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Jan 28

Jan 28

PlayStation Plus Update: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free for Members

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

January is almost over, and we have one more Plus update for you, but first let’s reminisce on this month’s offerings, shall we? Plus member freebies included NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Darksiders, Mega Man 9 and 10, along with Foosball 2012, and we there were some awesome deals with the 13 for ’13 discounts (last day is today). Topping it all off was access to the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta, and the 12+3 Plus promotion where you can buy one year of Plus and get three extra months at no additional cost; which is active right now.

We’re sending January off by welcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for PS Vita, free for Plus members! There are also some amazing PSN gems at fantastic prices that you may have missed. Read on and enjoy the update, which takes effect when the PlayStation Store updates on January 29th.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita to purchase, or click here to get instant access via the Sony Entertainment Network online store.

January 29th PlayStation Plus Update

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

One of the highest-rated action games is back and better than ever. Experience a new way to play one of the finest editions of Ninja Gaiden Sigma with motion & touch controls, tons of content, and new challenges to test even the toughest ninja. Be warned though, Ninja Gaiden is a tough game, but the feeling of mastering the combat and handling your foes is second to none.
Madden 13 Sale (PS3 and PS Vita)

30% off for PS Plus members

With the Super Bowl right around the corner (go Niners!), our friends at EA are happy to help everyone get ready for the big game by offering both PS3 and PS Vita versions of Madden 13 for 30% off.

Madden 13 (PS3) – Original Price: $41.99; PS Plus Price: $29.39
Madden 13 (PS Vita) – Original Price: $27.99; PS Plus Price: $19.59

Gatling Gears (PS3)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $4.99; PS Plus Price: $2.50)

When the Empire begins its reign of destruction in a thirst for natural resources, it’s up to Max Brawley, a retired Gatling Gear pilot, to stop them. Together with his niece and his trusty Gatling Gear unit he must fight his way to the heart of the Empire and eliminate the destruction at its source. Grab the game that IGN.com called “a joy to play”, at a steal of a price.
Section 8: Prejudice (PS3)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $5.00)

Pick up this sci-fi first person shooter with dynamic combat at an amazing price. In Section 8: Prejudice, every decision drastically impacts the battlefield. Discover the sinister series of betrayals that threaten humanity’s survival in the single-player campaign; or battle up to 32 players in multiple game modes as you complete a variety of Dynamic Combat Missions.
Greed Corp (PS3) (US and Canada only)

50% off for PS Plus members (Original price: $4.99; PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Why share when you can have it all? Greed Corp is an online multiplayer strategy game in which you battle for dominance over a world once rich in resources. In order to prevail, you must exhaust all remaining resources to build an army, and use the depleted collapsing terrain to your advantage. An extensive campaign mode and multiple unlockables are also waiting to help you prepare to take the battle online.

Let us know what you think of this week’s update in the comments below, and remember to vote in the poll to help us see what you’re excited about from this week’s update. If you want to see what the rest of the PlayStation community is talking about, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other topics to chat about (or start one yourself). See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 1-29-2013

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gexillion said:

January 28th, 11:26 am

I.m sorry question 17.

Dragonslayer_023 said:

January 28th, 11:29 am

PS+ on Vita started really strong but has kind of floundered since, so good to finally see some substantial new content for it.

viceforce said:

January 28th, 11:29 am

People it’s called Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS lol get it.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 28th, 12:13 pm

    I know, I saw that when writing this post and was all wtf for a sec.

Halathos7 said:

January 28th, 11:30 am

I’m just going to stop buying Games, Got PSPLUS on my Vita. Bought Retro City Rampage, next week it’s free. Bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS, next week it’s free. Do I get a refund for it, most likely not! Frustrating as hell!

StunnaMain said:

January 28th, 11:31 am

What ever happened to having pocket fighter for the vita? I’m still holding my breath on that…Or I would take puzzle fighter as a replacement and all would be forgiving!

AltairBioshokero said:

January 28th, 11:32 am

Dissapointing…. i don’t own a vita, so i am not intrested at all in this update… i was expecting a GOOD ps3 game for free… this whole month has probably been the worst in PS+ history… I hope you change things, like turning these weekly updates into monthly updates… and get us some good games for christ sake! Europe got Mortal Kombat, Batman Arkham City, and now they got Sleepeng Dogs! A game that came out last year! Please… give us something good, i want a racer or something cool like that, maybe some PS3 exclusive, you could give away Uncharted 3….

lightbr said:

January 28th, 11:32 am

Thanks for a good game for PSVita (unfortanlly i already own this one), but that doesn´t matter just restore my faith on PSN+ a little more.
I hope you guys keep the quality this time!! And i´m waiting the PS3 game with great expectations!!

kaminari2 said:

January 28th, 11:33 am

Balls, nothing good this week.

