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Dec 24

Dec 24

PlayStation Plus Update

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

PlayStation Plus Update: 12-24-2012

While we’re smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, we thought we’d drop in and deliver some new content for PlayStation Plus members. Don’t forget that you still have time to make Plus a great stocking stuffer for the PlayStation gamers in your life. You can buy online, get the voucher code, and then give that voucher code to your friends and family.

Now, to business! Plus members will be getting the wonderfully hilarious 8-bit styling of Retro City Rampage free, as well as extra savings on the continuation of the PSN Holiday Sale.

Important note: We’ll be updating the PlayStation Store today (Monday, 12/24) due to the Christmas holiday. Therefore, this Plus update will be live later today when the update has published.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 24th PlayStation Plus Update

Retro City Rampage (PS3 and PS Vita)

Free for Plus members

Retro City Rampage pays tribute to games from days gone by, while adopting the open-world gameplay of modern day titles. Crafted by a small team led by Brian Provinciano, the game features an 8-bit art style, complete with amazing chiptunes. Since this a Cross-Buy game, this Plus deal is available for both PS3 and PS Vita Plus members. Check out all the great coverage from this game from the PlayStation Blog and find out why called it “…the perfect game for gamers…”.
PSN Holiday Essentials Sale (Week 2)

Various discounts for Plus members

The PSN Holiday Essentials sale continues with great deals on a number of amazing titles. Titles that you might be interested include Journey, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and many more. Take a look at the list below:


Normal Price

PSN Sale Price

Plus Sale Price

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty




Galaga Legions DX




Mortal Kombat




Duke Nukem Forever




Simpsons The Arcade Game




Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita




Mafia II




Killzone 3 Multiplayer




Unit 13








Papo & Yo




Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3




Metal Gear Solid :3 Snake Eater – HD Edition PS3








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We’ll be back next week with more Plus goodness, but make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below, and also make sure to vote in the polls. Please remember that while we closely look at the results from polls, they are but one of many factors we use when deciding how we move forward or make any changes, if any are made. You can also delve into the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to chat more about Plus, find other like-minded gamers, and make friends! Thanks, and see you in the comments.

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death_by_wabbit said:

December 27th, 9:41 pm

“That’s because technically, you’re not violating the ToS. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the right, or that your complaining isn’t taking a toll on our cohesiveness as a community. I’m not violating the ToS either. The only reason I even said I would stop if they asked me to is because I know how all this back and forth can get tiring, and they might decide they’d rather not have it on their blog.”

my point exactly, they don’t care enough about what you are saying to mention one way or the other. That doesn’t put you in the right either. I don’t expect tht I’m always right but I am entitled to my opinion and I’m entitled to voice them here because that is what this blog is for. the fact is you cause more trouble for them then you would ever be worth. you really should just let people have their say and let them move on, it doesn’t really hurt anything but your ego (for some inexplicable reason)

death_by_wabbit said:

December 27th, 9:42 pm

“I never said YOU were disrespectful to Grace or Morgan. Do you have a persecution complex? I would have said YOU DID, if you did. Notice how I said “THEY”… “THEY”… and “THEY”… over and over again.”

actually you did: “but I’d still honor their request because they run this site, and unlike MOST OF YOU I actually respect them and appreciate the work they do.”
There are other examples but I don’t care enough to go back & find them all.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 27th, 9:42 pm

“Remember, your own words were, “I’d have to respect you first”.”

you got me there. But you gotta forgive me, you made the effort to remember everything that I wrote because it was important enough to you carry it around with you till the next time we had words. I’m sure that you sat around for hours practicing your responses to possible lines of discussion. Me, I left here & for the most part forgot about you completely. You are simply not important enough to me. Sorry.
and you misunderstood what I was saying, I don’t expect you to have respect for me, I doubt you are capable of it. And as for me respecting you? Well, that ship has sailed. I merely suggested that you show me the same courtesy as I was showing you as in avoiding the petty & childish name calling.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 28th, 7:37 am

@death_by_wabbit – I think he needs some friends or get lucky. He does seem to try a little hard here.

LBLukz said:

December 28th, 11:10 am

It would be great to have the 3 RE titles from PS1 for free again for Plus users.

Busca-Cabezas said:

December 28th, 1:04 pm

The PS+ prices on KZ MP, Journey and MGS HDs are simply amazing!!! Anyone that doesn’t have those games… Needs to buy them ASAP!! (Then holler @ me so we can Play! :D)

Ryumoau said:

December 28th, 10:33 pm

I wonder if Sony will take notice of the ‘Nothing for me this week’ option topping the poll this week.

