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Jan 07

Jan 07

PlayStation Plus Update: Join the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

2013 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year for PlayStation Plus members with another strong offering in the month of January. Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying NBA Jam: On Fire Edition on your PS3 and playing Chronovolt on your PS Vita, both free to PlayStation Plus members.

This week, we’ve got some epic multiplayer action with the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta, as well as Mega Man 9 and 10 joining PlayStation Plus. Read on to find out more.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

January 8th PlayStation Plus Update

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta (PS3)

Access for Plus members

PlayStation Plus members get to be one of the first to delve in to what’s sure to be one of the most epic multiplayer experiences of the year. God of War: Ascension’s Multiplayer beta is offering up the signature Team Favor of the Gods mode and the yet-to-be-seen Favor of the Gods mode. In both modes, you’ll fight to reach the requisite number of favor points from the Gods, earning points via kills, bonus brutal kills, opening chests, capturing domination points and, if you’re skillful enough, performing executions using the Spear of Olympus. Check out the Beta page for tips, scoring details and more. Make sure you also click the link below to leave your feedback with the rest of the God of War community. Note: you must be a PS Plus member, or have been selected to be in the Beta previously in order to get access to this forum space.

God of War Ascension Beta

Click here to visit the God of War: Ascension Beta Community Forum

Oh, and make sure you snag a free God of War “Eye of Kratos” avatar as well; it’s free and exclusive for PS Plus members. If you’re reading this on Monday morning, you may also want to tune in to’s livestream from 12:00pm to 2:00pm PST. Click here to check out the action!

PlayStation Plus Update 1-7-2013

Mega Man 9 and 10 Combo Pack

Free for PS Plus members

Mega Man 9 and 10 were new and bold steps for a series that’s as beloved as Mega Man. Many gamers grew up on classic Mega Man games and yearned for a new 2D adventure but with the rock solid mechanics of the originals. Capcom delivered by going back to its 8-bit roots to deliver a classic Mega Man experience with all-new levels, weapons and bosses. IGN calls Mega Man 9 alone a “… mastery of 2D platforming.” Check out both Mega Man 9 and 10 for yourself; free for PS Plus members.


50% Discount for PS Plus members (Original price: $5.00; PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Eufloria takes the hook of controlling massive armies in real time strategy games and applies it to a massively-micro scope that asks you to take over new territories (dubbed Asteroids) all for the sake of a mythic group of beings called The Growers. If you’ve ever had any sort of fun with the strategy genre, give Eufloria a download to find out why hailed Eufloria for its “beautiful stylized graphics and RTS gameplay that works great on the PS3 controller”.
NCAA Football 13: Recent Winners Pack

Free for PS Plus members

NCAA Football 13 delivers an authentic college football experience with an insane amount of realism on the virtual gridiron. If you can’t get enough of the gameplay, you’ll be happy to know that you can pick up the Recent Winners pack, free with your PS Plus membership. This pack will unlock Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, and Matt Leinart for use in Heisman Mode.

We’re just getting started for January’s PlayStation Plus content, so we’d love to know more about what your favorite content was from the updates last month. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and Chronovolt are being tracked for January’s Plus updates, so you’ll see those options at the end of this month.

Tell us what you think of this week’s update in the comments below and don’t forget to vote by using the links near the top of the post. You can also delve into the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, find other great topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 1-7-2013

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Nevi901 said:

January 7th, 10:26 am

More Morgan.
More “It’s gonna be great!”
More disappointment.
Rinse and repeat.

BrianC6234 said:

January 7th, 10:26 am

#153 – I don’t want to buy NCAA Football but if it’s free I’ll download it. I didn’t complain about it. I’d just rather these updates be games we can all download and play instead of being a DLC pack only people who own the game can use.

CrimsonDream24 said:

January 7th, 10:28 am

I’d just like to voice my displeasure with the amount of people voting for JRPG’s in the poll. If you’re the kind of person that appreciates this gens JRPG’s, you probably already bought any current gen JRPG that’s currently on the PSN (Like I have) and as such, anyone who would actually appreciate a JRPG they got with PS+, will already have it and be upset about getting a game they’d paid $40-60 for already. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy, but I foresee many complaints both from people who already own the JRPG’s that may be offered, and from the countless numbers of people who don’t have any interest in JRPG’s. I really, REALLY hope we don’t start getting JRPG’s with PS+.

bt1234567892010 said:

January 7th, 10:28 am

*sigh* you people never cease to amaze me. The megaman games are classic, the fans wanted them to go back to classic 8-bit, as that was megaman’s heyday. I already own both of them thanks to my cousin winning codes for them back when they were released, but they are great. Screw retail, I would rather get good games than garbage retail ones (LIke Resident Evil 5 and Super Street Fighter IV)

Also, the football DLC, I have no use for >.> I must say that I vote for megaman in the poll, despite already owning them, because they are great games if you were a fan of the originals (assuming you ever played them on the original NES like I did)

DazeOfWar said:

January 7th, 10:28 am

4th week in a row I won’t be downloading anything from Plus. Oh well haven’t really felt like playing my PS3 or Vita in quite a while. After Last of Us and Beyond come out I may just abandon console gaming all together considering how cheap digital PC games can be.

