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Dec 24

Dec 24

PlayStation Plus Update

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

PlayStation Plus Update: 12-24-2012

While we’re smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, we thought we’d drop in and deliver some new content for PlayStation Plus members. Don’t forget that you still have time to make Plus a great stocking stuffer for the PlayStation gamers in your life. You can buy online, get the voucher code, and then give that voucher code to your friends and family.

Now, to business! Plus members will be getting the wonderfully hilarious 8-bit styling of Retro City Rampage free, as well as extra savings on the continuation of the PSN Holiday Sale.

Important note: We’ll be updating the PlayStation Store today (Monday, 12/24) due to the Christmas holiday. Therefore, this Plus update will be live later today when the update has published.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 24th PlayStation Plus Update

Retro City Rampage (PS3 and PS Vita)

Free for Plus members

Retro City Rampage pays tribute to games from days gone by, while adopting the open-world gameplay of modern day titles. Crafted by a small team led by Brian Provinciano, the game features an 8-bit art style, complete with amazing chiptunes. Since this a Cross-Buy game, this Plus deal is available for both PS3 and PS Vita Plus members. Check out all the great coverage from this game from the PlayStation Blog and find out why called it “…the perfect game for gamers…”.
PSN Holiday Essentials Sale (Week 2)

Various discounts for Plus members

The PSN Holiday Essentials sale continues with great deals on a number of amazing titles. Titles that you might be interested include Journey, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and many more. Take a look at the list below:


Normal Price

PSN Sale Price

Plus Sale Price

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty




Galaga Legions DX




Mortal Kombat




Duke Nukem Forever




Simpsons The Arcade Game




Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita




Mafia II




Killzone 3 Multiplayer




Unit 13








Papo & Yo




Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3




Metal Gear Solid :3 Snake Eater – HD Edition PS3








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We’ll be back next week with more Plus goodness, but make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below, and also make sure to vote in the polls. Please remember that while we closely look at the results from polls, they are but one of many factors we use when deciding how we move forward or make any changes, if any are made. You can also delve into the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to chat more about Plus, find other like-minded gamers, and make friends! Thanks, and see you in the comments.

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RE_Player said:

December 24th, 11:29 am

Very cool update. Have a nice holiday Morgan.

Hitokiri_03 said:

December 24th, 11:31 am

For comparison

PS+ US: Retro City Rampage
PS+ EU: Knytt Underground, Mortal Kombat and LEGO Batman

MatheusRuggeri said:

December 24th, 11:31 am

Playstation Store Europe is much better than Store USA.
They have a lot of discounts with new games, we have this, Duke Nukem, thanks for this greeeeat game costing only 10 dollars.
And Plus also is much better, they give Mortal Kombat, but we have Retro City Rampage.
Thanks a lot, why it? Just say, please, why?

Kchow23 said:

December 24th, 11:32 am

I would love to see an Update Section for on the PS3 and PS Vita (primarily) PS Store… where you can see all new patches for your gaming library and set them all to background download and install much like the App Store. It updating far more convenient as you have one place to see all the updates and you can update multiple games at once. Also the ability to set multiple games to automatically upload save files onto the cloud.

Ghostwize said:

December 24th, 11:32 am

Making this a weekly mandatory copy/paste!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Listen I am going to speak for all of us “complainers”.

All we want is everything for Plus that Europe and Japan has.

Also we want every game ever released on PSN ever.

Also make every game that was released on disc put on PSN and then given to Plus members.

We also need the following PS1 games available and given to Plus members:


We also need the following PS2 games available for PSN members:


Also why can’t we play Nintendo and Microsoft games on our PS3? We want the following games for PS3:


Also we want the following PS3 games on Vita:


Why is Plus $50 a year? Seems like you would sell a lot of more PS3 if you gave away Plus.

Also why is the PS3 still $300? You would sell a lot more if it was $3. You would make it up in volume sales!! Also you would sell a lot of Playstation T-shirts and we would go to Playstation concerts if you just gave away the games.

If you don’t do all of these things I am buying a 360 and Sony will crumble as a result. HEED MY WORDS!!!

Kchow23 said:

December 24th, 11:34 am

Not sure if this is possible but having a 1 week rental for movies on top of IGC would be kind of neat.

Kchow23 said:

December 24th, 11:34 am

Also the ability to set multiple games to automatically upload save files onto the cloud for PS Vita.

Ghostwize said:

December 24th, 11:36 am

@104 Great Idea! Listen to Kchow! Surprised that isn’t an implemented feature! Wish I thought of it. :D

boomstickbhg said:

December 24th, 11:42 am

Morgan since you’re replying today:

What is up with the weekend flash sale?

