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Mar 11

Mar 11

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World DLC: Online Multiplayer & Wallace Wells

Syed Abbas's Avatar Posted by Game Producer, Ubisoft

When we created a game called Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, we meant it. “But,” you might have asked, “what about playing against other Scott Pilgrim fans from around the world?”

Sure, our side-scrolling beat-em-up based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s award-winning graphic novels let’s you play as everyone’s favorite lovable loser: the titular Mr. Pilgrim. And yes, you could team up with your pals for some couch co-op, playing as one of Scott’s kooky cohorts in this charmingly 8-bit retro-gaming world (all while rocking to the chiptune sounds of ANAMANAGUCHI). But what about online multiplayer?

With the latest downloadable content, your question has been answered. Out now tomorrow on PlayStation Network for $4.99, this new DLC not only adds Wallace Wells to the roster, but also brings online multiplayer to the game. No more crowding on the couch (unless, of course, you want to… but that’s your business). Instead, you can summon your pals from around the world to take on Ramona Flowers’ evil exes – and earn four new Trophies while you’re at it!

PlayStation Plus members get 20% off for two weeks (March 12th, 2013 to March 26th, 2013) on the multiplayer DLC, and the updated Ultimate Edition.

Check it out, and let us know how Wallace stacks up!

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R_a_z_i_e_l said:

March 13th, 9:42 pm


Syed Abbas's Avatar

Syed Abbas said:

March 13th, 11:05 pm

Hello Everyone,

First I would like to thank you all for your comments and the interest you have shown in this DLC. Since almost all of you have similar queries and concerns I will try to answer them through a common response here.

For the pricing there are many different factors that go into this. At this time the DLC is already being offered at a reduced price for PS Plus subscribers. We will work to continue to offer the best pricing for our DLC content in the future.

Thanks for all the suggestions regarding a PS Vita version. Ubisoft has always been supportive of Sony and Playstation. We are always looking for new opportunities to publish our titles on other PS platforms. In the future we will see what opportunities there are to publish this great content on other PS platforms.

Thanks again for your support and hope to meet you soon in the online world of Scott Pilgrim.

Tyfighter80 said:

March 15th, 2:46 pm

So I caved and bought this despite my reservations and it is absolutely broken.

Once you’re connected its mostly smooth, but 9/10 times it won’t connect after everyone has joined the room, just gives an error and kicks you to title screen. Awesome job, guys.

UltraPSX said:

March 15th, 5:19 pm

+1 please bring to VITA, as well as crossplay with PS3 would make it perfect.

Tyfighter80 said:

March 16th, 2:52 pm

Are you guys planning on patching your paid patch? To make it work properly and all that good stuff?

You delivered an obviously broken product. Do something about it.

ModestGeek said:

March 19th, 1:51 pm

It’s about time! As soon as I saw this in the PS Store, I immediately downloaded it. I didn’t mind the asking price of $5. Online play just gives me a reason to play this game even more…..simply because most of my friends don’t have this game so I was stuck playing this by myself, but the answer to my crisis is now over!! And yes…..a Vita version would be nice.

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