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Feb 25

Feb 25

PlayStation Plus: Plants vs. Zombies Free for Members

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Hopefully you’ve been digging into some of the free PlayStation Plus content this month including Vanquish, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, and indie-hit Closure. This week, we’re excited to bring the crowd-pleasing Plants Vs. Zombies on PS Vita to the Instant Game Collection.

In addition, there are some fantastic sales to jump on as well including the Gamers’ Choice Awards discounts (winners announced tomorrow) and the PS Vita Anniversary Sale celebrating PS Vita’s first year. Read on to learn more about these exceptional sales.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access via the Sony Entertainment Network online store.

February 26th PlayStation Plus Update

Plants Vs. Zombies (PS Vita)

PSN Price: $10.49, Free for PS Plus members

Popcap’s irreverent take on the real time strategy genre is yours to play free on your PS Vita starting this week as a PS Plus member. At first glance, you may think it’s just another cute strategy game. Get your hands on it, and you’ll find an incredible amount of strategy that relies on everything from picking the right plants, determining their placement, and decisions while under fire from masses of zombies. The PS Vita version sports a ton of great features including co-op multiplayer, a ton of modes, and even some mini-games to keep you busy, making putting Plants vs. Zombies down an pleasantly tough proposition.
Retro/Grade (PS3)

PSN Price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $2.44

Retro/Grade Soundtrack

PSN Price: $7.99; PS Plus Price: $1.74

The game that turned rhythm games upside down is now available at an irresistible price for PS Plus Members! Starting at the end of the game and working your way back to the sound of head-bobbing retro tunes, you’ll need to ensure the pilot makes it alive through his backward journey through time. With 10 dazzling ‘backwards’ worlds, epic boss fights, and a seriously fantastic soundtrack, it’s a deal that everyone should jump on. If you like the music, we also went ahead and put the soundtrack on sale as well! You can grab it for $1.74 on the PS Store as a PS Plus member.
Gamers’ Choice Awards Winners Discounts

Various Discounts for PS Plus Members

You voted, now you’re about to reap the rewards. This week the winners of the Gamers’ Choice Awards go on sale at various discounts across the board. Tune in to PlayStation.Blog tomorrow morning to find out which titles won as voting is still on as of today’s Plus Update and the race in some categories is pretty darn close. If you need a refresher on the nominees and still haven’t cast your vote, click here.
PS Vita Anniversary Sale

Various Discounts for PS Plus Members
It’s been 1 year since the PS Vita launched and to celebrate, we’re placing a number of crazy good PS Vita titles on sale. Take a look at the full list. Though the sale is for all of PSN, Plus members, as usual, get extra discounts on top these already good deals. Take a look at the full list below.

Game Title Normal Price Sale Price PS Plus Sale
Escape Plan $14.99 $10.49 $7.34
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational $35.99 $25.19 $17.63
Hustle Kings PS Vita $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
Little Deviants $17.99 $12.59 $8.81
MLB The Show 12 PS Vita $17.99 $12.59 $8.81
ModNation Racers: Road Trip $17.99 $13.99 $9.79
MotorStorm RC Complete Edition $11.99 $8.39 $5.87
PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale $35.99 $25.19 $17.63
Reality Fighters $17.99 $12.59 $8.81
Smart As $26.99 $18.89 $13.22
Sound Shapes $14.99 $10.49 $7.34
Super Stardust Delta $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
Unit 13 $26.99 $18.89 $13.22

You should leave your thoughts by dropping them below and as usual, I’ll do my best to respond to key questions and comments. We’ve also got the PS Plus section in the PlayStation Community Forums where you can continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update 2-26-2013

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goldenratio13 said:

February 27th, 7:44 am


if I’m not near my console, this is where I get my pricing:

The only issue is that the store changes regions depending on your login. So if you don’t login with an EU account, it may not show you EU pricing

goldenratio13 said:

February 27th, 7:47 am

I got moderated when I tried to post the link, so this post may show up multiple times

DaGimp13 said:

February 27th, 7:59 am

@Joe & Golden

yea, the wrinkle can be problematic, but I believe sony has accounted for this in the same way canadian businesses did with american tourists…they take note of what the daily exchange rate is, but when I worked at a gas bar when I was younger, if an american came in while our CAD was low, we’d have a set rate in the system for the week. governments allow corporations to have a set exchange rate dispite fluctuating rates, basically allowing for easier accounting. so for instance, if the tourist had bought $10 of gas, and paid with an american 10, we would have input that is was 10 USD, and the system would do the conversion, with CAD at $0.87 at the time approx, rate was set at 1.10, meaning for every $1USD, they got back $0.10 CAD

I imagine Sony’s system would be similar, where it would be a flat exchange rate, perhaps even monthly. either way, they would have to have it set around the same level of current exchange, which would explain the price disparity on some titles in EU compared to here, as they’d charge extra to absorb any potential losses from the exchange.