Ubisoft themselves said it was supposed to be AC3 + MUCH MORE

it was only AC 3 and AC Vita/liberations.

So was Ubisoft lying or did someone on the PSN/Sony side mess it up?

Noctis_HD said:

December 24th, 11:45 am

Is The Simpsons The Arcade Game worth it for $4.90?

Squiggle55 said:

December 24th, 11:45 am

I also just wanted to point out that it’s kind of a bummer that Rayman Origins digital game doesn’t recognize the save file of the disc version. What’s the deal with that, Morgan? I’ve never had that issue before buying the digital version and using my disc save file. Is this a known problem? Is it Ubisoft’s problem? Could you bring that up with someone?

BigBacon87 said:

December 24th, 11:45 am

Wow what a terribly dissapointing Christmas update, and after months of watching the EU Plus members get treated like royalty. I won’t complain about RCR as I purchased it on day 1 and think it’s alot of fun, but that’s it? It’s a bit of a kick in the pants to anybody who purchased it just a few months back to see this as the only freebie the day before Christmas. An option would be nice. You can choose between this game or that game kinda deal if you already own one. Sure some people will own both but still. Seriously Sony this is a pathetic update and what’s with the ‘Don’t worry it’s a light one’ argument on the other article? Because nobody wants free stuff on Christmas? Who’s driving the North American Plus bus? They should get a paper route or something a little more up their alley.

boomstickbhg said:

December 24th, 11:46 am

lol Ghost, that list is never gonna happen. (guessing you’re trying to be funny/sarcastic/make a point with that massive useless post)

I want better service in NA if they’re gonna be doing such great things in EU.

I want games we get for free/on sale to be games that weren’t JUST ON SALE recently.

I’d like discounts on games that came out this year.

Nothing too crazy here, hoping for good discount and the sale/plus content to involve newer products instead of bargain bin games.

My desires are reasonable and already happen for the EU, you’re just being silly.

donkeypunch12312 said:

December 24th, 11:47 am

I’m sorry to say this PSN but you guys are giving us crap. We all have PS+ for the great so called “Instant Game Collection” but your giving us IOS titles out the yin yang. I use to PS+ and I loved it so much but I’m not sure if I wanna go back to games that you’re giving us now. EU is getting what you promised us a E3 but your not giving the US what we deserve. You guys need to step it up. Sorry for the hard feels but everyone’s thinking the exact same thing.

Kchow23 said:

December 24th, 11:47 am

@106 I can see why they might not do it, since we are getting a lot of content already for such a small fee.. and once you watch a movie once, most people won’t bother with it again.

Another feature that I would like to see for PS Vita is background update and installs… on iOS the app that you are downloading appears and has a little loading bar which would be neat to have if possible. Primarily though, I really think we need an update section on the PS Vita Store.

ZGoldenLion said:

December 24th, 11:47 am

Unit 13 price is wrong please update before more people get pissed.

Kchow23 said:

December 24th, 11:48 am

@107 If you bought the AC3 + AC3: Liberations bundle… you also got the DLC pack… I sure jumped on that right away. First time that a deal on PSN was actually superior to a boxing day sale.

Ghostwize said:

December 24th, 11:52 am

Post 103 was copy/pasted from + FriedConsole on December 17th, 2012 at 10:31 am

All credit goes to them! :D Someone….doesn’t matter, needs to copy and paste it every week. It is baffling how self righteous and ungrateful some folks are towards this great service. You know what I had to do when I was a kid? Look at the box of a game and hope to god it was enjoyable after I bought it. If it sucked then I was SOL.

dodgedoors said:

December 24th, 11:54 am

Morgan sorry to post here but is Motorstorm RC complete crossbuy? It doesnt say so on the update page and no one is answering and you are pretty good at answering valid questions.

boomstickbhg said:

December 24th, 11:55 am


I know you could get the Gold edition for the Season pass.

I, like many AC3 fans bought the game when it came out. Looked at getting Liberations but after all the bad reviews, bugs, etc.. I’ve read about I’ll wait for price drops and patches.

I don’t disagree that getting both games together with the Season pass for 60$ was a GREAT deal.

But Ubisoft promised MUCH MORE, not “AC3 +Liberation at a great price”. it was AC3 + Much More.

There was no “much more”

The AC3 +Liberation sale, GREAT DEAL.

