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Feb 12

Feb 12

Kat and Emmett Join the Battle Royale Today, Free for Two Weeks

Seth Killian's Avatar Posted by Lead Game Designer, Sony Santa Monica Studio

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Hey everyone,

We’re happy to follow up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale‘s win for “Best Fighting Game” at the DICE Awards (the awards where all of the voting is done by other games industry pros), with a gift to all the players that have supported the project from the start.

I hear from a lot of you guys, and I know you’ve been waiting patiently… but that wait ends today! We’ve got two new PlayStation All-Stars joining the Battle Royale: Kat from Gravity Rush, and Emmett Graves from Starhawk. Any fighting fan will tell you how much it means to have new characters joining a game, but it’s even better because — as promised — these DLC characters are totally free for two weeks!

Wait, “free for two weeks” sounds funny… Does that mean if I download them, after two weeks is up I have to pay? Nope. You have a two week window to download the DLC. If you do, the characters are yours free, forever and ever. You can play them online, offline, upside down, or however you want.

After the two week window ends, the characters will still be available on PSN, but as paid DLC. Latecomers can still get Kat and Emmett for $4.99 each, but if you download them in the next two weeks, they are yours free forever. The only way you would have to pay is if you missed this free offer, but you’re reading this now, so you won’t have to be that person.

Okay, so free is cool, but what are these characters are all about anyway?

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

Just like he did on out on the frontier on Dust, Emmett Graves depends on his tools to survive. Easily one of the most unique additions to the cast, Emmett brings Starhawk’s “Build & Battle” style to the fight, dropping down weapons and structures to help him out. He can drop shotguns, rocket launchers, new grenades, an AP-building Rift Extractor, or even an automated turret that tracks and blasts at opponents. If he powers up for a level 3 super, Emmett pilots a deadly Hawk mech, blasting opponents with machine guns, planting aerial mines, or crushing opponents under the Hawk’s feet, all leading up to a super-ending flying strafe run that lays waste to the entire stage and sends everyone running desperately for cover.

Kat is great for combos and prefers close combat, with more inspired ways to zip around the arenas than anyone in the cast. In addition to the kicks you’ll remember from Gravity Rush, she also has some crazy gravity attacks, like creating a small black hole to draw in opponents, or a burst to push everyone away, and of course one of the deadliest level 3s in the game. Kat teams up with her mysterious feline companion Dusty, uniting their powers to attack with frenzied claw slashes, a deadly lunge you can aim in different directions, and a massive black hole that kills anyone unlucky enough to touch its center.

Both characters come with everything that was included with the original launch characters, including a full arcade mode with intro, ending, and rival scenes, a second unlockable costume, an unlockable minion, custom backings and icons, taunts, intro/outros, theme music, and more.

PlayStation All-Stars DLC 1

In addition to the characters, there is also a new stage called “Fearless.” The fight begins atop a giant rock spire you’ll remember from Heavenly Sword, before crashing down into the second part of our mashup, where it literally collides with an electrified track from Wipeout. Keep your eyes peeled for cameo character appearances in Heavenly Sword’s scaffolding, as well as for the Wipeout racers that will send you flying on impact. You can play this stage for free in ranked online matches, but to play it offline or in player matches, it’s $1.99.

Coinciding with these new characters, we’re also proud to announce the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale $6,000 tournament powered by Major League Gaming. For more information on how to enter the tournament, please visit the tournament site.

So, to sum up:

Characters? Free, and yours forever! But only if you hurry and get them before the two-week window (that starts today) expires.

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Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 2:24 pm

I wish the stage was for $0.99 that would be awesome

SkaizerXD said:

February 12th, 2:26 pm

Im having a problem tryign to get these free DLC characters ETC i go into character select screen press X to unlock but when that happens it sends me to a old version of playstation store and it aso says No DLC avaiable ? so how do unlock these DLC ?

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 2:29 pm

dude you have to wait til the Playstation store updates i dont know the time it updates but thats when you can get the for free

SkaizerXD said:

February 12th, 2:38 pm

Thanks for the heads up now i guess we all gotta wait for the update >.<

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 2:39 pm

yeah pretty much

Elvick_ said:

February 12th, 2:47 pm

$5 per character? Ew.

Jakkilla23 said:

February 12th, 2:48 pm

been refreshing the PSN Store blog since 5, the latest ive ever seen a store update would be….8pm
(Eastern time) so 7ish for you westward people(lucky)

xXFenderSXx said:

February 12th, 2:52 pm

Ummm its not on the store for me yet… anyels in the pacific (oregon)timezone have this problem too?

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 12th, 2:55 pm

@107 I’m in the pacific timezone as well & the store always seems to update round 3, or 4PM i think?

Kotaru921 said:

February 12th, 2:56 pm

@107 pretty much everyone is having the same problem. Sony’s just taking their time to get all their stuff together to update the store I guess. “Patience is a virtue” as some would say.

