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Jan 11

Jan 11

God of War: Ascension Beta Rewards, Penny Arcade’s Book of Divine Wisdom

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If you’ve been participating in our God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta, we hope you are fulfilling your destiny and ascending as a Champion of Olympus. Our development team greatly appreciates your efforts, and is watching your every move. Your rise truly begins on March 12th, when God of War: Ascension arrives in stores.

Here at Sony Santa Monica, with this being the first time we are bringing multiplayer to the God of War franchise, we knew creating an epic multiplayer mode worthy of standing next to our treasured single-player campaign (more on that coming soon) could qualify as the “13th Labor of Hercules.” Your feedback, participation, and excitement for the Ascension Multiplayer Beta is met with the utmost gratification, and gives us the extra push needed to drive this home for you, our fans.

With that, we’d like to bestow upon all God of War: Ascension Beta participants a “Gift from the Gods.”
Anyone who participates in the Beta will receive the following two exclusive Beta rewards to adorn and equip your Champion with at launch:

God of War: Ascension on PS3

God of War: Ascension - Penny Arcade's Book of Divine Wisdom

This gift from the Gods will be provided to every person who has participated in our Multiplayer Beta. In other words, if you want these bad-ass gifts, you need to join the Beta right now. You’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but that alone provides you with more gifts from the PlayStation Gods then one could ever hope for. So why not some just for God of War: Ascension?!

The master humorists at Penny Arcade have honored us with what can only be described as “the most informative Ascension Multiplayer Guide of all-time… in good fun.” We don’t take that statement lightly, and neither should you. They mean business, and not just funny business — at least 10% serious business. The first two pages from their Ascension strategy guide epic, “Book of Divine Wisdom,” have already been released and are available on the official site. Head on over to check them out, and be sure to keep checking back, as more pages are coming soon!

Finally, we recently opened our studio’s gates to Press Warriors from many of your favorite sites, including this one right here, PlayStation.Blog (bet you didn’t see that coming!). PS.Blog videographer Rey Gutierrez cut a killer video of the event that went down here. You’ve been served! Watch it now, then get back to the Ascension Beta!

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trilogia_THEND said:

January 12th, 2:05 pm

hi, man…
a question to see if we see all the scenes (the pre-recorded with the game engine and they are also real time) in “movie” to see it, as they did in GOW II (with CGs) which is an option that I would love to. Not how many times have I seen such scenes GOW II movie mode……

SpooNManX said:

January 12th, 2:53 pm

I enjoy the GOW games, but I’m not interested in the multiplayer game at all.

As long as the single player experience is at least as good as GOW III (hopefully with a slightly more defined ending) I will definitely buy it.

As others also have concern with, I hope the MP experience doesn’t detract from the single player experience.

chowdude0183 said:

January 12th, 3:14 pm

the multiplayer is awesome already preordered the game now can not wait for march 12 to come

rjejr said:

January 12th, 3:25 pm

The arena multiplayer was really fun, couldn’t get the Team playing as nobody was showing up on the list.
Probably won’t get the game as I felt Kratos was at peace at the end of GOW 3 so I’m going to leave him be.

proud2be said:

January 12th, 3:36 pm

What date will the single player campaign be given to rise of the warior participants?

CANT____STOP said:

January 12th, 4:12 pm

Will i get the blade and armor if i joined the beta through rise of the warrior but i’m also a playstation plus subscriber?

    Aaron Kaufman's Avatar

    Aaron Kaufman said:

    January 12th, 7:17 pm

    Yes, once again, EVERYONE in THE BETA gets the REWARDS. Doesn’t matter how you got it in. Awesome, right?

disturbeddude101 said:

January 12th, 6:06 pm

But, this is a tweet I got from @SonySantaMonica regarding the Champion’s Armor and Sword.

“@DisturbedDude10 @toddpapy if you are in the Beta, you get it, period, no connection to ROW”

    Aaron Kaufman's Avatar

    Aaron Kaufman said:

    January 12th, 7:17 pm

    I run the @SonySantaMonica feed, that was from me and that is correct!

Skip_2011 said:

January 12th, 7:55 pm

Are you goin’ to release the single-player demo anytime soon on the PSN???

irux02 said:

January 12th, 8:26 pm

I have a question here, I’ve been playing the beta before the release to the PS+ users, so am I receiving the blade and armour gifts?, even if I´m not a PS+ member?

franky_boyzz said:

January 12th, 9:09 pm

WOW im getting supper nervous when I play this it crazy need a break haha god dam that itz good job bro !! PS PLUS IS THE BEST DEAL IN THE WORLD

togue said:

January 13th, 5:11 am

pre-ordered the collectors from GS to get “300” armor and myth pack armors, now this too, wow!!! To those who are questioning the MP, al least give it a shot, I pulled in a few friends to try the MP, it’s really great.

I have a question for the devs though, with the PS4 on the horizon, is there a chance this game will be upgraded with some fancies features to accommodate the extra power, eg 8v8 or 10v10 with bigger maps?

clupula668 said:

January 13th, 5:37 am

Way more interested in the single player than the multiplayer, but I guess I can give it a shot when the game comes out. I certainly hope that there are no online trophies, except maybe TRY the online once or something like that.

