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Dec 24

Dec 24

Holiday Essentials: Week 2 of Awesome Deals on Essential Games

Pierre Gravereau's Avatar Posted by Director, Digital Distribution

Holiday Essentials

I hope you enjoyed your first week of deals on PS3 and PS Vita games for our Holiday Essentials Sale. As I mentioned in our previous post, we’re bringing you some of the best PlayStation games at great prices to help you stock up for the holidays.

This week we’re providing you with 16 awesome action/adventure games along with other essential PlayStation titles. For great prices you can take part in Starhawk‘s frenetic space combat and multiplayer battles, relive two of Kojima’s most acclaimed titles in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, or bend your mind with the award-winning Journey. In addition, PlayStation Plus delivers an extra special deal this week – we’re offering members Retro City Rampage for absolutely nothing. Moreover, Retro City Rampage features Cross-Buy, which means that when you purchase either the PS Vita or PS3 version, you get the other version at no additional cost!

As a reminder, you can save 30%—or up to 50% for PlayStation Plus members—on the action-packed lineup this week. On top of the titles below, we’ll have a whole new set next week to close out the sale and ring in the New Year. Don’t wait, though, because these games will only be on sale for one week—now through 12/30.

This week’s lineup:

  • Duke Nukem Forever (Sale: $13.99, PS Plus: $9.80, Regular: $19.99)
  • Galaga Legions DX (Sale: $6.99, PS Plus: $4.90, Regular: $9.99)
  • Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita (Sale: $12.49, PS Plus: $8.74, Regular: $17.99)
  • Journey (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Mafia II (Sale: $13.99, PS Plus: $9.80, Regular: $19.99)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – HD Edition PS3 (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS Vita (Sale: $24.49, PS Plus: $17.14, Regular: $34.99)
  • Mortal Kombat (Sale: $20.99, PS Plus: $14.70, Regular: $29.99)
  • Papo & Yo (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: $7.35, Regular: $14.99)
  • Retro City Rampage (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: Free, Regular: $14.99)
  • Retro City Rampage PS Vita (Sale: $10.49, PS Plus: Free, Regular: $14.99)
  • Simpsons The Arcade Game (Sale: $6.99, PS Plus: $4.90, Regular: $9.99)
  • Starhawk (Sale: $27.99, PS Plus: $19.60, Regular: $39.99)
  • Unit 13 (Sale: $18.49, PS Plus: $12.94, Regular: $26.99)

The holidays may be coming to an end but that won’t stop you from keeping the spirit alive with your new Holiday Essentials games. So go ahead and stock up on these great games!

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CamaleonBisco said:

December 24th, 9:48 am

Why not add a discount on MK9 VITA too? srsly..

corrosivefrost said:

December 24th, 9:48 am

Hmmm — I notice that MK PS VIta is listed under the Instant Game Collection, but with no discount and not as free… what’s the deal with this? Are sale prices not all active yet? Is there a chance you’ll fix Unit 13 to be sub $13 for plus? Is there a chance MK Vita will receive the discount?

dreamik28 said:

December 24th, 9:49 am

It is written that the price for Unit 13 for plus members is 12.49 but the real price is 17.49 for plus members in store right now? Why….?

Ryumoau said:

December 24th, 9:49 am

@92 you actually have friends? could have fooled me.

MrBob2k7 said:

December 24th, 9:50 am

Retro City Rampage is free already? Guess I’ll stop buying new releases on PSN. Sony needs to come up with a way to start compensating people who already own PS Plus freebies.

Meh deal selection too.

cian114 said:

December 24th, 9:52 am

The PSN store doesn’t update until about 2 pm, y’all have to wait.

CuteColors said:

December 24th, 9:54 am

@86 you left part of the comment aside bro.

AizawaYuuichi said:

December 24th, 9:55 am

Well, at least this is better for me than last week. Last week’s “*Essentials* Sale” had absolutely nothing for me. But that PS+ discount on HSG:WI (if accurate, which I am kinda doubting now based on the most recent posts here) is quite tempting.

Guess I’ll wait til the full Store Update to see what “none-special” sales are going on, as those were infinitely better last week.

loktar00 said:

December 24th, 10:00 am

Weird not seeing killzone 3 multiplayer in the main list.. and when I search it says not available for purchase.

nobodies-hero said:

December 24th, 10:02 am

Well thanks for the free game and what not but I didn’t know your were gunna update early. I was planning on buying LBP vita today on sale and now you foiled my plans.. Oh wells..

laker818 said:

December 24th, 10:05 am

Wait why cant ps3 owner get the MGS hd collection instead of just one MGS3:snake eater?? Dont have a vita cus I dont like portable gaming.


December 24th, 10:08 am

All this sale is, is a recap of most of the games they already offered earlier this year. I’m kinda disappointed with my ps plus subscription this year. Most of the games for free are old or just plain suck!!! Come on Sony. Offer some better games and discounts on PSN for 2013.

whyaskdouknow said:

December 24th, 10:17 am

ba hum bug

TheMART said:

December 24th, 10:18 am

Damn! USA got some PSVita discount loving, EU got NONE. Nothing.

The 12 deals of Xmas were all for PS3.

As up till now the festival sales starting 9th of January, same story all PS3.

They said they will mix in some PSVita deals on the latter one, but around Xmas nothing… You got some great deals on LBPV and Escape Plan last week and now Hot Shots, Unit 13 etc…

Damn, just damn. Hope PS Blog EU will get these and maybe others into early 2013 too. This Xmas no PSVita love in EU though!!!