BlueBl1zzard said:

December 28th, 10:50 pm

@Ryumoau I really feel like I don’t need to say this as it’s been said before, but “nothing for me this week ” DOES NOT mean this week was bad. This takes into consideration the fact that 61% of the people in the poll did have something for them, and there were only two other options besides “nothing for me”. Furthermore, some of the people who voted “nothing for me” may have actually thought it was a decent update, but 1) might already have Retro City Rampage, and/or 2. already have the game(s) from the sale that they would have been interested in purchasing. Either way I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time “nothing for me” has topped the poll, and Morgan has said before that they take these polls into condersation, but change is a slow process.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 1:08 am


Then guess what you can do…

Make your own game.

What? You don’t know how? Well then, I guess you’ll just have to accept what you get.


…That doesn’t mean they didn’t like it, brainiac. You can only pick one. How many people would vote for both the game and the sales if they could? I guess we’ll never know.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 1:10 am


I wonder if YOU will take notice of how “nothing for me this week” was voted for the least (39%)… in comparison to how many people found CONTENT that THEY LIKED (61%).

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 1:20 am

@ wabbit

Hmm… “PrimeroIgnorance”… see how quickly you change, yet again? What happened to all that so-called respect? You’re a phony.

“I am entitled to my opinion”

When did I say you weren’t?

“you really should just let people have their say and let them move on”

Then why aren’t you doing that?

“actually you did”

Actually I didn’t. Most of you =/= YOU. I would have called you out by name, son.

“you made the effort to remember everything that I wrote”

No effort involved. I have a photographic memory. I was born with it. Don’t be jealous.

“You are simply not important enough to me”

You’re trying to hard to look cool, bro. I’m not impressed.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 1:58 am

“I think he needs some friends”


Believe me, at one point I had more friends than I wanted, actually. I realized I had to cut some off… and I did. I’m much happier now with only a few real friends. Got rid of all the losers and it felt like I pushed the “refresh” button on my life.

Honestly, I can’t stand most people. Liars, cheaters, thieves, spineless cowards, troublemakers, mask-wearing phonies, arrogant know-it-alls, greedy self-servers, and back-stabbers everywhere… the way many of my fellow humans live is an absolute disgrace. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to be a member of this species. I don’t want any more friends than I have now. I’m done with making friends. But I’ll always show respect to someone at first, until they disrespect me or someone/something I care about.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 2:03 am

And I didn’t even mention a couple of my neighbors who spy on me. They think I don’t know, but I know. It’s quite pathetic the things that people will do…

death_by_wabbit said:

December 29th, 7:28 am


“Hmm… “PrimeroIgnorance”… see how quickly you change, yet again? What happened to all that so-called respect? You’re a phony.”

I’m adaptable, why should you be allowed to be a condescending **** off and I can’t? and I’m not a phony, I genuinely think that you are a piece of ****, nothing fake about it.

“Then why aren’t you doing that?”

I’m not the one who has hijacked the topic for several pages, how many different people have you argued with today alone? Let me clue you in, the common factor in all of those is you. You are the leading cause of disruption in this forum today. That is a fact “Son”

death_by_wabbit said:

December 29th, 7:38 am


“No effort involved. I have a photographic memory. I was born with it. Don’t be jealous.”

lol, if you actually had a photographic memory you’d know that isn’t how it works. I do and it helps me remember how things are assembled and it even helps me with spelling but it doesn’t allow anyone to remember people or what they write or say. Only effort and insecurity do that.

“You’re trying to hard to look cool, bro. I’m not impressed.”

I’m not trying to do anything and nothing that I do if for your benefit. If I’m coming across that way then that is on you, not me “Son”

MrBob2k7 said:

December 29th, 7:42 am

There is some interesting spin going on regarding the percentages. Numbers are the easiest thing to manipulate. Having nearly 40 percent of your polling paying customers say the don’t anything at all is not good. That number needs to go down drastically.

Also, no one should get excited about next week. Someone figured out how to find the next week deals ahead of time (fairly simple) and it’s a week of disappointment.

“Nothing for me” is going to shoot back up next week big time.

gigoran said:

December 29th, 8:24 am

well it’s official, and prepare to be disappointed…

someone has found out from a glitch on the psn store what our free titles are in the next update.

yep… nba jam!
really really really disappointed.

