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Jan 14

Jan 14

PlayStation Plus Update: Become War in Darksiders, Free for Members

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

PS Plus members rang in the New Year with NBA JAM: On Fire Edition and Mega Man 9 and 10 for free. This week, we’re bringing you a mix of action and exploration with the original Darksiders. Read on to find out more about this week’s update and remember to use the polls on the right to let us know what you think of this week’s update! Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and Mega Man 9 and 10, which are some of the more recent additions to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

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January 15th PlayStation Plus Update

Darksiders (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

Take control of War, one of the fabled Horseman of the Apocalypse, and rain down destruction with a combination of brutal attacks and supernatural abilities. Darksiders’ true appeal however isn’t just in its visceral action. With an emphasis on open world traversal and mind-bending dungeons to explore, Darksiders delivers a true adventure, supported by the amazing art styling of comic book art genius Joe Madureira.

PlayStation Plus Update 1-15-2013

Stardrone Extreme

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $3.99; PS Plus Price: $2.00)

Don’t miss out on this great deal for the PS Vita charmer Stardrone Extreme. Each level starts by aiming and shooting yourself out of a cannon into outer space. Your spaceship stays in motion from this point on, and it’s your job to attach to nearby gravity beacons to navigate its flight path. While tethered to a beacon, you’ll swing and attempt to circle the beacon until you release and slingshot yourself further. This core mechanic brings together elements of shoot ‘em up, pinball, collecting objects; all in one unique game.

One other note; some of you noticed that inFAMOUS 2 left PlayStation Plus as a free game last week. This was an error and it will be back in the Instant Game Collection on the 1/15 PlayStation Store Update.

Tell us what you think of this week’s update in the comments below and don’t forget to vote by using the links near the top of the post. You can also delve into the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, find other great topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 1-15-2013

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Thodias_Br said:

January 14th, 1:30 pm

Hell yeah, best update on January for me so far! I was actually looking for buying this game, glad I didn’t make it, haha !

Hey Morgan, Darksider as the “main” game + NBA Jam already worth a month for me, but can we expect more free games within this month?

As i said on an early post, a few months ago, it would be really nice to have at least 1 free game per week, even if some of them are more “simple” games, but it would keep us always with something fresh to play (of course, I won’t complain if you give us another AAA game this month, hahaha =D ) !

alesshido said:

January 14th, 1:32 pm

Heey looking good Sony! :)
Looks like that the last week feedbacks were really worth it! Thanks for listening! :)

k1ngsnak3 said:

January 14th, 1:36 pm

EPIC! This game has been on my radar for a while. Anyone know if you can install games on an external drive? I already juiced out my system with a new drive and that’s nearly full with the games.

llcdezafrancoll said:

January 14th, 1:40 pm

Nothing for me this week!

PS Vita = PS –


January 14th, 1:41 pm

Wasn’t stardrone already free on VITA?

Qraze said:

January 14th, 1:42 pm

no vita love. oh well.
give us vita plus owners something good when you do, i can wait.

where is mgs peacewalker?

and please, we really need some kind of ad-hoc wifi party app on the vita. i can’t play mhfu unite online, xkai link is weird as hell to set up and i still ain’t done it right. roll us some good gaming apps.

stlthriot said:

January 14th, 1:43 pm

Will the digital Darksiders save file be compatible with the blu-ray copy???

I’m getting frustrated when games create new save files for the digital copies…
Rayman Origins, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Tomb Raider Underworld, etc.

Ashilyn said:

January 14th, 1:45 pm

lol people get a top tier game, and a fair number of them still complain. How sad. I’d really love to know where people are seeing Darksiders for $5/$10. Best I can ever find is $15 used, which is still much more than what my PS+ costs a month.

D-Squad3 said:

January 14th, 1:47 pm

These are the games we should be getting!

AizawaYuuichi said:

January 14th, 1:49 pm

Well, at least it’s a retail game. I bought this on PSN a while back when it was on sale for $10. And I also have both Stardrone and Stardrone Extreme… but at least there’s a poll answer to convey that now. Decent update, but I already own it all… maybe next week…

Yousef901 said:

January 14th, 1:49 pm

Nothing for me :'(

yoko379 said:

January 14th, 1:49 pm

Nice update! I have the second one on PC but haven’t started it yet, so I’ll definitely have to try this one out first! :)

JayBizzle311 said:

January 14th, 1:53 pm

Nice. I had Darksiders and played about half way through but lost interest. I have Darksiders II and still have to play more. Either way I’ll add it to my download list because I’ll come back to it at sometime down the road.