Neomyked28 said:

December 24th, 10:25 am

it’s official, SONY doesnt love us. Its christmas yet they dont give us some good discounts I was hoping for a new game discounts such as sleeping dogs, hitman, farcry 3, PS all star etc. for me US PSN team is like giving us a present gift which is old and meh games.

Im so disappointed, its like my uncle would give me a psp instead a vita. but no my uncle loves me and he WILL give me a PS VITA :)

PainOfSarrow said:

December 24th, 10:30 am

sad to see this sale. nothing for me at all. maybe the real store update will have extra sales that are not listed like last week. il see.

boomstickbhg said:

December 24th, 10:58 am

Terrible sale, at least make the MG collection the PS3 version.

I’m glad I’ve been spending in the EU store instead of NA lately, this is pathetic.

warcat666 said:

December 24th, 11:01 am

SUPER excited. I just played the demo for Retro City Rampage last night a absolutely loved it. I was ready to buy it today and now its free. I also had Hotshots golf when it first came out but lost the game card and didn’t wanna put out the $39.00 then to buy it. Even though its dropped price to $19 since then I had other games I wanted to buy, under $9.00 now. Its mine again, YAY!!! Lastly, MGS HD collection for $17, HECK YA. Stop complaining about the sales going on. Sony doesn’t have to discount games for you. If you don’t like the selection then go buy a Nintendo 3ds and play nintendogs.

Kchow23 said:

December 24th, 11:15 am

These sales were really great! although the downside of it is that you don’t know if there is something worthwhile getting next week instead.

ZGoldenLion said:

December 24th, 12:03 pm

If you’re likeme and are dissatisfied with the incorrect price of unit 13 on the psn consider filing a complaint at the better business bureau. Sony should honor advertised prices like any other store.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 24th, 12:38 pm

You people are lame. Retro City rampage is a great game.

@Ryumoron (#104)

Funny thing is, that’s what I’d think about you.

blakseed probably has a lot of friends. Real friends, not just people who group together only to amplify their complaints…

corrosivefrost said:

December 24th, 1:13 pm

Why is it that the blog post is always seems incorrect in terms of pricing. Every week, we’re led to believe something will cost less than it does. This week is Unit 13. Not sure about last week, but I do remember the Uncharted FFA DLC packs were mispriced in the blog post too.

And I’m still wondering why MK Vita shows under the IGC on the Vita store but there’s no discount and it’s not free.
Can you please clarify this, PS Blog?

SNAKE__ said:

December 24th, 1:17 pm

PLEASE give us an Okami discount

RulitoCR said:

December 24th, 1:26 pm

Well this week I´m going to take Galaga, Journey and maaaaaaybe The Simpsoms!!!

RulitoCR said:

December 24th, 1:26 pm

Well I´m going to take Galaga, Journey and maaaaaaybe The Simpsoms!!!

sincrin said:

December 24th, 1:39 pm

simple fact the guys in USA or NA region doesnt care about us, that’s why we get shoddy deals. Just like health care lol, unlike Europe where ppl actually cares. Just go n get Eu membership – it’s a tricky and complicated process. but good luck

EdwardCORE said:

December 24th, 2:28 pm

Who’s the goddamn idiot who runs that ridiculous store? Why on earth have the prices changed on a Monday when I just added funds to get LBP Vita and Rayman Vita? Really, who runs this store? Really? Its not enough that US PSN store gets trashed by stupid game promotions compared to EU PSN, they now change the games on a Monday and cease all offers? Way to go.

EdwardCORE said:

December 24th, 2:53 pm

From now on I’ll never spend another dime on a Vita or PSN exclusive game. I will just wait the boneheads at Sony trash them at any time in the IGC and make those who bought the games look like fools. That said, RCR is not a deal for me, I just didn’t like the game. But for free I’ll just get it for the sake of getting it free. Lesson learned. Sony doesn’t care or respect their customers. Changing the usual Tuesday deals to Monday without even hinting about it was a lame move. Now I just get this play-once titles that mostly set me back $15 each time and wait them for free.

Ryumoau said:

December 24th, 3:22 pm

@127 i’m pretty sure they announced somewhere in a previous article that store updates would be held on monday for the weeks of Christmas and New Years.

duke301 said:

December 24th, 9:07 pm

@105, you’re not kidding! I’ve been a Plus subscriber from the beginning, and I learned early on not to buy anything when it is released. Sooner or later, everything is going to go on sale, and some of it is going to be free. The way I see it, I have enough there that I either haven’t had time to play or haven’t had time to finish, so there are very few new releases that I absolutely have to buy on release day.


December 25th, 2:35 pm

Well…10 bucks was my target price for Journey…Sold at 10.50…now I’ve got something to while away the rest of Christmas with :)

Aranethon said:

December 25th, 9:10 pm

Week 1’s sales were taken down a day early… right when I logged in to purchase my LBP Vita. >:[ So thanks for the warning.

ThanatosDMC said:

December 25th, 10:03 pm

Retro City Rampage is awesome!

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 25th, 11:47 pm


Wow, you’re cool.

Vingh said:

December 26th, 4:48 am

Hey guys, Thanks for putting up the sales on Monday for a pre Christmas treat. You didn’t have to do that but it shows you care. Thanks again!

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