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Jan 31

Jan 31

See the Future

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luvtoseek said:

January 31st, 7:53 pm

@ 39, oycomics- good predictions. Like others here, I believe it’s either the PS4 or a Cloud service affecting all of Sony’s products or just for kicks, an announcement stating that Google has acquired Sony.

I’ve bought all of Sony’s consoles on day 1; the hype is on brothers & sisters!

spudsudz said:

January 31st, 7:54 pm

If it is the PS4 announcement it is a power play move and comes after Kaz stated he would prefer to come in after MS so they couldn’t study and copy anything from the Sony next gen console… Hope it is though…

togue said:

January 31st, 7:54 pm

SATA III or gtfo

TruRage said:

January 31st, 7:55 pm

My avatar’s expression pretty much sums what I’m feeling now…

wocyob said:

January 31st, 7:55 pm

PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4 PS4!!!!!!!

TruRage said:

January 31st, 7:57 pm

I wonder if Sony will decide not to continue the tradition of numbering the playstations. I prefer a completely new name. But not as corny as Vita…

Treequil said:

January 31st, 8:04 pm

It’s not like hard to tell, you guys just announced the 4k Ultra HD televisions. And “The Sony Way” has always been to only upgrade when there’s big stuff to put in it that would be impossible to just patch through an update. (Which is like the inverse of Apple…) You keep making big stuff to put in the next Gen consoles… First was Blu-Ray for the PS3, and now the next definition of video service? (I guess nobody was really amused with the 3D TVs… But from the tech, the 4k sounds really pretty.)

snakeeyes211 said:

January 31st, 8:22 pm

If it is the PS4 just tell me where to drop my money$$$$
I’m ready to go

CatatonicAlex said:

January 31st, 8:29 pm

On my birthday????

Fardeenah said:

January 31st, 8:33 pm

ps4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope they add a vita new reveals!

Qatsmasher said:

January 31st, 8:35 pm

Sony, I’ve got money with your name on it. Just say when.

Fnord said:

January 31st, 8:35 pm

It’s on.

WAR0979 said:

January 31st, 8:38 pm

Why are you all talking about the PS4? I’m sorry did a new format get released that replaces blu-ray? No?…So yeah, no PS4. PS1=first real CD format games. PS2=DVD format. PS3=Blu-Ray. PS4=what ever is the new technology format, since there isn’t one, don’t expect a new system. We don’t need a new system because there is nothing to upgrade to form the PS3. Plus the sales for the system are climbing. Nintendo needed a new system and surprise, nobody is buying it, can go anywhere and find one, unlike the Wii release where you waited a year to get one. Xbox needs a new system because they released theirs using dvd formatting, which is greatly inferior to blu-ray. Sony created the top console and most people are noticing that.

WAR0979 said:

January 31st, 8:39 pm

The release of PS4 would add little to the PS3 and would cost Sony millions in loss because for those of you that have no clue, when any company releases their system, they are forced to sell at a price lower than the cost to make them because it’s new and new manufacturing cost way more and Sony is struggling in every department except playstation. So they can’t afford the losses of a new system and quite frankly there is no need for it. Except for to please idiot gamers who need a new shiny system that does nothing more than PS3 because there is no new format in which to upgrade to at this time.

betuo_EL_best said:

January 31st, 8:45 pm

I hate Sony and their consoles, but I loved their games .. am I the only one?

jabscold said:

January 31st, 8:46 pm

WOOT!!!! So excited right now. i think it will be the next console.

XtemmA2 said:

January 31st, 8:52 pm

I’ll stfu until Feb 20th.

igorrocks2 said:

January 31st, 8:57 pm

As gamer ready and financialy prepared for anything Sony will trow here….
As INVESTOR feel left off because unfortunately I can’t visit this close event because I am getting my citizenship in March-April
But will make sure not miss any after this one… :) “Oh boy!” (Mickey style) future is indeed the best with Sony!

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 8:57 pm

@ 206
+ Treequil on January 31st, 2013 at 8:04 pm said:
“It’s not like hard to tell, you guys just announced the 4k Ultra HD televisions. And “The Sony Way” has always been to only upgrade when there’s big stuff to put in it that would be impossible to just patch through an update.

Bingo. Whether or not the next gen is announced in Feb., the next gen will include 4k resolution.

@ 212
+ WAR0979 on January 31st, 2013 at 8:38 pm said:
“Why are you all talking about the PS4? I’m sorry did a new format get released that replaces blu-ray? No?…So yeah, no PS4.”

The next gen WILL have 4K. Sony and many other hardware manufacturers are already making the transition. The file size of the average length feature movie in 4K format is 120 gigs. This will not fit on a Blu-Ray.

Therefore, your logic is illogical.

el_chivo1984 said:

January 31st, 9:03 pm

Wow. Can’t wait to see this!
My wallet is ready.

In Kaz we trust.

nsnsmj said:

January 31st, 9:03 pm

Wooo! Can’t wait!

Dat #PSDruple

porchmonkei4life said:

January 31st, 9:05 pm

Dear playstation, i am a long time playstation supporter and i do not like the playstation store layout. it is too flashy and confusing. One of the Halo games has an option to switch from the new version to the old one. it would be conveniant for everybody if you could make an option like that. Sincerely..(⌐■_■)

igorrocks2 said:

January 31st, 9:06 pm

@218 Blu-ray is capable of 4k res so stop bs here as for ps3 it’s not

icurafuse said:

January 31st, 9:07 pm

Yes, it will support 4K. But games are still capped at 1080P. 4K just means that if you plug your PSIV into a 4K TV, it will work on the 4K setting. Bluray will be upscaled as well as games. It would be interesting to see if they do introduce a 4K videos as well, as from either enhanced bluray or by download.

