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Mar 18

Mar 18

PlayStation Plus: Venture into The Cave, Free for Plus Members

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Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Spec Ops: The Line rocked your Instant Game Collection at the start of March, and Joe Danger 2: The Movie rode in last week. This week, you’ll find The Cave, as well as Tekken 6 available free for PlayStation Plus members. You’ll also find deals on fantastic games like Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, among others.

Don’t forget that the Get $10 For Every $50 Spent promotion is still on, but ending at the end of March. That means if you purchased a 1 year PS Plus membership at $49.99, you’re already set to get $10 back on or around April 12th. We’ll cover you on that extra penny. And yes, it’s stackable.

PlayStation Plus - 1-year MembershipPlayStation Plus - 3-month Membership

March 19th PlayStation Plus Update

The Cave (PS3)

PSN Price: $14.99, Free for PS Plus members

The Cave
The Cave is a new adventure game from Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert, and Double Fine Productions. Assemble your team of three from seven unlikely adventurers, each with their own unique personalities and stories, then descend into the mysterious depths to explore locations including a subterranean amusement park and a medieval castle, not to mention a fully armed and ready-to-launch nuclear tipped ICBM. The Cave awaits.
Tekken 6 (PSP, Supported on PS Vita)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Tekken 6
Armed with the largest character roster ever in TEKKEN history, a robust single player game experience, countless mutiplayer and online options, and an addictive character customization system, the greatest fighting game franchise soars is here for PS Vita and PSP owners to add to their Instant Game Collection!

*Not available in Mexico

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

40% Discount for PS Plus members

Set out on a mission to assassinate the totalitarian penguin leader as Hardboiled Chicken. Destroy enemies with a slew of weapons and illuminate the secrets to his past while uncovering the real enemies of Albatropolis. Master fowl play in the co-op campaign as a pair of Budgie commandos on a mission to save the general’s daughter. Many lives will be destroyed, countless penguins will die!

  • PS3 Version (PSN Price: $11.99; PS Plus Price: $7.19)
  • PS Vita Version (PSN Price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $5.99)

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational: New Courses and Characters

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Course and Character Pack

25% Discount for PS Plus members (PSN Price: $11.99; PS Plus Price: $8.99)

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is an incredibly fun and accessible golf experience on PS Vita. If you already have the game, here’s your chance to download all 3x characters (Erika, Gloria, & Kat) and 3x courses (Mt. Sakura, Northern Fox, & Mar Cielo). If you don’t have the game, you can add it to your download list here; then hop on this great deal for even more content. Read more about these Add-ons from the PS Blog’s post last week as well.

You’ll find all the content detailed above with their Plus benefits active when the PlayStation Store updates on 3/19. Got more questions on Plus? Leave your comments below, or, if you’re looking to engage with more of the PS community, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums to discuss this week’s news more, find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

Last Chance (Leaving on 3/26)

Instant Game Collection
Plants vs. Zombies (PS3 PS Vita)

Scott Pilgrim Ultimate Edition
Scott Pilgrim Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack

PlayStation Plus Update 3-19-2013

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SuperHALFBEAST said:

March 18th, 1:43 pm

The Cave is a nice game, I bought it at launch day. unfortunately, the bugs keep me from finishing all the stories. can’t seem to hold on to a ledge with my adventurer, she’s trapped in a hole and I can’t continue (my other two characters had no problems getting out of there).

Zalgo_Cometh said:

March 18th, 1:54 pm

The Cave is definitely worth the try. feel free to check out this review

jasonstreet said:

March 18th, 1:57 pm

I would very much like to know if the cave has online co op and if so is it going to work ok or is it going to be as bad as the other online platformer outland that if you have it in co op mode its so laggy you can’t play it? Any info on this would be helpful before i download it and also if you have an answer about outland also that would be great ive tried for months to get answers from sony and ive sent messages to the actual game company that made it and also checked forums but it seems its a huge problem PLEASE HELP cause I loved the solo version of outland

nobodies-hero said:

March 18th, 1:57 pm

Man I want to buy Hardboiled for Vita. I had a great time with it on PS3. Loved the soundtrack. Just don’t know if I can justify buying it twice. I can just hear the girl friend now suggesting I join a group for addictions. :D


March 18th, 1:59 pm

Hey Morgan and guys..

I seen a couple of people asking about how much moola they’ve spent this month, and how to tell or keep track of purchases.

Account management > transaction management >transaction history >(choose date) You can do this right on your ps3, and it’ll tell you what you’ve spent for the month.
Good update thanks guys

Kazriko said:

March 18th, 2:00 pm

I’d like to put in a major “Thank You!” to the localizers of Hotshots Golf for finally bringing over the DLC. I’m buying it all. :D I had almost given up on ever seeing it.

