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Jan 30

Jan 30

Killzone: Mercenary Hits PS Vita September 17th, New Trailer and Screens

Poria Torkan's Avatar Posted by Producer, Guerrilla Games

Killzone: Mercenary is scheduled for a September 17, 2013 release in North America. We also have a brand-new trailer for you to enjoy:

Killzone: Mercenary is a new first-person shooter in the Killzone series, developed specifically for the PlayStation Vita platform and powered by the stunning Killzone engine. Starting just after the ending of the original Killzone, and revisiting many of the events from the Killzone trilogy, the game puts players in the rugged combat boots of a mercenary named Arran Danner. Danner is a former UCA-soldier who has no qualms about taking on paid contracts from the ISA as well as the Helghast.

When a seemingly routine mission to evacuate the Vektan Ambassador and his family in Pyrrhus goes awry, Danner discovers that the outcome of the war could very well depend on the fate of the Ambassador’s young son. With both sides going to increasingly desperate lengths to get hold of the boy, he begins to wonder whether the price of victory is really worth the paycheck.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Comprised of nine single-player missions — each nearly an hour in length— Killzone: Mercenary delivers a full Killzone experience in a portable package. Completed missions unlock additional replay challenges, with a host of special objectives to accomplish. The game also boasts a full-fledged multiplayer mode with six maps tailored for eight players and three different game types, including the popular Warzone mode.

In keeping with the soldier-for-hire theme, every action in Killzone: Mercenary is rewarded. The better you perform, the higher your payout – not just in the single-player campaign, but also in the multiplayer mode. The wages you collect are deposited into a single bank account, so the money you earn in the campaign missions can also be used to buy gear and weapons for multiplayer matches, and vice versa.

Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Killzone: Mercenary makes full use of PlayStation Vita’s considerable input and graphics capabilities. It enhances the familiar dual-stick FPS control scheme with touch controls for actions such as brutal melee, and with tilt controls for accurate sniper aiming. The game even uses the powerful Killzone 3 engine to bring its massive environments and impressive set pieces to life. But don’t just take our word for it — watch the trailer above, and check out the new screens in this post.

Stay tuned to and PlayStation.Blog, because we’ll have a behind-the-scenes interview with game director Piers Jackson soon.

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xShanghaiGAMERx said:

January 30th, 10:57 pm

First of all, thank you Guerrilla Games for bringing such an amazing title to the Vita.
I have but one thing to ask for. One thing.
A good story for the campaign. No wait scratch that. ANY story. PLEASE don’t make it like COD: Declasified which had NO story. Thanks a million! Getting this game on launch.

WolfAm1 said:

January 30th, 11:00 pm

Shame the MP is only 4v4, why even bother? rest of the game looks great though.

AizawaYuuichi said:

January 30th, 11:10 pm

@ ProfessorGerbik: You misunderstood the comment by “whatisdelicious”. What s/he was saying was that the images were so pretty, they had to be viewed at larger resolutions to see that they were in fact from the Vita. It was a compliment as to how great the game looks. Your response to the first poster was right on the mark though, lol.

I’m not the biggest FPS fan, but I do like the Killzone console games. And this one looks to be right up there, quality-wise. Will definitely be picking this one up when it releases.

ChipWhitley said:

January 30th, 11:31 pm

I was really impressed by Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It truly was a full-fledged Uncharted game in my hands. I’m hoping this game can live up to that kind of high standard (Killzone 3 remains one of my all-time favorite First-Person Shooters). The graphics, the melee kills, and the mercenary concept of the game look very cool.

Can’t wait till September, just in time for my birthday!

Vidarcr said:

January 30th, 11:49 pm

Great looking game, I really like that you guys removed the scoring (earnings?) from the screen when you kill someone(from the first trailer), or is it something from mp modes? if so, can we turn it off?, I love clean huds when playing these blockbuster games. Thank you Guerrilla!