But where’s the rest of the ‘much more’? I was saving my money or I would have actually bought something from last weeks superior holiday sale, but Ubisoft saying we’re getting AC3 and Much More on sale made me wait and now the old sale is gone and this weeks sale sucks.

bitmuncher said:

December 24th, 11:57 am

Hey, as many users already stated Unit 13 PS+ appears $17.49 on my account. is this the correct price??? Great holiday discounts BTW, already got Rayman Origins, LBP Vita and MGS HD Vita. I´m hoping to see Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Resistance Burning Skies or Super Stardust Delta on discount next week!!!. Keep up the great Work, love my PS+!!!!

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 24th, 11:57 am

@Kchow23 #105 I though auto-uploading to the cloud was a feature already? If you go to the content manager—-> online storage —-> vita to online storage and then click the little info bubble (i) next to a game, it has a box that says upload automatically. I haven’t tried it myself to see if it works but I hear your vita has to be in sleep mode and not turned off.

Elvick_ said:

December 24th, 12:03 pm

I usually don’t complain when it comes to Plus updates, but this one really just sucks.

ZGoldenLion said:

December 24th, 12:04 pm

If you’re likeme and are dissatisfied with the incorrect price of unit 13 on the psn consider filing a complaint at the better business bureau. Sony should honor advertised prices like any other store.

firebranded said:

December 24th, 12:04 pm

Yeah please fix the Unit 13 price or at least tell us it’s supposed to be the 17.94 that it is on the store and not the 12.94 you have listed here.

FabuleuxMathieu said:

December 24th, 12:09 pm

Hope to see Unfinished Swan on sale next week. Or free. That would be a nice belated Christmas present. But until then, another week with nothing of interest to me.

enricky559 said:

December 24th, 12:12 pm

I would like to see more free games for vita plus members. Can’t wait to see what you guys are going to add! :)

krycek76 said:

December 24th, 12:19 pm

@Morgan, the term “mind-blowing” wasn’t specifically used, but it was responses like this from last weeks plus update that gave that impression

“There will definitely be more great updates with new Plus games in the last weeks of December.”

“They’re on their way! You’ll have some great updates on the PS Vita Plus before the month is out”

And this in a reply from the update on 12/10

“We’ll have more news on PS Vita Plus content later this month; watch this space for more details as they come”

and I haven’t really seen any of this come to light, I mean RCR is a fun game and all, but I was expecting something a little more. I guess I just feel a little let down. Now that I know you are updating on Monday of next week, there’s still a little hope left and I know you’re doing what you can to relay the messages from us the fans to the people who make the decisions and such, and I know being stuck in the middle can be a tough job and I appreciate that you do reply. You’re even working Christmas Eve to reply to these posts, I feel for ya on that one. With all that being said, get off the blog and go spend time with your family…. after you respond to this haha

saab01 said:

December 24th, 12:25 pm

Not happy with this free plus game. It doesn’t look that interesting at least in my eyes. I would of loved to have gotten crazy taxi instead.

Obrusnine said:

December 24th, 12:28 pm

Are you joking Sony? This is our biggest holiday of the year and you pull this?

I mean seriously, Retro City Rampage? That game has a mediocre score on IGN! Why would you give us such an awful game for Christmas? Not too mention a downloadable title at that! The least you could do was give us a retail and a downloadable game. Like when we got SSF4 and Rochard! I was really anticipating the Christmas update, so…. wow Sony… just wow.

tgpumpkin said:

December 24th, 12:29 pm


First off Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

I love plus as always, but wanted to give some quick ideas for feedback (I did this on store too).

1) Have you thought of giving Plus members a day overlay from the new store update before they lose the previous week? It sometimes feels like a game of chance on whether or not you should cash in on this week’s or next week’s deals. I wanted Dokuro and Escape Plan but only had $20 to my wallet. I was hoping Retro would be discounted in the sale and to my surprise it was free, but now I can’t buy the other two at the discount and now won’t spend the money. I think it could help sales for you guys.

2) Have you considered giving plus members an option of instead of IGC allowing them to buy the rights so it’s not attached to the subscription?

Thanks Morgan and happy holidays.

shb23 said:

December 24th, 12:29 pm

to all you people crying about the EU store being better…

1: the EU+ costs more than ours does, so of course they have more money to throw around to devs and get free/discounts

2:devs are more motivated to work with EU market on pricing, the piracy rate in that market makes a dev say “well, Sony will give me $5 for every “free download”, that beats every single person in what use to be Russia pirating it and us getting nothing at all”

3:nothing prevents you from being a EU+ customer, go over there and get free ps3 games that any sane and not-destitute gamer has already bought/beat/sold

Morgan, Happy Holidays brother, and can we please get a definitive answer to “is Unit 13 the $13 bucks it says here, or the $17 the store lists?”