SB_Benihime said:

January 14th, 1:54 pm

Need more JRPG / RPG for Playstation Plus members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

troyliz300 said:

January 14th, 1:57 pm

i love this……..

sab_krit said:

January 14th, 1:57 pm

@Ashilyn Yep, show me where it is new for $10? Walmart had silent hill downpour in the bargain bin for 10 bucks but not Darksiders. Used ones are $10 at Bestbuy tho.

PPPottypants said:

January 14th, 2:02 pm

Darksiders… favorite game of this generation, but of course that means I already have it Sadface.

More interested (and freaked out a lil) in Siren…. literally just started thinkin about it last friday and huntin local stores for it. Spooky. And on the subject of Siren… don’t you think its time to lower the price of Blood Curse episodes? Most people don’t even know it exists, yet its one of the best horror games ever made. And at 40$, I can’t blame em.

BurntGoliath said:

January 14th, 2:02 pm

Really? Really? …this is what PS Plus members get this month?

I got and beat this game ages ago when you offered it digitally for $10…
Last month, EU gets Arkham City and we get Bioshock 2 (great game, but bargain bin)
This month, EU gets Bioshock 2 and we get Darksiders (great game, but bargain bin).

The only reason I rejoined PS Plus this month (only a 3 month subscription) was for the God of War Beta.

Edit: and apparently EU received Darksiders a while ago…

PsychoSploosh69 said:

January 14th, 2:02 pm

Nothing for me again this week.

Loggernaut said:

January 14th, 2:05 pm

It’s refreshing to see the positive feedback this week, the game is amazing and deserves praise. I played it already but everyone who hasn’t shouid try it out.

sab_krit said:

January 14th, 2:05 pm

@BurntGoliath Yep so now you know what u r getting for next year;) DOnt buy it then.

Dang_Man said:

January 14th, 2:07 pm


gatekeeper2954 said:

January 14th, 2:08 pm

for this is my first comment on the network. i would like to

everyone at sony for being in my life.

ps keep up the good work : )

CrazyRap said:

January 14th, 2:08 pm

ahh damn :( i want this for eu

DuoMaxwell007 said:

January 14th, 2:09 pm

@223 umm EU has had this since June…

elpsydominator said:

January 14th, 2:09 pm

please morgan, dont forget psvita, we need more content asap

elpsydominator said:

January 14th, 2:16 pm

and btw I need to buy the original silent hill (ps1 game) for my psvita but its only in the ps3 store =/

ieswkMN said:

January 14th, 2:18 pm

Finally Something good!

sab_krit said:

January 14th, 2:18 pm

@elpsydominator Silent hill 2 is the best Silent Hill.

spikeking365 said:

January 14th, 2:21 pm

cysis 1 or 2 please and or siren blood curse free or at least discounted is what i would like to c

nolo451 said:

January 14th, 2:26 pm

I already played this game last year, it was pretty fun.

Note to new players of this game: You will get VERY frustrated in the Black Throne levels lol, I wanted to toss my remote so many times!

I’ll give it a go again though if only to get all the remaining trophies.

Great stuff as always!

TJF588 said:

January 14th, 2:26 pm

Well, this should weaken whiners’ wishlists a bit. Maybe this can keep up and we’ll see less mob mentality in the comments (though, of course, still warbles, as below).

However, this is another title that I have [access to] on disc, and have digitally via Steam, though at least now I don’t have to bother dropping by my brother’s place to swipe it. I’m in the boat of wanting PSN-exclusives (or at least download-exclusives), due to not finding them anywhere else.

In that mindset, I may well look into Stardrone. Not much difference between $2.50/$2.49 and $2.00, but it’s at that dollar amount that I start to get impulsive, now.

onslaughtree said:

January 14th, 2:28 pm

I already own Darksiders, but OMG, what an awesome game. I think I got stuck in a major glitch way deep into the game but ended up restarting and eventualy playing through about 3 times. If its your 1st time playing this then kudos for you. This title is solid all the way through….Keep on Gaming.

Sevyne said:

January 14th, 2:29 pm

@Morgan: No no. I’m not saying that this was a good pick because it’s a full PS3 game. I think you miss my point. I’m saying it because it’s not only a good game, but because it’s not a broken, unenjoyable, critically bashed game like Chronovolt for example.