Was hoping for some PS3 lovin’ but since the Vita hasn’t had much I’ll love.

YungShep said:

January 28th, 11:35 am

why would anyone prefer the ps3 version of this over the vita version…do you know when the ps3 version came out……there would be 1000 rants about that alone. sigma plus came out last year..this is good, and sucks for you if you dont have a vita..how about you join us.

felipeUmbra said:

January 28th, 11:36 am

I already have NGS but yet a greeeeeeat udate for Vita owners, thanks guys, keep this way ^^

zidane40o0 said:

January 28th, 11:40 am

When I saw Ninja Gaiden , I was like meh, Sony did it again and screwed NA, but when I discovered it was for the Vita, I was rejoiced , please continue to be great like this and stop giving us the cheap games like Foosball or whatever, Darksiders was great and this is going to be great as well, just keep up the good work and stop treating NA costumers like second rate rubbish.

enricky559 said:

January 28th, 11:40 am

Hey Morgan why are the poll’s set to private?

StackedPancakes said:

January 28th, 11:41 am

What about any PS Plus free icons or themes? That’s what I’ve been hoping for. It’s been quite a dry spell in that department since I’ve rejoined Plus. = (

RyanSaotome said:

January 28th, 11:42 am

I can’t believe how entitled PS3 owners feel. Its been like 2 months since Vita got a full game on Plus.. yet all they can do is complain when they get plenty of games? Its a service for PS3 and Vita, not just PS3.

Volcomkewl said:

January 28th, 11:42 am

Great update, but why isn’t this for both system’s like RCR was? Come on now.

Kchow23 said:

January 28th, 11:42 am

Please add the functionality to upgrade a secondary account to a master account. Also, I got a White PS3 early (Friday) and used the 1 year Plus code any chance that I could get the extra 3 months?

jwj011576 said:

January 28th, 11:43 am

Since PlayStation Plus started there has never been 1 time that there was a free ps3 game every week before the Vita got PlayStation Plus the free game would be added the 1st week of each month now the start of the month an end an end of the month is Vita. So stop your whining

Joe-TFW said:

January 28th, 11:44 am

I’ll take just about any PS+ Vita content I can get. I enjoyed Ninja Gaiden when originally released, so I’ll give it a go on the Vita. It’ll be a nice switch up from Uncharted, which has been eating up most of my Vita playing time.

sab_krit said:

January 28th, 11:45 am

@wj011576 Why are u whining?

unbornsoldier said:

January 28th, 11:45 am

@ Morgan I don’t think this is the way to go with plus,mark my words in the upcoming months if you continue to give ps3 owners a free game in the beginning of each month and a free one for vita owners at the end of the month it will divide the ps community,I like many others here paid for ps plus for ps3 only,i think it would be a great idea to provide 2 different ps plus one for ps3 and the other for vita,it’s the best thing to do,I might consider buying the discounted games,look forward to the month of February

xClayMeow said:

January 28th, 11:45 am

OMG, YES! I called it!!!!

Thanks, Morgan, for actually listening…and it’s good to know that the PS+ team does have sense after all, despite all the naysayers. With the sequel coming out next month, this is a BRILLIANT marketing move.

You have restored my faith in PS+!

Cheers to you and your team!

MarkakaJin said:

January 28th, 11:46 am

Sleeping Dogs for free should have happened instead.

sab_krit said:

January 28th, 11:47 am

@MarkakaJin What makes u think, it should have happened?

TaLTaL55 said:

January 28th, 11:47 am

Hey Morgan, you replied me in page 3 and you said:

“There was never any statement that there would be a PS3 game every week free”

You are right, but when there was no vita on plus, I as a ps3 gamer, actually got more bang for my buck.
I think it’s a great update, but as the vita takes more and more room from each update I fell kind of cheated.

Thank you for your reply, I hope you will find the time to reply to this comment if you have something to say,


January 28th, 11:50 am

You guys should really listen to people and show an update MONTHLY not WEEKLY. I suspect you guys make it weekly to bring in the numbers of people visiting your site because monthly would mean people would come less. If that’s the case then that sucks for us. Also why has Europe been getting better PS+ content? Nearly everyone agrees! I see it in the comment all the time. They just announced Sleeping Dogs! I really want that game and here we get Ninja Gaiden: Sigma which is good for the Vita people. Not trying to be one of those that get mad no matter what but at least update monthly (keep it in the main page if you want people to keep seeing it) and bring better full PS3 games for free! PLEASE! Sleeping Dogs would be so epic! I’m sure the surveys/polls over PS+ content shows we aren’t very satisfied with these weak PSN games. No disrespect to those devs.

