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Jan 29

Jan 29

Soul Sacrifice Out April 30th: Box Art, Pre-order Extras Revealed

Aram Jabbari's Avatar Posted by Public Relations Manager, PlayStation

Since it was announced for North America, and as new assets and details are rolled out to eager fans worldwide, excitement for Soul Sacrifice has only increased. No other title for PlayStation Vita combines the same frantic real-time combat, thrilling sense of scale, smartly interwoven cooperative multiplayer, or meaningful character customization… Not to mention the contributions of legends of gaming like designer Keiji Inafune or composer Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama.

For weeks, fans have asked for more info about the game’s North American release, wanting a final date and box art, and details about possible pre-order extras. Finally, those questions can be answered!

Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita launches in stores and via PlayStation Network on April 30th, 2013. As for the box art, it is essentially the same as that which Japanese fans will proudly display on their shelves (or pedestals, if you’re a pedestal kind of person):

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Fans who pre-order Soul Sacrifice will receive an exclusive pack of in-game content — it will not be sold anywhere else!

  • Two (2) Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three (3) Magic Items to aid players in battle:
  • Spirits’ Flamepike – Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits, unleashing a five hit combo attack with heat effects
  • Spirits’ Blightstone – Explosive stones with poison effects provided by the spirits
  • Spirits’ Fulgurwood – Root provided by the Thunder spirits. Tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

There’s more! Do you prefer to play with Japanese audio tracks whenever possible? You might want to pre-order…

Reserve Soul Sacrifice and, in addition to the in-game costume & item bundle, you’ll also receive the Japanese voice-over pack for free. This pack will be sold separately, but the only way to get it right at launch for no added cost is to pre-order!

Thrilled to finally be able to reveal a release date to his North American fans, Project Lead Keiji Inafune had this to say:

I’m excited that we are finally able to announce the release date of Soul Sacrifice. I have put all my passion and soul into the game’s concept and my talented team has made an incredible effort to create the best game it could ever be. I’m confident that we’ve created an extremely engaging game that you will enjoy playing.

The game has become nothing like any other game with an original and deep world settings which could only be possible in a dark fantasy environment. I’m looking forward to you being able to experience the unique adventure of real heroism in Soul Sacrifice. Immerse yourself in the world of Soul Sacrifice and have fun playing it!

Keiji Inafune, Conceptor and CEO – comcept, Inc.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

There’s plenty left to share and reveal for Soul Sacrifice… Keep coming back to PS.Blog for more updates!

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Supy- said:

January 30th, 12:22 am

JP audio as a pre order bonus is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter that much to me, but for those who will be picking up the game at a later stage and either have to pay or simply not have the option to buy it for something that should come standard (when available) it sucks.

Either way I’ll be picking this up on PSN so hopefully those bonuses actually apply there. Something like Gravity Rush I presume? First DLC pack for that was included free for those who ordered during the first week.

XFRod said:

January 30th, 12:39 am

I have no problems with the JP voice over as DLC. Many localized games don’t even have the option for the original VO at all. I have the feeling if this game didn’t offer the VO in any form, the messages of those complaining about it as DLC would go something like this…..

“No JP voice over = no buy from me! Least they could do is have it as a DLC option.”

Internet Rule #1: If there’s nothing to complain about, make something up.

InuMaruChan said:

January 30th, 2:27 am

I, for one, welcomes the extra voice option. I’ve always enjoyed switching the voices around whenever I play the game all over again to give a different feel. I’ve had my eye on this game since it was announced and I’m ready to pre-order it. However, I would like to know how does one qualifies for the pre-order bonuses? I’ve always purchased my R1 ps vita games from a local game seller (I’m from Malaysia) and so I believe even if i bought it the same way, I wouldn’t get the pre-order bonus? So do I have to get the games from online websites, please explain how can I get the extras?

lisatsunami said:

January 30th, 2:51 am

@152, XRod, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Every time a game from Japan is announced, the chorus of demands for the original voice over starts. There was one post recently where people did say that, “No original voice over option, no buy” and then there was the usual sniping back and forth from people on opposite sides of that opinion. Read all the posts from the JRPG devs/ community people and you’ll see. It’s not like Aram is unfamiliar with this childish posturing.

