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Jan 21

Jan 21

PlayStation Plus Updates: 75% Off Many Acclaimed Titles, Free Foosball

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Announced earlier today, we’re excited to bring you plenty of discounts this week as part of the 13 for ’13 sale starting tomorrow in the PlayStation Store! In addition to the sale, which offers a 75% discount for PlayStation Plus members on all the featured games, we’ve also got an addition to the Instant Game Collection for both PS3 and PS Vita with Foosball 2012. Read on to find out all the details this week for PlayStation Plus members and then let us know what you think with the poll, as well as the comments.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

January 22nd PlayStation Plus Update

13 for ’13 Sale

75% off Featured PS3 Titles for PS Plus members

We’re not done ringing in the New Year yet! Kick off 2013 with some of the best games available on PSN. PlayStation Plus members get the best deals on these with an astounding 75% off on all the featured titles. Amazing titles like the critically acclaimed The Unfinished Swan, Warp and even the classic Psychonauts will be all on sale. Check out the full list below and get in on the 2013 celebration when these go on sale with tomorrow’s PS Store Update.
Game Normal Price PSN Sale Price Plus Sale Price
LittleBigPlanet Karting $39.99 $19.99 $10.00
The Unfinished Swan $14.99 $7.49 $3.75
Ratchet & Clank $14.99 $7.49 $3.75
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy $7.99 $3.99 $2.00
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection $24.99 $12.49 $6.25
Warp $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Shank 2 $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
NiGHTS into dreams… $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Jet Set Radio $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Psychonauts $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 $39.99 $19.99 $10.00
Machinarium $9.99 $4.99 $2.50
Foosball 2012 (PS3 and PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Jump in to this remarkably fun sports title that captures the fun and spirit of Foosball! With fun single player and multiplayer modes and PS Move support, there’s a lot to love with Foosball 2012. If you own both the PS3 and PS Vita, you’ll also appreciate full cross-compatibility between the two platforms. Not only can you play online against people on the other platform, but you’ll also have your saves automatically synchronized between your two PlayStation consoles. Download it free as a PS Plus member with tomorrow’s PS Store update.

escapeVektor (PS Vita)

20% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $7.99)

Get your hands on the fun gameplay of new release PS Vita title escapeVektor. You’ll take control of Vektor, who has been imprisoned inside the CPU and he needs your help to escape. With 150 nodes (levels) and 27 zones (worlds) to escape from, and tons of enemies and obstacles for you to overcome, you’ll find yourself with plenty to keep you gaming. Read more about escapeVektor in the PS Blog’s preview from last week featuring the game’s Creative Director Nic Watt.

What’s your favorite content from this week’s PS Plus update?

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Let us know what you think of this week’s update in the comments below, and remember to hit the poll above. If you want to see what the rest of the PlayStation community is talking about, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other great topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 1-22-2013

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Toddimus144 said:

January 21st, 1:10 pm

Wow love the discounts! Now I need a bigger hard drive for my Ps3.

I can’t believe LBP Cart Racing for only 10 dollars! My local gamestop still has it new in box for 59.99 – I told them last week that price was crazy as I’ve seen it used for 20 bucks.

ElroyMckracken said:

January 21st, 1:10 pm

@primero, @sab_krit:

mine’s bigger than both of yours. There, now that’s settled, try to get back on topic and subjugate malcontents like good trolls.

p.s <—–has no platinums, nor cares.

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 1:12 pm

@ sab_krit

Are you serious…

First of all, I don’t have unlimited time to game. I can’t finish them all, but I feel like I’ve done quite well for myself. I’m sure tusunami feels the same way about his profile.

