Germinator Oozes onto PS3 and PS Vita Today

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Germinator Oozes onto PS3 and PS Vita Today
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Hello again, PlayStation enthusiasts! Scott here from Creat Studios, with an update about our newest game for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, Germinator.

Germinator is available in North America today, March 5th, on both platforms for $9.99. But if you want ‘em both, there’s a bundle for $14.99. If you do pick up the game on both platforms, the Cross Save feature will let you save your progress and continue on either platform. We wouldn’t want to hold you back from beating the hardest puzzle levels just because you have to leave the house, would we?

We’ve designed the PS Vita version to take full advantage of the device’s touchscreen capabilities. You can direct your Germs to shoot by the touch of a fingertip, and activate Germs special abilities with a quick swipe. Watch the video and see how it plays:

We’ll have more info, updates and fun new contest giveaways by following @CreatStudios on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. This is our first PS Vita game, and everyone at Creat is really thrilled to finally embrace the platform. As always: we love what we do, and we couldn’t do it without all of you! Please keep sending us your comments and suggestions, and be sure to let us know how you enjoy Germinator.

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31 Author Replies

    lol that guy cracks me up..

  • ZaGe-zAiKaNo

    Well, I’m done paying my Bioshock Infinite copy. Now i can start taking advantage on the promotions & those 10$ from this game are surely going to help.

    Yes, i’m buying Germinator as soon as i can :p & for the heck of it, i will clean my hands after i play Germinator every time.

    Congrats on your 1st Vita game.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thanks so much, ZaGe-zAiKaNo! We’re very excited to enter the Vita world. Please drop us a line and let us know how you like it.

  • Is there a Colorblind option? It just gets to the point where colors look the same and I loose.

    I love these kind of games, but never been able to partake of them because I am Red/Green colorblind.
    For those who do not know, R/G colorblind is just where colors of similar shades blend together.
    Blue / Purple, Green / Brown, Yellow / Orange. So forth.

    I hope this option was considered?

    I would love to play this!!

    I wish more developers would consider color blind modes for games, both my brother & I are Colorblind.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thanks, nikrel. Sorry, but we were not able to include such an option.

      Changing saturation television settings may help for the PS3 version. The Vita may also provide tweaks for the screen, but I’d have to check on that.

  • I couldn’t wait and got this off the EU store a few weeks ago. This game is so much more than your traditional puzzle game.

    With moth puzzle games once you figure out the gimmick you can play forever without much thought. While you will quickly figure out the gameplay with Germinator each level requires its own strategy. Figuring out how to get through each level will have you coming back for more.

    It’s the hardest puzzle game I’ve ever played but in a fun I want to try that level one more time kind of way.

    I very highly recommend picking this up.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      WOW! Thank you very much, avdavidw! Reading your comment has made our day. We’re so happy that you enjoyed it.

      Will you be getting the Vita version, too?

  • Wow, awesome! Nice to see Creat Studios on the Vita. Gives me hope for Mushroom Wars on Vita…. make it so! ;)

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thanks, PSN_Tokeio. We’re thrilled to finally be launching a game on the Vita.

      If we get enough demand for Mushroom Wars, that’s always a possibility. Tell your friends to let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Enough people demanded online play for the game, and we did it. Same would apply for a Vita version.

  • Vita “life” is now even more healthy with added Germs! Thank you Creat Studios!

  • Looks fun!

  • Thanks for the tip on Saturation levels, I never thought of that!!!

    I’ll probably still pick this up, my wife loves these games, & i’m a sucker for punishment.

    Thanks again!

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Oh cool! Please let us know if it works, nikrel!

      We hope you like it. Be sure to drop us a line and tell us.

  • Thanks for showing some raw footage of the game being played on the Vita! Now, let’s get existing Creat Studios games brought over to the handheld.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      So glad you like the footage, FORMIK . Stay tuned for more of that…. we’ll be showing quite a bit of gameplay and we’re running contests where we you can codes for other Creat games. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the details.

      We’ve been discussing porting our other titles to Vita. Fan demand will determine what comes next, so please let us know what you would like to see.

  • Platinum trophy?

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Sorry, yazter. No Platinum trophy. But there’s lots of fun, we promise!

  • Another Creat game another chunk of my money gone… guys make great games!

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Aww… thank you, Craazy! Comments like that keep us going, Please let us know how you like it.

  • Scott, of course I’ll be picking up the Vita version today.