I also find it funny that you guys blocked the results for the polls except for genres we want. What’s the reason behind that?

megacarlos said:

January 7th, 10:30 am

Megaman x > megaman how about mmx3-mmx6 for my vita dammit

dustyoda said:

January 7th, 10:32 am

not a good update in my opinion, waiting for something better

Mister-Nep said:

January 7th, 10:32 am

Yay Megaman! I already own them, but it’s nice to know other people don’t have an excuse to play them now.

lisgeyo said:

January 7th, 10:32 am

gotta say it looks like a good update to me,and also with more variety (free DLC , Avatar, and game beta).I have not seeing this kind of update in a while and I just want to say good job Morgan, I see you guys trying so 4/5 from me this week.

ps i’ll give you a five when we get one this gen rpg Im pretty sure you’ve seen the polls lol but seriously thanks Morgan keep it up man

Monterossa said:

January 7th, 10:34 am

thanks but Mega Man 9 & 10 are hard as hell…

I have no problem with Mega Man 1 & 2 when I was 7 year old but 9 & 10 are really that hard.

lordflama said:

January 7th, 10:35 am

@79 (Ghostwize) I couldn’t agree more with you – people if you want to cancel go ahead and do so but stop complaining so much, if there is nothing for you then go buy a game and support the industry, what did you think that $50 bucks will buy you all the games for you? No but it should get me quality games… Right on, did you finish playing LBP2, Infamous, RE5, Street Fighter & BioShock to name a few? If yes, man I wish I could have all the time in the world like you to play games, go read some or watch some anime XD

Now I do have a question Morgan, any chances we’ll see more PS2 games coming to the PS Store for both the PS3 and the Vita? There are few games I never had the chance of playing in the PS2 and want to have a chance to do so.

Aledor78 said:

January 7th, 10:36 am

Awesome Update. Thank you Playstation team!

MatheusRuggeri said:

January 7th, 10:36 am

Still waiting for Red Dead Redemption.

And waiting for someone post the big list of games free gave to europe and not for we.

zGrandpaGamer said:

January 7th, 10:37 am

Hello Sony are you guys awake? this is how you guys say happy new years to us.This is getting so old that its really making the majority of us plus members sick.Really Morgan dont you have any respect,i think that you should stop lying to us and just say that you guys just do not care.Week after week the same you will be greatly suprised with next weeks update BS.I am a grown man stop treating me like a child ok Plus is a rip off the discounts you guys give are retail prices,and one more thing make the prices on the PSN closer to retail its just rediculous.

DigiOps said:

January 7th, 10:37 am

Not too excited, but I still haven’t finished Infamous 2 or Bioshock 2. Given that I generally take more than a week to finish a game I’m not too worried. Plus so far has still been worth it for the Vita too considering the retail price of those IGC titles. I’d still like to see a Vita release for Spyro and Crash. Any news on that?

Ghostwize said:

January 7th, 10:38 am


I’m right there with you on the ps2 front! They need to get games like Rogue Galaxy, Final Fantasy X and XII, Dark Cloud 1 and 2 just to name a few classics that are missing. They could make a killing rereleasing these! :D Cheers!

AsiaQatar said:

January 7th, 10:44 am

YESSS!!! Woo hoo!! I am on a hot streak! HOT STREAK PEOPLE

It’s been 7 weeks since I let my 1 year subscription DIE and I haven’t missed a thing!

No regrets here.

Keep it up! I wanna go for 8 next week.