All of you who want “to take a principled stand” or “stick it to the man”, go right ahead. The rest of us will just enjoy the many choices available in our favorite entertainment medium.

I think I’ll use the option. I’m playing Ni No Kuni right now & sometimes choosing the original voice overs. Interesting contrast.

R_a_z_i_e_l said:

January 30th, 3:06 am

Alittle worried I Heard the game is not Native Res which seems crazy to think that this is Sony’s *BIG GAME OF THE YEAR* For the Ps Vita yet it doesn’t have native Res ? Heard some of the textures are also lacking and since this is not a *Open World* game and more Arena based I find that alittle disheartening to hear that the graphics are not upt to snuff.

JeffsonP_US said:

January 30th, 4:53 am

Hi. I just want to ask for a PS Store pre-order too. I’m going only digital with PS Vita, but I want the pre-order bonus!

Edsanji said:

January 30th, 5:50 am

So this is the SONY response to no Monster Hunter? Luck on that SONY. But finally more good games for the PS Vita.

Izembo said:

January 30th, 5:51 am

seriously people, it’s a preorder bonus. if you want enough copies produced, preorder it. companies don’t like to guess how many they need to make, it’s good business for them. Also they could just do like most games and not give the JP track at all. It’s a bonus, at least it’s made available if you want it. Chill out, it’s really not that hard to preorder given you have 3 months to get it done.

TomatoDragon said:

January 30th, 7:29 am

Looks like a pre order for me, but where can I preorder from?

TomatoDragon said:

January 30th, 7:34 am

Ah. Nevermind. Amazon.

S1lentSurviv0r said:

January 30th, 8:40 am

Mr. Jabbari, you have to keep in mind that people who have a problem with something will ALWAYS be louder than those who do not. I never post but when I read all this whining about an optional audio, sometimes those of us who have no issues need to chime in too. I honestly do not see a problem with a Japanese audio DLC. The game comes out in English with English VO. If you want the Japanese audio, preorder or buy it when its released. Simple. You dont NEED JP audio, just as much as you dont NEED extra costumes in your fighting games. I wish Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus had this option, I would have bought the Japanese audio for that too!

I realize this is probably so far back in the thread you may never read it, but I hope you see it when all youve seen is whining for the past 5 pages.

Micrologos said:

January 30th, 10:00 am

Will the Japanese audio track for preorders be on the cartridge itself or will it need to be downloaded after the fact?

jwspiker said:

January 30th, 1:18 pm

i will not purchase a vita game until sony fixes the vita memory card prices, they are way way way way too high. I can pick up a 64 micro ds for 50-60, and it would be faster speed. I can get a 32 gb card for 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost of what sony charges. Sorry, my vita will never be used to purchase a game.

SaintDante said:

January 30th, 2:18 pm

I’m guessing the Japanese DLC was a last minute decision they might have seen the reactions to Ayesha and decided hey maybe we should add this in.

PrinceofXIII said:

January 30th, 2:38 pm

i actually don’t mind about this.

if this will get stubborn companies like Atlus US(Especially you) Square Enix, and Namco to give us what we want.

we could always pay them and see there IS a fan demand on it.

then again Square Enix is not that bad since their asian releases have JPN audio and the exact english subs from the US version, while Namco does Dual audio(Soul Calibur, Ni No Kuni, Eternal Sonata) except for Tales for some reason.

though Atlus US oh boy the amount of BS excuse i have heard from this company is just wow.

oh and P4 Arena doesn’t count, that Arc System Works doing which ALL Blazblue games have dual audio AND multiple subs in ALL versions of the game.

even the US Persona 4 Anime Blu ray’s they don’t have Japanase Dub(WTF IS THIS)

it’s a shame NIS America alongside Nintendo(Dual Audio Fire Emblem Awakening FTW) are one of the few companies that still does dual audio out of the box.