Cronovolt is the vita title. Never heard of it.
But, NBA JAM??? Seriously???

death_by_wabbit said:

December 29th, 9:11 am

Chronovolt is another one of those Marble Madness clones, wasn’t even released here in the US (till now, I guess) Most reviews gave it a very low rating but seeing as how most sites give all Vita games lower than average rates it is probably better than they say. Guess we’ll find out.

NBA Jam I won’t eve bother to install since I don’t care for sports games


December 29th, 9:37 am

WOW! Felt like i was in debate class all over again. All 3 parties made excellent points, being positive or negative, that is the point of this blog. We’re all entitled to express our disappointment or gratitude with what we pay for. Keep up the great debates and i’m sure the blog team will surely notice. Ó¿Ò.

gigoran said:

December 29th, 9:41 am

Not only is it just a sports game, it’s one of the lamest excuses for a sports game. A fad from the genesis snes era that has nostalgia appeal. It will only be good news for a very very very small fraction of the people that has Playstation plus. Compared to next update, this weeks one doesn’t look so bad. It still sucks that they lied about the metal gear solid hd collection in this post.


December 29th, 9:45 am

might be lame but i don’t have a super nintendo anymore, just to replay the game and show my kid what i played at his age is pretty cool.

creperey22 said:

December 29th, 5:33 pm

I demand multiple accounts on PS Vita, I’m paying PS Plus subscription on both US and EU regions.. And I want to get all the goodies from EU store for my PS Vita, just as I do on my PS3. That stupid lock to one account per Vita its just ridiculous.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 5:48 pm

@silly wabbit

“why should you be allowed to be a condescending **** off and I can’t?”

Because you’re the one complaining about it. I didn’t say you couldn’t act that way. Honestly, I don’t mind if you contradict and embarrass yourself.

“You are the leading cause of disruption in this forum today.”

It takes two to argue, wiseguy. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have said anything if it weren’t for all your fellow crybabies whining about nothing as usual. You just don’t like how I destroy your camp’s arguments over and over again, so you’ve decided to let me know how INSECURE YOU ARE. Yeah, the insecurity quip, that’s you reflecting yourself again. And you don’t even realize it. Your ego has your subconscious mind in a chokehold.

And you’re wrong about photographic memory, and about me. I really do remember almost everything, every little detail, years down the road. People who know me would tell you as much.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 5:59 pm

@silly wabbit

You just can’t admit you’re wrong. No wonder you ignore the points we were debating and decided to focus on straight attacking my character instead. That’s a clear indication that you’ve been defeated. That was the only thing left for me to respond to in my above post, thus, this conversation is over. You’ve wasted both of our time again. Every time you address me, it starts off with (poor) points being made, and then after I destroy your points, you get all hot and bothered, your INSECURITY starts to show, and you proceed to criticize my character. It always devolves into the same debacle every time with you.

“I’m adaptable”

No, you’re a phony. Enough excuses. Time to be a man and tell the truth. Silly rabbit, excuses are for kids.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 6:33 pm

In case anyone is curious about photographic memory, I’ll try my best to explain.

First, understand that it’s called “photographic” for a reason. For those with a photographic memory (like myself), their brains essentially take a “snapshot” of every single moment in time, after which they are “stored” in the brain for later “research”, if necessary. More stimulating events are subconsciously realized as having more worth than uneventful moments that pass by without any substantial effect on the psyche, and are stored in a more readily accessible area of the brain where it can be recalled easier if necessity demands it.

An example – If I was having a conversation with you, even up to 25 years ago, and let’s say we were outdoors, I’d not only remember every single word that each of us said, I’d remember what both of us were wearing at the time, the look on your face, the tone in your voice, and the gestures you made with your hands/body language. I’d remember the time of day, the position of the sun, the direction the wind was blowing, how many cars passed by as we talked, the color/make/model of those cars, even the song blaring from any of the cars as they passed by (as long as I recognized it).

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 6:40 pm


I can recall anything from the past any time I need to, without ever having to record anything with a camera or write things down on paper. I never studied for tests the entire time I was in school. The wording of the questions on tests alone were enough to trigger the memory of the lesson that it was associated with.

Photographic memory can help you with spelling, initially, and where something was placed that you need to retrieve, but NOT with the way things are organized, especially if you’re the one who organized it. Both organization, AND spelling of words (after repeated spellings) eventually fall into an area of the brain that are influenced by repetition/habit… “photographic” memory not required.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 7:02 pm

Just as with this death_by_wabbit guy…

If somehow, someway, we ran into each other 20 years from now, I’d be able to recall every single argument we had, and 99% of all the exact words that were used. I’d recall how he spelled rabbit with a w, I’d remember the underscores separating the 3 words in his username, and most of all, I’d remember what an annoying buffoon he was.

