Download Demon’s Souls on PSN Tuesday

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Download Demon’s Souls on PSN Tuesday

Demon's Souls on PSN

A lot of unusual things go on here at ATLUS, and as a publisher known for delivering great JRPG content, Demon’s Souls represented something unique even for us: runaway mainstream success. In the years since its release, Demon’s Souls went far above and beyond our usual humble offerings, partly because it’s such a special game. It’s a Japanese-developed RPG, made by From Software, but it has a distinctly Western look and feel in the weight of its movements and the ruthlessness of its enemies and environments. It’s a single-player title, but it has a strong online component unlike anything that came before it, where you can summon other players as friendly ghosts to give you a hand, or be invaded by hostile marauders without warning. Its unsparing difficulty seemed to mark it as destined to be appreciated only by a select few, yet it’s been universally lauded (and awarded Game of the Year by a few, including GameSpot) and remains our highest-selling title ever.

Demon's Souls on PSN

Demon's Souls on PSNDemon's Souls on PSN

As a thank you to the fans who have supported it this far and kept the servers burning, we’re excited to announce that Demon’s Souls will be available on Tuesday, January 8th, as a digital download on PSN. Now you can buy it from the comfort of your own home; if you haven’t yet tried it for yourself, its price of $19.99 should be a warmer welcome than any bonfire. What’s more, to celebrate the digital launch of Demon’s Souls, we’re holding a Pure White World Tendency event from January 8th to 14th, which slightly reduces the difficulty of the game and opens up a few things that can only be accessed in the Pure White state.

Demon's Souls on PSN

So come on and find out what everyone else who’s played and loved Demon’s Souls already knows: the joys of dying over and over again. And when you do, don’t forget to leave a message for the next unfortunate wretch who’ll come after you. Our favorite? The real Demon’s Souls starts here…

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  • I might just throw more of my money at you Atlus. Keep up the good work! You and Nippon Ichi now how to treat us fans

  • Great news for Demon Souls going digital! ATLUS, please bring over the Persona 2 Eternal Punishment and make it playable on the PS Vita. Also, we await for Persona 5.

  • Can we finally see a discount or FREE Dark Souls DLC?

    There is NO WAY a ~3 hour DLC costs just as much as a 100+ hour campaign game.

  • P4G is dankness

  • SOLD!!! Absolutely the best game in this generation, imo. Thanks for bringing it to psn!!! Can I change the date on the ps3 and download it now???? :P

  • Bought this day one when it came out. Platted it and have pumped more hours into it than any other game (500+ Hours). Definitely one of the best games this gen. Any ps3 owner should have this.

  • Also, any word on a vita version?? A prequel, maybe, showing the fall of boletaria??? C’moooooon, just take my money!!!!!!!

  • Great game and news.

    I remember first picking DS up and popping it in the PS3 a few years ago. I was killed by a skeleton while reading a message on the floor;

    “Beware of the skeleton.”

    I laughed so hard I went looking for more gems like that and wound up getting immersed in the game. Killing invaders is very satisfying as well :D

  • Hey Nich! I have a Demon’s Souls related question.

    Would you guys consider putting a Demon’s Souls rep in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?

    A lot of Demon’s Souls fans really wanted to see a rep in PSASBR..

  • Love the souls series, even though you guys are not involved (to my knowing) with dark souls, they are great games, got both demons and dark souls platinum trophies.

  • godly game!

  • I’m actually pretty excited for this on Tuesday! ATLUS has grown to become one of my favorite game developer/publishers — along with the ranks of NIS and SQUARE-ENIX, though SQUARE is slowly working its way out… I Just finished playing Persona 4: Golden, and loved it! (Can’t wait for P5) I’ll get this game on Tue. for sure!

  • Awesome news! Thanks! Iam excited to get this as a DL. Iam more than willing to pay 20-30 for it even though I already have both the japan and us versions on disc. *gives hug

  • Nice but I’ll keep my physical copy. Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are both awesome games but unlike majority here I found Dark Souls better then Demon’s Souls. For one thing the open world, and the fact that I played Dark Souls first and then played Demon’s Souls and found Demon’s way easier then Dark Souls, killing majority of the bosses on my first try. All except for False King Allant and Maneaters. But both games are great.

    Though I also have to say that I doubt a Demon’s Souls 2 will happen, not being mean but I find it highly unlikely. Also people complaining about Dark Souls 2 don’t know everything about it at all besides the one trailer and the Edge interview it seems because there’s been a ton of little info that have been given on lesser known sites that say it will keep it’s difficulty, still have some hidden lore, story will just be more straight forward. Really everyone is judging a book by it’s cover before it’s even done it’s annoying.

  • @103
    Um the DLC content for Dark Souls is more like an additional 20 hours not 3 hours.

  • Let strength be granted so the world might be mended!

  • While I absolutely love the Souls series, probably my favorite games this generation… Demon’s Souls doesn’t really have graphics quite as good as those screenshots.

    I don’t know what they rendered those with but I don’t think it was a PS3, what’s up with that?

  • I would buy this, but I could get this on Amazon for like 10 bucks. Please lower the price and give us Plus users a discount, then I would totally buy it.

  • @117: Everything looks better in screens, they use a professional device to take the screens and graphics always look better when they aren’t in motion compared to when they are.

  • Awesome game…
    There is no excuse for how long it took to get this on the store in digital format, stop slacking, I hope ps4 works co-operatively with steam or we’re all doomed.

  • Awesome I would love to play this game! I hope it makes it to the Australian PSN.

  • “As someone who prefers digital downloads to physical media, this is some extremely welcome news. Day one download easy, ready to get my butt handed to me on a platter.”

    yes i to love the fact i can have a download that if i want to play at a friends house i need to download 10 gigs for an hour.

  • Have to pick up a $20 card in the next couple days for this one. Bring on the red hot death!

  • Hey, uhm this may have already been addressed buuut…. Is it being released on the australian store? cause i know it’s a different publisher, if so any eta???

  • My above comment was intended for the slacking party, love you ATLUS / From Software, and PlayStation, but this really should have been on the store sooner…


  • Its already available the PS Store ? Can´t find it this morning…

  • The playstation store states Demon’s Souls is Disc Only.

    It isn’t downloadable.

  • Its gonna be on store today or not ?

  • Been excited to download this since it was announced – Gamestop is about to get my money though. Can we get an ETA maybe?

  • Just saw Demon’s Souls not coming up in search anymore – hopefully it will come back up soon with purchase option. :)

  • 20$ for easily one of the best ps3 games ever, and one of the greatest games of all time? I think i just spilled some “sticky white stuff.”

  • Hey, Nich, just in case you have some kind of notification of a new comment in an old post: I hope DS sold well. I bought it, downloaded to 2 PS3’s so I can use my cloud workaround to the save file copy restriction. I accidentally killed that knight Ostrego or whatever his name so I had to download a prior cloud save to rectify. I’m in new game plus and loving DS as much as my first time, years ago. Oddly, I was able to play in human form for several days but was never invaded by any dooshbag.

    Please thank your Atlus overlords for making this digital and for publishing this crown jewel of PS3 exclusives.

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