Tecmo Koei oh how did i forget about you! give us an option for dual audio in Ayesha you monsters

Facelaud said:

January 30th, 3:06 pm

I cancelled my pre-order of this game because of the pre-order exclusive content, either I’ll just completely miss out on the Vita game I was most excited for this year or I’ll eventually pick it up used for less than $15. My dollar vote is NOT going toward a practice as anti-consumer as pre-order exclusive content. What’s so tragic is that I’m also going to miss out on Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time because of this as well, these are literally the only three games I was planning on pre-ordering all year but because they all had pre-order exclusive content I cancelled all my pre-orders. It’s already bad enough to have stuff like outfits as pre-order exclusive content, but important things like spells or items? Ugh. When I say I’m boycotting something(pre-order exclusive content in this case) I mean it. I quit PC gaming earlier this year because of DRM, this is nothing compared to that. Is there any chance the pre-order exclusive content will become available to everyone in the future, either as paid DLC or as a timed-exclusive setup? I already get the stuff about the Japanese language tracks, I’m just curious about the outfits and spells. My purchase of Soul Sacrifice depends on the answer.

Sevyne said:

January 30th, 5:49 pm

@152: After thinking it over a bit, I will say you kind of have a valid point. As someone who doesn’t care about the JP voices it just seems dirty to me, but you are right. People who do care would say exactly your example. My only fear is that it could set the wheels in motion for others who always provide dual audio to start charging for it as DLC as well when it previously was free. It’s a double-edged blade in a sense. I’m not really angry about it anymore, but still a bit worried about the effects it could have.

ProfessorGerbik said:

January 30th, 7:37 pm

Woot can’t wait to get this!

Seiji_Mad_Dog said:

January 31st, 6:24 am

Japanese voice- over! YEESSS! I wasn’t sure if I would buy this game, but now I’m definitely getting it. Too bad we don’t have digital pre-orders! 100% of my games I bought and downloaded from PSN. Also, would be nice to have an option to select the game language, I would like to play in japanese (without having to import or using a japanese PSN account, because it’s a pain to switch accounts on Vita.).

nycredude said:

January 31st, 8:55 am

I can’t wait for this game. Looks promising. I don’t really have a preference for the audio language but I’ll probably pre-order just in case.

For those whining and complaining about the original japanese audio preorder bonus. Please just stop. You are sounding like a bunch of entitled whiners.

This is not the japanese regional release. This is for the NORTH AMERICAN release. We are lucky we get a choice, and it isn’t costing anyone more money. If you want the japanese soundtrack then it’s simple preorder it. doesn’t cost a cent more. sheesh. I swear this generation Playstation fans are the whiniest of bunches. everyone always find something to complain about.

nycredude said:

January 31st, 9:07 am


Maybe you should just quit gaming then. Cause your conviction, although admirable, is completely misplaced. You sound very self-righteous, and a quite frankly, aren’t making much sense. Nothing here is costing you an extra cent. you preorder the games you get something extra.

They aren’t asking you for anymore money only to help the company figure out how much demand there is for the games and how much initial supply to print. it’s a business and you don’t seem to realize that. Sure you go ahead and buy the games used and give your money to gamestop, bestbuy, or whatever other multibillion dollar company that REALLY cares about you /s.

When/if companies stop making games you love to play because they can’t make any money because of attitudes like yours, what are you going to do then? Complain why you have no games to play?

I apologize to everyone else on this blog to have to read my rant. I just can’t stand this generation of self-entitled gamers.

Riptide8 said:

January 31st, 10:41 am

Seeing comments on why Japan dialog is preorder bonus or potentially paid DLC. I understand what ATLUS does with these games from Japan. The license for voice acting done in japan is a COST to ATLUS to publish in america.Atlus does not produce the games they buy the rights to publish in america.

