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Dec 19

Dec 19

Here Are Your Winners: 2012 PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, SIEA Social Media

The polls are closed and the votes have been tallied. Read on for the full list of PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards winners as chosen by you, plus a few Editors’ Choice picks from the extended PlayStation.Blog team.

I want to thank each and every one of you for voting, debating, and commenting on our first annual awards! As predicted, the process wasn’t entirely without its hiccups, but in general I think it was a pretty good first attempt. That said, we absolutely want your feedback on next year’s awards, which will be bigger and better in many ways. Please provide your feedback in the comments – we’ll be referring to it in preparation for next year!

Also, be sure to listen to our new episode of PlayStation Blogcast, where GamesBeat Editor in Chief Dan Hsu joins us for a discussion of our favorite games of the year.

‘Nuff said. Read on to see the very best in PlayStation gaming for 2012 as chosen by PlayStation gamers worldwide.

PS3 Game of the Year

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS3 Platinum

Assassin’s Creed III

GotY: Assassins Creed 3
This one was a squeaker, but Ubisoft Montreal’s period epic inched past a strong showing by Gearbox Software’s well-received shooter. FIFA 13 Soccer landed the most write-in votes, but not enough to place in the winner’s circle.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Dishonored “In my book, this was the smartest, most distinctive FPS of the year, shoehorning adult themes, nuanced characters and sophisticated gameplay mechanics into a wincingly visceral campaign. Oh, and it was great to see so many primary colors too! Sequel please!”

— Fred Dutton, Manager, EU PlayStation.Blog

Borderlands 2 “Sequels don’t always manage to one-up their predecessors, but Borderlands 2 does just that — in nearly every conceivable way. From the vastly improved story, to the motley cast of characters, to the massive volume of guns, Gearbox has planted their foot firmly in the ground as one of this generation’s premier FPS developers.”

— Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

XCOM: Enemy Unknown “This game scratched an itch I didn’t know I had, weaving tense turn-based firefights into a shockingly addictive management simulation. This is a refreshing and utterly fascinating game with a surprise and a delight around every corner. Highly recommended.”

— Sid Shuman, Manager, US PlayStation.Blog

PS3 Game of the Year (PSN Only)

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS3 (PSN) Platinum


GotY: Journey
Thatgamecompany’s wildly original opus was always the favorite to win this category, though Telltale Games’ heartbreaking series The Walking Dead nearly overtook it in the final hours of voting. Queasy Games’ Sound Shapes took the most write-in votes.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Journey “I’m going with the obvious choice here. Nothing else I played this year drew me in like thatgamecompany’s Journey. Despite the lack of communication and identity involved, I felt closer to my co-op partners in Journey than in anything else I’ve played this year… maybe ever. It’s an experience I wish I could wipe from my memory, just so I could have it for the first time again.”

— Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

Journey “I won’t be alone in singling out thatgamecompany’s bewitching quest here. Some complained that it was too brief, but its three hours of playtime will surely live longer in the memory than almost any other release this year. This is joyful, uplifting, must-play material. And, no, there’s no shame in admitting its final moments set your bottom lip aquiver.”

— Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

The Walking Dead: Episodes 1 – 5 “Telltale’s memorable series starts small but slowly builds to towering emotional heights, culminating in what may be the greatest gaming moment of the year. This is a prime example of the narrative potential of videogames — don’t you dare miss it.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

PS Vita Game of the Year

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS Vita Platinum

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss

GotY: UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss
The closest category in this year’s awards nearly ended in a three-way tie between Gravity Rush, Persona 4: Golden, and UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. But in a photo finish, Bend Studios claims the Platinum prize. The most popular write-in vote was for Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, which is also available on PS Vita game card.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Gravity Rush “Alternately careening and frolicing through the skies of Hekseville provided some of the most enjoyable, empowering moments in gaming this year for me. A lush world and loveable character wrapped around a set of mechanics that feels downright awesome in the palm of your hands.”

— Nick Suttner, PlayStation Blogcast co-host

Persona 4 Golden “JRPGs have seen a relative lack of representation in this gaming generation. But now that Atlus has rebuilt one of PS2’s most highly regarded games for PS Vita, they’ve proven that a well-written, visually striking, character-driven RPG can still find an appreciative audience.”

— Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale “A tough choice, but my voracious appetite for portable pugilism ultimately tipped the scales in favor of the All-Stars. SuperBot’s slavish attention to detail shines on the OLED screen and the characters feel intoxicatingly powerful, making this a perfect choice for mobile encounters.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

PS Vita Game of the Year (PSN Only)

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS Vita (PSN) Platinum

Sound Shapes

GotY: Sound Shapes
Innovative indie titles placed strongly in this category, with Queasy Games’ charming musical platformer handily securing the lead. Fun fact: Grasshopper Manufacture’s shooter Sine Mora was the top write-in vote.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Frobisher Says! “Not many games are silly. Yet Frobisher’s minigame madness is supremely silly in all the right ways, a ton of fun, kind of beautiful, and free, free, free as a bird. Whether I was finding flan, making a terrible din, or not smiling at pandas, it was some of the most fun I’ve had on PS Vita this year.”

— Nick Suttner, PlayStation Blogcast co-host

Sound Shapes “Jonathan Mak’s unique approach to game design yields one of the biggest surprises of the year: A whimsical musical platformer that whisks you away on a magical tour of five imaginative worlds, leading inexorably to a momentous meeting with Beck.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

When Vikings Attack! “Okay, maybe I’m biased, but I found When Vikings Attack!’s bonkers Britishness impossible to resist. If there was a more satisfying mechanic in gaming in 2013 than flinging a skip at a gang of Viking invaders, I certainly wasn’t privy to it. If you’re after a hidden gem to discover this Christmas, you could do a lot, lot worse.”

— Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

PS Mobile Game of the Year

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS Mobile Platinum

Super Crate Box

GotY: Super Crate Box
In a surprisingly tight race with several favorites jockeying for position, Super Crate Box’s accessible, addictive formula came out on top in the PS Mobile arena. The most popular write-in vote? Lemmings.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Rebel “Super Crate Box is the easy choice, but with that well-trod I want to make sure that no one misses out on Rebel. A sort of anti-Crate Box that has you dodging falling weapons crates while turning enemies against each other, Rebel feels satisfying thanks to a brilliant reward loop of upgrades that turn time-waster into skillful navigator.”

— Nick Suttner, PlayStation Blogcast co-host

Super Crate Box “This feels like the no-brainer of the group, though Bullion Blitz and Puzziball are definite gems. Simple but focused, Super Crate Box is one of those indefinable instant classics that you’ll understand the moment you lay hands on it. A sheer delight.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

Super Crate Box “Believe it or not, I reckon I’ve played SCB more than any game in any category. Vlambeer’s bite-sized score-attack platformer was an ingenious confection, and nailed that just-one-more-game catchiness better than any other title this year.”

— Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

Best Use of PlayStation Move

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Best Use of PS Move

Portal 2 In Motion

Another tight race, with Sixense’s Portal 2 expansion pack beating back a potent showing from PlayStation Move favorite Sorcery and close runners-up Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Sports Champions 2, while Okami HD claimed the most write-in votes.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Datura “Probably the best example yet of how PS Move can open up new ways to interact. Navigating the dreamlike forests of Datura from a first-person perspective using PS Move brings a hypnotic surreal quality, as well as a more tactile interface. Really cool stuff.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

Datura “I like touching trees.”

— Nick Suttner, PlayStation Blogcast co-host

PixelJunk 4am “Sure, it’s something of an acquired taste and plays best, as advertised, in the small hours after a night on the town, but Q-Game’s music plaything really got its hooks in me over the summer. If you like your digital entertainment arty, freeform and very, very bleepy, this one’s for you.”

— Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

Most Anticipated PS3 Game

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS3 Most Anticipated Platinum

The Last of Us

GotY: The Last of Us
Despite powerful resistance from Grand Theft Auto 5, Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated post-apocalyptic journey The Last of Us claimed the coveted Platinum prize. Bronze winner BioShock Infinite topped Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch by just a handful of votes, while Namco Bandai’s RPG Tales of Xillia earned the most write-in votes.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Puppeteer “A close call between this and BioShock, but my innate predisposition towards anything involving 2D visuals, running, and jumping won through. Japan Studios’ lovely platformer is a true feast for the senses, shot through with a delightfully dark sense of humor and A-grade character design. One to watch out for.”

— Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

The Last of Us “An agonizing decision, but (sorry BioShock Infinite) I’m putting my money on Naughty Dog. I’m drawn to the game’s suffocating atmosphere of hopelessness, but I’m also dying to learn more about the fragile relationship between innocent Ellie and world-weary Joel. Fingers crossed that Naughty Dog pulls off something extraordinary here.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

Sportsfriends “If you’ve ever managed to catch one at a gaming event such as PAX, you know that Johann Sebastian Joust, Hokra, BaraBariBall and Super Pole Riders are already some of the best local multiplayer games EVER, even in their unreleased forms. Having all of them on PSN, upgraded and collected as Sportsfriends, is just too exciting for words. Get ready to Joust!”

— Nick Suttner, PlayStation Blogcast co-host

Most Anticipated PS Vita Game

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - PS Vita Most Anticipated Platinum

Killzone Mercenary

GotY: Killzone Mercenary
Strong showings from Sly Cooper, Soul Sacrifice, and Tearaway weren’t enough to unseat Guerilla’s upcoming powerhouse. Intriguingly, Atlus USA’s mysterious Dragon’s Crown earned the most write-in votes.

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Editor's Choice

Guacamelee! “It’s been far too long since I got my hands on a unique exploration-based platformer. Guacamelee’s hyperactive art style and elbow-dropping personality promise to revitalize the genre popularized by games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.”

— Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog

Soul Sacrifice “Inafune’s dark fantasy promises to bring some serious emotional gravity to the co-op battlefields, such as tragic boss monsters that beg for mercy and an alarming array of life-or-death choices. I’m particularly drawn to the grim, almost grotesque art style.”

— Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog

Tearaway “Can’t wait. Expect wild innovation, free-wheeling creativity and charm in abundance. If you don’t covet a PS Vita now, just wait until this one lands on shelves.”

— Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog

Add Your Own

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BlaqMagiq24 said:

December 20th, 4:28 pm

Congrats to the winners. The only one I disagree with is Uncharted GA winning. I think Gravity Rush should’ve won that. One of the most innovative games I played in years. Uncharted GA was still a great game though.

Raina--101 said:

December 20th, 4:45 pm

hi there i am huge fan of the shadow hearts series . i event like it better then the final fantasy series. its the best game for the PlayStation 2 i ever play , i was hoping they would come out with an shadow hearts 4 for the PlayStation but every year there nothing . its sad . i hope for an Shadow Hearts HD Collection . that the only reason I’ll keep my PlayStation 2. :(

Raina--101 said:

December 20th, 4:46 pm

hi there i am huge fan of the shadow hearts series . i event like it better then the final fantasy series. its the best game for the PlayStation 2 i ever play , i was hoping they would come out with an shadow hearts 4 for the PlayStation but every year there nothing . its sad . i hope for an Shadow Hearts HD Collection . that the only reason I’ll keep my PlayStation 2. :(

BrianC6234 said:

December 20th, 7:30 pm

So far of the Mobile games I’ve bought Surge is my favorite. It’s a really fun game.

Matrix_Lion said:

December 20th, 8:44 pm

Check the AV baby.

OZ_C_Ak-A-RawHa said:

December 20th, 9:58 pm

Good Results All Round!! But I Do Think Far Cry 3 was Much Better than the over rated Boarderlands 2!!!
Good to see AC3 and Uncharted take Platinum.. Easy the Best 2 Games I Have Played this Year and Any one who says otherwise are Delusional!!!! well Done Sony!!

ItsIntegrity said:

December 21st, 9:27 am

Can someone look into having a ‘SORT’ feature included when we are viewing our download list?

While I really enjoy most of the feel of the new store, especially being able to access add-ons and videos from the games main information screen. This has been MUCH needed. However, at this point in the game me, and many of my friends have an immense download list and the current view of “My Downloads” doesnt even allow me to write the number the download is in my list.

It has needed a ‘SORT’ feature for some time now but if it also had a ‘FILTER’ option, I could then view just add-ons, or only avatars, or even just the main game install package if I ever have to delete corrupted data files. Every other section of the store allows for both these functions, yet it was not implemented when viewing my purchased downloads.