It’s not so much about the monetary value of a game, but more about it’s quality and Darksiders is a quality game. For example, Shatter is a pretty cheap game, a small experience, and a PSN only title yet I thought that was a good Plus addition when that was given to us because it was a great game of great quality. Get what I mean? I’m not so good with explaining things lol.

elpsydominator said:

January 14th, 2:29 pm

@228 I know that @sab_krit but I want to play the first one because I only have a vita right now but I can’t because its not available in the vita store only in the ps3 store and its a ps1 game XD

Seiji_Mad_Dog said:

January 14th, 2:31 pm

Seriously? A $2 dollars discount on Stardrone Extreme? Last week was pretty lame. I was cool about that, expecting to see something this week, but I guess PS+ is not a service worth for Vita owners. Got Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Jet Set Radio and Final Fantasy Tactics for $50, it is a good deal, but I should have subscribed for 3 months, not 1 year. Bring some PsOne or PSP classics, please. I bet every Vita owner is tired of the lame updates. I’m buying only games that I find essential, waiting for discounts at stores and PS+.

Sevyne said:

January 14th, 2:31 pm

Also nice to break the repetition of constant fighting games, puzzlers, and sports games. Let’s see if it stays that way at least for a little while.

FistFury_ said:

January 14th, 2:33 pm

Nice, Darksiders xD..! rly thanks !

XRAWDX said:

January 14th, 2:34 pm

Finally, an awesome addition to Playstation Plus – I have not been unhappy with any other previous games though. The PS Vita content has been slacking though, which seems unwise considering Sony seems to be marketing the handheld using the “added PS Plus content.” You promote it directly on the box, but after someone buys it, plays through half a game here and half a game there, they are left wondering when the next game they will be playing half of will come out! Seriously though, awesome so far – just give the PS Vita owners a little taste of something every now and then so we can continue to salivate in anticipation of something new.

TJF588 said:

January 14th, 2:34 pm

Oh, wait, Stardrone is Vita-only? Well, that’ll have to sit out for now. Still don’t have one o’ those beauts (and don’t intend to anyway until its memory cards are acceptably large and appropriately priced).

Figures that inFAMOUS 2 is here to stay. Was kinda chuffed to see that bold of a swap-out.

RafaHolanda_BR said:

January 14th, 2:36 pm

Finally a real game, but where the content for PSVita?

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 14th, 2:38 pm

    it’ll be coming later this month

GanstaKilla85 said:

January 14th, 2:36 pm

Plus should give alien vs predator free for the big release date of aliens colonial marines! That would b great marketing, just like u did with borderlands wen 2 came out!

TuttiCicero said:

January 14th, 2:36 pm

An alright start to 2013.. not enough for me to keep my subscription going just yet since I already own Darksiders BUT if I didn’t – I would be glad this is free.

The GoW:A online beta is pretty fun for just hopping on for 20 minutes or so but it is still fun.

Hoping the PS+ Team is seeing what gamers want now rather than what they can get away with handing out.

mnstrings said:

January 14th, 2:36 pm

lol, looks like the dissatisfied are really reaching the bottom of the barrel for anything to complain about.

Glad to see Darksiders added, not a fan of this type of stuff, but I’ll give it a shot. ;)

You people unhappy about PS+, yeah if you could not renew that would be great.

Dubloon7 said:

January 14th, 2:37 pm

Is Stardrone Vita only, or is it a cross-buy?

smoothboarder540 said:

January 14th, 2:38 pm

Does anyone know how many GBs Darksiders is?

TechnoFoxx said:

January 14th, 2:40 pm

Be nice to see some Vita games guys….maybe like Sine Mora, Oddworld, Corpse Party, or if you’re feeling reeeeally generous DJ Max Technika Tune

Right now, just not worth it for me to sub : /

CaptainRadical said:

January 14th, 2:41 pm

Nothing again this week. Darksiders is a great game, but another that can be found in the 5$ bin at my local EB, or for 2$ on Steam. I guess why not give away a game from a company that’s already broke? No worries right?

I would also like to echo the over whelming disappointment in PS Plus for the Vita. With the way it’s been selling, or NOT selling I would think you would want to maybe make it seem like a worthwhile purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Vita and love it. But everything I hear from others is well, lack of games and the terrible pricing of memory cards. We can put the memory card issue aside for a moment. I actually own a large number of the Vita’s library. There’s some cool games that if people had instant access to for a small fee I’m sure they’d be more open to the idea. But you do have to update the damn thing once in awhile. Throw Metal Gear in there. What about Escape Plan? Hot Shots Golf? These are great Vita games that need to be show cased. But if you want to keep the “do nothing approach” be my guest.

CaptainRadical said:

January 14th, 2:42 pm

Hell even some good PSP games for Vita owners would be great. Especially considering the PSN has the absolutely WORST PRICING of PSP games anywhere.

JnF_Gho5t said:

January 14th, 2:42 pm

Thank you for this great update Morgan! Looks like my idea of Darksiders hitting PS+ came true. Can’t wait to play it!

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