Allons-y! Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home

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Allons-y! Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home
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The world’s most famous Time Lord is entering the virtual world. Starting March 27th, 2013, the BBC’s iconic Doctor Who brand will join PlayStation Home.

In Wave One, you’ll have the chance to step into the world of Doctor Who in a variety of ways starting with some of the series’ most iconic costumes. Fans can deck themselves out in the Eleventh Doctor’s classic tweed jacket and bowtie outfit and even accessorize with the legendary Sonic Screwdriver . There are also some options for prospective Companions too, starting with the River Song catsuit, complete with PDA accessory (but no peeking at the diary).

Doctor Who in PlayStation Home

Doctor Who in PlayStation HomeDoctor Who in PlayStation Home

If taking on an alien form is more to your liking, you can become a prehistoric warrior Silurian or suit up as an ominous Silent to deal silence across the PlayStation Home community. You can even acquire a Cybermat as a companion that will follow you around PlayStation Home (nanovirus not included).

Doctor Who in PlayStation Home

No Doctor Who experience would be complete without the iconic TARDIS which will be available as both a private estate and clubhouse where you can join your fellow Whovians and explore the wonders of the TARDIS. This expansive private space and clubhouse is unlike anything Home fans have seen before and comes equipped with a LOOT Active Camera so you and your friends can capture your adventures and seamlessly upload them to your YouTube account.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit PlayStation Home and the LOOT store and begin your wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey adventures today.

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4 Author Replies

  • Looks really good.

  • Oh Snap! Now I will actually have to log in to home…

  • Phillip_J_Fry

    Holy smokes! Cade, you just made my day =)

  • *PLAY’S “I am the Doctor”*

  • Where’s William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton & Tom Baker?

  • NukeAtomrod

    This could actually drag me back into PlayStation Home. I’m looking forward to seeing the next wave release, too.

  • Oh my god, Yes! So getting the screwdriver if its available for female avatars.

    Secondary question but probably more important, is home going to be on PS4?

  • ReDownloading home now….this is Awesome

  • Expect they’ll only focus on the current Doctor, not even the 9th or 10th, at least to start and that’s going to be a real shame. We need the older Doctors as well.

    And a TARDIS personal space.

  • That’s all well and good…

    But I can’t be the only person who wants Doctor Who stuff to use in Little Big Planet.

  • Ohhhhhhhhhh man! Mine, mine, mine, mine, MINEZ!! I cannot wait to get my virtual mitts on this stuff. I’m SO making my club over with the TARDIS layout. And this is only wave one!!!!! So exited!

  • echoing @5
    I want the Tom Baker Doctor Who outfit with 14 ft scarf!!!

    K-9 would be nice too as a companion

  • Doctor Who FTW!!! I’m so proud of you guys for accepting the charm of this show… no true geek will be without their Doctor who…

    • Cade Peterson
      Cade Peterson

      Don’t thank us, thank our friends over at BBC and LOOT for making this all come to pass.

  • artform-fazeone

    Coolness.! Thanks.!

  • I’m not a Dr. who fan but I am a Dr. pepper lol

  • I Am a Whovian and from what the video shows …we are getting a lot and yes thank you LOOT and BBC..and from what I hear this is wave1 so I am assuming that there will be a wave 2 and possibly more..keep your fingers crossed and your Sonic Screwdriver ready..Allons-y!.

  • There are very few things that could tempt me into Playstation Home. Actually, there’s probably only one thing.

    How did you know it was this? Psychic paper??

  • BTW – The TARDIS is nice and all, but it’s last years model! :(

  • Well played, use the silence to make us want to go into PlayStation Home. I would have gone anyway but now for some reason I have 6 marks on my arm and need to go into PlayStation Home.

  • Looks like I will be coming up with a scrip on how I “the Dr” will be defeating all the evil scum of the universe in my TARDIS.


    You Rock BBC & LOOT ^5

  • The_Dukenator

    @7 I hope they do make the screwdriver for female avatars. Getting a bit annoyed how certain items are only for one gender.

    That TARDIS better be big, considering that we’re getting it free.

  • erickafollie

    Since I love Updates, I would like to see the following :
    Furniture raised to 150 to 200 items per personal space
    Storage for personal spaces
    Color Customization for Pop Ops as well as for Skin when customizing our Avatars
    a way to meet our friends at X7 club
    and last but not least, a way to Fly higher than we do now when we are using our flying locomotions .
    Great Update, thank you LOOT, BBC , Thank you Mr. Peterson and Magnus .

  • erickafollie

    That`s All .

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