DuoMaxwell007 said:

January 7th, 10:45 am


just remember that just because “Yeah the polls on the genres help give a good platform to show what the PS Blog community is looking for in Plus.”

doesnt mean we’re actually gonna get em… i see ppl on this blog every week wantin stuff like darksiders, motorstorm apocalypse, dead space 2, red dead redemption, batman, etc etc 6 months later.. do we have any one of those yet? lol

RMattos said:

January 7th, 10:46 am

This week I will get Megaman 9 and 10, I signed Plus on the last week of november and I might say I am still to be impressed.

ranma627 said:

January 7th, 10:47 am

I’m buying Eufloria and I love that we’re getting the Mega Man’s although those games are tough. I think I’m up for the challenge. You can’t please everyone, Sony but I think you’re doing a great job with Plus and really mixing it up. Thanks for 3 weeks of Holiday sales and I believe there’s a week left of sales. Am I correct with this assumption?

duffyboy1986 said:

January 7th, 10:48 am

hey Morgan metro last light is available for preorder on the psn store but thq filed for bankruptcy, wikipedia says this game has been canceled do you have any info to give on this situation thanks

MatheusRuggeri said:

January 7th, 10:49 am

Haro, please, I need this answer today, tomorow the holidays essentials will finish.

I got Just Cause 2 Free on PSN+, but I will not subscribe again. Today I saw: “Just Cause 2 – PS3 Game (now: $7.49 original price: $19.99)”, but I can not buy because a already had got free.
How can I buy this game for use without PSN Plus?

ranma627 said:

January 7th, 10:50 am

And let’s not get greedy people. Don’t expect huge retails games for free. The Vita Instant Collecton was massive and there’s not much on the Vita. These big retails games probably cost Sony a lot of money to set up those deals with the developers and I wouldn’t want Sony going out of business for beng overly generous with the consumers. I think they’ve been pretty damn good to us for a measly $50 a year.

rockxx2 said:

January 7th, 10:52 am

batman arkham city please for ps plus

akibake said:

January 7th, 10:54 am

Morgan, I would suggest putting the links to the polls, immediately above the Comments section. I barely noticed they were at the top, as I breezed by the text to look at the synopsis of this week’s offerings.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 7th, 11:00 am

    That’s a good idea, I’ll get with the Blog team to see if we can make that happen as I’m noticing as well that a handful of commenters did not notice the poll.

Ashilyn said:

January 7th, 10:55 am


Most likely, Wikipedia is wrong, something that’s not uncommon given it’s “anyone can edit and contribute” nature. It’s been said that THQ filing for bankruptcy shouldn’t affect any games releasing in the new future, including Metro Last Light. For now, the game is still scheduled to come out, and there’s been no news on it (or other upcoming THQ games like South Park) having been cancelled.

How true that remains, however, we will see. It’s a precious state, but a game like Metro is almost certainly guaranteed a release even if THQ goes under due to the fact that it is so close to completion, and the Metro name has enough clout to get picked up by another publisher. It may see a delay, but cancellation is highly unlikely.

ranma627 said:

January 7th, 10:55 am

@rockxx2: Arkham City is $15 right now for PS+ subsribers, so I doubt you’re going to see it for free anytime soon. It ends today so get on it.

saskamazon said:

January 7th, 10:57 am

@ranma627 … I think it was a 3 week sale for the holiday discounts …. I managed to snag a few things from that & we loaded Crazy Taxi yesterday … that’s a fun little game … also snagged Hot Shots Golf Vita for $8 … I need to figure out how to make my shots, but good deal on it …. I’m hoping for discounts on more Vita games & waiting on Unfinished Swan for a discount … tried the demo & very interested … did a level of Sound Shapes Vita & will get further into that as well …

AsiaQatar said:

January 7th, 10:59 am

@MatheusRuggeri –
You can’t. It’s one of the flaws of the system that has been an issue since Day 1, and Sony has never seen the need to address it, hundreds of complaints notwithstanding.

But chin up, there’s Dora games!!


January 7th, 11:00 am

megaman would be for vita too? cuz should be ^^ its an amazing game

zombie9 said:

January 7th, 11:01 am

Mega Man collection PS2 classic bring it!!! Oh wait I’m talking to sony not capcom!!! any way happy new year all!!!
and no I’m not buying a Vita and I have never played Xbot ether. :)

ranma627 said:

January 7th, 11:02 am

I thought it ran till the 24th :( I picked up Papo & Yo, Tokyo Jungle & Sound Shapes. I made a mistake and missed the first week. I thought I’d be able to buy on Christmas but the story was already updated by then. So I missed out on buying I Am Alive and Dyad. But they’ll probably be free, in the future. Only played Tokyo Jungle so far and I love it. I was hoping for one last week of sales that included The Unfinished Swan. Been dying to play that and getting half off would be nice.

Sidenote: I think the people who are big retail gamers find PS+ underwhelming. But for someone like me, a big digital PSN gamer who doesn’t buy everything on Day 1, it’s a great value.

Like I said, can’t please everyone.

UncannySilk said:

January 7th, 11:02 am

You know what? I like the retro games coming to PS+. Keep em coming.