DaGimp13 said:

February 27th, 8:03 am


Spot on about monthly & yearly projections. though if we’re gonna split it for discounted games as well, in a sense, we’d be making 3 different projections, 1 for free games with yearly and monthly breakdowns/reference links, another for discounted games with the same yearly and monthlys, and then a combined one for the same as well….only then will people get a true feeling for the value in their respective region.

as for from now going back to Feb/March 2012 would work, as it’s still prior to when the IGC started, so we’ll be able to show the value of a regional sub prior and after the intro of the IGC.

A_Different_Nate said:

February 27th, 8:05 am

I know you’re probably sick of hearing this, but why has there been so few games compared to last year? Even one more PS3 game would help, as a lot of subscribers don’t own a Vita. Just be nice if there was always a new PS3 game, but I suppose this may be a lot to ask. Either way, hopeful for next week. If you want suggestions, Catherine for free would be SIIICCKKK!

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 27th, 8:25 am

@ goldenratio

Unfortunately it doesn’t support my browser for some reason, the link you posted. I’ve tried with Opera, FF, and Chrome. I am on linux, so it may have something to do with the browser profile.

I’ll just have to get to this in the evening at home.

@ DaGimp

I’ll handle EU and NA for Dec ’12, Jan and Feb ’13. Can you possibly handle the JP region (if you’re still up for it, although I don’t think it’s necessary)? Or do you want to do this independantly and then compare our findings (which I’m also more than fine for).

I’ll get in touch with you this weekend on PSN.

ElBarba said:

February 27th, 8:55 am

And now PS+ EU got God of war HD for two weeks, i already have the game but many of PS+ usa members havent .Im really starting to get deeply worried about the big difference between regions….

Volcomkewl said:

February 27th, 9:41 am

Until something worthwhile comes to Playstation Plus again, I for one am not renewing my suscription until then.
Sony knows the games we want, we only tell them each week on here. I know Morgan’s trying his best for us and I appreciate that very much. But Sony isn’t getting the point of it, until they finally get to a point where it can be good like it was before, you can say goodbye to me being your customer.

melodicmizery said:

February 27th, 10:23 am

oh jeez another update that uk got a game id rather play and usa gets a game for vita which i dont even own. the same handheld system that costs as much as my entire playstation that ill never get. id much rather have god of war hd and i dont even like uncharted 3 but id still rather have it instead of a vita game i cant even play. horrible update again…..for the past 6 months every update uk has had something i much rather of had instead of america.

melodicmizery said:

February 27th, 10:28 am

im so disgusted with ps plus i had to post a second time just to say it. the decline in quality games is just awfull!! at this time last year we got little big planet 2 infamous 2 chopper and like 5 other games all in feb. the sad part is most of those games remained on ps plus instead of swapping out for new ones they stayed for months. and how come we dont get anymore free dynamic themes?? or the avatars they give are not worth using at all! the avatars, even premium avatars are so ugly they look like they were drawn by a toddler with a crayon. i just dont understand the logic to anything ps3 is doing its like they dont care because this is the last year before ps4 and are just doing whatever lol.

DaGimp13 said:

February 27th, 12:16 pm

@ melodicmizery

well then you’re in luck my friend. this is what myself, Joe, and many others have been debating over the last few weeks. we’ve came to a conclusion that there is a disparity between regions, but we differ in our opinions as to why it occurs. we’re currently working together though to get to the bottom of the reason. the are some like myself that believe there is a general price disparity on titles themselves, along with regional differences that determine which regions games are attempted to be gotten by Sony by dealing with regional licensing , where as others like Joe who argue similar services should have less disparity in generic value. by conducting the research we’re doing, we’re solving this once and for all, for all PS+ users of each region. when we’re done, you’ll be able to see monthly & yearly breakdowns of each regions freebies, discounts, combined free and discounted, and the actual values taking currency exchange into account.

