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Jan 22

Jan 22

Venture into The Cave, Out Today on PSN

JP LeBreton's Avatar Posted by Senior Designer, Double Fine Productions

Greetings! The team here at Double Fine Productions is pleased to announce that The Cave, our latest game led by legendary adventure game designer Ron Gilbert, comes out today on PSN.

In The Cave, you’ll choose three characters – from a possible seven – to descend into the depths of an ancient and mysterious cave, each of them in search of something they desire above all else. This is no ordinary ancient and mysterious cave, however: The Cave happens to be alive, watching their every move, narrating their stories, doling out wisdom and mockery in equal measure. What could his true motive possibly be? He’s not telling. “Mysterious” just means “not telling”.

Depending on which characters you choose, you’ll puzzle your way through a Victorian mansion, a museum from the far future, a desert island, a nuclear missile silo, and much more… all buried deep within The Cave. See? We’re being mysterious too!

The Cave on PSN

The Cave on PSNThe Cave on PSN

We’ve designed the puzzles such that one player can solve them by switching between all three characters, or you can have friends join in for two or three player local cooperative play. Each character has a unique special ability, which gives them access to new areas and puzzle solutions.

You’ll run around and jump on stuff, but make no mistake: The Cave is an adventure game in the grand old tradition of games where you steal things, make people upset, and break into places. Who doesn’t love that? Buy The Cave today and prove you are capable of love!

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TwinDad said:

January 22nd, 11:02 am

I had an amazing amount of fun playing this at the SEGA booth at PAX prime.

WHITE_PR said:

January 22nd, 11:04 am

Im ready to buy this game.

Zarxce said:

January 22nd, 11:05 am

Was just listening to the blogcast interview with Ron Gilbert yesterday (made me go back and play through Monkey Island HD on my PS3). Really looking forward to playing this as Ron Gilbert’s games are among the only to make me actually laugh out loud (I think Portal 2 has been the only other successful game in that department).


January 22nd, 11:06 am

been reading about this all week and honestly cant wait to play it….

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

January 22nd, 11:06 am

Will surely explore The cave as the Knight.

Will it have a PS Plus discount & Vita Ver. ? just wondering, not demanding.

rawd76 said:

January 22nd, 11:07 am

Will buy this for sure

RSxcore said:

January 22nd, 11:09 am


YamiNoAkuma said:

January 22nd, 11:09 am

Hey…just update PlayStation Store already so people can get these games. I’m dying to get my hands on the MGRising demo.= and want to play it before going to work.

four24twenty said:

January 22nd, 11:10 am

Thank you for making this. I’m looking forward to exploring via couch co-op with the Wifey. Seems like the perfect game for such endeavors…

I hope this game succeeds!

ERC1980 said:

January 22nd, 11:14 am


One question: Any plans for move support? hope the answer is yes

    JP LeBreton's Avatar

    JP LeBreton said:

    January 22nd, 1:53 pm

    Hi! Sorry to disappoint, but there’s no Move support and we have no plans to add it.

enricky559 said:

January 22nd, 11:14 am

This game looks really fun. I hope to see it on the Vita part of the store as well.

dodgedoors said:

January 22nd, 11:15 am

I am surprised more developers of psn only games aren’t making both vita and ps3 versions. Every time one of these types of games comes on the blog there is always questions about a vita version. With the small library the vita has right now it would only make sense to make more vita games. So much more money in the vita developing than ps3 only.

Stringer2355 said:

January 22nd, 11:16 am

How is CO-OP done, couch, LAN over Internet ?

    JP LeBreton's Avatar

    JP LeBreton said:

    January 22nd, 1:55 pm

    Couch coop is supported. It’s important to be able to reach over and smack (gently! not advocating violence!) your coop buddy if they’re misbehaving.

four24twenty said:

January 22nd, 11:19 am

3 player couch!

CrusaderForever said:

January 22nd, 11:21 am

How is the language in this game? I mean can a 5 year old play COOP with his Dad? I am getting this regardless and will play it before my son gets a look at it. But it looks like it could be a fun COOP game for my son and I. Thanks for making this game and bringing it to the PSN!

Berae said:

January 22nd, 11:27 am

It looks pretty interesting


January 22nd, 11:28 am

@12 for some yes others no

big companies like capcom have large development crews… marvel vs capcom origins would have been perfect for vita and capcomhas enough employees to focus on a vita version….

but if you look at just add water or the developers of rainbow moon they can only focus on one platform at a time….

example oddworld strangers wrath released on vita 6-8 months after ps3 version and it looks like munch’s oddessy vita is looking at a similar time frame…. and rainbow moon vita is due out in april or may a full year after the ps3 version

it really depends on the size of the developer…. but i agree more of these games would benefit if vita is included in the planning phase

wantsumcandi said:

January 22nd, 11:52 am

@#8 I can’t even access the store. It.keeps saying its under maintenance for me. Does anyone have the price for this game? It would be nice to know for those of us who might have to go get a psn card when the store updates. I hope the maintenance thing doesn’t last long like last week maintenance did.

dodgedoors said:

January 22nd, 11:54 am

Thanks for the explanation.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

January 22nd, 11:55 am

@#18 I believe the price will be 14.99$ as usual.