He does not have a photographic memory… by his own admission, he said he had “forgotten all about” me. Unless of course, he was just trying to look cool and pretend to be “above it all” as usual. But since these things contradict each other, we know he’s lying about one or the other. He either remembered me, which means he lied about “forgetting”, or he really didn’t remember me, which makes his claims of having a photographic memory to be false. Either way he’s a liar, and thus, a perfect example of those dishonest, disgraceful human beings that I had mentioned earlier. Coward. Doesn’t have the balls to tell the truth.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 29th, 7:50 pm


“If somehow, someway, we ran into each other 20 years from now, I’d be able to recall every single argument we had, and 99% of all the exact words that were used.”

of course you would remember me, cause I’m a memorable person….
very well, in our previous conversation, I told you how old I was…so, how old am I?

“Either way he’s a liar, and thus, a perfect example of those dishonest, disgraceful human beings that I had mentioned earlier. Coward. Doesn’t have the balls to tell the truth.”

I don’t care enough to lie, go back & read again what I said, I said I NEARLY forgot about you completely. You were never important enough for me to commit you to memory. There is no one who can memorize everything that they are exposed to and if you are trying to say that you can, then you are the one who is proving himself to be the liar. Not a very good one either

death_by_wabbit said:

December 29th, 7:55 pm

and do note how I never respond to your petty name calling & insults. Why? because I am “above all that”

death_by_wabbit said:

December 29th, 8:07 pm

There is really no point in continuing further. Despite all that you say about trying to champion a greater cause, you are simply a childish troll and if you weren’t stirring up trouble here you would be doing it somewhere else. I tried to get you to see reason but apparently you aren’t capable of it.

Grow up, that attitude of yours will get you into a lot of trouble one of these days

WAR1965 said:

December 29th, 8:35 pm

lmao omg its a soap opera here now blog of our lives any way morgan must be on crack to say that they are matching eu lol and if you seriously put nba jam on this monday then psplus just had a stroke ………………………… death by stupidity ! one sports are meant to be played out doors two sports games are a waste of money they lose thier value in a matter of weeks look lol seriously gaming for me is playing games i cant do in real life sports you can tackle footbal in the snow well you get my drift sports games are worthless except to the fans of thier teams resale value are the lowest of any game all i know im just dissapointed with plus and with the direction they chosen in the beggining i was in awe but now its like a fart in the wind i dont know if you guys just got lazy cause of the holidays and thought it be easier to put the crappy games or you just dont care ive been a gamer since its spawning yea im an old fart lol any ways i hope you guys do a better job in 2013 you know 50 a year sales and specials minis ps 1 ps 2 psp and a 100 a year sales and specials ps3 and vita sounds good and no poop included well sony morgan and all in the blog have a HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!!

taterhead945 said:

December 29th, 8:47 pm

Hey kids! Your Plus update! NBA Jam On Fire Edition is free PS3 game and Chronovolt is free on Vita! Yawn!

Sound Shapes, Dues Ex and Skullgirls 50% off! Boring!

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 29th, 9:26 pm

@PrimeroIncognito – So no comment on the getting lucky part huh. LOL. also I doubt you have any for that matter. Oh you hate know-it-alls and trouble-makers? So you hate yourself? Rhetorical question. Also, I’m quite good with learning how to use technology, if I made the effort and had the software, I could make a game. But I don’t pay to make a game I pay to play captain obvious. So your also a liar aye. You said Sony and the team don’t disrespect the people so they shouldn’t… Hmmm once again, Learn how to practice what you preach. You go on posts just to poke in and disrespect people that never said anything to you or acknowledged your existence. At least I have been beneficial to answering peoples questions. What have you done but sit and poke at disrespectful comments thinking your accomplishing something. You’ve been doing this for how long and its not getting you anywhere but in arguments. Obviously no one here really cares for you, and probably the only reason you haven’t been blocked b/c You decide with Sony’s choices, We all can’t be mindless robots like you. Face it your a big waste of space on here.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 29th, 9:52 pm

Morgan – Honestly how about blocking this guy? All he does is cause a disturbance. Like a fly that keeps picking at you. One easy swat and its gone forever. Really though, PrimeroIncognito only starts fights and results to using childish namecalling. Each and every week. Nothing has been done but I’m receiving messages on end on PSN from people your blog team silenced for saying their opinion. You play favorites bc this guy sticks up for y’all? Hmm hard to take this team seriously. Everyone should have to abide by the rules.