Trieloth said:

March 18th, 2:03 pm

The Cave was a annoying demo. I couldnt make up my mind which dood to use lol. Not interested in the game though. Hoping for something awesome next time.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

March 18th, 2:06 pm

@ jasonstreet

No, The cave is not online co-op. =/


March 18th, 2:13 pm

Gettin real sick of crappy indies.

And no, I don’t want to hear about how these games are “genuinely good” or “critically praised”
One person writing they enjoyed it sort of on a website and giving it a very average score is not critically praised. It’s a pile of meh, with mehshrooms and mehstard on top. The only real game you’ve given us this year worthy of even being downloaded is Spec Ops, which I’m willing to bet most members of PS plus already had because it had so much hype.

One good game.

Three months.

Three mehnths?

Why are you giving us almost entirely games that are fighting games (which many people hate, by the way) ESPECIALLY outdated ones like a psp tekken, 3rd rate indie games, and then crap games that are so insulting I wouldn’t soil my system with a download if you payed me. (AKA almost everything else)

To recap.
Good games this year:
Spec Ops the Line

Crap games this year:
Every single other game.

Please at least TRY not to insult us.

CrusaderForever said:

March 18th, 2:14 pm

Awesome, the Cave will be mine! HSGWI DLC looks sweet as well. Thanks Sony!

punkmusic2009 said:

March 18th, 2:15 pm

when is sony going to get the game tanks tanks tanks it looks like a good game if you get it make it free for plus

RulitoCR said:

March 18th, 2:18 pm

Excellent update!! I was waiting for The Cave!!! PS Plus is the best thing since videogames gifts for christmas!!!

mcloven12346 said:

March 18th, 2:20 pm

or dont answering my freaking ? i spend thousands of dollors on your products and service and u treat me like crap and dont answer a simple ? wtf morgan @ + Morgan Haro dear morgon hero i was wondering when the spring fevor sale is going to happen i know that u had one last year and the last year before that so im gussing u are going to have one this yr answer my ? please and stop bypassing it i never complain on here but for crying out loud its a simple ? its a yes or no ? please anser it

mcloven12346 said:

March 18th, 2:22 pm

and u answer all thease stupid ? but u yet to answer any of the really good ? that people point out on here like coment 102

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    March 18th, 3:15 pm

    We’ll announce details about Spring Fever on the PS Blog when it’s time to announce. Nothing to share at this time.

J-Kisner said:

March 18th, 2:29 pm

Guess you can’t please everyone, but I for one am very happy and grateful for all of the great games coming this month. I love the new monthly update style, and I’m digging the staggering of vita and ps3 releases, and having a game on each platform like this week. Thank you, Morgan!

ColdNinjaProLive said:

March 18th, 2:34 pm

when is there going to be black ops declassified dlc soon and will unit 13 be free ever

ColdNinjaProLive said:

March 18th, 2:35 pm

thanks for tekken

shuaDove said:

March 18th, 2:37 pm

I really like the update. One of the main reasons I joined PS+ was because of the great deals/freebies on indie games. They’re a great break from the retail games I usually play on my Vitas. So keep up the good work!

For those Vita owners waiting for Disgaea next week, let me say that the game is great and very deep. Although it’s probably not for everyone, you could easily spend 100+ hours with it.

PPlus-85 said:

March 18th, 2:40 pm

I signed the plus because of the Spec Ops and Vanquish, and would be amazing if every month was a great game available.

So far I’m enjoying it!

Ghostwize said:

March 18th, 2:55 pm

The Cave looks great! I almost bought it a few weeks ago. Glad I held off. Love me some adventure gamin’. No info on discounts this week?

Any info on Terraria? I could have sworn I read it was to be released in February of this year but haven’t heard anything on it in quite a while. It even has a game page on the store. :D Thanks! Keep up the good worksies.

Decker01 said:

March 18th, 2:56 pm

Great Plus Update! Looking forward to The Cave.

Question : Those of us who own the PS3 version of Rocketbirds get a discount on the Vita version already to $7.99. Will those two discounts stack next week where we can get it for 40% off our lower price, or will it be $5.99 for everyone on Plus regardless of whether they have the PS3 game already?

Sarrop39 said:

March 18th, 3:09 pm

Only one discount this week? Oh well, at least the Cave sounds interesting, it should keep me busy while I wait for Razor’s Edge.