DarktaxFA said:

January 31st, 12:32 am

@ 103 they have come custom to multiplier now so you can tell if and how you killed people would be nice to have a option to turn it off for some people tho besides that game looks amazing for vita game hopefully this sets the standard for other developers on how they should do a handheld game looks like there pushing the vita as hard as they can compared to other developers that look like they did half ass job

aelurio1980 said:

January 31st, 1:19 am

I need this game…

EggySong85 said:

January 31st, 1:30 am

Damn that game looks sexy. It’ll be nice to get a Killzone fix on the go. Not to mention another game that can truly show of Vita’s prowess! It’ll be a must-have for me.

Elvick_ said:

January 31st, 4:20 am

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to pick it up. <3

dh4645 said:

January 31st, 4:38 am

looks awesome. i want.

love the KZ series. 100% on KZ2 & KZ3, still need to download KZ HD and 100% that.

DraftDoc said:

January 31st, 5:47 am

I will be hugely disappointed sony ( Guerrilla Games) 4v4 come on. Please make multiplayer 8 v 8 theres absolutely no excuse, the psp can handle more than 8 player multiplayer.If 4v4 is the Party party limit. Sony you need to update your party app to support more. Multiplayer is the life of this game please don’t f__k it up. Please!

Major_Hoare said:

January 31st, 6:09 am

Looks good. I’m a little disappointed about the 8 player online limit (12 would’ve been much better) but this definately appears to be the front runner Vita game of the year for 2013.

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

January 31st, 6:55 am

Please don’t let what happened to Resistance and Call of Duty on Vita happen to this game…

TomatoDragon said:

January 31st, 7:04 am

Will definitely be getting this.

Squiggle55 said:

January 31st, 7:30 am

8 player FFA on a relatively small map would be okay. But 4v4 has never been fun for me in a FPS. The maps will have to be very small.

doctorSTRANG said:

January 31st, 8:25 am

Oh! I can kill earth forces now! Thats the best thing that could happens to Killzone! I hope theres a mission to kill Rico. And Helghan armor to wear.

x-Kicks-x said:

January 31st, 8:33 am

I know they’re on different platforms, but do they need to rethink the 9/17 release date in light of GTA V releasing the same day? This needs to be bumped to August or another great Vita game will see poor sales due to consumers having to choose between a hyped up blockbuster like GTA V or a Vita game….

boxie3 said:

January 31st, 8:50 am

Likewise, can’t wait until September! What shold I play until then?
I love Killzone series on PS3. I’m very curious about multi player.
I hope they release additonal maps too.

BusyManDan said:

January 31st, 9:20 am

Finally a reason for buying a Vita. Can’t wait. Great job to everyone at GG. They haven’t let me down yet.

Tiger_Drummer said:

January 31st, 9:56 am

I’m so pumped for this, especially since it was made by Guerilla and not just shipped of to another developer like Resistance was. I’m not gonna lie I’m hoping for a collectors edition and some good pre-order bonuses


January 31st, 9:57 am

I’m fine with 4v4 as long as it’s as hectic as a tight Killzone 3 warzone match. I enjoyed the nonstop mayhem as
well as raking in 70+ kills.

Oh yeah great times indeed!

Elric_X said:

January 31st, 11:28 am

I am completely STOKED for this and Tearaway on the Vita!!!


January 31st, 11:29 am

This game looks STUNING but 17th September? Damn it -_-, well its released 4 days after my Birthday hehehe^^

reson8er said:

January 31st, 11:44 am

CANNOT WAIT, big fan of Killzone, and this is looking fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing more.

OmegaSpear said:

January 31st, 11:58 am

Sony and Guerrilla, you guys better move that release date.

reson8er said:

January 31st, 1:27 pm

Man, every time I watch the trailer I get more and more psyched. Must stop watching, this game is too far away.

SinfulWarrior said:

January 31st, 2:18 pm

“War is our business” is a really bad ass title.. I like the premise of being a mercenary.

Shungin said:

January 31st, 3:17 pm

Looks amazing get hyped

tusunami said:

January 31st, 4:42 pm

I hope this is better than the CoD game declassified on the PS Vita,I hope this developer can take full advantage of the PS Vita potential. Because this is once again another excellent game,I hope it fairs better that Resistance Burning skies as well.These FPS look like great but that’s it & don’t execute,which makes these games look like a rushed job.