Thanks guys!

shady965X said:

December 21st, 10:09 am

PS3 Game of the Year list sucks , no PS3 title was good this year except ”Tales Of Graces f”

destruction1983 said:

December 21st, 11:25 am

awesome winners but is there going to be Killzone 4 please thank u

Aeryn_James said:

December 21st, 2:28 pm

Persona 4 Golden or Gravity Rush. Both really great pieces of art unto themselves. I flipped a coin on that decision. While GR added new depth to both visual and tactile experiences, P4G was incredibly deep in content, both character & story development. While P4G was a remake, it offered a very accessible JRPG experience for those new to the genre and a solid roster of updated content for the veteran.

Yeah, a coin toss was the only option. Well done!

ChrisMichaels04 said:

December 21st, 7:27 pm

@147 Demented-Grim…I fully agree everyone is entitled to their opinions and should be able to play and enjoy whatever games they want. Im not “complaining” about anything, im simply pointing out the lack of support from the PS community that spends more time bashing SONY on these online forums rather than actually playing PS3 games…especially the solid PS3 exclusives like PS All Stars, Starhawk and even Sorcery which all failed to even reach 1 million sales. Yet…we get inferior versions of games like COD and Resident Evil 6 every year in which the PS community buys in the millions even though developers like Activision and Capcom treat us collectively like garbage. And than afterwards those same people come on here and bash SONY. I find that very hypocritical. You can disagree with me all you want and thats fine, but if they are entitled to voice their opinions, than by that logic, i am entitled to voice mine.

Xx_Apex-Death_xX said:

December 21st, 10:27 pm

Shoudn’t uncharted 4 be realease in early 2014 because naughty dog still working in The Last Of Us.

PrinceofXIII said:

December 22nd, 10:10 pm

no Tekken Tag 2 WTF!?!

Strangeheaven said:

December 23rd, 7:17 am

RESIDENT EVIL 6 was the worst game of the year. Absolutely pants it was.

Where the hell is The Last Guardian?

MX-Arekku said:

December 23rd, 3:59 pm

The only category i think I can say something about is the PS Vita GOTY. I have played all of the games that were nominated plus ton others on the Vita, and I can say for sure that Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a great game, but to be honest, not on par with Gravity Rush, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Persona 4 Golden, LBP PS Vita or even Wipeout 2048.

Assassins Creed: Liberation was great and I enjoyed most of it, but definitely not GOTY material. And also Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward deserves all the awards it can get. I don’t think any other game in all of the time I’ve been a gamer drew me so much into its story and characters. Seriously Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is a masterpiece in terms of story, characters, dialogue and scenario. I just dare you to try to find a plot hole in that vast, complex story.

With all that said, from my experience my ideal list would be:

Platinum: Persona 4 Golden
Gold: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
Silver: Gravity Rush
Bronze: Little Big Planet PS Vita

Honorable mentions: Wipeout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss

swan-ton-bom said:

December 23rd, 4:50 pm

Well I for one am very pleased with the results.

Dytus said:

December 25th, 4:11 pm

Darn it, The Last Guardian is making us wait this long… :)

KHgaMeR55 said:

December 29th, 8:03 pm

No Ni No Kuni? or Sly 4! anyways im also excited for the last of us so happy it won most anticipated

JoycieEgg said:

January 1st, 12:18 pm

What about:
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F
Time Travelers

Why aren’t these games available!?

kikiotsuka said:

January 1st, 1:01 pm

Uncharted Golden Abyss and PlayStation Battle Royal were terrible games…

LJPvonzity said:

January 1st, 2:04 pm

I’m satisfied with PS3 choice, but Gravity Rush should have got PS Vita choice. PlayStation All-Stars should have been in the Nomination. The only thing horrible about it was the online connectivity.

aaru98 said:

January 2nd, 11:36 am

Assassins Creed III man!!!

RamboComo-11 said:

January 5th, 2:33 am

I think that UNCHARTED 3 deserved to be the game of the year


January 16th, 10:14 pm

Congrats! While I may not agree with the winners all my choices were awarded trophies.

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