Sevyne said:

December 29th, 9:56 pm

NBA Jam on Fire Edition eh? Are you seriously just trolling us now? You gotta be laughing at the offices. I can’t believe that one of the most pathetic months for Plus was the holiday month. Just wow….

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 11:10 pm


Getting lucky? Really? Is that what you call it?

First of all, I don’t see it as luck. Second, I could tell you about my numerous adventures with the opposite sex, but…

A. You wouldn’t believe anything I tell you anyway.

B. Girls don’t like it when you kiss and tell, and I respect that.

C. It probably wouldn’t be appropriate for this blog.

Therefore, there’s no reason to discuss such a thing here.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 11:17 pm

As for the rest of what you said, most of it was a scrambled mess. I have no clue what that “you’re also a liar”, and “practice what you preach” are referring to. Your explanations didn’t even make sense. It’s like you’re throwing darts with a blindfold on, hoping something will stick…

I don’t poke in to disrespect people. I’ve you’ve been paying attention, you’d notice that more than half the time when I talk to someone, it’s a response to a comment they made to me first about something I said that wasn’t directed at them. And many times, it’s about something I’ve posted to provide information about something. I don’t argue with EVERYONE, that’s just what you want to see. The only time I address someone first is when they’re being an absolute troll, going out of their way to cause a disruption, and I let them know that I can play that game too, sending it right back to them. As I’ve done to you.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 11:40 pm

These morons complaining about the free games every month… they act like every single game is a bad one. Jeez.

NBA JAM: On Fire Edition is actually a LOT of fun. I paid $14.99 for it when it came out last year, and I don’t regret it one bit. I played it religiously for a while, and couldn’t stop until I beat the entire campaign, got all the trophies, and raised my online level up to 50 (max). Then again, I like basketball and the old NBA JAM games from the 90s… but, believe me I can understand how it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, however, it’s still not even close to being the horrible atrocity that you guys are making it out to be.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I mention your guys’ trolling. You’re not being constructive, you’re just bashing and running.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 29th, 11:58 pm

@ death_by_fap-it

” cause I’m a memorable person”

Hee hee…

“I told you how old I was…so, how old am I?”

Is this a trick question? You never told me how old you were, you just said that you had been playing games longer than I had been. Remember? I said that I had started on Apple II, and you waltzed in saying, “well guess what noob! I’m so awesome I’ve been playing since we used two cans and a piece of string to talk on the phone!”

I’d guess you’re in your 40’s which makes it even more embarrassing that you were crying about the measly $4.17 per month cost of Plus. If you ever did state your age, I didn’t read that post. I don’t read them all.

“You were never important enough for me to commit you to memory”

But I’m apparently important enough for you to keep returning here and replying to me… hmm… faking “coolness” again. You’re just… “above it all”, aren’t you? Nope.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 30th, 12:07 am

@ death_by_fap-it

” no one can memorize everything that they are exposed to and if you are trying to say that you can, then you are the one who is proving himself to be the liar”

You clearly don’t know how photographic memory works. Some things are less likely to be recalled than others, and in some situations, extreme stress would need to be induced in order to wring out the most deeply-rooted memories, but there are people who can remember EVERYTHING. Some memories can be lost completely due to brain damage and/or aging, depending on where they’re stored, but pure photographic memory is indeed real.

“note how I never respond to your petty name calling & insults”

Oh of course not. You’re totally above that, man. Instead you just do the same thing: ‘Insect, Ignorance, Incompetence’. Yet again, feigning innocence and coolness. It’s getting old.

PrimeroIncognito said:

December 30th, 12:17 am

“Grow up”

Amusingly, it’s always the more immature people who say this. There’s no way anyone could force themselves to grow. On the spot. Just like that. Yeah, let’s just accelerate our maturation process with sheer willpower. I mean, we wouldn’t know where to take it, or recognize when we had reached our peak, but hey, great idea anyway! If you were really as smart as you pretend to be, you’d know it’s a stupid thing to say. “Grow up!” … “Uh, OK! I’m all grown! Ta-da!”