And, if you must know, I’m not really a trophy hunter. I’m more of a completionist, but some games I have are actually IMPOSSIBLE to attain 100% completion, due to various factors. Some have multi-player trophies that can’t be achieved due to empty or slow lobbies, and others, like I recently discovered with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, there are a couple of trophies that require 4-player local matches. I rarely have company anymore because I’m not a kid anymore and adults are busy (not to mention I don’t like most people). Also, I only have 2 controllers, and even if I had 4, I wouldn’t want to cheat and get the trophies by doing it by myself anyway.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

January 21st, 1:12 pm

@dantevonkratos – I’m not sure if foosball would be necessary considered a sport. But as far as what you say about Sports games. The new ones (madden 13, NBA 2k13.) they actually have a lot of stuff go into it and give it a realistic game play, with few minor bugs. But most if not all games have those. Sports games in general well that’s your opinion on that one I have no room to argue.

funky1099 said:

January 21st, 1:14 pm

i cant wait to get LBP Karting it gonna be sweet i wanted to preorder it but i didn’t have enought money but now i do. thanks guys!!!! sincerally,Funky1099

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 1:15 pm


I don’t care about platinums either dude.

I doubt yours is bigger than mine though. I have to get all my pants custom made with extra room in the middle. :)

P.S. – Speaking of malcontents, is that how you see me? Be careful how you answer that… you’re about to step into a trap… ;)

TriangleOffense said:

January 21st, 1:16 pm

Tiger 13, LBP Karting and Unfinished Swan will be purchased tomorrow. Finally a somewhat decent sale on some stuff I actually dont own. I still dont think the sales and offerings are on par with the EU but im not going to complain since I actually get to buy something this week.

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:16 pm

@Primero LMFAO at ur #201 so u dont have time to complete 100% of the games. So Y the hell u 2 dumb***** complain about the ppl whining, not completing 100% of their games. Don’t u feel stupid doing that?

sagohichi said:

January 21st, 1:17 pm

Yes! This type of discount service is what I was waiting for PS+.
Unlike whiners, most of gamers buy game when they want to. Wide selection of old discounted games are right direction for the membership program like PS+.
I hope PS+ gives us 13 of 75% discount games every month instead one freebie.

CZOOM01 said:

January 21st, 1:17 pm

Kiss Me Side Ways Sony!!! Awesome Job on deals for Plus Subscribers.

These are great discounts. If you did this every week I would be broke. I own a lot of these games already, but must buy these.

Little Big Planet Karting: $10 (Wow WTH, when I saw this I had to blink 5 times. Good Deal. )
The Unfinished Swan $3.75 (Awesome)
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection: $6.25 (I always wanted to buy this one, Now I am grabbing the best and funnest Golf Game Ever made.)

$20 for 3 great games for me. Thank You Sony!!! Keep up the good work with free games and Discounts, awesome job.

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:17 pm

@ElroyMckracken lol yup u r absolutely correct. :) No comeback from me for ur post.

CaptainRadical said:

January 21st, 1:18 pm

Because you said vote and leave a comment.
I voted, and would you look at that… Nothing for me for what seems like the 8th week in a row…
As for a comment. This is probably the worst update I’ve seen since becoming a plus member. I joined for plus on the vita. And for the SAME PRICE as the PS3 PS+ the Vita gets even crappier updates, less frequent.
So thanks Sony.

BiggieBoi- said:

January 21st, 1:19 pm

now THAT is what an update should be like.. nice going….

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 1:20 pm

@ sab_krit

Because most of the time, they don’t even have their games 5% completed. It’s like they get started, play for a few minutes, then quit. What’s the point of that?

I doubt they’re as busy as I am.

If they were busy, they wouldn’t be ASKING FOR MORE GAMES, now would they? ;)

Think McFly, think.

Nazotchi said:

January 21st, 1:21 pm

These sales are nothing short of amazing, but…Foosball? Really?

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:25 pm

@PrimeroIncognito You have the answers at ur #201 post. Those might be the games they feel the same way when u cant complete the 100% since of slow MP lobbies or impossible trophies. So what’s wrong in them asking for more games which they want to play? Now you can tell me one person who doesnt complete 5% of any games and asking for more.
‘uh, finish those reports on up tonight, and I’ll run ’em on over first thing tomorrow, all right?’

DonkeyKongKilla said:

January 21st, 1:25 pm

@CaptainRadical – Well there’s your misconception. It’s not buying it on the vita and it’s only for the vita. Its for both. Call it a Cross Subscription if you will. But Morgan said for now on as they start to get more into the vita updates it will be later in each month. He wasn’t lying about that.

xClayMeow said:

January 21st, 1:26 pm

I voted “I don’t own the content, but nothing for me this week” because I’m a Vita owner and Foosball is a joke and none of the discounts apply to Vita. If this is going to be the only Vita IGC this month, 2013 is not starting out well at all.