    +1 on Mushroom Wars 2 VITA. :)

  • Vita version here i come!!!!!
    +1 to Mushroom Wars 2 on the psvita.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thank you, remanutd5! Let us know how you like it.

      Oh boy… here come like Mushroom Wars requests. Bring it on! (And please do so on Facebook and Twitter, too. It’s the best please to let us know what you want to see.)

  • at Scott i dont use facebook anymore, im more on Google+ and Twitter so i will request the game on twitter, i dont think you guys are on google+, are you?

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      We’re not on Google Plus right now. That may change soon.

  • Consider it bought!

    I can’t speak for the other gamers, but for me, I want more TerRover. I *LOVE* TerRover… just adore it. I think it’s the most underrated title you’ve made, and maybe you just didn’t put enough effort into making players understand to expect to keep blowing up. But those of us that “got it” usually embraced it. I would love for you to add new locations, physics, puzzles and mechanics for my favorite, brave little Rover, and bring it to PS3 and Vita with Cross Save. :D

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thanks, adolson!

      And it seems that someone’s been reading our recent interview and knows my love for TerRover! :-)

  • KazeEternal

    While not CrossBuy, thank you for at least giving us a discounted price for buying both the Vita and PS3 version. I’ll gladly pay for them today.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thank you, KazeEternal! Please let us know how you enjoy the game and like the CrossSave feature.

  • ItsIntegrity

    Im really liking the cross play dedication… I may be buying a Vita by June.

    OFF TOPIC: Can someone PLLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE look into adding at least the “SORT” feature to the view “MY DOWNLOADS”?

    Iv been a VERY loyal customer for quite a while with MANY purchases on my main account. On the occasion I have to re-download; such as when I add another 250 GB to HDD situation. Iv got full games, trials that have unlocks, TONS OF ADD-ONS… it would be nice to be able to sort them a little bit.

    Thanks for the update on the network… looking forward to test driving whatever you rascals are upto!!!

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thanks, ItsIntegrity.

      The SORT feature is a cool idea, but it’s not something we developers can help you with. I would contact the hard working folks at Sony directly and let them know. The more feedback they get, they more likely they are to make changes, especially for long-time customers like you.

  • PainOfSarrow

    i want this game. looks like a 5 dollar game though. idk depends on how many hours and game modes it has. cant front it looks addictingly good though, i just might budge. may i know how many games modes and campain levels are included ?

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Glad you like what you see, PainOfSarrow. Thanks for taking the time to ask about it.

      You can download the trial version on your PS3 for free (after today’s Store update) and check out the different modes.

      There’s a Puzzle mode and a Story mode, each with 75 levels, and 3 star ratings to earn on each level. The Arcade level is unlimited with 4 levels of difficulty. If you can master the Pandemic level, you’re quite the gamer.

      Also, there’s an unlimited Duel mode, which let’s you play against a friend locally, or the AI.

      We made sure to pack all the content that would fit into Germinator to give you your money’s worth!

      Please try the demo, play the different modes and let us know what you think.

  • PainOfSarrow

    Scott Hyman , thanks for all the info. 75 Levels on both Modes sounds great. Pandemic level sounds like a good Challenge and Duel Mode lets you play against AI you said ? thats a HUGE Plus. i feel AI should alwaysss be Included incase there is no Friend around. il Def give the Demo a try. sounds worth 10$ already. i liked critter crunch alot, this looks jus as addicting. im 99.9 % SOLD. thanks for the info

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      My pleasure, PainOfSarrow. Again, thank you for asking.

      The details of the game had been discussed in a previous PS Blog post, and we focused this one on the Vita version. Your comment provided an outlet to list all of the game’s features.

      I should also mention that it is PS Move compatible, too. It’s a lot of fun with the Move!

  • Germinator looks like he has Bruce Campbell’s chin lol.

    I’ll play the demo and see if its to my liking.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      We can’t ask for more than that, TitleOne! Please let us know what you think.

  • terrencec06

    I will now give this game a try. Didn’t know you guys made critter crunch, I loved that game. I’ll try the demo on Playstation and if I like it I will pick it up on vita.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      We loved Critter, Crunch, too, terrencec06 . But we didn’t make it. I think PainOfSarrow was making a comparison above, not giving us credit for it.

      Thanks for being up for trying the demo. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

  • guitarded77

    Looks like a good time sink… I’ll consider picking it up soon.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Thank you, guitarded77! A good time sink, indeed… for lots and lots of time!

  • Hey, I’d like Mushroom wars for Vita!
    I have it for PS3 and iPad :)

    • Scott Hyman

      Another Mushroom Wars vote! Thank you macoleto!

