Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Animated Short Steals the Show

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Animated Short Steals the Show

When Ghostbot was first approached by Sanzaru to work on the next installment of Sly Cooper, I had to do a double take. I was already a big fan of the original games, and I couldn’t believe what a great honor it was to have an opportunity to work on it. Being a lifelong gamer myself, I have a lot of respect for Sucker Punch and the Sly Cooper story. There are legions of devoted Sly fans, so we wanted to make sure our addition to Sly’s journey respected the fun and charm of the original games. At the same time, we wanted to push the quality of the art and animation to the next level as well as bring the audience something they hadn’t seen before.

Working on the 2D cinematics for the game with Sanzaru was loads of fun. One of our goals was to convey the twists and turns of their story in an entertaining way. We also wanted to inject some real thought and dimension into each character’s personality.

One of the bigger goals artistically was to make sure our art integrated with what Sanzaru was doing in 3D. We took a cue from their elaborate models, detailed environments, and wonderful concept art to guide our cinematic work. We wanted to bring the whole 2D experience to a higher level. It’s a rare opportunity to do 2D animation in console gaming, so we had to make sure we did a great job.

Many fans, including myself, believe that Sly Cooper and the gang would make a fantastic animated TV show or movie. With that mindset, Ghostbot presented to Sanzaru and PlayStation the idea of doing an animated short that would reintroduce Sly Cooper and the gang in a big way. The animated short we ultimately ended up creating shows a story from Sly’s past that the fans haven’t seen. It also gives first time viewers a sense of fun and adventure that awaits them in Sly’s world.

Much like Sly and his sneaky ways, you might have seen episodes from the animated short pop up across the web on some of the industry’s most popular gaming sites. Here’s the first one, and another, oh, and here too. Some of you have already been tracking down the episodes and putting the pieces of the puzzle together to uncover the whole story, but we wanted to share the whole thing on PlayStaiton.Blog in its uninterrupted entirety.

Sly is one of the greatest thieves of all time, so we needed to create a heist that was not just challenging, but nearly impossible. He’s a thrill seeker with rogue-ish charm, so it’s no wonder he’s drawn to a dangerous relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox. That is something we wanted to touch on as well, as it’s always a big part of every Sly Cooper story. Beyond what makes Sly and his world tick, we wanted to inject a ton of action and adventure in a short amount of time.

We certainly loved working on Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and we hope the fans will like it too. Sit back, and enjoy the show!

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  • i cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg

  • POWERRichard

    looks like Carmelita Fox can’t keep her mouth shut when getting duct-tape removed off her :P.

  • I always though that Mugshot’s legs were too weak to support him.

  • I read this was going to be released on PSN after the launch of the game, in my opinion it should be before or the same day and put it on the Whats New, notification bar, everything possible so people unaware of the game download it, watch and you have more potential buyers instead of missing out on them completely.

    Also, Sony should release a “PlayStation All Stars” anime series either with all PS characters or at least the cartoony or cute ones like the classic trio Jak, Ratchet and Sly and friends and Sackboy and friends.

  • wow looks nice =)

  • Wow after watching this, it inspired me to finished Sly 3. Looks like I have a week to do so before I get Sly 4 Can’t wait.


    Sly Cooper is fantastic.


  • THE_189comic

    Cant wait till Jan.29 and Feb 5 Because i got the preorder specials!!!

  • YoruAzeniaSIC

    Haha I can’t wait for this game to come out been waiting to go on an other adventure with Sly and the Gang for way to long.

  • THEKevinMiller

    It was an absolute joy adding the narration to beautiful short! Props to you, Alan and your team for pulling off an amazing caper!

  • Wow, great job. Really cool video. Now I can’t wait for the game.

  • inSiderNextZ

    Dear, Sanzaru Games, give us Jak and Daxter 4 or/and Jak and Daxter Collection Volume 2!

  • inSiderNextZ

    Sanzaru Games, what you think about to create a new Jak and Daxter game?

  • yeah great idee insidernextz
    demo on ps vita sly cooper thieves in time when in the psn store?

  • thanujan12345

    demo on ps vita and ps3(without plus) sly cooper thieves in time when in the psn store?

  • SlyTheCooper06


  • omg where is the demo for the psv

  • thanujan12345

    when will the demo come for psv?????
    and when wil the demo be without plus on ps3?????

  • Is the demo available in the UK?

  • i man i cant wait but i have to wait becouse i not home thuesday
    pfffffffff not cool so long wait and 1 day longer

  • iam gonne buy it in the psn store

  • the game i mean

  • thanujan12345

    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!!
    Sly Cooper Thieves In Time<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • It should be a TV series. In fact, we have a Facebook page for it:!/IWantSlyCooperInHisOwnAnimatedSeries. Can I get some help in getting likes on the page and getting the word out. If we get enough likes this could end up happening! Ghostbot, you guys did an awesome job with this short and maybe we’ll get to see more of your work for Sly in the future!

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