“that attitude of yours will get you into a lot of trouble one of these days”

Heh… gotta love it how when the trolls get served a taste of their own crap, they suddenly turn into victims. Well, alright daddy! I’ll see what I can do about my attitude! Sorry I lifted your skirt up and made you look stupid. I know you didn’t want anyone to see your Care Bears underwear, but hey, you were asking for it…

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 30th, 5:42 am

@PrimeroIncognito – yes as a refer to getting lucky, to keep the slang somewhat appropriate. But people talk to you first? I highly doubt that one, this is at least the second argument in a row with me alone where you just happened to say nothing but disrespect because I let it be known what a horrible pick this was in my opinion. Then as you will slander my PSN name. Also seen on the other PSN update you ridiculed a man as far as is pull in with PSN community. As far as practice what you preach, that saying needs no explanation, its a well known saying meaning, DON”T BE A HYPOCRITE. You continue to badger people that give horrible reviews because they feel like it is. Another thing, they cause a disturbance by saying how they feel about the update? No. That doesn’t cause a disturbance at all, what you do causes the disturbance. Another thing, I didn’t troll on anything, you started it with me again. Think smart next time because your the one trolling this. The whole grow up thing can actually be done with a short timing just have to take the initiative. Honestly didn’t read the rest, felt unimportant to do so.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 30th, 5:47 am

@PrimeroIncognito – You honestly just look like a huge crybaby, the only thing you sound like is, “WAHH WAHH QUIT PICKING ON SONY WAHH WAHH THESE GAMES ARE AMAZING WAHH WAHH” Anytime you troll on someones comment when people read this they’ll say yeah, that’s exactly how I imagined him saying that. So what if Sony gets a few bad reviews it only helps them make improvements, if there weren’t any bad reviews then Sony wouldn’t want to improve, So as I brought up before, That’s what this blog is mainly for, to help Morgan give the feedback to the team to help this grow. It’s their job to satisfy us, not the other way around.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 30th, 6:03 am

@PrimeroIncognito – And of course you think NBA JAM is great you think all games are right.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 30th, 6:08 am

@PrimeroIncognito – On that note, just because you had a fun experience with a game, doesn’t mean everyone else is going to too. People think NBA JAM is bad then that’s them thinking for themselves, if you had fun with it good great awesome it served a purpose for someone, but not everyone is going to feel that way. Honestly, picked up 2K13 and NBA JAM can not compare to the incredible work done into 2K, I mean its nearly flawless.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 30th, 6:11 am

@death_by_wabbit – I know what you mean, each time I leave this post, come back to see if anyone needs anything answered, blam run into this guy. SHOCKER.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 30th, 6:20 am


it’s really funny how you think that you are getting the better of me. I don’t care, if it helps you feel better about yourself, go for it. I can afford the charity.

I guess it is a bit much to ask you to grow up, but all I tried to do was to get you to at least act civilly. You and I never did get around to discussing games or even my views on PS+. I just wanted you to stop hijacking this topic every week

it’s obvious that you will go on for as long as you have someone willing to reply to you so I’ll remove myself from that equation. You can take that any way you like but the fact is, you are really not worth any more of my time.

@DonkeyKongKilla Just ignore him from now on. We are enabling him by interacting with him. If nobody replies to him, he will get bored and go away

DonkeyKongKilla said:

December 30th, 6:31 am

@as for any comment on the poll –

Please, there are SO MANY WAYS TO MANIPULATE THIS IT”S NOT EVEN FUNNY, Which is probably why its not that huge of a factor.

gigoran said:

December 30th, 6:38 am

we were told we would be getting titles that match or surpass the fantastic released the EU store got. You can’t look me in the eye and say that NBA jam is a fantastic surprise that is better than crisis 2 or batman Arkham City.

death_by_wabbit said:

December 30th, 9:38 am


“Please, there are SO MANY WAYS TO MANIPULATE THIS IT”S NOT EVEN FUNNY, Which is probably why its not that huge of a factor.”

Very true, and there are people who are very good at a that. Not that it’s anything that they should be proud of. It all depends on where a person focuses their energy, if one wants to be an unpleasant ***** then that’s what they will excel at. Myself, I’m much better with machines than I am with people so my skill in this respect will always be limited, I just don’t care enough about this sort of online scumbaggery to ever be any good a it. No great loss

giving credit where credit is due, PrimeroIncognito is very good at that sort of thing. There is no getting through to him because he isn’t bound by the normal rules of discussion. He doesn’t have to make sense in response to what we say to him cause his purpose is to disrupt our point, not make one of his own.

I’m not going to respond to him anymore, I’m going to start responding to those he is targeting. That will shut him down

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