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:00 pm

they are adding more the just this games add ons

exexx49 said:

February 12th, 3:03 pm

is tre PSN finally update so i can get the 2 players

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:04 pm

not yet i just checked

exexx49 said:

February 12th, 3:09 pm

is the psn finally update so i can get the 2 players

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:13 pm

no dude

cloud_rider1234 said:

February 12th, 3:14 pm

This kind of sucks cuz they won’t work but they are in the character select screen then I click store and it says there is no content so ?????!!!!!!

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:20 pm

i feel like stewie griffin “just waitin for my free DLC.”

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 12th, 3:20 pm

@115 This happened with SFXTK’s New character DLC before. Characters were there, but there had to be a wait till the store updated. Teasing if you ask me :p.

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:22 pm

i agree with 117 damn teasers ok you had your laugh give us the frackin FREE DLC with the update

DanielSouza- said:

February 12th, 3:26 pm

Very expensive. 5$ per character. 15$ the costumes, and pay the scenary too? Don’t forget that i already pay to buy the game.

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:29 pm

oh boy what a pain in the butt that characters are free for two weeks

sekaniy said:

February 12th, 3:29 pm

What’s going to happen when Emmet meets Sweet Tooth Outcast skin?!?!?!? :)

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:30 pm

i have no idea

Dark0re0916 said:

February 12th, 3:34 pm

This wait is ridiculous

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:35 pm

amen brother

Dark0re0916 said:

February 12th, 3:35 pm

Why say the DLC is available on the 12th when it isnt? Smh Sony.

sekaniy said:

February 12th, 3:39 pm

Vita owners will need 835MB for DLC. I’m maxed out on my little 4gb card. You do get a lot more than just a character for $5. Story, taunts, practice, tutorials, minions, backgrounds for the character. But with all that said…I think $5 for both would be good ;)

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 3:39 pm

when do we want it?……NOW DARN YOU NOW

jondySauce said:

February 12th, 3:39 pm

$6000 dollar prize? Wish I was good at this game…

D-Squad3 said:

February 12th, 3:49 pm

I was worried that there wasn’t going to be a blog post about this! If they weren’t free, I would totally pay for them right now! I’m definitely paying for the new level! I’m supporting this game forever so I hope you guys continue to support it too.

I think when new content is added to the game, there should be a notification in the main menu of the game, like something new is available via store. Just like showing that you’ve unlocked content with the green star next to “customize” you should put a green star next to the “store”.

Please make more DLC such as characters, costumes, levels etc. and also a SEQUEL!

Much love for SuperBot, I’m gonna miss Omar, I hope you keep this game up to date with balances and patches Seth!

DarknessSeeker said:

February 12th, 3:54 pm

Just saw someone using Kat in an online match but when I went to store it still wasn’t updated…

antper08 said:

February 12th, 3:54 pm

Nice addition guys :) Looking forward to play with Kat. I have been playing Gravity Rush for a while now, since I got it for being a plus member. Kudos for that too!

Hope to get more content for PSABR in the near future.

exexx49 said:

February 12th, 3:56 pm

finally i got my 2 new player

Husteen said:

February 12th, 3:57 pm

awesome! i don’t even have this game yet, but i’ll be downloading these today so they’ll be ready when i do get PSAS:BR.

phbarsan said:

February 12th, 3:57 pm

they’re now available!

exexx49 said:

February 12th, 4:00 pm

yes do is a good game and i hope they keep making need DLC player for the game

Chaotix_rider said:

February 12th, 4:00 pm

about time yes

Eastcoastghost25 said:

February 12th, 4:10 pm

content is up in the ingame store go download now

BkzUzi said:

February 12th, 4:18 pm

Omar Kendall.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 12th, 4:23 pm

Raven Minion!? YES!!!!

JamalVita_91 said:

February 12th, 4:23 pm

The Wait Was Definitely Worth It. =)

Alfredo3001 said:

February 12th, 4:52 pm

The DLC can be downloaded from the store? or by the game?

treybird1998 said:

February 12th, 4:58 pm

The new dlcs are dumb you cant even download them on the ps3 to your game. If you know how to get the dlcs on your ps3 without a vita please help me out.

Mint_Muffin said:

February 12th, 5:06 pm

Sooo when is the store going to update?!

FossilJoshXIII said:

February 12th, 5:24 pm

alright so i downloaded both kat and graves and i cant select them to play…can anyone help me?
i REALLY want to play as kat

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 12th, 5:29 pm

Wow! Both Stars are really fun & blend in well with the combat mechanics of the game (Kat for the most part).

Graves feeling like a combination of sweet tooth & Radec, imo. Btw, is it me or does Dante look different in character select? Looks OLD o.O

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 12th, 5:31 pm

@144 You might wanna Restart your PS3? maybe that’ll work.

Elvick_ said:

February 12th, 5:44 pm

Speaking of Kat as DLC…. when are we getting Kat for Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational?


February 12th, 5:56 pm

the psn store usually updates around 9pm est or 6am est, one of the two

Pixie_Stix_88 said:

February 12th, 7:07 pm

So how do we download them? i don’t see them listed anywhere….

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