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Jan 29

Jan 29

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Out Now on PSN

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 Classic

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 Classic

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the story of one man’s rise to the top of the criminal pile, is now available to download from PlayStation Store for $9.99 as part of the PS2 Classics collection.

That’s the original game in digital form, and to complete the nostalgia, we’ve made the map that was originally packed in the game box available as a hi-res jpeg for you to print out and peruse next time you’re lost in Little Havana. We’ve also got the maps for GTAIII and San Andreas, both of which are already available to download from PS Store.

Ten years have passed since Vice City was originally released on PlayStation 2. Over at the Rockstar Newswire, we’ve been casting an eye back and celebrating that anniversary with a series of features and never-before-released peeks behind the digital curtain of the game’s development.

One of these was a three-part series of interactive Flash features showcasing the game’s Animation, Sound and City Design. ‘The Lab’, as the series is known, was originally exhibited at London’s Design Museum when they nominated the game for their ‘biggest contribution to design in 2002’ award. This is the first time it has been made widely available online.

Click on the images below to check them out, but bear in mind they’re Flash so they may not work if you’re reading this on mobile.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 ClassicGrand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 ClassicGrand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 Classic

We hope you enjoy revisiting Vice City on PS3. Look out for more classic Rockstar titles arriving on PSN in the next few weeks.

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swisstylez said:

January 31st, 1:25 pm

I have always love GTA since back from when I started playing it in the PSone days, and going all the way to PS2 and I have to say it’s kind of disappointing to see that It’s taking so long to finally be able to play some of the greats games ever on my PS3 that I won’t even bother anymore. Although I really like and enjoy playing every R* game. It just pisses me to be left out for so long. And what’s even funnier is that even after waiting all this long we still have to pay literally full retail price just for PS2 port, while on my IPad I can get it for 5$, and I wouldn’t mind paying if at least we weren’t last ones to get this game.

Rockstar519 said:

February 1st, 11:25 am

Hell yeah!

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