I understand that most games have a Japanese voice option at no cost.The buisness arrangement is different on those games…possibly.Or just a given and the cost absorbed.

ATLUS what ever it is keep up the good work, I dont care about the cost, I want the good games.However I will be gaurded if I start seeing partial games released with paid DLC available at release. I think the sentiment is growing with us on “the other side”.

Sevyne said:

January 31st, 8:22 pm

Why do people keep talking about Atlus in here? Atlus is in no way involved with this game. Really, they aren’t. If it’s because Aram is posting this, y’all need to remember that Aram works for Sony now.

Kakoiw said:

February 1st, 1:01 pm

About Demo..
How can make a Pre-Order without a Demo?
and come on we are talking about PSvita…
and i confess, i am kind disapointed with games on this plataform.. i purchage some games and get disapointed about it…
i really wish play a demo before buy it

MaxSterling85 said:

February 1st, 10:14 pm

I know Amazon and Gamestop are offering the preorder bonus but is Best Buy or Target also offering it?

EZaxess said:

February 2nd, 9:22 pm

I have been expecting this game for a while but man oh man do I hope it have substance, unlike other treacherous Vita games so far who promised more than they could deliver.

I also hope it’s not a straight line, I don’t mind it being linear but there’s a difference between walking a corridor for 20 hours or have a few branches to give you the illusion of exploration.

So far I’m on the fence between pre-ordering or waiting a week or two after release for reviews/previews. More information about the game might incite me to pre-order eventually.

EZaxess said:

February 2nd, 9:25 pm

Oh… and are the 3 magic items consumables or permanent with cooldowns?

ReaperWolf68 said:

February 3rd, 3:56 pm

Played the demo on the Jap store and I was blown away! I knew this game was going to be epic hands down just by looking at videos. I am totally looking forward to the release but its so far away. UGH!

Facelaud said:

February 4th, 1:04 am

@nycredude It’s MY dollar vote, why would I put up with this? If I’m entitled, you’re complacent. People like you are the reason game companies are walking all over their consumers. Make no mistake, they’re punishing the consumers who don’t pre-order, rewarding no one. They’re actively cutting out some of the game’s content for 95% of purchasers just because they didn’t pre-order. What if future purchasers didn’t own a Vita before the game was released, or didn’t have the funds or whatever? They miss out on some of the content, “just cuz.” It’s as disgusting as DRM, and yet so many consumers are HAPPY to get pre-order exclusive content that shouldn’t have been cut out of the game. One second you’re telling me to quit gaming, the next you’re saying that these companies are losing money and might go bankrupt. Guess why? Maybe it’s because some of their most active and vocal supporters are dropping off because they’re being stepped on. If they go out of business because of this nonsense, I’ll rejoice. I may just buy all of these games used, but I’m sure as heck not going to let it be said that I watched and did nothing. You’re worse than that, actively defending something this evil. Be ashamed.

DarkOne_PR said:

February 5th, 3:51 pm


Pls…. PLSSSSS Go trow urself over the pits of sparta.

This are incentives for them to get pre orders. This were going to be free for u since u already had it pre ordered. U r the most reta.rded person ive seen complain in here.
U are an Idi.ot insulting the developers who creates AWESOME games like this one.
Its ok if u are reta.rded enough to not support AAA games for our much needed of games Vita. But Then Dont come crying to the blog asking and screaming:
“Sony! Support your console! Give us games! What happened to third party support! U su.ck sony!”

Because It will be UR FAULT and the idi.ots who think like u. U are not hurting them, ur hurting ur hobby and ours. They simply will walk to other consoles in which they will get more money. as ez as that. and in the end, U WILL GET NOTHING!

Sorry Blog for being this “explosive” in this comment. But everytime i see Arrogant little Pri#$ks like this guy…sigh… makes me ashamed hes in the community.

TheExiled12894 said:

February 8th, 8:25 am

and pre-ordered

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