      Keep ’em coming if you want to see it happen. But please, let us know on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where we can track them.

  • Glad to see Creat on Vita. I probably won’t be picking this one up (colorblind and a little burnt out on this genre) but there are certainly a bunch of Creat games I’d love to buy on the Vita so I’ll be looking out for those.

    • Scott Hyman

      Sorry we’ll miss you on Germinator, vanwinkle. But we can’t fault a great customer for taking a break.

      Please keep letting us know what you want to see on Vita.

  • Any news on a Vita version of Labyrinth Legends yet? You’ve been so coy on FB.

    I usually don’t spend $10 on puzzle games, but I may buy the Vita version if for no other reason than to show you there IS a Vita market for your games! Besides, I won your fan art contest and even though I can’t use the keys (only Vita, no PS3), I think I owe you for all the games that maybe one day I’ll actually get to enjoy.

    • Scott Hyman

      No news yet, xClayMeow. Sorry to be coy, but I can’t reveal anything until it’s officially time.

      As for those keys, please email us again. We’ll send you codes for our Vita games as we launch them. It’s the least we can do. :-)

  • Great news. I’ll support you guys with the PS Vita version of this game.

    Question… can I play with controls instead of touchscreen? I’m an old school gamer.

    By the way… I have Mushroom Wars, but if you bring it for Vita… I’ll pay for it!!!

    • Scott Hyman

      Thank you, subadictos! We hope you enjoy it.

      Yes, you can play with the controls. We made the video to show that the touchscreen works, too.

  • visual_pollution

    Will the Vita and PS3 versions have separate trophies? or shared?

  • Emailed you, Scott. You and Creat are beyond awesome!

    And not just because of your offer to me, but because you’re taking the time to reply to each and every person here. It’s always great to see that level of communication between devs/pubs and consumers. I can assure you (and other devs/pubs watching) that that type of behavior does not go unnoticed by the gaming community. I’ve seen several instances in the Steam forums where a developer replies to someone and other people then reply back saying that the simple act of the dev posting convinced them to buy the game. Keep up the great work!

    • Scott Hyman

      Thanks, xClayMeow! That means a lot to us.

      We try to reply to everyone because you all are the reason we make these games, and the reason we get to keep making them. Every purchase, every comment and every suggestion are taken with the utmost respect and gratitude.

  • JesteR1701one

    9.99 for a simple puzzle game? Seems kinda expensive to me.

    • Scott Hyman

      Check out the free trial version and decide for yourself, JesteR1701one. There’s no cost for that!

      We packed as much in there as we could, and we hope you enjoy it.

  • Nice, didn’t know the Vita version was releasing today. Will definitely pick it up. <3 Creat.

  • PainOfSarrow

    xClayMeow thats 100% True. more Devs Should Take notice. cant wait to add this to my PSN Game Collection. 100+ and counting.

  • Awwww no PS+ discount (but bundle discount is nice) T_T

    I will buy it nonetheless in order to help convince you guys to bring Labyrinth Legends to Vita…passive aggression always works!

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      Feel free to passive aggressively persuade us any time, jcthomas00!

      Hope you enjoy the game!

  • CatatonicAlex

    It might be simple in gameplay but not in design. Have you not watched the trailer?
    I’ll play the demo then buy the game. Hopefully it not too large as I have yet to receive my 32gb memory card.

    • Scott Hyman
      Scott Hyman

      That’s a great way to summarize it, CatatonicAlex. Enjoy the trail version and we hope you make the purchase.

  • Sum-Mischief

    Very interesting game …Thanks. No doubt I will pick this up when I get home.

  • voodooblue_2008

    For $10, it’s a little pricey but I’ll give a little since it looks like a game I could play anytime without having to stay entrenched in a story and master a number of complex character moves. Love the demo shown in the video here.

  • voodooblue_2008

    BTW I will be buying the PS Vita version. Please publish more of your games on this platform moving forward.

  • HAHA!! This looks like a hilariously jolly good time!! Can’t wait to try it out on my Vita!!!

  • here’s another vote for Mushroom Wars on the Vita :D

  • I may get this…


    Thanks to Scott and Creat Studios I have three NA copies of Germinator to give away! Simply visit us and follow the details for your chance to win!

  • whiteshanks

    I have to say this game is brilliant i love it everything is nice and fun vita should get more games like this ^^ i have it on my vita and i play it 24/7 god job guys.

  • sony are you even trying..?? where are the great games ?

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