As for the multiplayer itself, though, do you create your own characters? And if so, can you create a female character?

deafwing said:

January 13th, 7:14 am

Why so secretive about the Single Player mode for this game – would you say that this is a more an MP game than a SP game?

    Aaron Kaufman's Avatar

    Aaron Kaufman said:

    January 13th, 1:34 pm

    Absolutely not, and we’re not being secretive, we’re doing what we have to do to ensure when we unveil more of the single-player campaign, it meets the God of War quality standard you’ve known since 2005.

    For us, it’s simply about showing it when we’re ready, and we are very, very close to that point.

togue said:

January 13th, 9:47 am


Why would you hope that there are no online trophies??? If you don’t want the multiplayer then stay away from it, no reason to wish trophies don’t happen for people who are excited about it. That’s like me saying I hope the next Mario game sucks even though I am not interested in it.

clupula668 said:

January 13th, 12:02 pm

Because God of War is primarily a single player experience. There’s no reason why those of us who have been fans of the series from the very beginning should have to spend time on a multiplayer mode that we neither wanted or nor are sure we will like.

What I want them to do is do what Uncharted 2 did, which was have a trophy for trying the multiplayer mode, but none (at least none that count towards a platinum) that force us to spend hours playing against strangers.

I buy the God of War games for the gameplay first and the story second. A social aspect is not something I ever even considered as something the game was missing. In general, i don’t want to play deathmatch against random people online as characters that don’t factor into the story at all.

clupula668 said:

January 13th, 12:08 pm

@59 – Why do you want them to drop PS3 games in favor of the PS4? I bought my PS3, with the promise that it would be supported the same way that the PS2 was, once the PS3 was announced. God of War 2 came out for the PS2 when the PS3 had already been a thing. When they make a PS4 God of War, I expect it to be a full-on God of War 4 that takes place after GOW3 (hopefully, with Kratos fighting gods other than the Greek ones. Kratos versus Thor or Kratos versus Osiris or Kali would be amazing).

The PS3 still has plenty of life in it and I want them to keep their promise of strongly supporting it for 10 years, or I won’t be supporting the PS4. I want Last Guardian, this, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (which I know is Squeenix, but still) to still be PS3 games. I do NOT want to have to buy a new system for games I was promised this gen. Take all the time they need with those games and keep them PS3.

Show me new stuff to get me excited for the PS4.

laker818 said:

January 13th, 3:08 pm

I would be worried about the SP but santa monica studios killed it by not continuing the story of kratos. Why go back instead of forward. Leave that stuff for the psp or vita.

DonRodie said:

January 13th, 3:47 pm

awesome, they got hammers, what about axes?

TJF588 said:

January 13th, 3:52 pm

I have multiple people on my PS3(s), but I’m the only one with PlayStation Plus. If they play the Ascension Beta, will they also get these rewards, or will it only be for my account (since they haven’t bought/redeemed a Beta license)?

destruction1983 said:

January 13th, 4:38 pm

awesome and i love the beta thank you for this awesome beta

blurple_berry said:

January 13th, 4:54 pm

I notice almost everybody using headphones/headset in that video were using the original wireless stereo headsets, advertise the new awesome elite editions or something! They’re killer!!

togue said:

January 13th, 4:55 pm


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I don’t want them to drop the PS3 platform in favor of the PS4, but I would like this MP version enhanced for the PS4 with things like more players in one match, huge maps, etc…


onyxdragonvgking said:

January 13th, 5:13 pm

Hey, just wondering: I took part in the beta program as part of “Rise of the Warriors”;
but now that patch 1.09 came out, PSN doesn’t allow me to download it [it stays at 0%]
meanwhile everything else network-wise works fine, including downloads.

Is it because I don’t have Playstation Plus, or perhaps another error?
*Or, is it now only available to PS+ members ONLY?

Sub-Xero said:

January 13th, 8:08 pm

Aaron, I contacted you guys via Facebook concerning Rise of the Warrior and didn’t get past the first reply. I started playing Rise of the Warrior a week or so before the cut off date for RotW players to receive their beta invite. I never received a beta invite and I can no longer access my RotW character. I sure did want those unlocks…

    Aaron Kaufman's Avatar

    Aaron Kaufman said:

    January 14th, 2:04 pm

    Yo, ping me @Just_Tank on Twitter, or send a PM again on Facebook and mention your PSN handle so I can connect the dots. I’ll help sort you out! Cheers


January 14th, 11:56 am



January 14th, 11:57 am


paperwarior said:

January 14th, 1:53 pm

This beta is indeed radical.

tusunami said:

January 14th, 7:08 pm

It pays to be a PS Plus member you know you want too.

KlifftheOne said:

January 15th, 7:23 pm

The demo for God of War ascension single player can only be playable if i buy the totak recakk repkay,there is no other way?

“You will download the Champions’ Armor and Blade from the PSN Store at launch, no promo code required, you’ll just have instant access to it.”

Directions at launch, so no worries, we are making this easy as pie.

so when will it be launch these gifts,will it be easy to go to psn store and get from there?

KlifftheOne said:

January 15th, 8:03 pm

And another thing i have the God of War Ascension beta multiplayer,and im trying to enter on playstation plus on my ps3 BUT it says :”this content cannot be selected this time.”How do i fix this?

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