DaGimp13 said:

February 27th, 12:23 pm


yea, I can cover JP, though I’ll admit it may take me a long time for a few reasons, one mainly being I don’t read or speak japanese, so I’ll have to translate each page I find…the other being I have 2 NA accounts, 1 EU account, but no JP account, so I`ll have to make one, which could be tricky, considering I dont read or write japanese lol…also, are there any other regions we havent thought of? is SA covered under NA+, whats Africa covered under, or is it offered in these places? things we need to check out as well.

I`m not saying we shouldn`t cover them, we totally should. I`m wondering if we can find some additional help from other PSN users on these regions instead of us losing the message in the translation.

DaGimp13 said:

February 27th, 12:31 pm


yea, look forward to hearing from you on the PSN. Also, I want you to know, even if we don`t eye to eye on this issue, I want you to know you`ve earned my respect in how you very masterfully debated the topic of disparity. You always had a valid argument to come back with, sometimes even catching me offguard. I view you as a friend regardless of how our research turns out, and I hope we can game together soon :)

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 27th, 1:07 pm

@ DaGimp13

That’s actually why I didn’t want to handle JP, I have no idea how to navigate their page without getting lost. It’s no biggie if you find it too difficult, we can always handle it later. For now I want to just focus on the last three months. If we can come to a conclusion with just those months, we can go for the full year.

I looked up Africa since you mentioned it and came to the following post:

If you scroll down they have a chart of the regions. There are 12 in total, though I think region codes 02,03 and 04 pair up for EU’s Plus. I have no idea how the others are divided, or if Plus is even offered there. I would advise we stick to the big three for now.

Thanks for that last comment, the feeling is mutual. When I add you on PSN, I’ll check out your games and hopefully if we have some in common, we can do some gaming.

PrimeroIncognito said:

February 27th, 3:14 pm


“I can’t believe you actually came back, and without addressing our debate even!”

I already explained that. There’s nothing more to debate. You’re not paying attention, you’re too stubborn to see another’s viewpoint and accept that yours is flawed, and I’m not interested in speaking to a brick wall.

“you demonstrate that you have no experience in actual debate”

This is exactly the kind of garbage I’m talking about. Ego-stroking filler material. And for what? Do you believe your own nonsense? You probably do, and that’s what makes one delusional. I’m not going to try to argue against a delusional/egomaniacal mindstate. Only time and a steady dose of humility can fix that.

PrimeroIncognito said:

February 27th, 3:18 pm

For the record, I did explain why arguments for objective value are flawed. I may not have said it to you directly, but it’s here in this thread, and if you’ve been following the whole thread, then you should have seen it. Look for when I replied to ZenTripleFour, and explained why the price of a game doesn’t represent expected sentimental value or enjoyment level by the consumer. And thus, subjective value is THE ONLY viewpoint/approach that remains valid in a debate like this. Why you even keep trying the “objective” angle is beyond me, and quite frankly, it looks ridiculous.

PrimeroIncognito said:

February 27th, 3:20 pm

Also, I haven’t argued against other people’s subjective arguments. I’ve only argued against the BLANKET STATEMENTS that definitely are subjective/opinionated in nature, that the claimant themselves is erroneously expressing as accepted, universal truth, and attempting to convince others on the thread of this falsehood. Again, note the argument I had with ZenTripleFour for examples. He seems to truly believe that there isn’t anyone out there (let alone the potential thousands of people) who enjoys Plants vs. Zombies over a Metal Gear game. It’s asinine, ridiculously short-sighted, and not worthy of spending any more time discussing.

And with that, this is my last post in this thread. I’m done here. Have fun.

QC_Mx said:

February 27th, 3:24 pm

I have a question for you Morgan or anyone else.
I need to know why the hell do we on the US server get something crappy like Plant VS Zombie PS Vita(on that many of us doesn’t even have a Vita) and on the EU server they get God of War 1 HD????? This is just unbelievable.

Why can’t we get the option to choose one the the game that you are offering. Like this those who want a game for the Vita could get it and those of us who does’t have one could get a game for the ps3.

The more it goes, the more i’m getting deceived by what PS+ is offering…

Please answer.