Sonicfan11589 said:

January 28th, 11:51 am

I don’t know if u will answer this, MIGHT be too soon, will Dead or Alive 5 Plus which releases 3/19/13 have a PS Plus deal? I MIGHT get plus if that is the case.

Volcomkewl said:

January 28th, 11:51 am

It would be better if there was free games for both systems for free each week. And there should still be free ps1 or even ps2 games every week, what happened to that? And even the mini’s.

Sonicfan11589 said:

January 28th, 11:54 am

I would also say GREAT TIMING WITH Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus since the sequel re-releases on Vita late next month. I have an idea in case u guys haven’t thought of it yet, as Dead or Alive 5 Plus releases inches closer, sell the tons of DLC for cheaper prices as a sale especially with the Plus discount. Just an idea. There are tons of DLC.

Kedaro said:

January 28th, 11:54 am

This doesn’t change a thing, I’m still mad that we early supporters, and continued subscribers miss that window for 3 month unless we want to spend an extra $50, after just renewing for $50.

… again … not cool.

ch8882002usnavy said:

January 28th, 11:55 am

A much better update then last week (which was just embarrassing). This will definitely be a nice addition to my Vita collection.

Satnamji said:

January 28th, 11:55 am

I consider this a good update in the sense there is nothing for me, as I’m still downloading purchased games from the 13 in ’13 sale. lol

RMattos said:

January 28th, 11:56 am

I just hope this is not the last update for Vita this month. I repeat a question I saw above, any chance for discounts for Vita games as we saw on 13 for 13?

Grognard66 said:

January 28th, 11:57 am

Cool. I needed another single player game for my Vita since I just wrapped up AC: Liberation.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 28th, 12:14 pm

    This one will definitely keep you busy.

BlueBl1zzard said:

January 28th, 11:57 am

@ JoeGoodsnake If that’s a fancy way of asking do EU and NA Plus receive the same things, then I’ll say of course not, everyone sees that. Now I’ll also say what constitutes “better” or “more value” is up to the person. As far as the free games, would I be happy if we (NA) received the same stuff as EU? Yes I would. But am I upset that we don’t? No, and here’s why:
1) I buy games that I want (like Sleeping Dogs), and don’t count on getting them free from Plus. Most of the games they’re getting if I wanted, I would have bought them by now. If I can’t afford all of them (which I can’t), I gotta make choices.
2) I don’t expect us to get their games, because to the best of my knowledge, nowhere was it ever said that we would. We’ve been getting different stuff for about 6 months now, so wasn’t really expecting it to change today all of a sudden.
3) I don’t really care for free games being that you can’t keep them if your subscription lapses. I love me some sales though.
4) I’m grateful for what I have. So if I did/didn’t know what games they were getting, it wouldn’t change the value of what we get in my eyes.

GoCanes89 said:

January 28th, 11:57 am

Wish I had a Vita so this update would have something for me. Can’t wait to see next week’s update as it will be matching up against EU’s 6 February update (Sleeping Dogs, Quantum Conundrum, F1 Race Stars).

greghove79 said:

January 28th, 11:58 am

So…the major release this week caters to the small-but-vocal faction of Vita-owning subscribers. That’s fine, I guess, as long as you include something for PS3 owners … which you didn’t. It’s absolutely laughable that you view this discounted Madden 13 deal as something worthwhile for the Plus service. At this point, anyone with any interest in the game has likely purchased it long ago or is not remotely interested enough in the first place to feel like shelling out 30 bucks for it. Also, many sports fans are already moving on to NBA or MLB games, as the football season is basically over, and it’s time for a change. Yeah, so, not really sure the demographic you’re aiming for with this “discount.” Hardly a discount, IMO, as sports games always drop in price significantly when the season ends — it will probably be about $30 at one’s nearest Gamestop a day after the Superbowl. As for the PSN games … meh, they just don’t do it for me.

It should come as no surprise that I chose the “nothing for me” option.