ZaRnYtH said:

March 18th, 3:16 pm


How does this spend 50 get 10 back work? Like can I buy and use a $20 dollar card here and another there or so I have to spend $50 at one time because I’ve spent well over $100 dollars since february 23(26?) When it started but I havent seen anything in my xmb or email

SpooNManX said:

March 18th, 3:18 pm

The Cave was pretty decent. Anyone who enjoyed games like The Lost Vikings will enjoy it.

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

March 18th, 3:23 pm


No, you don’t have to spend 50$ right off the bat. You can vary it with multiple purchases ( Games, Movies, Avatars, DLC, etc )

If they’re PSN cards, yes, you can use one here & another there. Promotion ends April 1st i believe? And codes will be sent after.

mcloven12346 said:

March 18th, 3:25 pm

thanks morgon hero for answer my ?

Elvick_ said:

March 18th, 3:27 pm

Tekken is poorly timed. Would have been better further away from Dead or Alive 5+ for Vita owners anyway.

CONTOM-X said:

March 18th, 3:31 pm

Can’t say that any of this interests me, but getting Disgaea 3 next week is more than enough to keep me satisfied!!
@Morgan, will we be getting a PSN+ monthly update for April like the one we got for March? I hope so!

JayBizzle311 said:

March 18th, 3:33 pm

add Cave to the my “endless download list” of games. Who knows when I’ll actually download to the system though…

too many games.. I’m jumping back and forth.

PrimeroIncognito said:

March 18th, 3:49 pm

“Meh” is such a stupid word.

DonkeyKongKilla said:

March 18th, 4:07 pm

@SFC_Account – This is what he said on your 102 comment. “We’ll announce details about Spring Fever on the PS Blog when it’s time to announce. Nothing to share at this time.” Currently commented on #115

    Morgan Haro's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    March 18th, 4:28 pm

    I don’t have any news on this, but I’ll see if I can do some digging.

PatricioUSA said:

March 18th, 4:22 pm

Easy 100%, downloading it tomorrow.

goldenratio13 said:

March 18th, 4:31 pm


Please stop using words like “us” to refer to YOUR dissatisfaction with this month’s games. You don’t speak for anyone on this blog but yourself.

ShariusTC said:

March 18th, 4:41 pm

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is crossbuy or not?

BlueBl1zzard said:

March 18th, 4:44 pm

@Elvick_ lol tell me about it, come tomorrow I’ll be playing 4 fighters on my vita at the same time (3 if people don’t want to count PS All Stars)

BlueBl1zzard said:

March 18th, 4:45 pm

@ ShariusTC no it’s not crossbuy

PainOfSarrow said:

March 18th, 5:20 pm

yeaa GGCAN i saw that. thanks though.

timmy19888 said:

March 18th, 5:31 pm

spec ops was fun for 2 days. got bored with joe danger within a few minutes of playing. but the cave actually looks good. willing to give it a try. hopefully next month will have better games.

mackenzy67 said:

March 18th, 5:37 pm

Still waiting for disgaea 3 is that still coming ?

ZaGe-zAiKaNo said:

March 18th, 5:38 pm


Next tuesday :)


March 18th, 6:05 pm


Only since you said please.

ossiecastro5 said:

March 18th, 6:08 pm

Ok, I did some research. I’m buying the shooting chicken game. It looks so much fun. THANK YOU SONY!!!!!!!!

Alkaiser27 said:

March 18th, 6:48 pm

Rocket Birds!! buying for ps3 and Vita.

honkayjeezus said:

March 18th, 7:00 pm

I like the direction and them Sony is taking as they head towards the next gen. I love games, and I am gladly signing up for PS4.

shikigami78 said:

March 18th, 7:07 pm

I’m not really a fan of fighting games, but free is free(and i haven’t played a tekken game since a ps1 release) The Cave looks pretty interesting, Joe Danger last week was a headache(so many things moving around all at once on the screen)–but still, i stacked a few trophies. really waiting for Disgea 3(had my fingers crossed that it would be released this week).
Anyways, update is looking pretty decent, I can’t complain. i’m hoping next month there will be a full list of games and discounts displayed once again(whether or not in specific order).

shikigami78 said:

March 18th, 7:13 pm

lol, Morgan all chill with the spring fever hassle–“We’ll let you know what needs to be known when we want you to know…

Like a bawse!!!

Poozilla024 said:

March 18th, 7:14 pm

#16 Morgan is wrong you dont have to keep track of what you spend on your ps3 there is a section called account management then you can go to transaction management then transaction history this will give you several tabs you enter the date you want to start(i would put the date the sale started)and todays date.And through the wonders of internet magic you now know how much you spent on the store within that time period.

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