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Feb 20

Feb 20

PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here

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Director, SIEA Social Media

UPDATE: The event in its entirety is now available to watch, right above this sentence. Relive the introduction of PlayStation 4, or experience it for the first time.

PlayStation Meeting 2013: it’s finally (almost) here! The festivities begin today, Wednesday February 20th starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time (3:00pm Pacific Time)… and you’ll be able to watch live right here from this humble PlayStation.Blog post. Set those bookmarks and timers!

If you simply must leave the warm, soothing embrace of PlayStation.Blog, you’ll also be able to follow along live on, inside the virtual world of PlayStation Home, and even via your PS3’s Xross Media Bar — just look for it under the “What’s New” section.

If your busy, busy life can’t find time for a live video stream, then be sure to follow our livetweeting fun on Twitter where you can join the conversation using #playstation2013. We’ll be dropping a few key updates on Facebook and Google+, too, for those so inclined.

Please follow along starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time and share your thoughts in the comments below. And then come back to the Blog after the show’s conclusion for a full wrap-up of all the announcements. Enjoy with our compliments!

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F2theAT said:

February 20th, 12:50 pm

damn…didn’t get the voucher. thanx Sony.

soccertk2008 said:

February 20th, 12:53 pm

I Cant wait too bad i have to watch it when i get off work

illwiththeskill said:

February 20th, 12:54 pm

Say word! Thanks for the $10 voucher Sony, that’s wassup.

All you lames who stay complaining about PS Plus and Sony STFU. What other company gives stuff away on a weekly basis? Does T-Mobile? I was with them for 2 years and aint get nothin for free. How about your cable company? I have cox cable and they aint gave me anything free except a raise in the fees.

How about Xbox? Does microsoft give away games for free or random vouchers? Don’t think so. Imma keep rockin with Sony as long as they keep doin what they do.

Briosh said:

February 20th, 12:56 pm

Please… Become once more the ONLY gaming console like you once were….

mrdavid359 said:

February 20th, 12:57 pm

OMFG THIS HAS BEEN AWATED SO LONG!!!! LETS GO PLAYSTATION 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lDark_Ops said:

February 20th, 12:58 pm

Yeah Whoo Playstation Cant wait..really im standing just starin at the screen..Whoooooooo

lDark_Ops said:

February 20th, 12:58 pm

Yeah Whoo Playstation Cant wait..really im standing just starin at the screen..Whooooooo

inFAMOUS-787 said:

February 20th, 1:00 pm

Bungie blew my mind with DESTINY now dont let me down SONY!!!! Next PS or bust!!!

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 20th, 1:00 pm

2 Hours!

inFAMOUS-787 said:

February 20th, 1:02 pm

Still no PSN voucher,bought the PS3 when it was $600!!! PS Plus member since day 1!!!! and….. nothing…. ah well…thanx for VANQUISH tho…..

das076 said:

February 20th, 1:04 pm

a 2hs de la nueva PS4!

Emmanuel_A_P said:

February 20th, 1:04 pm

@ illwiththeskill

Well said.

seejay666 said:

February 20th, 1:05 pm

{squeels like lil girl}


FortWHENTEA said:

February 20th, 1:06 pm


Kanedas_Bike said:

February 20th, 1:08 pm

Whatever it is we are going to love it even if it is the first launch cuz we all know the first launch will get redesigned in about the year. What we need to consider is the details because the devil is in the details RFID, cloud gaming those little things as far as performance we know it’s going to rock

JayBizzle311 said:

February 20th, 1:08 pm

two more hours and gaming changes forever.

Kanedas_Bike said:

February 20th, 1:09 pm

What Jay said.

CommandingTiger said:

February 20th, 1:11 pm


I understand exactly how you feel. But they were multiple things that happened last gen that JRPGs were simply unable to adjust to the new technologies and platform.

I got most of my JRPGs from my PSP, or in some cases my Wii.
I wish there would’ve been more JRPGS, but the PS3 isn’t dead yet.

Microsoft did bought a bunch of JRPGs in hopes it would help their console in the Japan market or even help getting thoses players here in the US to “Jump In” their console. Did it work?
Absolutely not.