Michzadood said:

January 28th, 11:58 am

thanks for this update, i always wanted to try Ninja Gaiden and now i have the chance : )

BigBacon87 said:

January 28th, 12:02 pm

Now that’s more like it. Great week. Glad I finally don’t own the freebie already :)

alexus80s said:

January 28th, 12:04 pm

bad update for ps3 only user,
good update for psvita users who manage to keep their wallets away form ninja gaiden for one year!!,
c’mon one year remastered game doesnt shows any change on sony us psn+,
already lost any hope of getting EU psn+ games,
why I didnt change to EU instead of another crappy US year that day! :(.

TwinDad said:

January 28th, 12:06 pm

@ Morgan,

Do you have the ability to change post titles? Would the bosses allow you to use titles such as “PlayStation Plus Weekly Update: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free for Members”

Maybe highlighting the weekly part in the title would cut down on the people who post the “EU got all this stuff and we get one game”.

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 28th, 12:18 pm

    I don’t get it, we usually have the content of the post in the title. we rarely just say “PS Plus Update”

nolo451 said:

January 28th, 12:07 pm

So many annoying people commenting here over the dumbest of things, I don;t even know why I bother reading the comments anymore. Its like 10 year olds are posting.

Morgan, I’m glad with the content I’ve received, keep it up. Please, go easy on the games given away(jk :P), I have such a huge backlog of free games to play and now on my Vita too!

Darkpen said:

January 28th, 12:08 pm

Jesus Christ, NG+?? Damn, you guys REALLY don’t want my PS+ sub to die.

Dammit Sony, you have my monies :(

Ice21 said:

January 28th, 12:09 pm

good thing i didnt buy NG yet. that was gonna be my second game (uncharted was first) for the vita but i chose to get MvC3 over it.

alexus80s said:

January 28th, 12:10 pm

Do not forget your words Morgan:

+ Morgan Haro on January 28th, 2013 at 11:32 am said:

“….But you have much to look forward to in February and beyond for great new content to play on your PS3 from Plus!”

GREAT: (Adjective) Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.

NEW: (Adjective) Not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time: “new crop varieties”.

Keep your word man, plz !!

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    January 28th, 12:17 pm

    sorrrrrrryyyy; I have a bad habit of using ‘great’ too much, lol. I tend to use it more as just to mean “enjoyable”, but you’re right, that is the definition of the word.

DaGimp13 said:

January 28th, 12:12 pm

to those that complain about PS+ being lesser than on the vita, you do realize its a mainly PS3 service which was EXPANDED to give love to Vita users too, right? it’s not all about vita & if thats what you thought, you were mistaken. don’t want the service to feel lessened because you don’t own PS3? go buy one. you won’t feel so slighted against then…

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s the reality of the service. it’s mainly PS3 geared & Vita only users crying unfair is pointless. until Vita’s sold even a 1/4 of the amount of PS3′s ever sold & has developed a comprehensive library of titles, the service will continue forward as it has been. no amount of crying will change that. don’t think it’s worth your cash? don’t spend cash on it….but again, if you have said cash, save it up, buy a PS3 & stop whining about only receiving a fraction of the love. just buy a PS3 and get all the PS+ love.

And vise versa. PS+ isnt always “free” games for PS3, sometimes it’s just discounts & betas. I didn’t see Vita users crying over not getting GOW:A beta, so don’t cry that you aren’t interested in saving cash…just don’t sub, or save the cash and buy an F’n Vita.

Fardeenah said:

January 28th, 12:12 pm

as a ps plus user for vita only, i am finally happy that we are getting a proper retail game this week. i never played ninja gaiden but im excited to play another vita game. thank u morgan.. and for those who have ps3 only why u complaining… the first two weeks vita owners had nothing on plus. and last week we had only foosball, if u count all the ps3 games u have and ps vita game as a bonus u should be satisfied. owning a ps plus account only for vita aint easy

ItaChu said:

January 28th, 12:14 pm

…Morgan …. come on man … you gotta say whats leaving lol (yes again im sure it was said what was gonna go in the last ps store update but still a reminder would be nice)

ItaChu said:

January 28th, 12:14 pm

wow 5 pages lol i guess people are complaining there’s no free ps3 game huh? LOL

ChipWhitley said:

January 28th, 12:16 pm

Fantastic update for the Vita. I already have Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3, so I can’t wait to see how it plays on the Vita. The addition of trophies for this version of the game makes it even better :)

Heatseeker125 said:

January 28th, 12:17 pm

Sleeping Dogs only came out August 2012 and Europe is already getting it for free. I didn’t think it would be possible to get such a new retail game on Plus so fast. So glad I got Plus for my Europe account. NGS+ is a good game but not for me. Got bored of it within 10 minutes of playing it.

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