what EU gets or what US doesn’t get, Plus is a great value and I absolutely approve of what is currently being offered overall. Unlike most, I understand bits and pieces of the business side and why everything we ask for isn’t automatically given to us. I really enjoy getting free games with Plus that I never would have bought myself. it gives me a greater knowledge of, and experience with, games.

I actually bought PS+ on a different account which I now regret as I’m much more attached to this one. When that subscription runs out, I’ll probably get a subscription on this account. I will be a little sad about not being able to carry over the free games I got with that account but considering how good the service is, I can deal with that.

You guys are doing a great job and I love seeing our feedback actually put to good use for future updates. Keep up the good work and know that many of us completely support your service, even if the complainers outnumber us.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    December 17th, 1:48 pm

    We always read all the comments and then come back a week later to analyze them all; so you’re never too ‘far back’ to leave your feedback. Thanks!

MrJolly said:

December 17th, 12:48 pm

Guys…thank you so much for such an awesome service! I’ve been a PLUS subscriber since day one and never regretted it. I always grab every free game offered even if I have the BluRay version already. It’s nice to know I CAN download it later (once its in d/l list) if anything happened to my disc. Free backup copy if you will! When you extended the service to include PSVITA…you caused me to buy VITAs and PS+ memberships for my 2 oldest boys. They are going to be so happy Christmas morning when the get those preloaded with an instant game collection (got them 32GB cards as well). I had a VITA already and if you only gave out the 6 games for free all year on VITA, I’d already have saved money. Seriously…thank you for the awesome service, and I look forward each week to see what new games I’ll be trying! It’s kind of like Christmas every tuesday! Keep up the good work, and have a Merry Christmas!

Zeniselv said:

December 17th, 12:50 pm

@172: kingdom hearts its getting an hd facelift, with that in mind, SE its not going to put it as a ps2 classic, and this applies to a lot of classics.

boomstickbhg said:

December 17th, 12:51 pm

Just a thought:

When sony was hacked and our PS3/the PSN was compromised, we were given a choice of free games as an apology after. We got to choose between several options.

Is there any logical reason why Plus can’t operate under the same method, since (though not for plus) it’s something that’s been done before?

This would address, perhaps even fix the issue of people on Plus getting games they already own.

That or just stop making the IGC games, games that were recently on sale via Plus lol. You’ve said Plus is planned weeks to months in advance.

If this is true, why do we see a game on sale one week and then 1-2 weeks later it’s free?

Anyway the main point was, sony has offered a choice of free games before, so just do that kinda thing for Plus and there’ll be less complainers/more satisfied customers.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    December 17th, 1:49 pm

    That functionality had a few kinks in it that make it not fit for primetime. Therefore, doing something similar to that Welcome Back option isn’t able to be done at this time.

fede01_8 said:

December 17th, 12:51 pm

i bet you’re all scratching your head trying to understand why people are hating the last PS+ updates. So here’s why: WE WANT AAA GAMES, not games that no one heard of, or fighting games

Shadow_Enz said:

December 17th, 12:52 pm

Thanks for offering a free PSN title :) variety is the spice of life, and Anomaly is an excellent title! I’ll be enjoying playing this again!

One day hoping for Rush N Attack Ex Patriot on Plus (or even on sale)

Excellent deals on some of these games, though others (like I Am Alive) should really drop to $5 at least. Those $2.50 Sega prices are perfect!

Was hoping for a $5 Escape Plan, but I may bite at $7.50.

Too bad Code Veronica wasn’t on sale, to go with RE4, but thanks for RE4 at least.

PS – I prefer the weekly updates over a monthly update. I’ve seen people make noise about wanting a monthly update and wanted to balance that with some noise supporting the weekly updates.

TerraAshura said:

December 17th, 12:52 pm

@38 Ha, I see what you did there

shawnely said:

December 17th, 12:55 pm

Holding out for a free Batman:AC, but probably wont be until after x-mas. After anyone that really wanted it pays for it tomorrow. Hiping its $19.99 rather than $49.99 or some other crazy jacked up price.

dh4645 said:

December 17th, 12:56 pm

@187, i agree. a choice would be good…

for example, if someone owned one, they could get the other…BUT then people would complain they couldnt get both games. hah

boomstickbhg said:

December 17th, 12:57 pm


You’re not Morgan so I stopped reading your post as soon as I saw “here is your answer”.

Whatever you have to say is your right but don’t expect me to read it when you’re not the person I’m talking to.

I rarely read other peoples blog posts to begin with.

however if you do end up working for the PS Blog or PSN store staff I’d be happy to read your posts.

Kchow23 said:

December 17th, 12:57 pm

The Plus discounts on games is really the only thing worthwhile this week, but sadly I own all of these games. Will consider buying Escape Plane, but I wish there would be a Persona 4 Golden discount :)

MrJolly said:

December 17th, 12:57 pm

BTW…my vote is for WEEKLY updates! LOVE the current format!

blakseed said:

December 17th, 1:00 pm


I already have those games. They’re pretty cheap if you really want them that bad. By the way, when you say “we” I think you mean “you”.

boomstickbhg said:

December 17th, 1:00 pm


Yeah I agree that there’s no perfect solution.

But they’ve offered a choice of free games in a different situation so a precedent for choice has been set.

And even though people would still complain to some degree, I can’t see having a variety to choose from, whether you chooose 1 out of 2 or 1 out of 4 on a list, making things any worse.

In theory it would help, though certainly not fix everyone’s desires.

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