February 27th, 3:31 pm

Very, very dissapointing ps plus update…… mainly because europe is getting almost new games for free like sleeping dogs wich i would have very much liked to play, and we in the u.s get old games like vanquish and a ps vita game wich is completly usless to me because i dont own one and im sure alot of people dont either. Whats the deal sony? are europeans better consumers than us that you reward them with better, newer games? i have been a ps plus subscriber for a while now but i cant imagine being one much longer if you guys keep doing this to american subs. I only hope that mass effect 3 and dead or alive 5 come for the u.s too because we already missed out on sleeping dogs……..or this will definitely be my last three months of ps plus, thank god i didnt buy the year’s worth.


February 27th, 3:35 pm

People!!!! we must boycut ps plus until we get the exact same service that the europeans get!!!! dont buy more memberships!!!!

superfunstudio said:

February 27th, 3:56 pm

Genuinely terrible selections, are you guys related to the European Sony people? Could you get together and take a lunchy maybe? Like my Grandpa always said: “Put Plants versus Zombies in one hand and Mass Effect 3 in the other hand. Now see which hand is full of feces.”


February 27th, 4:02 pm

+ QC_Mx@
He wont answer, nobody will answer our complaints, all you have to do is stop buying ps plus memberships until we are on par with europe. Everybody just stop buying their stuff the U.S + isnt worth the money. And dont let my id fool you i am definitely not trolling here, US PS+ SUCKS and i take what they are doing to us very personal.

goldenratio13 said:

February 27th, 4:02 pm

It’s baffling to me how so many people continue to compare February’s week 4 update for NA, to EU’s lineup for the entire month of March. Why do people keep making this comparison? It’s apples and oranges. I weep for humanity.

M1tch_3ll said:

February 28th, 5:43 am

Afraid I haven’t read the whole thread so apologies if this has cropped up before but I assume you aren’t just comparing the Instant Game Collection of the various regions but are taking into account the entire Playstation Plus Service including sales/discounts/themes/avatars/promotions and all it entails?

While Europe arguably have the superior IGC the US arguably have more and better sales
It would seem logical therefore that Europe are spending their PS Plus budget on the IGC while not leaving much left to secure sales, while US are spending their budget on securing sales and discounts and obviously that is causing the IGC to suffer

Its good for Sony to have the different regions working differently – that way they can compare which way of doing PS Plus is more profitable to them..for us though which is better value? Free games chosen for you that are available only while a subscription is paid or your own choice of cheaper games that are yours to keep?

As an example – these new promotions..US gets $10 cashback for every $50 spent. Europe has an older game to download for 2 weeks that is available as long as you are in ps Plus. Which one offers the better value?

JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 28th, 6:28 am

@ PrimeroIncognito

The more you argue with people, the more you’ll realize that the majority of the time the argument will boil down to the definition of key words to the argument itself. In this case, the word is “value”.

When I attempted to define an objective definition, I was merely trying to erase as much of the effect personal opinion has on the argument regarding value, so that two individuals of opposing views can agree on the definitions of the words that will be used in the argument. Once we agree to it, we can actually begin a civil discussion without completely misunderstanding each other’s arguments due to variance in the definition of words.


JoeGoodsnake2 said:

February 28th, 6:28 am


When you try to attack the above, you’re taking the definition out of context and simply trying to find a fault in my argument without looking at the whole picture. I’ve already stated that subjectivity is inarguable (so there’s no need to peruse your previous arguments for this, as I’m already on your side about this), but that’s precisely the reason that we need to define common terms before discussion. It’s inevitable that the argument will fall to a battle of semantics if we don’t. I’m not sure how much more clearer I can explain this, which is why I questioned your experience in debate.

“Also, I haven’t argued against other people’s subjective arguments. I’ve only argued against the BLANKET STATEMENTS that definitely are subjective/opinionated in nature”

That’s a contradiction. Regardless of whether the claimant is expressing it as truth, a subjective opinion is still a subjective opinion.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you next week.

QC_Mx said:

February 28th, 7:18 am

I’m not complaining only about the difference of the region. What i dislike the more is, since the friggin PS Vita came out, they give game for it way too often. I and many others peoples don’t have a Vita and don’t even plan to get one some day. So why can’t they make it two different service? I feel like I have been rip off since they started giving stuff for the Vita instead of for the PS3.

