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Dec 25

Dec 25

A Very Tearaway Christmas: Make Your Own Papercraft Reindeer

James Spafford's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Double Fine Productions

It’s Christmas! Time to hang up our stockings, stuff ourselves silly, and fall asleep in front of the fireplace. But before we do all that, we’d like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas. Now It’s not much, but we’ve got you a little pressie, ooh!

To set you all a little creative challenge, perfect for the holidays, we’ve given the Tearaway Papercraft Elk a little festive makeover! Once made, we think it makes for a rather unique Christmas ornament, take a look…

Tearaway: Papercraft Reindeer

Tearaway: Papercraft Reindeer Body8290690417_b158520287_b8291747572_a4959228f4_b

So grab your scissors and glue, and build yourself a Tearaway Reindeer using these papercraft plans, to add some Christmas sparkle to your home.

If you do happen to make one, please send a picture to our Twitter account – or post them in the comments below, so we can collect them all for a nice festive gallery.

Thank you all for your continued support of us and our games, and for the constant friendly smiles. It’s been a fairly quiet year from us this year, but next year you’ll be hearing a lot more from us, oh yes!

Merry Christmas,
Everyone at Media Molecule

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perrandy said:

December 25th, 7:18 am

merry xmas to you too!

Shinogu126 said:

December 25th, 7:23 am

If you guys could go onto the Flickr page and un-Private the images so we can download and print them out, that would be rad.

dorkgeniuz21 said:

December 25th, 7:28 am

Merry Christmas guys.What I want for christmas is for Sony to know that the Ps Vita needs tons more support for remote-play & cross-controller from past, present & future 1st party titles at the least.Ive seen infamous 2 running on a vita via a hacked ps3 but us loyal users want to use it as a standard and we will pay for it.Sony should be requiring every exclusive to be patched.I absolutely love the little bog planet cross-controller dlc and it was totally worth the price.However, I noticed that we are only able to use the feature with the dlc levels and not the entire game.Sony needs to realize is that we consumers/gamers want to be able to control every aspect of the ps3 and all games via Ps vita cross controller, whether or not an interface and experience has been built around it.Can you imagine playing Far Cry 3,Journey,Gta 5,TOmb Raider,Unfinished Swan etc all via Remote play or cross-play.If stuff like that were more common the ps vita would make the wii u look a bit dumb because its cooler and smaller with more adult games.We know its possible.Please pass the word along..Happy Holidays…

remanutd5 said:

December 25th, 7:29 am

Merry Christmas to you too!!!! so when are we getting Tearaway demo? hopefully sooner rather than later lol. Cant wait to play it.

remanutd5 said:

December 25th, 7:36 am

i agree with comment number 3, i think all psn games should be supported on the psvita, all ps3 first party games should be playable on the psvita and i really want to see other sony ELITE studios follow Mm AND GG and develop psvita games, i want to see Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Evolution Studios, Naughty Dog and others. The psvita is an amazing system but it needs more support and it certainly needs more online multiplayer games.

Hopefully Guerrilla Games teach Nihilistic how to make an outstanding fps on the vita, Evolution Studios develop a proper, blood pumping, brutal Motorstorm game on the system, Sucker Punch create a new IP or bring inFAMOUS and Sony Santa Monica bring Kratos as well, vita needs Kratos ASAP. oh and if its not that much asking please bring MediEvil back sony.

Pabloo1010 said:

December 25th, 7:38 am

Merry Xmas guys and Media Molecule! This is gonna be Vita’s best game yet. Calling it now, 2013’s most original game and best handheld game.

remanutd5 said:

December 25th, 7:39 am

Btw Little Big Planet is simply my favorite psvita game thus far, nothing comes even close, Tarsier Studios did a superb job in bringing the franchise to the vita, the latest patch was much appreciated, it did fixed some of the community problems we had. hopefully they continue to improve online functionality.

llcdezafrancoll said:

December 25th, 8:41 am


Gravity Rush tambien es una pasada jugarlo, me tiene enviciado. Te animo a probarlo.

snakeeyes211 said:

December 25th, 9:23 am

Happy holidays I can’t wait to tearaway :-)

jtmoney430 said:

December 25th, 9:53 am

Would love to see these images made for the public. Won’t allow me to open them.

On another note, at the very least all PSN games should be available for the Vita. I personally do not care about PS1 and PS2 and PSP games on the Vita. I want PSN and PS3 games for it. Everyone knows that ALL PSN games will work fine on the Vita. Also shown out there a long time ago when the Vita was first introduced was remote play with many of the higher end PS3 games. So why can’t Sony get that going. Hire the guy that was showing that to the public and let him take care of it. But like my first sentence says is that at the very lease all PSN games should be allowed on the Vita. If that were to happen, maybe, just maybe I would justify buying the 32Gb memory card (even though it is way overpriced).

I also agree with comments above about LBP being simply amazing. And I cannot wait for Tearaway to come out. Keep up the good work.

Happy Holidays to all!!!

samiamiamsam said:

December 25th, 9:53 am

Merry Christmas Spaff!!

I can not wait for Tearaway!

You guy’s at Mm are the most creative developers on the planet!!

vza004 said:

December 25th, 10:18 am

No PlayStation character paper craft pieces? Hurry!! Christmas is not over yet!!

GhostMachine1 said:

December 25th, 10:36 am

I’m going to make one! :D

ichigo-kushima said:

December 25th, 10:44 am

I was all for giving this a shot. But your flickr page is set to private so I can’t even view the papercraft pieces, let alone print them. C’mon guys. First the lack of good JRPGs on PS Plus and now this. You guys are losing your edge here. Be careful.

xtreet9 said:

December 25th, 11:49 am

Yo no tengo un vita pero si tengo un Nintendo 3ds lol mmmm no me odien……

ID_Arti said:

December 25th, 12:57 pm

So, where does the leaf go to? i dont see it on the picture.
More detailed instructions would be nice, thx.

jtmoney430 said:

December 25th, 2:15 pm

@#16 I’m sure it is for the tail. Were you able to get the pictures to show up and printed?

BlindMango said:

December 25th, 2:21 pm

Thank you for saying CHRISTMAS! I’m happy to not hear such politically correctness like most other devs that post on this blog, especially on Christmas Day! Anyway, have a great Christmas to everyone at Media Molecule!!

Elvick_ said:

December 25th, 2:41 pm

@18: Christmas is a holiday. Oh no,developers being inclusive and wishing everyone a happy whatever all at once. Get over yourself.

D-Squad3 said:

December 26th, 2:16 am

So what’s Media Molecule making for the PS4?!!

ivanrockero said:

December 26th, 2:00 pm

Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

BlindMango said:

December 27th, 3:27 am

@19 If you put a post up saying “Happy Holidays” on Christmas Day, especially posting images and videos obviously showing the Christmas holiday and none other, there’s obviously an issue there, now if you post happy holidays on a random winter day, then that’s fine. But if you’re gonna have hints of Christmas everywhere and don’t even mention it in your post, that’s straight annoying

thedashingharry said:

December 30th, 9:21 am

can you say when this game is roughly coming out? I can’t wait for it :)

k_c_m_g-12 said:

December 30th, 1:42 pm

happy holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackwhitefoot said:

December 31st, 7:40 am

Happy holidays, Mm. Your games brought me to the PS3 this year,and I look forward to Tearaway. Now I just gotta get a Vita….

pilkjaer said:

January 6th, 1:57 am

Here is my work! I printed it out on a plain paper so horns didn’t want to stay in place. Had to glue them as well. I think it’s adorable! I wish there were more animals like this!

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