HighNoon said:

January 7th, 11:03 am

Nice – Mega Man. Can’t wait.

Any chance we will see more Vita digital discounts? I missed MGS and Hot Shots Golf a few weeks ago.

I think they might not have been on the expiring soon list so I didn’t know I needed to pull the trigger? Am I wrong?

Ratpatrol01 said:

January 7th, 11:04 am

I swear, pure complaints coming from playstation plus members….. I for one, am very happy with the service, vita just got many games at the start of plus, so perhaps these people would have liked them to give us 1 free game a month?

thejackhammer89 said:

January 7th, 11:05 am

To all negative criticism. Sony US team would probably love to give us AAA blockbuster titles every week but they have to really pull tons of strings to get these games in the first place. You pay them $50 and that is all they have to provide you a full year of games. How about you take $50 to gamestop or a rental store and see what you get instead. Good luck buddy.

What I would like to see. PS+ US/EU merging as one PS+ platform. I understand this could be difficult (different currencies/game developers wanting to target regions) but I can wish!

To everyone else: be sure to participate in the genre poll.

ranma627 said:

January 7th, 11:07 am

Well said, Jackhammer.

That Vita update was massive. Can’t wait to get my hands on a Vita. Waiting for a price drop and for it to be in white outside the ACIII: Liberation bundle.

djnealb said:

January 7th, 11:07 am

Damn. I just bought both Megaman 9 & 10 the other week with some Christmas money that I put toward PSN funds. I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Nates4Christ said:

January 7th, 11:09 am

I’d like to see Labrynth legends either free or discounted for plus. I’d also like to see some older classic psn store games like that one block shooting game up or how about something like xmen. They deserve some more attention. As far as a full game for the instant collection i’d like to get vanquish, deus ex, Ratchet Crack in Time or maybe the first mass effect to get me hooked to buy the other 2 games.

How about if you guys are debating on a title to pursue you could put a poll up and we can vote on the next free game. Just put a disclaimer if you can’t actually get it.

Michzadood said:

January 7th, 11:12 am

thank you very much for Mega Man!!! i want those game really bad bro, my brother is gonna be so happy : )

EZaxess said:

January 7th, 11:13 am

#147: Any business with common sense wants your money… without your wallet they wouldn’t be anything. In order to get your money they need you to be happy and wanting more, so partly they care for your happiness, but not for the same reasons you do. They want you happy to get more money, not so you live healthier and longer. Cheers!

I think the reason EU is getting the titles we aren’t, is simply because they aren’t selling as good as here. It’s a lesser income risk to get the game to gain more popularity.. this is just an assumption though.

As for the update, nothing for me this week, but I’m patient.

dyiing4life said:

January 7th, 11:17 am

I’m pretty sure this means there are currently no retail games in the rotation. With the exception of the initial inFAMOUS 2 and LBP2. Why don’t we get games like we used like Just Cause 2? And what happened to getting PS2 classics? Anything would be better than this overflow of these already dirt cheap download titles.

Kyarok said:

January 7th, 11:19 am

Ive always loved Mega Man and it’s cool I get them free and all but I would like to see more vita titles on ps plus. The first vita update was great but there has not been a whole lot else since that has excited me. Still a good update with Mega Man though. Still waiting for a Monster Hunter on the vita.

dyiing4life said:

January 7th, 11:19 am

And what was wrong with the poll system in previous posts? Were the results lowering consumer morale?

GT-420 said:

January 7th, 11:20 am

I know the games listed in the poll are just for example, but if you guys gave us Dishonored (like within the next 2 months, NOT 8+ months from now when nobody cares) then I would promise to never criticize free + games for an entire year.

Shion093 said:

January 7th, 11:22 am

And for the VITA?

I really like de PS+ , but with these updates i dont know if i’ll pay for another 3 months , beacuse there is nothing that i like to play, only the discounts.

Why the EU and USA stores are not the same? C’mon SCEA.

stalemate666 said:

January 7th, 11:23 am

About the genre poll or rather your examples for them, RE5 and bioshock 2 ARE NOT action/adventure, they are SHOOTERS

Strider-Keni- said:

January 7th, 11:29 am

Really, that’s the updated for this week ?

ggdude said:

January 7th, 11:30 am

What happened to the Music Unlimited PS Plus discounts? Are both the $12 and $60 deals gone?

Ghostwize said:

January 7th, 11:34 am

Quick Q! Why so many Capcom games as of late? Strike a good deal with them? I think this will make it four. RE5, SFIV, MM9 and 10. Seems like a good amount in the stretch of a few months is all. Struck me as odd. :D Great additions though!

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