CrusaderForever said:

January 22nd, 11:56 am

@18 $14.99

wantsumcandi said:

January 22nd, 11:59 am

The PS EU store list The Cave at €9.99/€12.99 so I’m guessing that there will be a PS+ discount? Doesn’t mean we will get it here in NA. So it will be around $7.99-$9.99???

wantsumcandi said:

January 22nd, 12:02 pm

The PS EU store list The Cave at €9.99/€12.99 so I’m guessing that there will be a PS+ discount? Doesn’t mean we will get it here in NA. So it will be around $7.99-$9.99??? Oops I’m doing it backwards. So yes you two are right $14.99….nah. I’ll wait for a price drop or free with plus.

WHITE_PR said:

January 22nd, 12:06 pm

USA Store dont updated yet. :(

AdamAnt41 said:

January 22nd, 12:46 pm

Why does it take so long for the psn store to update?

DrkrZen said:

January 22nd, 12:47 pm

Really cool lookin’ but $15 is pushin’ it. I’ll definitely pick it up on a sale, though.

roccolou said:

January 22nd, 1:07 pm

Looks interesting, however it’s not available on the store now. Maybe Wednesday?

YamiNoAkuma said:

January 22nd, 1:07 pm

WHen is the US PSStore going to update?

GhostMachine1 said:

January 22nd, 1:16 pm

You guys should make a vita game.

ebineesey said:

January 22nd, 1:17 pm

This looks like a LBP, Rochard, Pid, and Spelunker mashup. Should be interesting.
Definitely waiting for it to come down from $15 though.

WHITE_PR said:

January 22nd, 3:21 pm

6:21pm in Florida nothing yet.


January 22nd, 3:28 pm

why there’s nothing yet ?!

ppnff said:

January 22nd, 3:37 pm

Still nothing…


January 22nd, 3:40 pm

sony should be exact with their update times …

Wozman23 said:

January 22nd, 3:54 pm

Like a few others, I’m (somewhat) patiently awaiting the store update.

SpooNManX said:

January 22nd, 4:37 pm

Is this the Kickstarter funded game, or is that going to be something else?
Sorry if this is a noobish question.. I lost track of the updates.

It does look great none the less. I was a big fan of the point & click classics as well as newer entries such as Costume Quest.

chris_tane said:

January 22nd, 4:46 pm

This isn’t the Kickstarter game. It’s a puzzle platformer from the same developer, but it has nothing in common with the classic adventure game that’s still in development.

FoRgOtN said:

January 22nd, 5:01 pm

The PS Store still hasn’t updated. They are slacking or having some issues. Ready for the MGR demo.

PHATTY5 said:

January 22nd, 5:12 pm

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but it’s already after 6 MST and still no update. I usually start seeing it around 3-4 PM that is if I don’t have work. What’s going on? I’m ready and waiting to get my hands on some awesome demos this week.

FlyingBurrito76 said:

January 22nd, 5:17 pm

Boy, I hate to be angry about petty stuff but, I can’t STAND these store updates that don’t go live until after 8-9PM EST.

Seriously, I’ve been waiting ALL DAY to play The Cave! Come on SONY LET ME SPEND SOME MONEY ON PSN!!!

klassymike said:

January 22nd, 5:19 pm

Sony needs to realize not everyone’s on the west coast. Some of us would like to get an earlier store update. They need to start updating around noon eastern time so everyone can enjoy the newest offerings and stop waiting until so late in the day.

Pumpkin_Bread said:

January 22nd, 7:56 pm

Vita, pwease?

Elvick_ said:

January 23rd, 1:32 am

@40: That’s your own stupidity then. You recognize it updates late consistently, yet you wait around anyway. That is your choice. You could just go about your business and act like Wednesdays are the day it’s updated and thus not have to wait at all.

Welmosca said:

January 23rd, 10:08 am

Ha been following this game….looks fantastic and has some humor….I really loved it……I gonna buy without doubt,games like this always give tons of fun even more if I can play co-op with my lil brother….but I’ll be buying later sadly I have an huge backlog of games to play even if I buy now I would play just later so its better to wait…I might even have some luck and buy on a sale.

swissmr said:

January 24th, 6:44 pm

Saw this showed off with creator on giantbomb dot com and it looked really neat :)
Very creative, deep but not overly complex. Exactly what i want in most games. :)

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