I still don’t get how the marketing department doesn’t want to put Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus as IGC with the sequel releasing next month.

nuluyoondu said:

January 21st, 1:28 pm

it seems like being a faithful gamer and buying games when they 1st come out ( either disc or downloaded ) is making PLUS membership void. not sure i will renew plus. all that is ever offered are games i already own or would not waste my $ on. i paid for plus and got what to borrow darksiders & borderlands PLUS seems like a waste of $ unless you plan on not buying games. PLUS needs to make changes to get more subscribers.

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:30 pm

@CaptainRadical So what u want for ur plus subscription? AC liberation and black ops declasdified? How many games have been released for Vita and how many of them are the one’s you want to play? Make a note of it and check whether plus can give them for u, instead of saying Vita players dont get anything, u got foosball now, chronovolt, gravity rush, wipeout, final fantasy, uncharted.
If you are expecting them to give u all star battle royale with plus ask urself whether u are asking for something reasonable!

Fnook said:

January 21st, 1:31 pm

I see the ‘Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy’ is on sale. Is it just the first game, or can we hope to see a markdown on the Jak and Daxter HD collection too?

cordonbloo said:

January 21st, 1:32 pm

Thanks for the update. I like the interface of the PlayStation Store, but having said that, I would like to offer some feedback about the Downloads section. Since it is sorted by date of purchase, it makes it hard to find any one game, especially once you have a lot of them associated with your account (I have over 200; I’m sure many others have much more). So here are my recommendations:

– Add an option to sort alphabetically
– Add a text-only option (so that you can view only the download titles and should therefore be able to see more on one screen)
– Add an option to group all downloadable content by game, so that you see only one entry for each game title (since so many games include two downloads – the trial game and the key to unlock – this would lead to less clutter; especially for games like the GOTY edition of “Uncharted,” which accounts for several entries just for the language packs)
– Add a search option

It may be that these features already exist in some way, but if they do, so far, they have escaped my attention. At any rate, I enjoy my PS Plus subscription thoroughly, and don’t intend to stop taking advantage of these offers, so I wanted to pass along some feedback.

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 1:33 pm

You’re just playing dumb now (at least I hope you’re playing), so I’m not going to answer that. That’s so stupid. Yeah really, 5% means they couldn’t get the multi-player trophies… ??? Ok, anyway, this is such a stupid discussion you want to have.

Dude, I don’t care about platinums or trophies in general, but you know what? I see you’re playing the percentage angle, but here’s another way we could look at it:

You have a lot less games on your list overall.

I have 42 games completed to 100%, 48 if you count the ones that are complete, but I’m lacking the DLC.

You have no more than 27 games completed to 100%

You’re also behind me in trophy level, silver, gold, and overall trophy count, while having more bronze trophies and everyone knows bronze trophies are equivalent of crap. So, you’re not as great as you think you are.

And I don’t even care about trophy competitions anyway!

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:34 pm

@nuluyoondu So whats ur suggestion to improve their services? Give out black ops2 , AC3 and hitman absolution?

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 1:35 pm


So, there.

Suck on that.

I’m outta here, I got things to do, and you really don’t bring out the best in me anyway, dude. It’s kinda scary. You need to work on your tact and your grammar.

‘Til next time…

Blazin_Blackie said:

January 21st, 1:35 pm

at such a low price i ABSOLUTELY have to get the unfinished swan. too bad there arent any $5 PSN cards :(

DonkeyKongKilla said:

January 21st, 1:35 pm

@nuluyoondu – Well seems like you have the luxury in doing that like many others, Looking at a lot of the content it seems that this is probably more for the people that don’t have that luxury. Take that into consideration, and if the case than you shouldn’t Re-subscribe because it doesn’t do you any justice and I’m sure Sony would much rather take your money full up-front on games. Your happy, They’re happy with it.