SimasUS said:

December 24th, 12:34 pm

It’s disappointing guys. You all promissed a great surprise for Vita before the month ends but I’m not seeing it. An dnext Tuesday is 1st of January. =/

Obrusnine said:

December 24th, 12:36 pm

Just to add, I have never complained about Plus before (free games, yay!) but I just feel that this update was completely disrespectful. The biggest holiday and the last update of the year we expected something special! We so did not get that.

Sony, you really need to dig into your very large pool of Exclusive software. You can use that in Plus at no cost! Why don’t you give us older games that don’t really project revenue anymore? I guarantee that your Plus subscriptions would skyrocket if you started giving us games like the Uncharted Dual Pack, the original InFAMOUS, SOCOM 4, or Starhawk!

Trieloth said:

December 24th, 12:38 pm

Awesome! Thanks so much for retro city rampage! You guys made my day! And glad MGS collection for vita was on sale, downloading right now :)

palermo1886 said:

December 24th, 12:39 pm

PS+ US: Retro City Rampage
PS+ EU: Knytt Underground, Mortal Kombat and LEGO Batman

Morgan,this is REALLY getting old. Either you guys improve the US plus service or i will NOT renew it. We want Bulletstorm,Vanquish,all the other AWESOME games that the EU PLUS is getting. People is sick of the false promises. “YEAH! NEXT WEEK IS GOING TO BE GREAT”.”WE HAVE SOME REALLY GREAT GAMES FOR THIS MONTH!”. We want the US plus to be on par with the EU plus. Get it?

broda812 said:

December 24th, 12:41 pm

So why is the Unit 13 discount not what you say it is? $17.49 is not the same as $12.94.

tgpumpkin said:

December 24th, 12:42 pm

shb23: Thanks for speaking the truth. Plus is a great deal. EU may have a better deal but we often times get better deals out here on other things and occasionally will get releases here they don’t get.

freshprincepbg said:

December 24th, 12:43 pm

Meh sales are pretty disappointing, looks like EU beat US in that department too.

Bestplayer98 said:

December 24th, 12:46 pm

I would suggest you to give away FULL RETAIL GAMES for PS PLUS,NOT Playstation Network Games (nobody wants them) You could give away Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare for example.That’s an old retail game that i am sure people who missed it would love to play :D

TaLTaL55 said:

December 24th, 12:49 pm

Morgan, give us a poll that asks if we will renew our plus service.

I want you to WAKE UP.
If there was a way to cancel the service I know many of us would do so.

blkhatpersian said:

December 24th, 12:49 pm

Thanks for the early update! And just as feedback, I’m really a big fan of the discounts offered to PLUS members and hope we will see a consistent amount more in the new year. Appreciate it!

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 24th, 12:52 pm

@ Noctis_HD #108

I say it is, but of course, if you listen to the ungrateful know-it-all brats on this blog, they’ll tell you no. Best thing to do, watch some gameplay videos, or play the demo, and decide for yourself. If you like classic arcade games and/or The Simpsons, there’s a strong chance you’ll like the game.

I loved it when I was young, and it’s still pretty fun today.


Well, you complain about everything else, so I knew it would only be a matter of time that you’d join the buffoons complaining about something that’s entirely voluntary. Congratulations, your descent is finally complete. I used to think you were one of the smart ones… oh well.

Ripley231 said:

December 24th, 12:54 pm

Woah that was close, I almost bought retro city last night!

tetsmandc said:

December 24th, 12:54 pm

Hey Morgan, will there be more flash sales like the AC one? I thought it was a really cool idea adding games for both the PS3 and the Vita, so it’d be awesome if you guys could do that again!

nhlducks35 said:

December 24th, 12:55 pm

Unit 13 is listed as $17.49 on the store for PS+ members when it is supposed to be $12.49.

Are you guys going to fix this?

Ghostwize said:

December 24th, 12:59 pm

There is another update next Monday! Last of the year with another PS+ IGC game incoming(probably more than 1 since 3 are leaving) and more discounts.


December 24th, 1:11 pm

jeez, one garbage week after another. What happened when you guys said we can look forward to updates to rival Europe’s?

R_a_z_i_e_l said:

December 24th, 1:12 pm

US Gamers are complaining yet they get games almost half the price of other Stores EU/AUS ? Thank christ EU/AUS gets a few game here and there stop complaining jesus..

SenjuGkage said:

December 24th, 1:17 pm

Hey Morgan,

I have an important question. Will Walking Dead be on sale? I ask this because Xbox Live is having a Walking Dead sale on all 5 episodes on the 28th of December. I’d rather spend the money for the last 3 eps on PS3 since I played the 1st 2 w/ PS Plus. However, if I can get them for 1/2 half off on Xbox Live I may have to spend my money over there.

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