I’m calling the name “PlayStation Ivy” instead of PlayStation 4

Souledge94 said:

January 31st, 9:08 pm

hopefully some vita love will be thrown in here.

icurafuse said:

January 31st, 9:10 pm

Thanks, I read your comment and found out about “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray Titles. This is going to be good!

NickMulder said:

January 31st, 9:11 pm

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M FREAKIN OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU PLAYSTATION I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS4 FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD I LOVE YOU PLAYSTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SiLENT_BMS said:

January 31st, 9:13 pm

Possible Monster Hunter Freedom 3??? Or this hoing to be a hug letdown. Regardless, this will be interesting to see what the “future” is

melarox123 said:

January 31st, 9:19 pm

Probably Ps4 Hope Its Compatible With The Ps Vita

igorrocks2 said:

January 31st, 9:20 pm

Quad Blu-rays due this year its obviously 4×25 or 4×50 as there is two version of single layer versions in blu-ray family dont expect it go anywhere any time soon

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:27 pm

@ 222
igorrocks2 on January 31st, 2013 at 9:06 pm said:
“@218 Blu-ray is capable of 4k res so stop bs here as for ps3 it’s not

4K only fits on a Blu-Ray if the file is compressed. A compressed 4K file would then be upscale converted. This is NOT actual 4K.

For 4K to fit on a Blu-Ray, a new Blu-Ray disc would have to be manufactured with increased layering. Current Blu-Ray players including the PS3 drive would not be able to read the increased layering.

A player with an upscaler is not the same as actual 4K resolution. Just as playing a DVD through RCA cables to an AV receiver that upscales to HDMI is an actual HD format.

Now tell me that this is “bs”.

igorrocks2 said:

January 31st, 9:28 pm

@239 ^ read my 229 comment

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:29 pm

4K is the new format. The PS3 does not support this native resolution. Fact.

Sponge-worthy said:

January 31st, 9:30 pm

– DowJones/WSJ seems to be confirming the PS4 announcement on Feb. 20.

– New console not officially named “PlayStation 4,” at least not yet.

– This “See the Future” teaser video is silly.

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:31 pm

The PS3 is not capable of 4k. It is capable of 4k compressed and upscaled to a 4k ready device.

Yet you tell me my position is wrong? Point out exactly what I said that was inaccurate.

YOCDUB said:

January 31st, 9:31 pm

I wouldn’t rule out the GaiKai acquisition, could be announcing the new streaming psn service they are working on.

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:34 pm

@235 GAIKAI would facilitate the 4K format, as Sony is already moving towards digitization.

igorrocks2 said:

January 31st, 9:35 pm

you said Blu-ray isn’t ready for 4k when it is completely with quad layering which is due to be released this year

damac10 said:

January 31st, 9:35 pm

Lets not forget the 800lb gorilla in the room…Ps4 announcement is highly unlikely as there are too many AAA Ps3 titles on the horizon for May etc….I reckon its the reveal of Gaikai and how Sony plan to intergrate it into VIta , Ps3 and give an idea for next gen ambitions..We will see more of the Last of Us , Beyond 2 Souls and maybe some hot Vita titles with a better look at Killzone Mercenary…..My 2 cents folks….

Sponge-worthy said:

January 31st, 9:35 pm

You could certainly fit 4K video onto a Blu-ray disc.

However, the current AVC video profile for Blu-ray video has a max rate of about 40 Mb/s. So, 4K video output would either need be severely compressed under that standard, or it would need to use its own codec entirely. In the later case, you would likely want to increase the storage capacity for the BD, else you won’t be able to store much video on a single disc.

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:39 pm

Quad-layer would still be a compressed 4K file.

HD source to 4K screen ≠ 4K HD ULTRA

4K source to 4K screen = 4K HD ULTRA

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:40 pm

239 is spot on.

roberto333ist said:

January 31st, 9:49 pm

Wow bearly got the ps3 now thers gonna be ps4 wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

igorrocks2 said:

January 31st, 9:49 pm

200 GB for raw materiels is bad I agree but for production version it more then cool so you say 1 single movie is going to eat all of my traffic after watching 4k movie stream lol GAIKAI will be implemented as 4k streaming service it was told at CES gosh people have google and wikipedia and still don’t know a thing

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 9:58 pm

So don’t have any valid cogent counterpoints. As far as using the internet as an information source, guilty as charged. I assume you must must be employed within the research and development department of Sony?

SNORLAXex said:

January 31st, 9:58 pm

Sonic 2006 – The Sequel

Aeryn_James said:

January 31st, 10:00 pm

You still haven’t highlighted my inaccuracy.

Soulcollector1 said:

January 31st, 10:04 pm

not ps4 universal psn for all regions

ElektroDragon said:

January 31st, 10:13 pm

PS4!!! I will buy it even it costs $600. I am serious. I will not buy an AdBox 720. – former Microsoft fanboy

Kagami2k said:

January 31st, 10:16 pm

Playstation, you have my attention!

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