YungShep said:

January 21st, 1:37 pm

@224 best buy has 10.00 cards!

unbornsoldier said:

January 21st, 1:42 pm

Great job on the discounts ps team :),makes up for foosball and then some,getting the unfinished swan,Lil big planet karting,warp,might get ratchet and clank depending on which one it is,also is house of the dead overkill only move enabled or can we use our ps controller?? Once again great job,discounts is one of the best incentives to be a plus member :).

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:44 pm

@Primero Like I said I have taste in what games I play. I dont play all the released games out there, like I said in earlier posts. I dont have time to waste time on all the available titles out there especially the toned down psn games or 2d and 8 bit games.

‘Dude, I don’t care about platinums or trophies in general, but you know what? I see you’re playing the percentage angle, but here’s another way we could look at it:’

Are u so dumb to to accept that, then u shouldnt hv started with the other ppl not completing 100% of their games or u r so ignorant to accept u hv made a mistake of talking abt other not completing 100% of their games. cuz You have 42 100% of 108 games which is less than 50% of ur games and I even see that u are one of those 5% with MK vs DC, Wipeout and more.. So y bother even commenting of others who hv 5% completed games?

unbornsoldier said:

January 21st, 1:46 pm

Also some feedback would love to see dark souls,grid,Alice madness returns,syndicate,binary domain,Asuras wrath,dragons dogma free for ps plus members also some discounts on ps2 games or free would be a great incentive :)

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 1:50 pm

@PrimeroIncognito LOL shoo ‘Run forrest run’ Hide till other trolls come by to help u.

‘I got things to do, and you really don’t bring out the best in me anyway, dude. It’s kinda scary’

LOL things to do. Wait u are not even a plus member who’s trolling in Plus update page, Right, u got thing to do.

Best in u what?LOL, you lil crybaby. did I make u mad pointing out how illlogical u r. It’s ok next time try even hard, you might make sense someday.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

January 21st, 1:51 pm

@unbornsoldier Looked it up for you, According to wiki (couldn’t find a real answer anywhere else other than its compatible with move) it is for the regular controller as well. Hope this information is correct by all means.

Grognard66 said:

January 21st, 1:52 pm

I was hoping Resistance or Lumines for the Vita would be on this sale. Oh well, maybe next time.

unbornsoldier said:

January 21st, 1:55 pm

@donkeykongkilla appreciate it bro

EggySong85 said:

January 21st, 1:57 pm

LBP Karting, Unfinished Swan, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, NiGHTS, House of the Dead, and spychonaughts – all for less than $30

Dear Sony. This is on par with Steam sales. I like the new Sony. Please do this more often.

unbornsoldier said:

January 21st, 1:57 pm

Anybody here play house of the dead overkill? Is it worthy of the ps move controller and is it worth buying if I only have a ps3 controller????

TerraAshura said:

January 21st, 2:03 pm

After years of not really getting around to it I’m finally gonna pick up Ratchet and Clank. $3.75 is a great price.

Also, Jak and Daxter for $2 is a must-buy for anyone with a PSN+ account who likes a good platformer.

D-Squad3 said:

January 21st, 2:04 pm

OMG there are so many games I have to get! They’re so cheap!

DonkeyKongKilla said:

January 21st, 2:04 pm

@unbornsoldier – No problem, I just want to note that Wiki gets bad rep for information because people can change it but all changed information is suppose to be checked and verified before it going public. But I haven’t actually played this game myself so I couldn’t tell you on first hand experience. Hopefully Wiki is correct or someone corrects me if I am wrong. I just want you to be aware about the info. And no problem I try to help.

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 2:04 pm


OK, I’ve got about 5 minutes before I have to leave. Yes, I’m busy unlike you. You seem to have some sort of comprehension problem, but I’ll try just once more. If I can’t get through to you this time, I’m done with it.

You see, when you look at some person’s profile who constantly claims they want more and more from Plus, but ALL of their games are between 5-10% (not just a few, but ALL of them) it makes you wonder why they’re even here. They’re not really gamers.

