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Mar 18

Mar 18

Sack it to Me: Springtime in LittleBigPlanet

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LittleBigPlanet Community Coordinator

The Free Spring Creator Kit Returns
Spring is almost upon us and it’s time for Sackboys and Sackgirls across LittleBigPlanet to work together to bring their new creations to life with a true Spring-time feeling to them.

Spring Creator Kit

To help bring these creations to life, we’re re-releasing the FREE Spring Creator Kit for LittleBigPlanet 2 for one week only. This Creator Kit is filled to the brim with all sorts of Springtime goodness, so be sure to skip over to the Store later this week and pick up this exclusive pack!

LittleBigPlanet 2 Logo

LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks

Our LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks this week features a great selection of skill-based games that will really put your jumping abilities to the test!

We said earlier that Spring is on the way and what better level to put a Spring in your step than JumpIT! JumpIT is a great challenge level where you take control of a perpetually running stickman sprinting across an urban landscape, to keep him running… All you have to do is jump!

Shinobi Challenge is our next challenging level where you jump, swing and bounce across an oriental landscape before heading into a tower and use your Shinobi skills to ascend this high-rise challenge. With gameplay very reminiscent of Tower of Whoop, you will see yourself coming back again and again to keep your combo score up and beat the high score.

Our last challenging level this week is Melting Point, a more classic platforming level for Sackboy which grants him some additional wall-jumping and ledge-climbing abilities. Put these new abilities to great use and try not to get burnt!

If you think you’re up for these challenges, jump over to LBP.me and check out these latest LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks!

Community Picks: LittleBigNetwork Picks #14

This week we have LittleBigNetwork.com hosting the Community Picks with a rather grand selection of levels for everyone to check out and play.

LittleBigNetwork Picks

This Hub Level is a visual delight and is well worth a visit when you’re looking for your next big LittleBigPlanet to play. Don’t forget to pop over to LittleBigNetwork.com and say hello to the nice folks there.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Logo

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks

If you’re more in the mood for some portable gaming, then you will want to check out our latest LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks.

First up! We have Blackjack by Surgary_Sweet. As the name suggests, this is a version of the popular card game Blackjack with all the rules you would expect to see in the game and a crafty dealer to compete against.


BLACKJACK (Beta) By Sugary_Sweet


Our second Team Pick of the week is The Briefcase by rothniel. This is just the prologue for now, but this interactive movie series looks very promising indeed and sports some excellent camera work, we can’t wait for rothniel to publish further chapters in this series.


The Briefcase – Prologue By rothniel

Briefcase1 Briefcase2

Daniel Corbis is running from dangerous men. Men he used to call comrades. He has something they want back. A black briefcase, but the exact contents are a mystery.

Sounds like exciting stuff huh? Make sure to pop over to LBP.me Vita and queue up this latest batch of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks to play online or, better yet, download them on your PS Vita and play anytime you’re on the move!

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jeffsmither said:

March 18th, 10:32 am

Is the spring pack new? or did you already did this?

jeffsmither said:

March 18th, 10:33 am

Never mind that post, I didnt really read the first few words

JROD0823 said:

March 18th, 10:34 am

Any new content for LBP is good content, keep up the excellent support!

OneMama said:

March 18th, 10:53 am

No Little Big Planet Karting Team Picks for 2 weeks??? :( Are there still plans for a patch or fix for this game???

Nick930930 said:

March 18th, 10:55 am

Yeah what’s going on with LBP Karting!?!?

Did you guys just completely drop the ball on it and move on? This is insulting to the people who actually own and enjoy the game. It needs a patch, team picks, and DLC. Where’s the love?!?!

tusunami said:

March 18th, 12:34 pm

This is awesome, i;ll have to download this & eventually check this out. Been busy playing GOW Ascensions multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!

GeneHunter said:

March 18th, 12:55 pm

Well, I know I am excited.

CONTOM-X said:

March 18th, 3:09 pm

I agree with #5! Karting needs a patch, and even if Mm doesn’t control it, can’t anyone give us feedback about if there will be a fix any time in the future?
Other than that, solid picks and awesome about the creator pack.

SpooNManX said:

March 18th, 3:21 pm

I don’t think LBP Karting should have been made in the first place. ModNation already covered that genre and is still a better game than Karting.

I bought it new for $15 and still feel like I overpaid.

GGod0 said:

March 18th, 6:10 pm

Why we no can has seasonal packs for Vita??


Welmosca said:

March 19th, 12:57 am

Oh hoouu…are you kidding me?…that Shinobi Challenge lvl is fantastic….for real I gotta play that lvl ASAP.


March 19th, 3:07 am

Is the Spring Creator Kit available only on the PS3 PS Store? Because I can’t find on the SEN store website neither in US store or french store. Please anyone help me: give me the link for this kit on french and USSEN webstore. I don’t want to miss it like I missed the Valntine kit (it was bugged and never corrected). Thanks.

djml9 said:

March 19th, 6:17 am

@12 you have to wait for the store to update and the V-day back will be back. I don’t know what you meant about it being bugged. Mine works fine.

hypersk_us said:

March 19th, 12:14 pm

Hello, I have a quick question.

Are the Seasonal Kits compatible with LBP Vita or are they exclusive to LBP2?


Sean_Pierce said:

March 22nd, 9:25 am

Care to make an exception? Got so carried away I forgot to download it :(

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