I’m paying to be PS+ on the PS3, I should get stuff for the PS3.


February 28th, 7:40 am

really not feeling the releases we’ve been getting. plants vs zombies while EU gets god of war and metal gear? pathetic. glad plus was a gift and not something i paid for.

SeshiLord said:

February 28th, 7:58 pm

Is Sound Shapes still as Cross-buy? Because on my PS3 I see both versions separately, and on my Vita the game is still under the “Cross-play” category.

EdwardCORE said:

March 1st, 9:17 am

Had 3 of my comments deleted by the moderator. Guess we really can’t stand up to him.

EdwardCORE said:

March 1st, 9:19 am

Destructoid has a article pointing out how bad things are going for US Plus. Tried to share the link but got cut off too.

MhsVita said:

March 1st, 11:16 am

I don’t see why everyone is so negative ,we get 6 games for the vita that worth a lot more than 50$ we spent on ps+ and discounts that are half of the original price ,ps+ looks like a good deal to me although i’ve just acquired my ps+ account ( 1 year + 3months for free ) ,thank you Sony keep up the good work :) .

paulokazii said:

March 1st, 3:09 pm


Informal_Geek said:

March 1st, 3:29 pm

Real quick…is the sale for Unit 13 only for this week and end’s on the 5th? Or does it go longer than that?

PintSizedPinata said:

March 1st, 3:36 pm

Can you maybe add Cladun x2 next week we are in need of a good RPG

PintSizedPinata said:

March 1st, 3:37 pm


I3iG_l3oSS said:

March 1st, 11:25 pm

This update is cute, Laugh it up, Morgan and friends.

SmilingSage said:

March 2nd, 7:28 am

I wish they never included the vita in ps plus in the first place. Not everyone owns one and most of us don’t want one.

Mr_Savage11 said:

March 2nd, 10:39 am

Crappy update. Stay classy, sony.

el__kop said:

March 2nd, 10:52 pm

hi there everyone ..hope all is good & gaming ..i just joined plus..after 3 months test :) in 2012 …

i dont think the line of games is bad but i think the weekly drip drip is really hurting PS+ NA …if you gave any gamer this line up :!/en-us/free-games/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSPLUSFREEGAMES

more value when you look at the list now…imagine what the response would have been if Vanquish & Darksiders where at the top of the list of games..! …. but the weekly update hurt the games & PS+ …
i know getting a monthly update is no easy job :(

personally what i want from PS + is two things :

1-keep the amazing discounts rolling as for me this is where plus is BOSS as im big fan of digital copy &
day one digital .
2- introduce some new games to me.. games i never thought about buying or playing ..

thank you

muldy00 said:

March 3rd, 3:55 am

Just a question. When are these Vita Anniversary sale games on sale until? Are these for this week, or is it all month?

LordEleos said:

March 3rd, 6:58 am

I used to play plants vs zombies a lot on my other handheld. but now that i can get it for free for my ps vita thats awesome!

lIlIGameOverlIl said:

March 3rd, 10:22 am

Can’t we just get the same games Europe is getting. This is outrageous!!!! Why do people even wonder how Sony is getting outsold in the US?

lIlIGameOverlIl said:

March 3rd, 10:25 am

To the people saying “Europe get monthly updates so they get better games”; give us monthly updates instead of the weekly ones. I’m sorry but everyone isn’t a fan of handheld systems, give me Arkam City, Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, and Red Dead, Period.

lildave2007 said:

March 3rd, 12:05 pm

I have a question can u please make some playstation 1games free on the vita because i really enjoy playing twisted metal also what are the next game? by the way i love my vita keep up the good work!

Concon85 said:

March 10th, 1:02 pm

Well! For some reason PvZ are not free for me! that sucks, I have Playstation plus and cant get it for free, either on my vita or PS3 -.-‘

TUNA-EGG said:

March 16th, 7:43 pm

This comment is pretty late but I have to say a BIG THANK YOU for putting this up for free on PS+. I never would’ve tried it if it wasn’t free and it was the best game ever. Played all the time the week it came out on PS+, non-stop for 5 hours on the weekend without eating, drinking, or getting up to pee. I devised strategies to blow up zombies in my sleep. So addictive… I’m all psyched for PvZ 2!!

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