PANTHER1030 said:

January 31st, 5:21 pm

Hummm I can kill Isa…nice..

aka_dark_knight said:

February 1st, 12:13 am

Looks Great! Just make it right & stay true to the franchise! I’ll get it. And you’ve have a hit!

Elvick_ said:

February 1st, 5:23 am

Sidenote: PLEASE have rear touch options for the melee swiping. I’d much rather not have to take my fingers off the controls to melee, and rear touch would allow that.

I still can’t believe rear touch is not always an option with things that revolve around swiping on the touch screen. Seems like a no brainer alternative option.

BrooklynSoulja said:

February 1st, 11:04 am

Hmm.. Looks good and all but we will have to wait until they release a demo or something to really judge how well ot looks and plays on the Vita.

R_a_z_i_e_l said:

February 1st, 4:23 pm

I just think The Buzz surrounding Killzone will be overshadowed by GTA. Just because WE know about Killzone doesn’t mean others will, alot of *Gamers* that check Websites and Gaming Forums are a very small minority. What im saying is Maybe (Average Example) Someone doesn’t have a Vita yet and Killzone could tip them over the edge, however I highly doubt they will even bother looking anywhere else when GTA is out with Retailers advertising the hell out of it most likely not bothering for for even a small ad for Killzone. Just seems like a Bad idea when Didn’t the last GTA sell the Most Copes for a game in History so far ? Trying to go up against that is crazy, of course someone could say the games have *different auidences* but I recon most Vita Gamers and Just the General public won’t even know Killzone Released when GTA comes around. They may not be competing directly but Retailers are sure as hell going to push GTA and forget about Killzone, just my 2 cents.

Please Change the release Date

RandomDemonGear said:

February 2nd, 1:10 pm

Exactly what I have been waiting for… Man this is going to make my trips a worthwhile undertaking.

Sonic_Tank said:

February 2nd, 9:13 pm

The game looks good, but I hope the amount of players in multiplayer is at least 6v6. For the vita games I own that contain online multiplayer (lpb, resitance, need for speed most wanted, call of duty black ops declassified) the player count is either 4 or 8. It gives the online world of the vita a sense of “emptiness”.

jrq_1 said:

February 3rd, 4:31 pm

Can’t wait to play this game!

cowmamba said:

February 4th, 12:29 am

Is it September yet?! Honestly, I don’t get why some of you are so against it or think it looks “boring”. It’s by far the best looking Vita title yet! the FPS arena!

To the ones talking about jaggy edges in the screens. Have you ever tried to take a screenshot of game play while there’s motion going on in-game, during game play? Of course it’s going to be jaggy, look at the types of screenshots they are. They are all during action sequences and not a static frame of the environment.

I find it quite interesting how some Vita owners are so smug about an amazing title like Killzone coming to the Vita. If it’s done right, this will be the absolute hands down best FPS experience to date. It really could help breath new life into the vita this year, it’s what we need. I don’t know how any of you could judge it with a critical eye without having played it or seen any other gameplay besides the trailer above. That’s just very naive and narrow-minded.

Guerrilla has a good track record and they are actually taking their time on releasing it unlike nihilistic, whom craps out half baked titles left and right without any conviction of whether or not it’ll be a stable and coherent title.

Sarges24 said:

February 15th, 12:05 am

Love KZ. been a fan ever since the original. I just can’t get my head around there being a place for Mercs in the KZ world though. I mean you have Helghast and ISA. Pandemic did a great job on Mercenaries so there’s definitely possibilities for an awesome Mercs game. However using KZ to promote a game featuring Mercs? Call me skeptical but intrigued. I have faith in Guerrilla, faith the game will be solid but the premise I see no room for in the KZ realm. nonetheless looking forward to it

himole347 said:

February 27th, 11:21 am

I think this game is a must for the vita as long as they don’t us the touch screen to much.

crazyboy-12345 said:

February 28th, 5:49 pm

it looks like a good game but the multiplayer is only 8 players thats 4 vs 4 it needs like 12 players not 8 like black ops for the vita

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