Sure, I have a few games that low, but that’s because I can only play one game at a time! Most of the games at the bottom of my list are backlogged games that I haven’t really started yet! And I’m working on completing some of the others that are near 100%!

unbornsoldier said:

January 21st, 2:06 pm

@donkeykongkilla I heard that too,always appreciated,add me up on ps3

JuniorPS said:

January 21st, 2:07 pm

I want to pay the Sega people at least SOME money for Jet Set Radio Also, I want it secured in my collection if I ever miss renewing Plus.

So quick question: I’m a PS Plus member and already have Jet Set Radio for Vita as a free game, can I still pay the sale price?

PrimeroIncognito said:

January 21st, 2:08 pm

Also, there are many other games where I haven’t acquired 100% trophies, but have completed the campaign, so they are technically finished games. Almost all of my remaining sub-100% games are like that. I have VERY FEW games where I have not completed the campaign, which is actually the most important part! Trophies are extras!

By the way, when you say, “I have taste”, that means absolutely nothing. It proves nothing. Everyone likes to believe they have “taste”. Do you ever think you’ll meet a gamer who’ll say, “Gosh, I really have crappy taste in games!” Not gonna happen.

Ok, now I really do have to take care of some business. I’ll play with you later, junior.

AizawaYuuichi said:

January 21st, 2:09 pm

I voted for the 13 in ’13 discount option, but I also like the escapeVektor discount. Basically, I like discounts. I get to purchase the games and keep them even if I let my + sub lapse, and it actually makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of the program. I honestly prefer really good discounts over 2-3 free games a month.
I think I’ll finally need to add more money to my wallet this week. I’ve been cruising off the $100 I put there in early December. Not a good thing for you guys it took this long to empty it, lol.
But again, awesome discounts. Much appreciated. :)

Loggernaut said:

January 21st, 2:09 pm

Uh… not too excited about the free game this week since I don’t really like sports games but will check it out regardless, can’t complain really. The sale on the other side is just amazing, looking forward to the unfinished swan and LBP tomorrow.

pers1m0ny said:

January 21st, 2:10 pm

Nothing for me this week. Sorry just not into smallish PSN titles, no matter how much you discount em.
And the free game this week is a total bust.

I’m probably going to DL it because it is ‘free’, but I may not even bother starting it to try. Is what happened to NBA Jam on fire as well. I haven’t even tried it yet, just not… really… worth the effort.

Back to playing ‘Dead Island’ which I picked up on Black Friday sale a while ago for only 10$ from Future Shop. I haven’t played any plus content in months because there hasn’t been anything ‘for me’. So I am back to picking up cheap/used games on sale from places like gamestop. That bodes ill for renewing my sub.

Ya know… The 50$ I spent on plus can also buy 5 or more old games on disk. And the good thing about those games compared to plus is:
– they don’t expire
– have trade-in value
– I actually pick games I like rather than give away my money and hope I get lucky with ‘plus free games roulette’.

Anyhoo… plus may still be worth it the jury’s still out. Still 6 more months on my sub, can I get at least 5 good games I don’t already own out of ‘plus roulette’? Will have to wait and see.

ccanfield1 said:

January 21st, 2:10 pm

Loved the Unfinished Swan demo. I will definitely be getting that one.

AizawaYuuichi said:

January 21st, 2:10 pm

@ JuniorPS: I’m pretty sure the version of JSR that’s on sale is the PS3 version, not the Vita one. Obviously we’ll find out tomorrow when the store updates (or if Morgan answers you directly), but I’m betting on the PS3 version.

sab_krit said:

January 21st, 2:12 pm

@PrimeroIncognito WOW! U surfaced again to say you dont hv time to waste.

‘You see, when you look at some person’s profile who constantly claims they want more and more from Plus, but ALL of their games are between 5-10% (not just a few, but ALL of them) it makes you wonder why they’re even here. They’re not really gamers’

So u dont hv time, cuz u want to look at those people’s profile who ask for more games and check whether they have completed more than 5% of the games they own and come to a plus update page and comment on those ppl. NICE!!! great job busy bee. Keep ’em coming.Let’s see how busy you can get. Get those people’s id who have done what u mentioned with a list of less than 5% games they have in their profile.

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