Now, Microsoft could again try to get thoses JRPGs in their consoles, but honestly, even if they to spend their entire fortune, they’d still wouldn’t gain ground in Japan and nobody would be buying thoses games in the US on an Xbox. Both Microsoft and the Game Makers would loose tremendously, and if Microsoft is smart, they’ll stay away from Japan in the next-generation.

I’ll probably get my RPGs on a Wii U, most likely.

Daffy_Duuck said:

February 20th, 1:12 pm

I can’t wait for this!! Please be the PS4

Kanedas_Bike said:

February 20th, 1:13 pm

I’m waiting to watch in my ambulance with my Vita and iPad both connect to the web. I’m just freaking out because we could get called out and MISS IT!!!!!!!!

CommandingTiger said:

February 20th, 1:14 pm

Still getting aPS4.

shreyas_dbz said:

February 20th, 1:16 pm

can wait!! exitd!!!

invalidid said:

February 20th, 1:19 pm

Aside from a possible PS4 announcement, I’d like to see a live stream of the firing of the idiots behind this store redesign.

EpicParamour said:

February 20th, 1:22 pm

I have both a 360 and PS3 and love both of them. I’m onlying buying one next gen system at launch, so Sony and MS have to bring it. This guy is on the fence. But i am ludicrously excited for both of them!

clawson0069 said:

February 20th, 1:24 pm

I GOT MY 10 Buck Voucher!!

a_randay92 said:

February 20th, 1:25 pm

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

julian3ap said:

February 20th, 1:28 pm


jazodda said:

February 20th, 1:29 pm

Who cares how look the new PS4, always feel better!!! yeah!!!!

F2theAT said:

February 20th, 1:31 pm

are they still givin those vouchers out? can anyone comfirm?

xHGNxJoeRulez said:

February 20th, 1:31 pm

The Hardcore Gamers from Nicaragua can’t wait!!!!

F2theAT said:

February 20th, 1:32 pm

or are u guys just now signin in to psn and finding out.

destruction996 said:

February 20th, 1:32 pm

I really hope they dont go crazy. i have seen some of the videos on youtube,facebook,and twitter.And one thing i am scared of is that they will use premium subscriptions for internet.Besides that i think im going to be ok but i think it will be nice to have backwords capability for at least PS3 and to be able to use your old PSN account.Im still waiting to see if i should get Playstation Plus because i dont want to pay 50$ for something that i will just leave.Please dont diappoint us Sony.

neuropunk said:

February 20th, 1:41 pm




svanholm_10 said:

February 20th, 1:42 pm

where can i se it

gabypro said:

February 20th, 1:43 pm

cant wait!!!! :)

pickupdoctor said:

February 20th, 1:45 pm

Can’t wait.

Daimomaru said:

February 20th, 1:48 pm

Get ready for the next generation! Killzone 4 will look better than real life!

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

February 20th, 1:49 pm

Alright, seems like the site is getting everything in motion, they’re tweeting, cams are off air. Everyone buckle up. . .Sony’s gonna take us for a ride to the future.

1 more hour.

DeathGazer said:

February 20th, 1:49 pm

Sony’s paying me $10 to watch this.

chigga_kidd said:

February 20th, 1:49 pm

lets get it poppin!!!

remanutd5 said:

February 20th, 1:49 pm

Neogaf is already down lol, my hype is reaching dangerous levels, not good for my health

raven-ace135 said:

February 20th, 1:50 pm


pollo11589 said:

February 20th, 1:57 pm

It’d be stupid, if it was anything but the PS4 announcement.

skuljagger said:

February 20th, 1:57 pm


ATOMS11 said:

February 20th, 1:57 pm

I will hold a presence here at the Blog, as well as Home theater! Go get um Sony!

whufc_no2 said:

February 20th, 1:58 pm

cant wait

Drale_Onca said:

February 20th, 1:59 pm

Just 1 hour… *-*

katsuo7171 said:

February 20th, 2:00 pm

1 more hour!!!!

How disappointing would it be if this wasn’t the PS4. Probably the PS Vita Go or the Moveye.


February 20th, 2:00 pm

Leg go!

gilbot_ said:

February 20th, 2:08 pm

ive been with my ps3 since it came out 8yrs now :)

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